April G.



Department of Foreign Affairs RCO- Bacolod

Insights and learnings

As i start my ojt this summer in the Department of Foreign Affairs Bacolod i’ve experienced a lot of good things and bad. My ojt teached me to be more responsible in life especially when it comes to work. As the real world awaits for me, i should be more prepared, more competent and confident. Time matters the most. I should always apply extra careful on every transaction that i am into. Handle everything with care because every document is important. I’ve learned that i cannot please everybody. Learn to be humble in whatever situation i am into. I must respect every persons right and decision. Listen very carefully to the details from a very thin information to the very highlighted information. Most of all, i’ve realized that i am so blessed because God gave me a very good experience to have my ojt in the Department of Foreign Affairs Bacolod.

I also learned how to deal well to the people around me especially to the staff and most of all to the applicants. Being careful is a must in every job that i am into. . Perez ABPO3A Department of Foreign Affairs RCO. Every person has a different attitude and views in life. I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong to be humble as long as you are in the right way. Sometimes i encountered an applicant that is hard headed and at the end they will scold me but despite of that i remain humble as it should be. I must love th task that i am into.Fevie T. Especially in handling the passports and most of all for the passports that enclosed by visas of the different country. I aslo learned how to do work step by step. Most of all i must love my job.Bacolod Insights and learnings It is very important to remember that i am rendering my service to my fellow Filipino.

Thank you very much. Hoping for your kind consideration. 2012 To whom it may concern.May 25. I hereby authorized April G. Aguirre to get my NAC BST certfificate to your office in behalf of me for it is impossible for me to processed it personally because i am now in Manila. Respectfully yours. MARK ANTHONY B. PAYUMO .

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