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Lehman Unveils Anti-Jobs Agenda

Lehman Unveils Anti-Jobs Agenda

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Published by: vicki_mckenna on May 25, 2012
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Lehman Unveils Anti-Jobs Agenda
John Lehman Reveals Plans to Tax Wisconsin Families
Racine  -­‐  During  the  second  debate  of  the  upcoming  recall  election,  former  State  Senator   John  Lehman  (D-­‐Racine)  finally  unveiled  his  jobs  agenda.    Unfortunately,  instead  of  a  pro-­‐ growth  agenda,  Lehman  laid  out  a  plan,  that,  through  a  series  of  tax  hikes,  would  damage   the  job  creation  gains  that  State  Senator  Van  Wanggaard  (R-­‐Racine)  has  worked  hard  on   during  his  first  18  months  in  office.       “Apparently,  the  nearly  $5  billion  in  tax  and  fee  increases  from  the  Doyle-­‐Lehman  days   wasn’t  enough,”  said  Senator  Wanggaard.    “Last  night,  John  Lehman  unveiled  the  same   failed  agenda  that  voters  threw  out  of  office  in  2010:    Higher  taxes,  higher  spending,  and   more  lost  jobs.”     Lehman’s  Job-­‐Killing  Proposals  outlined  last  night  included  the  following:     • $18  car  rental  tax  –  John  Lehman  reiterated  his  support  for  his  previous  failed  plan   to  fund  a  KRM  line  through  an  $18  car  rental  fee,  indexed  for  inflation.   • Increase  capital  gains  tax  –  Lehman  stated  he  wanted  to  ‘federalize’  the  capital   gains  tax,  which  would  end  the  capital  gains  exemption  in  Wisconsin.     • Increase  Death  Tax  –  John  Lehman  recommitted  to  previous  plans  to  greatly   expand  the  death  tax,  ensnaring  hundreds  of  family  farms  statewide.   • Fully   Restore   Combined   Reporting   –   John   Lehman   attacked   the   Legislature’s   changes   to   combined   reporting,   a   massive   tax   on   job   creators   that   hit   Harley-­‐ Davidson   with   a   $22.5   million   tax   hike   at   the   same   time   the   company   was   losing   hundreds  of  jobs.     In  addition  to  proposing  these  tax  hikes,  on  Wednesday  John  Lehman  twice  stated  his   opposition  to  the  Mining  Jobs  Bill,  which  would  have  created  thousands  of  jobs  in   Wisconsin,  including  many  union  jobs.         “It  saddens  me  that  my  opponent  believes  that  creating  jobs  is  just  a  smoke  screen.    There   is  no  bigger  issue  in  Racine  County.    This  type  of  tax-­‐and-­‐spend  agenda  is  the  exact  reason   why  we  inherited  a  $3.6  billion  deficit  in  2011,”  Wanggaard  said.    “While  Lehman  is   promoting  the  same  failed  polices  that  lost  150,000  jobs,  I  remain  committed  to  my  pro-­‐ jobs  polices  and  moving  Racine  County  forward.”   ###  
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