The Idea of Christendom

A Symposium. June 18-20, 2012
From the persecution of Diocletian to the Second Vatican Council and beyond, Christians have struggled with the question of their relationship with the temporal community in which they live. For a thousand years, the Church found herself in a position where she was ‘identified with the whole of organized society’. The terms under which this union was entered, and the aftershocks of its dissolution are among the central themes of Western thought and Western history. Scholars from across the globe will gather in Trumau, near Vienna, at the International Theological Institute in June 2012 to debate the central issues raised by ‘The Idea of Christendom’, each contributing a perspective taken from his particular area of expertise.

P. Edmund Waldstein, O. Cist. (Heiligenkreuz, Austria) Empire and Providence in Virgil, Augustine and Dante Dr Alexander O’Hara (Austrian Academy of Sciences) Monastic elites & the concept of western Christendom in the early middle ages Dr Patrick Nold (SUNY, Albany) The Papal Plenitude of Power Dr Judith Ryder (Wolfson College, Oxford) The Unity of Christendom - a view from fourteenth-century Byzantium Prof. Thomas Pink (King’s College, London) Church and State in the Counter Reformation Rev. Dr Johannes Schwarz (ITI, Trumau) The Kingship of Christ fr. Thomas Crean OP (Holy Cross Priory, Leicester) Maritain and the New Christendom

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International Theological Institute Schloss Trumau ∙ Schlossgasse 21 ∙ 2521 Trumau ∙ Austria

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