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Tape Automation With IBM eServer xSeries Servers Redp0415

Tape Automation With IBM eServer xSeries Servers Redp0415

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Published by: bupbechanh on May 25, 2012
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System recovery comprises the rebuild of one or more IT systems after failure. This should
include the following:

Availability of replacement hardware
Tools to perform operating system recovery
Data recovery

While this type of recovery might look like an easy-to-reach goal if daily backups of the data
residing on the system are made, there are some pitfalls that make it much more difficult than
it seems. This is especially true on Windows systems, mainly because of the lack of recovery
options that are contained in the operating system itself, as compared to more advanced
operating systems, such as AIX or z/OS.

The main problems when recovering Windows systems include:

Consistency of the operating systems registry
Open file handling

A second problem that is very often experienced is that, as backup operations get more and
more centralized, the direct link between the system that needs recovery and the tape device
is broken. You will need a backup client function and network communications to reach the
backup server.

Chapter 4. Recovery 95

These problems lead backup software manufacturers to provide tools or add-on products that
allow system recovery.

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