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-11 ...j_...l.I~!.+-.-' ......JlJ ~I_.-oll J£ ".l:!J .J1 ~ ~Li..s...'-" . ~_..... Any friends have interests on this fast growing new field are welcometo join us...JI"'.lJ Ji. <.il.. ~ J~ ~ ~ ._.Jl.H~I ~J _»._. industrial unit.-=JI" >ilJ 150.~J\~I J-W ~~I tl_yl Ul:i.. <J~ ~~IJ U-.:J1.:i'iIIu..&.About JHCOOl Comllany lnlrod evaporative air cooler CIlBA ."a) <"'-lr. ~u.. . Now.i~ Professional leads to perfect! OUf company specializes in manufacturing evaporative cooler only.<oJ~t. 0.:JIJ ~y.i..¢..J1 o...II. sea shore of China.u~! ~"J (€ I 005 ..A~u. All our factories locate in Fuzhou..rc::W'1 ~L. express ways.l:uJIJ JU:..~JI~l ~~lj ~ wup...llc.)I~ ...lS.ll jlJ "I~\ ~j_..-JI ut>.~)l.... our cost level is the lowest in the industry..-W1 .J\J Jl_.k J.o~U.\~YI ~JI~I ~WI t_. ~I u:.. We have three factories producing all ..il:. window unit. Our products own CE...r--...:..Jl J..)I"'. ~ ~I "..... Evaporative cooler is the right product.. Our products line cover standard unit..... ~ ..i ~J l..•. .L 4llJ t--J ~WI . CE..:ir..J~I .... mobile unit and home unit.'l' Ul. The theme in 21 st century is energy-saving....r......lll ""'_'WI "~I "'''t. . we are leading evaporative cooler technique in the world.....ltd is leading manufacturer of In the world..Jl _.~~IJ ~... with most facilities. _. sea port.....JI Wl-j ?-.k "t.'''U'-.k J..>.....:.. . ~ ~lA. .J.~I :U.j.U... in southeast transportation speed train..ill:W .....I1 <.JI ~14--lyo.. Fujlan Jinghui Technology Co.J1 t...i ~J~ ~>~I ~..-" J.!.... ..1y.H .i voiLWIJ).t...:>.~u4-.JI.~~ll.. F J.k U' W:.Jl..:>o-:JI lI ....>L.s~ ~JWI uL.>-' "'~ I... ""''-'''''.l.I.....?" the capital of Fujian province...J1 u-ll ~~I ~4-.."..:J\JIJJJ_Iu-- Our company. ~J W. Our prices are most competitive in world market.~oUi. for example.JI ..:. CCC :W\»-Lll~ Insisting strict quality producing standard.-..._.s..... .lWI "Lj\ ~ ...i~.Wup.W ~\y.. ISO and CCCcertificates. . we produce the most various kinds of evaporative coolers.. our quallry has been approved by world users. After years fast development..i.JIJ Cy-hll u. By well-management.lJ1 ~ _ .. J I. u~1 kinds of evaporative convenient coollnq products. air port. high J. in the world.

c... blowing from sea.6 13.1 I JH evaporative cooler produces effective cooling by combining a natural process -.l4 I~'_" .8 13..Jt.6 I 21.*~WI ... ""4.JH c..4 I 18. hl.u....U.." uA APPLICATIONS OF EVAPORATIVE COOLERS f _ Church JH evaporative coolers are ideal for larger open areas...p.0 I 32. Then..1_.l_.7 I 20.1*1 .J' U uj~1 ~Wl ~ u. ~IJA 4.6 9. 1t.WI ~~ ~ '.2 I 19..i.• I~I. Assembly areas. Greenhouses..4 10.. It is called desert cooler in Middle East. ~ :~II". Li""'L.1~ ~y. <ill.:.....0 I 6..8 I 15.~/jl c.IJ ~Wl Temperalure reduce ~!~ uk ~~I .4 I 32.Jll:i.ll:u.7 I 35. ~..2 6. and also is called swamp cooler in US.a5 ""I.0 29.J .~_.'-'J ~J u¥-JI J~101~~ . ~_j Coffee Shop Computer Shop Factory \.. ~ Kitchen Laundry Shop School Shopping "" 1..l.3 19...r.I..i liS Temperalure decrease of evaporalive air cooler Intake air Relative humidity(%) 10' 20% 30 4 O' 50 60 70 80 90 . .:i..1.:.:.2 I 28.l< ..~l ~I_" _....JI ~!.4 22.t)!\ 25... even elder than air conditioner.uJ'.6 I ~.~1 u~IJ ~I ul... _.y..u)\.§\ ).~ .4 I 16.6 26. Evaporative means of cooling is through the evaporation cooling works on the principle of heat evaporation. Evaporative cooling systems offer a low-cost alternative to air conditioning.)41:.._"'4_...>'" 3.9 I o.Jl ijili 13.wl WSL...WII. t~ ~ 0-'" iJlyJl c."! ..lL.b.S ~Li.. .-JI .. Sidelines at sporting events... :._..7 I 28...:.>--~I ~)l:i ~Jl~1 ~J:! lJ-oJ 29. .l .4 22.0 I 186 4.. This process is same as you feel cooler when wind IJll._:.. .:. Shop areas. ~~I .2 I 8.6 I 17.i.2 I 9...t~' ( Evaporative cooler is one of longest history home appliance..! ... but also provide good ventilation.:..l1 c..J. cooled by evaporation.2 11..0 I 23.JI '" _)....1I1l.1*1 'J!.~_.6 I I I 56.j.:w.-l ?'~ Jl.JliCOOl ~~W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .2 "'" .0 I 25. forcing the water to evaporate which lowers the ambient temperature.l~1 ul_. Water from the bottom pan of the unit is pumped to the top and allowed to flow down over the evaporation cooling pads of the spot cooter. a powerful blower pulls air through the pads...8 8..1 I I I 33.~. Fresh outside air is filtered through the saturated evaporative media.J .:Ill. evenly saturating the pads.8 25.H...4--:> j4+!1 ~I' r::+--:...lJi..<.a L " Fastfood ~ '1\0"''' ~ ~1"'_.f':!.il.8 I 16.8 I 16...H . 28...2 23..!..Jy:i wI ~ .~ c. window and roof..lj"J1 c.)'IJ J..0 • \b(. 0-" u-o ljJl_. b). The Frame of evaporative cooler is very simple.8 34.:i.h.8 11. they simply use an internal or external water source to provide coonnc.....I4-0 Grocery I.4 I 15....6 I 20.. ).. L~ ill..JI ..:i JL. .JliCOOl ~~W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co . absorption by moisture the body sweat and to (001 temperature down.... .. not only provide cooling... (dll ...4 I 33.J+:illJ . .•LTD..• LTD.p.J ~ HI H' F"y.FJ .0 30.". The cooler air is then blown by the unit at a high velocity where you direct the cool air to go..4 I 7.2 I 24...ll ~ ~1 ~~ . u~4 .1l..JWl c:I_.II~.-I.biit"" YJ el--J1..J~1 ~ u~L. It also happens on human skin.~I ~.+~lO.l~1 ..: ~ :J..t...0 12.9 32..... :~~ )~I c.9 I 24.:iL. u~4. ..2 I I I I 8.9 I 29..J1. Easy to set up in the wall.8 I 22.with it simple..0 I 26...8 12.0 27. ~. ~)L:l ~ ~1 f3"~ Ui..:.Il ~jiW1J ~.L House ..:-o:rJl t"~ ...::::~ ....~ J)li.I~ "us..J4i JL.o.4 I <Ll...l1 ~~ti_j Jl. u\.l< JI . • Gym Hospital Industrial Hotel ~.6 10."'''!.l._. and Circulated by a blower.ll 4..0 7.LolI ~l ~l l.... U#...• WI.water evaporation -.l< J_.Y'J s......l<I~!. Farm . Cool large areas such as Warehouses.3 I 19. I'....lJ .....Working principle Nature's most efficient of water.2 I 32. I Mail Showroom Warehouse .:t--~ ~ ~ ~I 0_.J ~ ~ ..J....i.9 I 18. reliable airmoving system.4 14.6 I 31.WL.

.-J1 o..WI 13jj._II ".....)t.-:o-lJrJu. tL...w. Ji'll JI".-.L...~\. • automatically.k..l1 %....?' ~k. ~u."J. automatically eject foreign matter out ~/&iiJ-' l c» ~I..".=o o •••• -J" pi ....y.' Adopt clntrll cirelli tGST module' more energy-saving :~I....u.u.JJ""..JfoJl ~~ ....~ f.L.!1 ~_)I.: ~\.l -"'-"' tli:i_)1 ~l..i Wly...._.l... "..:. . ._.!fo (. uv-restst cablnet material.. y__...!~I.. I"~"il u.... o.oJl0--..._.....sylIJ~IJ.~_)I~_)J"y.k. .~_)lilld->_)&- ..:il....U< ...J\_. Y:..)I_p.-.y.l_"'" from Finland.l......hJl .. .:.LTD.JJ.!ly~Wl ~.¥t.[ 18APserial cooler details] CIIIPllerlz.LJ.lYj ~ ~\. • . :~WI~~l"l. . D~~~Oo~~i~~tS/~~:.. 1IIt111 High quality sealed aluminum motor.-.1J J4wo o~." WL.r-"' ~J..:. 4...I\.ji..i.J. Temperature tolerance from -42"C to96"C 100% new material. "".iJ"J1 .II" Strong enough for maintainer stand on.o.....:~:~ C'-"}i !i:~~i::.__.JIJ...~~~~::~ • Auto onloff Date and time clock DrllnVllve.JiII~I~IJ~)I.WI ..Ql_JA : MITSUBISH Inverter than normal evaporative cooler w-o . WallrpUIiP permanent maqnet synchronous :~WI~ ~1_y.... . .»>#J :i.........."'.s. .. J <lUoJI '.)WI long lifetime High evaporation efficiency l..~ ..".... ~_).. u-':"\..i. :~::c.I.....).. :. ou.... . :..o-o..k.1".lilii.~Ui. . ~I~ ~JJ'1 ..o..J'" i.k.etr cocted motor' no burn run without water ".o.. 'i_.. 0) 8 • High Illb ..l_"'..') '\1 ~l f" . ...Ili.1_~1 ~_)...WI~r~ r-JI J.~...JliCCOL rtft Wrt Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co . J'1IJ L .w-.....JliCCOL fmWrt Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co...Il.u_...111 Clnlltller Big white LCD display Tem~:r::i~~...)~~~ iJI~I~..l.•LTD....... .... Water proof and good heat dissipation performance.:..)t.....llIIy pllSllc CI."J.j:i) .I'" ~k..J1 Cellullus Quality material imported Pld.~ w-..lp.II J. Double rotate..'y....Wl .o.~ ~~~ :~Ij"'" . t...k.w.....Jl~1 "". 111111 ICD..:i1I"Jli...!l~ • ~I¥JI_J motor foot rreme......! pi.l:!~I_)I~~L.

j_) u.2kw Water Water tank 40l '5·20L/H 70. 365 days) 32.15% 100% 20.~~ 'l/I C'" .5kg 80kg 120kg oon'umptlon Net weight Eleclrlcityco&'perye<lr(IOhrs.121kwh Gross weight OperaUngweighl cabtnet meterte! 75% 8.075 t80Pa 100-150 1000 Cooling Power area m'l 1076-1614sQ 11 1.mw~ Co .•LTO.Bkw 108.1 1000 54 1000 7. JIiCCOI.i.5 1000 0.. Fujien JINGHUI Technology .5kw 6. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .10%addilive JIiCCOI.l-:l.[ 18AP ] Inslallatlon cases of 18AP [ 18AP ] lBAP1 Phese Speed Speed driver m::m te TRIAC 18APV IIl'IDl' 18AP9-T mm rs inverter 18AP1·S IIIliIm 16 TRIAC 18APV-S ts inverter te TRIAC re inverter wenccmrcner Pre-dust fltter LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD Remote control Auto water drain Overloadproteclion Pumpproteclion Thermostatic Exhaust tntelUgentclean Pre-cooling Shut-down clean Group control • • 0 0 0 • • • • 0 • • • • • • • • • • 0 0 0 Option Option • • • • • • • • • • • • Option Option Option • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0 0 0 • • • • • • • • 0 0 0 0 0 0 • • • • • • 0 Option Option Option Down Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Top Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Option Side IIOO"I80'950mm (675"'30) '790"OOmm'3 642-642mm Option DimensIon Pad size Vent size 1100"'00'950mm 1675+30) '790'100mm'4 642"642mm 1100"'00'980mm (675+30) '790"OOmm'4 642-642mm Compare with olher cooling or venlilalion devices: .120kwh 394.76% PP ""5%PE .125kwh 22.000cmh 1400mm.83% 5..J+i1l ~~jiill I.j ~j I_J .i.200kwh 82..a Packed size (rull on pallet) load Quaotity(full) 1125"1125'965 1125'1125-965 1125-1125'965 20pcs/40pcs per 20'140'GP 20pcS/40pcs per 20'140'GP 20pcs/40pcs per 20'/40'GP Packed etze (skd) 1050)(1050)(460'" 900)(760)(640 load quantuy (SKD) Serial Capacity 18000cmh 400.0kw 22.5HP ~13db 30 Units required 30 Noise 83 8.•LTD. .OOOBTU/hr 40.1kw/l. Oil:'! 28f60170pcs per 20'/40'!40'HQ 18APseriai 18000 cmh {10600clm Airflow Pressure 1..

Fujian JINGHUI Technology .•LTD. JIiCCOI.[ 18AN ] Engineering cases ol18AN [ 18AN ] lBAN1 18ANV IQllllIIIl 18. N'· T alIlIlrii' re Inverter LCD 18AN1·S alDED rs TRIAC 18ANV·S Phase Speed Speed onver LCD rs TRIAC LCD Option is inverter LCD LCD is TRIAC LCD rs inverter LCD Option » wanccntrouer Pre-duet ftfter LCD LCD Option Option Option Option Option Option Optlcn Remote ccrnror Autowaterdrl'lin Overload protection Pump protection Thermostalic Exhaust InteUlgentclean o o o • • • • • • Option • • o • • • Option • • • • • 0 0 0 Option Opllon Option • • • • Option • • • • Option • • 0 0 0 Option • • • • 0 0 • • Option Option Opllon Option Side 11JO"050'870mm • • • 0 0 • Option 0 0 Oplion 0 0 Option Option 0 0 Option Option o Option Option Option Down 1050"1050"870mm Pre-cooling Shut·downclean Option Optten Option Option ceueo ooucn Opllon Option Group control Oi. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co . .mw~ Co .chary_type Dimension Optlen Option Top 1050"1050"890mm (625+30) '770'lOOmm'4 665'665mm 1125'1125'965 coucn Option Pad size (mm) size (full on 642'642mm 1125'1125'965 (625-+30) '770'IQOmm'3 642'642mm Vent Packed load size pallet) 1125'1125'965 20pcs/44pcs per 20'/40'GP quantity (full) (skd) 20pcsl44pcs per 20'/40'GP 20pes/44pes per 20'/40'GP Packed size 1050xl050x400 + 850x715x520 Load quantity Serial (SKD) 3BIBO/90pes per 20'/40'/40'HQ l8ANseriai 18000emh/l0600cfm tBOPa 10Q-150tlfll0T6-151<1sQIt AirflOW Pressure Cooling area Power Noise Water Water tank ~73db 30L 15·20UH 65kg 70kg consumption Net weIght Gross weight Operatingweigh\ 95kg 75% PP + 15%PE +10% additive camnet matertel JIiCCOI.•LTO.

JHCCOl m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .lf. '<iJ4--... . ~""""'r'+ I'.. large workshop.31~L.7kw <80db 100l 280Kg 400Kg 7pcs 1420"380'1250 650'650 30000cmh 35CM·S 135CM·T 35000tmh Cen1rlfugal 400Pa <70m 220-300 Skw 125AP1·S T 25Af>2/25AP2·T125.J4-Z~..L.. Down ITop (Side rtem 2SAPl/25AP1· D 30AP2130. ee yo. .-J' ~I u..5kw <80db 1QOl 300Kg 450Kg 7pcs 1420'1380'1250 650'650 Pressure 25000cmh Axial 250Pa 150-220 2.JI..~I...•LTO..2kw !(78db 25000cmh AxlE'1 250Pa 150-220 2.0' YO' v.....JJ'-I-i-'u.t~ ~~ CMt .6.l...JpJyo.J+lI'i.l_.•LTD.oJ'J.~k...-:!~I Suitable for large building :~u..i.s.HP ':'L. .... ~I .j_..l! [u"u ~I ~1_. big building that requires duct longer than 20m..:a. Specifications: 30AP t-" ~1.~~ ~tr.ll"_ju..JHCCOl Fujian JINGHUI Technology .P2·T130AP2·5 OownITopfSide Fanlvpe 25CM·S 25000cmh Centrifugal 350Pa <60m 150-220 3.. j.i........P2·5 30AP1/30AP1·T f30AP1·S DownfTop/Side Down/Top/Side AirflQw(cmhl SOOOOcmh Centrifugal SOOPe <90m 300-500 13kw <8Sdb '40l 700kg 900Kg Spes 2100-2150-190012100'2100-1950 Dischargelype Phase Speed Alrllow(cmh) Fantype Pressure Coollngarea(m') Power Noise DownlTop ISide Centrifu9al 400Pa <70m 200-250 S. v.!.6.." r ..!~ '... CMser'I' :~~ ....l. yes v. es Vent size (mm) Phase Speed 725'725 1015'870 f wanccrurcner Remote Autowater ccntror draln Switch Switch Switch Switch Overload protection Loss phase protection Pump protection Pad area (mm) ..i.I~ v-?'_.2kw ~78db 60L 25-30LlH 115kg 30000cmh Axial 280Pa 200-250 3kw ~80db 30000cmh A)tial 280Pa 200-250 3kw ~80db Duclablelenglh Cooling area (m') Power (kw) Nolsa(db) Walertank Net weight Operalingwelght Load quantity per 40'GP Dlmensfon (mm) <80db 60L 4S0Kg 520Kg 6pcs 1670'1630-1500 /1630-1630-1580 Water tank weter eensumcuen Nelwtllght Gross weIght load quantilV (lull) per 20'GP/4Q'GP load quantity (skd) per20'GP/40'GP Dimension Pad size vem stee Control type Phase loss protecttcn Overloadprotectlon Pump protection Temperature and humldUy display (850+30)'450" lJOkg 4fSf16pcs 16/32/32pcs lor down discharge only not available rortop or side discharge 1350'1350"200mm OOmm' 8/C 850+ 30)'450'1 OOmm'8/C 850+ 30)' 4 50'1 OOmm'6 900'900mm LCD YO' ..jj~1 Centrifugal fan Big metal cabinet Stainless water tank Huge airflow to support super long dueting ...J. ~JjA !. YO' 490'(990+30)'100'6 490'(990+30)'100'6 550'(1120+30)"00'6 790'(1485+30)'120'6 .-..J~"""""u...~~"4--wl? 1~~_..mw~ Co .i~i.lI~I.[ 30AP ] [eM] 30lP uv-restst plastic material long lifetime and durable quality Cover big area Application: Large warehouse.. """")~ ~lul"U....

.l.. Automatically dean function ...4~1.lWI ~1~lrl.650kwh usd365 Dimension Packed size (mm) (mm) 560'(560+350)'690 570'570·740 + 485'400'75 600·(650+350)'S50 820·670·880 + 485'400"75 loading quantIty (per 20".l.:...... 'O_. .." ::"" 1M S . filter dust and freshen the air.. .Wl ~I_.<::o ...U(j.:a..!_y:..i. ~~.....w....4" " ...b. Super energy-saving.l' o..%1 .[S] » S s..lL.Ai. Jl~ .._. Ventilation cooling.. _..Jliij1 s ~: ':/1 t-" ~ ....&:..1." U........O'14QHQ) water tank Control Cover Auto Pump Overload Auto type area clean 110/220/240 1101220/240 44/96/139 3000cmh window cooler 0.~t. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .•LTD.Y'--' •••• •••• . Evaporative cooler Capacity Power (Kw) Cover area (sqm) Air change per hour Units required - Vent size Netwelgl'1t Gr08swelght ..5 20L LED 15-30111' 20L LED 15-31m' 30L LEDIlCD 30-60nl" Y" Y" Y" Y" (500+30)"375·75·3 Y" Y" Y" Y" (500+30)'375·75·3 Y" protection protectlon swing Y" Y" Y" (600+30)'375'75'2+(600+30)'555'75·' Electricity cost per year (1Ohrs. JIiCCOI.. . .... w. .J ..! Ac.mw~ Co .i.~ ~ A3 S8 3QOOcmh 6000cmh 700w AirflOW Power Speed Pressure Noise Water consumption Fan type 3000cmh 135w 185w BOps <59db 5-8L/H axial 380·380mm 27kg 29kg 560'(560+350)'690 570·570·740 + 535'485'75 60ps <58db 5-SL/H centrifugal 380'250mm 30kg 32kg SOps -eaee 10-12LfH centrifugal 450·370mm 55kg 60kg Compare with other cooling or ventilation devices: ~ ~...:..J u.§§ ..il ~ t!Lhlll~ _J!_JA ijl." t:..%' . 365 days) Cost when eleclricity price $0. U<. •••• •••• •••• .lIlers Super attractive price. Most economical cooling device.L. no airconditioning disease High efficient cooling pad.J.1/kwh Padsize(mm) JIiCCOI..rlls WlldDW.. 1~ ~. t_..l .... 24000 BTU split type 1kw 15-20sqm 0 1 3..~- [S] ::::::::::~ ~..'pJI ~1_" ~_... :: . Fuji&n JINGHUI Technology ...J .·':11 ...185kw 15-30sqm 30 1 675kwh usd67.. '+>-.~ j4. .!I~' ~ "" ...!'J y14...•LTO. Only cost 1/10 than alr condttloninq."Q ...J\ Remote control Auto swing alr grit I to cover wide range ~L:.lilll ~~ ~J!.¥t. ~~~~ - . .~ ....:::: :::.. 100% green cooling no compressor by natural water evaporation' no (Fe.• ':11 :i.l....s...) "'..hll .

•L TO...A~ i"\~'il~ CJ1.)U _'"".. Mo..'YIJ ..~ 0_. Portable to be used in any places.)I~I ~~ u._. (cmh) Pressure area Power Phase Speed Fan type Noise size Vent size quantity type remote inlet Long durability metal cabinet Easyoperation Much more comfortable than fan or mist fan Powerful fan and auto swing Cover large area. .I.-Jl Jillli Jr 15serlls portlbll clliers Perfect coollnq for outdoor places and big building Enjoy fresh cooling wind.."...LTD. ~L-..)Lt....:. car repair shop. Manual &Auto .... ~ M3 3000cmh GOPa 15·30m' O.J~ ~JY t. .:u .sJI.Iy' .la.. like factory.i.l.e..J:.!!lIm 3000cmh/t800cfm Alliel 20-30m' 200w <62db 20L 3-4L1H 28kg 35k9 630'110'490 370'560'1650 460'640'1800 134 Cooling Dimension Packing 1000x630x1240mm 1010xS40x1340mm 5501(550mm 60L 10-1SUh 10Dkg 19pcsf7Gpcs per 20GP/40HQ LCD yes Manual &Auto Watertank Water consumption Net weight Loading Control Infrared Water Water shortage '" LCD LED ..lii....)~ .I~\.e.lI~'(.J ~1J:. warehouse.l1 ~~ OJJ... M''''_'~J. I..i58db 560x600xBOOmm 570x610x740mm 380x250mm 20L 5-8Uh 31kg 10Bpcs/240pcs 20GP(40HQ LED yes Auto yes per mIiJ GOOOcmh BOPa 30-S0m' O.".e.. .JI WSL. vee vee LCD yes LCD yee yes Manual&Auto yes TemperBture Bnd humidity display Ionizer yes . .r.li5.. ~I~ . ul..1B5kw 1 3 Centrifugal .!"iirl~4 I.'.)'I. outdoor places for outdoor or industry cocllnq "I '" ~I~I ~ ~..tiS J~ ~J.[M] [ 15 ] • .i.JI ~ 0ts.J.JIiCCOl Pulten JINGHUI Technology .~~"-'.mw~ Co.e.r---lI~1 .J..JrJI.!.e..)W' Airflow .)4-J. ..l ~U')J o.~I .J14J.... Co . ..l:! ...J. Manuel & Auto protection yes Water Inlet Manual Auto Manual&Aulo .e.>'" """:"-"" ..Juccoi J1Jl Fujian JINGHUI Technology w~ .?l... vee .i70 db IiliI 1BOOOcmh lBapa 100-150m' 1..jJI~'~1 0j~l. "I... as comfortable as sea breeze Big airflow covering big area High efficient evaporation celtulous pad Beautiful designed LCDdisplay and 0) Ionizer to clean the air Quiet designed fan Temperature and humidity display Fashioned design. harmonious in household environment Strong castors with brakes '_"...)J. .4-J1 C~~ uU.75kw 1 16 Axial ._...bylj ~WI WSL... & . Add water manual or automatically Suitable for rental also WSL.'_""~WI WSL.... t.e. yee . UIJ~ ~ --=~I ~ w-o ~I ~U:.nnlrcoolers Suitable :.ll ulj ~.J:!+ll ~u.wl ~.lIJ '~t""~IIJ..t.55kw 1 3 Centrifugal :iS3db 800x700x965mm 820x720x880mm 450x370mm 30L 10·15L1h 55kg 44pcs/139pcs 20GP(40HQ LED yes Auto yes per M16 12000cmh 120Pa SO·100rn' O.WI ~.kJ~4~~ "".". j..1kw 1 16 Axial :i73 db 1 080x1 080x1580mm 1100x1100x1050mm 355x600mm 30L 15-20Llh 90kg 20pcs(44pcs per 20GP/4DHQ LCD 1m Airflow Fan type Cover area Power Noise Walertank Water consumption Net weight Gross weIght P&dslte(mm) Dimension (mm) Packed size (mm) Loading Quantity (40'HO) Phase Speed Control type Remote Over load protection Pumpprotecllon JH151 fJH151H 6000cmh/3600cfm Aliial 60m' 230w <65db 30L 3-SLlh 2Skgf40kg 30kg/45kg 730'730'100 850'480'1080 1850'480'1750 930'560'1t20 130 mm 3500cmh!2000cfm Centrifugal 25-3081' 230w <54db 35L 3-4UH 25kg 28kg (635+30)'410'60 620'440'1170mm 680'500't250 JH156 4500cmh/2700cfm Centrifugal 25-35112' 300w <56db 40L 3-SLIH 30kg 3Skg (785+30)'410'60 600'450'1300mm 680'500'1400 130 .J~L..c.._.4=iIJ ~L.. ~_.v-i... .~JI....i.......}..

JIiCCOI. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .[ 151] [ 155 ] JIiCCOI.• l TO. Fuji&n JINGHUI Technology .•LTD.mw~ Co . .

. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .•LTD.mw~ Co .• l TO.[ 156 ] [ 151 ] ©J 156 Use JHCOOl portable air cooler in outdoor. JIiCCOI. Fuji&n JINGHUI Technology . cool your customers with fresh au. JIiCCOI.

ll~ ~..mputer rOlm 1# unrt Sistomi do ollrllmlo..~i~ ":"'Y~YI ~¥i:i ~ ~j.Skw 6Sdb 40L 105KG 20140pcs per 20'140' 1125'1125'965 670x460mm 1 2 LCD yes yes 4pcs '(675+30)'790'1 OOmm Sensor booster pump Intelligent controller air conditioner • JIiCCOI.:. . •• mOlor Specially designed for teleccm switch room.1*1~~L...y_..l TELEchili ty ~ l.. Plastic cabinet . JIiCCOI.. Fuji&n JINGHUI Technology .ufoYI J:I~ ~ <'_.....rl~::tl CIOII•• svstom " c....l~I-»-...... relecom base .. computer room Can be com rolled through Internet Automatically control humidity and temperature To be used with traditional precision air conditioning .:....iyJ ~.)A ~....[ 18CP ] TIIIChlil.J [ TElEchili ] station. ~)W.• l TO..)L.i.WI u. "-:l ~I ~ '~I_...-!A.".1 .•LTD.Jy..s.l..:. ?J c..orlll base "allen Ilr c.J~~ ~ Intelligent controller protocol con v erter remote monnor [ IImiiI Airflow Fan type Pressure Cooling area Power Noise Water tank Net weight Load quantity (full) Oimension Vent size Phase Speed Control type Remote Auto clean Pad size 1SCP2-T 11SCP2-S 1S000cmh Centrifugal 300Pa SO-120m' TelechiH RS485 1.JI :""~'''''..~J.: rJ&... .Ji'.. m1W~ Fujian JINGHUI Technology Co .l.mw~ Co .to dosall •• lalorllillca 2# unit 3#umt Sensor modbus 1ltcontroller 2Hconlroller Sensor Modbus N#controller Sensor _j • Centrifugal Belt drive fan Sene! Percneral mtertece ~. AlB _j_£recision a r conditioner AlB CPserlal Plastic cabinet Smooth airflow 8ig pressure tyCP l___ precision air conditioner .

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