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I declare that the project report entitled ―AN ORGANISATIONAL STUDY AT V- GUARD INDUTRIES‖ submitted by me for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration of the University of Kerala is my own work. The report has not been submitted for the award of any other degree, diploma, fellowship or any other similar title or prizes and that the work as such has not been published in any journal or magazine.

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I am deeply indebted to Dr. K.S. Chandrasekhar, Head, IMK for his valuable suggestions and me an over view on how to do the project.

for giving

Words can hardly express my gratitude to Mr. John, Hr manager, V GUARD for the valuable guidance and assistance in completing the work successfully. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Manoj Krishnan.C.G, Coordinator, IMK, Adoor permission to pursue my project work at V GUARD I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mrs. SUMA S R Faculty, IMK ADOOR for providing me with adequate materials for doing the project work. I wish to place on record my gratitude to all others who have directly or indirectly helped me, my parents and my friends for their support. granting

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The period of study was from 25th JULY to 7th AUGUST and was conducted at head office at Vennala. Their untiring commitment for performance. consumer durables etc. IMK ADOOR Page 8 . dependable service standards have lead to unrivalled product quality and trusted brand image. the disposable income of the people are also increasing and most of the population is brought under the spectrum for spending for housing and white goods. The aspiration to own luxury goods is also increasing and this has resulted in a revolution of consumer durables.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD INTRODUCTION Organisational study is done in order for the purpose of acquiring practical knowledge of working and functioning of the company. As the economy is growing in a faster manner . It plays a vital role for the economic development of our country. agriculture and construction sectors of the country. V GUARD industries being INDIA ‗S prestigious electronically and manufacturing company was established in the year 1977 from the vision of one man KOCHOUSEPH CHITTILAPPILLY. which helps in tapping the rural and the interior market. and this in turn augment the growth of the corporate sector of the country as a whole. It has a strong distribution and marketing channel in small towns across India. I choose to do my project in v guard industries because it was a company which has created a niche for itself and has been nurtured by quality consciousness. cutting edge technology. power. India being aimed to convert her into developed nation has to make developments in all core sectors like infrastructure. The company is confident of capitalizing all these factors and increasing market presence across the country with focus on the penetrating the rural markets. innovative design . V GUARD ‗S product range deals into various ranges of products which cater the requirements of consumer durable industry . passion for hard work and will to succeed. This shows us how the different departments in an organisation work and wins as a single unit.

plant machineries. financial requirements. The Act aims at prevention of hazards to human beings. 3.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD OBJECTIVES 1. The Contract (Regulation and Abolition) Act. 1986 The Act provides for protection and improvement of environment and for matters connected therewith. To know the CSR and quality measure adopted by the organisation. To know about the capital requirements. 1944 IMK ADOOR Page 9 . The Act aims at protecting human beings from being subjected to unduly hours of bodily strain or manual labour. The Act provides that employees should work in healthy and sanitary condition so far as the manufacturing process will allow and that precautions should be taken for their safety and the preventions of accidents. To contribute towards HRD 5. plants and property.how. 1970 The Act applies to every establishment in which 20 or more workmen are employed or were employed on any day of the preceding 12 months as contract labour and to every contractor who employs or who employed on any day of the preceding 12 months 20 or more workmen. 1948 The Factories Act has been enacted to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories. Under the Act the Central Government shall have the power to take all measures as it deems necessary or expedient for the purpose of protecting and improving the quality of the environment and preventing. raw materials. To study about the functions of various departments and hierarchy of the organisation. The Environment (Protection) Act. technical know. 2. To look after employees welfare 4. controlling and abating environmental pollution. KEY INDUSTRY REGULATIONS AND POLICIES The relevant provisions of some of the regulations and policies applicable to us are given below: The Factories Act. The Central Excise Act. other living creatures.

The Act contains provisions for reference of industrial disputes and their settlement.06. Such female employees not only retain their jobs but they get maternity benefits for a period of twelve week before and after confinement. Pension Fund and Deposit-Linked insurance fund for employees in Factories and other Establishments.. 6500/-per month will become eligible for membership from the very first day of his joining the establishment covered under the Act. 1972 was enacted to introduce a scheme for payment of gratuity for certain employees employed in Industrial and commercial establishment as a measure of social security.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The Central Excise Act consolidates and amends the law relating to Central Duties of Excise on goods manufactured or produced in India. maternity and employment injury and to make provisions for certain other matters in relation thereto.Under the Act a duty of excise is levied on all excisable goods. 1947 The Act was enacted. set forth in the First Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act. IMK ADOOR Page 10 . 1985. every employee drawing wages and Dearness Allowance up to Rs. Effective from 01. 1985 as being subject to duty of excise . of settlement of industrial disputes and to achieve industrial harmony. The Act applies to (a) every establishment which is a factory engaged in any industry specified in Schedule of the Act and in which 20 or more persons are employed and (b) any other establishment which the Central Government by Notification specify giving not less than two months‘ notice of its intention to do so in the Official Gazette. which are produced or manufactured in India as. Industrial Disputes Act. The woman employees also need no longer fear that they would be dismissed or removed from service in case they expect babies. and at the rates. Excisable goods under the Act means goods specified in the Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act. with the object. The Employees State Insurance Act. 1948 The object of the Employees State Insurance Act 1948 is to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness. The Employees Provident Fund Act. In addition. 1972 The payment of gratuity Act. The Payment of Gratuity Act. interlay.. Failure to fulfil those obligations exposes an employer to prosecution. 1952 The Act provides for the institution of Provident Funds.2001.

PRIMARY DATA Primary data are those data which are directly collected or which are the first hand data.).V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD the Act has made provisions relating to lay off and retrenchment to establishments to which the Act applies. 1. annual reports. METHODOLOGY Research methodology is a systematic analysis of a problem and reach a conclusion. magazine. The study is done through collecting primary data and secondary data. They are usually in shape of finished products. SECONDARY DATA Secondary data are those which have been collected by some other person for his purpose. Secondary data are collected by    Annual reports of V guard industries ltd Periodical . interviewing managers. Special provisions have also been made in respect of lay-off. Workmen’s Compensation Act. and internets. all arising out of or in course of employment. 2. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. manuals. The act contains provisions for payment of compensation for personal injury caused by accident or any disease or various kinds of disablement (partial or whole or temporary or permanent etc. Secondary data consist of catalogue.  Primary data are collected by direct interview with department heads. Primary data are accurate and reliable. consumers. These data‘s are collected by interaction of staffs. books published by the company Official websites of v guard IMK ADOOR Page 11 . 1923 The act was enacted to provide for the payment of compensation by certain classes of employers to their workmen. retrenchment and closure in certain establishments.

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD LIMITATIONS   Limited time schedule for study Busy work schedules of the employees forced to depend on secondary data. IMK ADOOR Page 12 .


While fluctuation in supply voltage in the United States is about 5 percent.Over the past fifty years there was no exposure to global players and competition .for far too long has Indian industry remained shackled and consequently inward looking . Since last decade India has witnessed what global players have achieved and what capable of achieving . where every conceivable cost increase was passed on to the customer .There was thus no motivation to reduce cost. each of these interventions was aimed at securing protection for oneself and ensuring growth of one‘s own organisation at the cost of industry and nation at large . Lack of global competition encouraged a ―cost plus‖ approach. South America. they are In this scenario. Such fluctuations are very damaging. every company complains of increases competition. especially because most applications connected to the supply have many electric components Countries that lack a basic national power infrastructure generate power for individual establishments on a small scale using crude facilities. with the result that the industry grew up in a sheltered environment . Such plants. the Indian electronic industry too is slowly emerging from out of its ― protective cover‖ .We are becoming aware of competition on our turf. GLOBAL SCENARIO There is a sizeable potential market for voltage regulators in Asia. IMK ADOOR Page 14 . lower order books and shrinking margins The Indian electrical / electronic industry is of course further besieged by the fact that there is a dearth of business on account of lack of investment in the power infrastructure. it is around 20 percent in Mexico and South America and 10 to 15 percent in developing nations of Asia.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD INDUSTRY PROFILE Like every other industrial sector in India . have substantial need for voltage regulation .The drive to modernize industrial and telecommunications systems in developing countries has to be backed with investments in voltage regulators to protect the equipment and extend their lives. Africa and the Middle East since their electrical generations and distribution infrastructure is still nascent. especially the ones located near mines and oil wells.

the garment products were IMK ADOOR Page 15 .This mind set has to be remedied by emphasizing the importance of controlling fluctuations to prevent damage to loads connected to the supply . Chittilappilly wanted the brand name to be delinked from V-Guard. which was stretched to his wife Sheela. INDIAN SCENARIO Voltage stabilizer are considered to be a necessity in most parts of India to protect consumer appliances like TV. "It was her own idea". Therefore. ENTRY INTO GARMENTS Chittilappilly's empowerment of trusted people to implement projects and run them independently has been a management practice. many consumers still prefer to employ stabilizer for complete protection. The sectors which have recorded excellent growth rates in terms of quantity produced are air conditioners. and refrigerators which in turn lead to increase in the growth rate of stabilizers in the market tremendously. refrigerators. Chittilappilly remembers with confidence.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD While customers readily invest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to safeguard against black outs. and interest and involvement in social projects. Chittilappilly was confident that it was a business suited to her frame of mind. A garment unit was started and Sheela was fully delegated to run the business. The confidence is reinforced by the fact that this sector is growing upwardly with much scope for ` exports. However. Greater customer advances about advantages of each voltage regulating technology and the applications they are suited for can also drive demand. It was a bold decision to enter a diversified business activity. The total market size for the consumer durables market is about Rs 13600 crore in which CTV is the largest contributor in this segment and the market has been estimated at 15. air conditioners etc as many regions in India face problem of poor quality power supply fluctuation & high voltage. Colour TV. Though some models of these appliances are sold with built in stabilizer. could manage this garment unit. Chittilappilly was confident that his wife with her skills in managing home.15 million units in the year 2009-2010 (Source: IMRB international survey – august 2007) The consumer durable sector has witnessed an overall growth of 27. they seldom feel the need to install voltage regulators because of the invisibility of power fluctuations .5%in 2009 compared to the corresponding previous year.

A visit with his family to many such amusement parks in India and abroad created so much passion for starting an amusement park in Cochin. it enabled him to get out of the monotony in mundane and routine operations for which his management team is l lore thorough than Chittilappilly himself.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD branded as "V Star". and others. It took two years of meticulous planning and action for Chittilappilly's team to open the floodgates of VGuard amusement park to the public in 2000.5 crones (2003-04). Jayaraj. which is virtually exempt from tax burdens. Moreover. V Star products are sold through selected outlets where choosy and finicky women flock in. Mr. It was his desire to do something unconventional and different from his main stream of business activity. IMK ADOOR Page 16 . A. He said a man to his desire not because of the 18 acres of beautiful land he possessed at Kakannad. The team was sent to different amusement parks in India and abroad and they were energized to go into action. Chittilappilly was not particular not to pick up anyone having previous experience in water theme parks. He used to spend his leisure time in going to amusement parks than going for shopping. At present. major intention was to set apart his time for creative conceptualization of new projects. However V Star's products are targeted towards the brand conscious up segment consumers enabling the price to be higher than the unbranded garments. the unit faces much competition from unorganized sector. the DGM and Mr. but because he wanted to be truly creative and unconventional in his new endeavours. At present. Without a second thought. Antony Sebastian. Chittilappilly's confidence was strengthened by the belief that this project with its comparatively lesser portion of variable expense and at current level of fixed cost can generate higher sales revenue and profit with reasonably higher margin. Moreover. the AGM. A market research by V-Guard team showed that more than 50 % of the visitors to parks located in neighbouring Tamil Nadu are Keralites. 10. the suburb of Cochin. he conveyed his new idea to his management team and separated a set of creative-minded subordinates for exploring and exploiting this opportunity. the GM. Vijayan. Eighteen acres of land was added to the existing property to convert the land into a beautiful landscape. the unit sells ladies garments and has a turnover of approximately Rs. he was confident that an amusement park of this kind would generate rich cash inflow due to its attractiveness to a vast majority of fun-loving Keralites. While selecting human resources for Veegaland. REALIZATION OF A GREAT DREAM: THE THEME PARK Chittilappilly continuously exercised delegation to his trusted senior management team consisting of Mr. The garment was also outsourced as the management team had become experienced in running business with complete out sourcing.

which would hamper the creative and innovative culture that VGuard team possessed. Therefore. 280 on other days. Gulf malayalies are a niche segment and brand ambassadors of Veegaland. The visit to leading theme parks in India and abroad by the selected empowered team and their experiential learning put tremendous confidence in the team. Chittilappilly enjoys from this venture. design. No wonder many members of the maintenance staff are engaged in painting and repainting the inside of the theme park to upkeep the fresh outlook. In the peak months of March. Attention to every detail and precision and the hard labour of the team made a highly cherished dream a reality.000 for electricity and nearly 200 permanent staff.Guard's strong dealer network helped very much in promoting Veegaland in distant parts of Kerala and outside. This unexpected boom in the number of visitors necessitated major modification and expansion involving doubling of the capital investment. This was because he was apprehensive of stereotyping and imitation. As in the past.18. the management makes it a point not to shut the doors for public even on day of leanest traffic. In 2005. April and May. Veegaland was able to achieve a turnover of Rs. the number of visitors rises to as high as 5. and 2/3rd of that for children. 30. Chittilappilly says. the investment has caused entry barriers for other ambitious business groups to try their fortune in a theme park.000 per day. The scale and magnitude of visitors is very encouraging according to the management team of Veegaland. it is good money that the business brings. a water amusement park which is expected to be much more attractive than the Vrindavan gardens. Although school children constitute the major segment. Chittilappilly's vision stretched to Bangalore—making a jewel in Bangalore. A theme park like this is affordable and matching with the life style of Keralites. It is amazing to note that even the food and beverage team intended to run the restaurants and eat-outs in Veegaland were from V-Guard Itself.5 crore and a net profit of around Rs. Veegaland is completing its fifth year of operation. 3 50 on weekend days and Rs. and Veegaland now headed by IMK ADOOR Page 17 . Chittilappilly was only coordinating their visit and action plans. "A seasoned architect wouldn't accept my ideas".V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD nor did he choose an architect who had experience in designing theme parks. 5 crore in 2004. Even with a daily cost of Rs. Encouraged by the positive outcome and personal satisfaction. With an entry fee of Rs. Even with a low figure of 500 visitors per day during lean season. a young and dynamic architect was chosen for this Herculean task. These NRIs give good word of mouth publicity for the theme park. People visit Veegaland just like they go for religious pilgrimage. a team is cut out from V-Guard. Hence. The investment in the park is comparably so high that the facilities. Yet Chittilappilly confesses that some premature ideas were implemented in the initial stage which had to be rectified later. The beautiful and clean ambience of Veegaland is a unique experience for the visitors. The project is underway at the outskirts of Bangalore. service and amusement level are unmatchable.

in this connection there are few factors governing the growth of electrical and electronic industry:   Research and development played an important role to the increased productivity and higher value added electrical and electronic products. Innovation has played importantly in this industry . 65 crore. Increase in income changed living standards of the common mass. Seventy-five percent of the financing is through loan.it led to a consistent demand for newer and faster products and applications. The park is to be spread over a large span of 80 acres when it becomes fully operational. it increased in the demand of electronics especially consumer electronics product globally Asia pacific region is emerging as the most spinning place for the consumer electronics industry.foreign companies have done huge investments which lead developing countries in establishing production units    Global industries like medical. to expand their business . The investment cost is Rs. as the market remains still unreached.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Chittilappilly's own Australian-educated engineer son and his wife. IMK ADOOR Page 18 . FACTORS GOVERNING THE GROWTH OF THE INDUSTRY Every industry thrives on some supporting factors . Foreign investments accelerated growth in production and export as well . industrial and automotive industries have been cordially supported by electrical and electronic industry. As a result . telecommunications. It is comparable to the world-class theme parks.


uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and digital home UPS. The Company operates in three segments: electronics. HISTORY .35 Crore for the last year. 1996.85% to Rs.888 kilometres of LT power and control cables. 2010. Kochouseph Chittilappilly continued the business as a proprietary concern. fans. the Company produced 310. Cochin682017. and 20. 28th May 2010: The Board of Directors of V-Guard Industries Limited.260 meters of PVC insulated cables. M/sV-Guard Industries.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD COMPANY PROFILE V-Guard Industries Limited is an India-based company. India . our Company was incorporated under the name of ―V-Guard Industries Limited‖ under the Companies Act. 09-10010 of 1996 having its registered office at 44/1037. gas water heaters. which includes solar water heaters. 1996. the partnership concern was dissolved and Mr. The foundation of the business was laid with the formation of a Partnership Concern viz. 1985. Also. from Rs. 2010 (fiscal 2010). on going concern basis for a lump sum consideration of 234 lakhs and carried on IMK ADOOR Page 20 . During the fiscal year ended March 31.000 pumps. 1956. pumps. M/s Prompt India changed its name to M/s V-Guard Industries. 18.With effect from 1st April. Subsequently. Backed by a growth in the white goods and electronic and electrical segments. and others. in the year. LT power and control cables. water heaters. Kochi. Kerala.25. with the Registration No. which includes voltage stabilizers.47 Crore for the year ended 31st March. electrical/electro mechanical products. their company took over the business of the proprietary concern i. Little Flower Church Road.17.000 solar water heaters. which includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated cables.403. Kochouseph Chittilappilly started another proprietorship concern by the name of M/s Prompt India for marketing of the products under the brand name of V-Guard. 2010. the Company‘s net profit surged by 46. Kaloor . water level controller and windmill energy. On February 12. 2. In the year 1992. by their Promoter in the year1977 which was engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing voltage stabilizers under the brand name ―V-Guard‖. Mr. the electronic and electrical major today considered and adopted the audited financial results Company for the year ended 31st March. Premier Electronics.e.

UPS. Insulated Electrical Cables(House Wiring. Electric Storage & Instant Water Heaters.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD the business of the firm namely manufacturing and marketing of electronic and electro mechanical appliances. Electric Fans and is also in generation of Power in a small way. Monobloc. 2007 and received a fresh certificate of incorporation in the name of ―V-Guard Industries Limited‖. followed by a branch in Karnataka. 2001 their Company was converted into a private limited company and again got converted into a public limited company on August 1. Launched v guard Water heaters and wiring cables. With effect from November 15. Prompt India started Marketing stabilizer in the name of v guard 1987 1989 1992 1996 : Launched Servo-Controlled Stabilizers : Prompt India converted into ‗v guard industries‘ : Launched v guard pumps and started a new branch office in Andhra pradesh : v guard industries became a public limited company. Compressor pumps and Electric Motors. IMK ADOOR Page 21 . Expanded operations outside Kerala by opening of Tamil Nadu branch. MAJOR EVENTS AND BREAK THROUGH 1977 : Mr KOCHUSEPH CHITTILAPPILY set up premier electronics with an investment of Rs 100000 and with just two employees. Two refrigerator stabilizer were manufacture each day 1980 1982 1983 1986 : Launched AC stabilizer : Started another unit called ―Universal Electronics‖ : Started ―supreme Electronics‖ : Started ―prompt India‖ . Their U31200KL1996PLC010010. Solar Water Heaters. The company now has diversified into a multi-product company which now manufactures and markets Corporate Identity Number is Electronic Voltage Stabilizers. Submersible. Jet. Industrial).

Ludhiana. an electronic water level controller for overhead water Tanks 1998 1999 : launched UPS : launched digital stabilizer and diversified into electric cables business with V guard cable manufacturing unit at Coimbatore. new factories at Coimbatore & Kashipur established. Pune and Hubli : new branch offices at Vijayawada. kalaamb. Jamshedpur. launched inverters & LT cables. Raipur. Kanpur Nagpur. 2009 : new LT cable factories at Kashipur and Coimbatore become operational IMK ADOOR Page 22 . . and Jaipur. V guard industries became a public limited company 2008 : Listed in BSE and NSE. branch office Started in Delhi 2005 : launched solar water heaters with evacuated glass tube collected Technology 2006 2007 : launched v guard fans. 2000 2001 : turnover crosses INR 1000 Million mark : Launched compressor pumps. Branch office in Bhubaneswar. Company is converted into PVT ltd for Better manoeuvrability 2002 2003 : launched v guard solar water heaters : solar water heater manufacturing unit and electro mechanical works for Manufacturing pumps in Coimbatore becomes operational. Turnover crossed INR 2400 million marks. Vadodara. Bhopal.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD 1997 : launched Aquatron.

IMK ADOOR Page 23 . V guard industries pvt ltd. Kochouseph Chittilappilly.Sc. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION         Best entrepreneur in Kerala awarded to Kochuseph Chittalllappilly . Ms. HP : turnover crosses 4600 million marks CERTIFICATION. Sheela Kochouseph.cochin(1998) Millennium businessman of Kerala awarded by business deepika (2000) Business man of the year awarded by dhanam magazine (2007) Kerala no 1 consumer durables product category from dhanam magazine Fact MKK nayar memorial productivity award for the year 2006-2007 from Kerala state development corporation PROMOTERS OF V-GUARD   Mr. B.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD 2009 2010 : opened manufacturing facility for water heaters and fan at Kalaamb. Home Science graduate from University of Calicut.(1993) Highest individual income tax payer from the state 1993 to 1995. Post graduate in Science majoring in Physics from Calicut University. Vyavasaya jyothi award given by the Ernakulum chamber of commerce. CMD. (1996) Industry excellence award for medium scale industries awarded by the institution of engineering (India) .

is a Post Graduate in Commerce.Mithun Chittilappilly is a Post Graduate in Finance from University of Melbourne.J George Aged 48 years. C. A. Mithun after completing his Graduation in Commerce joined V-Guard to be trained in the various departments of the company.  Executive Director: Mr. Certified Financial Planner and a Research Scholar with School of Management Studies of Cochin University of Science and Technology. INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS  Mr.K.G. He was inducted to the Board of Directors of V-Guard as an Independent Director on 16th August. A.  Chairman: Mr. Australia.K Nair Appointed as the Non Executive Director of the Company on 27th May 2009 Mr.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD BOARD OF DIRECTORS  Managing Director: Mr. Financial Planning Standards Board India. He started his career as a Supervisor in an electronics company. Kochouseph Chittilappilly is a post graduate in Science majoring in Physics from Calicut University. 2007. Mr.Nair holds a Bachelor‘s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Masters in Business Administration and has over 45 years of Industry experience. He joined the company as an Independent Director on 16th August 2007. where he worked for 3 years.  Mr.R Prasad is a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. COMMITIES     Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Share transfer/ Shareholders Grievance Committee IPO Committee Page 24 IMK ADOOR . Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner. P.

4. Utmost care is taken while selecting the various components that go into production. enterprise-wide approach to quality. if needed with technical collaboration. Post-production inspection and certification ensures each individual product that moves off the assembly line conforms to internationally accepted quality and performance benchmarks. IMK ADOOR Page 25 . which support timely brand efficient post sales service.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD VISION Let us endeavour to make v guard a trusted household name. 3. Tamil Nadu. ISO9001 V-Guard's ISO 9001 certified factory for manufacturing electrical wiring cables is set up at Coimbatore. Various checkpoints along the production line ensure quality standards are adhered to. Quality Policy / Processess V-Guard has a holistic. To adopt designs. To offer a range of products at affordable prices. and those that do not meet set parameters are rejected. It is V-Guard‘s commitment to quality that has made it ‗the name you can trust‘. Each component is checked for quality compliance. Sourcing is done from manufacturers of repute. MISSION 1. To continuously innovate and add value to their products. which add to comfort of life through saving in manual labour time and energy or for entertainment 2. To make their products meet international quality standards and provide trouble free performance.

Refrigerator. VGuard Stabilizers are designed with significant features like HMC Technology. Home Theatre. V-GUARD PVC wiring cables are manufactured in conformity with ISI standards at an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant located at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Water cooler. Air conditioner and Microwave oven. and DTH Receiver. Time Delay Protection and Built In Thermal Overload Protection. High and Low voltage Protections. DVD. Since 1977 onwards. Deep Freezer.  Cables These are manufactured in conformity with ISI standards at an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant located at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. 5 Millions Of customers were experienced the quality of protection of V-Guard stabilizers for their home appliances.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD PRODUCT PROFILE PRODUCTS  Stabilizers V-Guard is the largest selling brand of electronic voltage stabilizers across India. The HFT IMK ADOOR Page 26 . V-Guard Stabilizer provides reliable and trusted protection from voltage fluctuations and used to safeguard the electronic home appliances like Television. Fail Safe circuit protection. Music system.

durability and dependability.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD technology used in their production ensures absolute safety from electrical hazards. and are ideal for domestic as well as for agricultural purposes. They are known for their sturdiness. Multi-core flat/round cables (up to 3 -core) are available.          Self Prime & Mini Monobloc Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Open well Submersible Pumps Jet Pumps Compressor Pumps Single phase bore well submersible pumps 3 Phase Bore well Submersible 3 Phase Centrifugal Monobloc 3 Phase Open well Submersible IMK ADOOR Page 27 .25 HP to 25 HP. More than 150 different models are available with capacities ranging from 0. The superior technology used in the construction ensures better efficiency and lower running costs.  Pumps V guard pumps are made according to ISI standards and specifications using high quality components and meet high performance standards. Each coil has an assured length of 90 meters.

driven by high end features like advanced PWM – MOSFET Technology with PID Control. Its outer body is made of rust proof. shock proof ABS. OFF-MODE battery charging and intelligent software shutdown to provide high quality in power management. IMK ADOOR Page 28 . Zero Power Drain Technology to prevent Deep Discharge of battery.Three Phase to Single Phase High frequency true online UPS  Electric Water Heaters V-guard Electric Water Heaters (Geysers) are manufactured in the-state-of-the-art production set up and comes with ISI mark and Pentad Protection System (PPS). Models available in OFFLINE UPS are:       UPS 60 Royal UPS 70 Vismaya Plus UPS 120 EB Online-UPS .Single Phase to Single Phase Online-UPS .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD  UPS Incredibly Intelligent! The trusted companion for the computer.

125 Lpd.3000 Lpd.4000 Lpd and 5000 Lpd and also according to the requirements. factories etc. make it the most economical and safest water heater. help conserve energy and are environment friendly. The manufacturing base of solar water heating systems has since been improved substantially with the total number of 49 manufactures securing Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for their products.     Instant Water Heaters Instant Gas Water Heaters Storage Water Heaters Solar Water Heaters – Solar water heaters were launched by the company in the year 2002. and are available in 2000 Lpd. V-Guard Solar Water Heaters. perfectly.  Electric Fans – IMK ADOOR Page 29 . V-GUARD ETC solar water heaters are also manufactured for industrial applications that is for pool heating. 500 Lpd and 1000 Lpd for domestic use. a truly International quality product manufactured at the use the highly efficient Evacuated Tube Collector system enabling optimal utilization of solar energy. large hospitals. elegant design in varied colours complement the decor of your bathrooms and kitchen. Fine quality components combined with sleek. 300 Lpd. 200 Lpd.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The futuristic 'Energy Saving' technology and the 5 unique safety features developed in-house with R&D excellence. large hotels. and are easy to install and last a life time. The PUF insulated stainless steel storage tank prevents heat loss. They are available in: 100 Lpd. V-Guard Solar Water Heaters dramatically cut electricity bills.

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD V-GUARD fans are sleek and elegant. ‗HIGH ANGLE‘ Technology used in blade design ensures wider coverage.        CW 1548 CW 2048 M CW 3348 CW 3124 M SF 4048 M SF 6148 M SF 7048 M IMK ADOOR Page 30 . The fans are available in a range of colours to suit the interior décor. provide excellent air circulation. The hub and blades have a powder coated finish and rust resistant. Double ball bearings ensure they keep whirling smoothly for years.


V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD  Customer service department  Electronic and new projects department  Electro mechanical department  Finance and accounts department  Human resource and administration department  Mechanical and electrical department  Marketing department  Supply chain management  Systems department IMK ADOOR Page 32 .



the customer service of this company done through 275 service centres in 20 states. Department chart Head of Department Manager Zonal In charges Branch in charger Service in charge IMK ADOOR Page 35 .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD This department deals with the relationship that the company maintains with the public .this helps them in maintaining their customer base and meeting their expectations. It has total of 15 employees in this department . they mainly deal with providing after sales service to the customers .

Feedback regarding the quality of the products. complaints should be rectified within 24-48 hours of registering the complaint. After the service has been done . product and the dealers return the c) Service at customers spot Service is also provided at the spot where the customers are. after sales service etc is collected by visiting the dealers dealing with their products. In this case.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD TYPES OF SERVICES PROVIDED a) Service at service spot V guard provides service through service centres located in different states customers who detect complaints can bring them to the nearest service centre to get the required service. employees are assigned to visit the customers spot for solving issues that might have occurred while using the product and even replacing the product if required. service charges etc are to be displayed in front of the service centre. Customer delight Page 36 IMK ADOOR . Customer satisfaction It is ensured that all the complaints are solved within 24 hours of receiving the complaint . this improves them in correcting their flaws in the service provided and to serve them better. Levels of service i. In this case . Customer care As per the company policies. all the details regarding the service terms . technicians are sent to the customers after the complaint has been reported . The service charges are collected as per the approved manual ii.According to their policy. iii. feedback from the customers is collected . b) Service at dealers spot Serviced is provided through the dealers who deal with v guard products . the customers can approach the dealers with the defected products after the complaint has been rectified. warranty details .

ELECTRONICS AND NEW PRODUCT DEPARTMENT IMK ADOOR Page 37 .  Directly contact to service centres Customers can report their complaints by contacting the service centre that is the closest to them.  Contact through helpline The customers can contact through their toll free number 1800 3000 1800. from any state can contact the branch office in the state through this number Customers  Register the complaints through mail The customer can also register their complaints through mail. They are:  Through dealers: The customers are able to register their complaints with the company through the dealers dealing with their products. Service efficiency management The efficiency of the services provided are measured by doing the following Checking the number of complaints solved within 48 hours Service audit reports Feedback received from marketing department Feedback received from dealers Feedback received from end users.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD V guard ensures that they provide service as per the customers‘ demands and expectations Channels for registering complaints Various channels have been provided to the customers for registering their complaints.

These quality controllers ensure that the processes are being followed as instructed by the head office.5lakh stabilizer a month. V guard has about 62 factories in all over India. They make sure that the patterns and products are uniform and according to the requirements Product development: IMK ADOOR Page 38 . The quality controller approves the components that are being used in the outsourced factories.They produce 1.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD This department is in charge of coming up with the new and innovative ideas. This included quality controllers who are appointed at various factories. systems Department chart Electronics And new product Senior manager p Production Department Product Developmen t Product Engineering CARC MRP New projects Production: The production dept is in charge of looking into the production patterns and the processes that is to be followed in all the factories. Sengo Paul‘s . A total of 138 employees belong to this department. They provide such works to charitable institutions like Cherupushpa electronics. They ensure that the quality of the product is uniform with that of the products of the other factories. conducting a study on feasibility analysis.

Home ups was such one product which was conceptualized couple of years back and is now one of their top selling product.It is checked whether it meets the expectations of the company. Major suppliers are Keltron and in cap. The test is done over a period of 21 days in which the suitability and usability of the component is tested . New projects This department concentrates mainly on new and innovative ideas. The processes that are formed at the head office are given to the quality controllers that are appointed at the various factories. hands over it the production department foe making into reality. ELECTRO MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT This department coordinates the activities of the outsourced units. It deals with design aspect of each product. They ensure that the processes are followed as per the orders from the head office. Suppliers who are interested in supplying their materials to the company are made to submit a sample with the centre.they are engaged in the agriculture.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The product development department conducts research regarding the feasibility of the new product that may be implemented by the company. This department consist of 85 employees Department chart IMK ADOOR Head of Department Page 39 . They initiate new concepts and if found feasible. It looks after the production of pumps and motors. etc used only after they have been tested at this centre. domestic and industrial segment. makes the necessary corrections. bolts. The total division consist of 102. Component research and approval centre (CARC) This department is responsible for testing each component that is to be used in the manufacture of a product. Product engineering: Product engineering department product standardizes the process that is supposed to follow and the work that is to be done in the factories. They take the feedback and after analysing it. Components as minute as screws.

(ii) position statement or balance sheet which is prepared by a business concern on a particular date in order to know its financial position. Department chart CFO IMK ADOOR Page 40 . These are (i) income statement or trading and Profit and Loss Account which is prepared by a business concern in order to know the profit earned and loss sustained during a specified period. known as the financial statements.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Deputy Manager Senior Engineer Assistant Manager Executives FINANCE DEPARTMENT Business as we know is concerned with the financial activities. In order to ascertain the financial status of the business every enterprise prepares certain statements. Financial statements refer to two statements which are prepared by a business concern at the end of the year.

It is calculated by dividing the total of current assets by total of current liabilities. Legal & compliance CURRENT RATIO Current ratio may be defined as the relationship between current assets and current liabilities.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Head accounts Secretarial Inventory management State & Local tax Internal audit Costing Indirect tax & vendor Mgt. is a measure of general liquidity and is most widely used to make the analysis of a short term financial position or liquidity of a firm. Current ratio=current assets/current liabilities IMK ADOOR Page 41 . also known as working capital ratio. This ratio.

83 6.878.514. A ratio equal to or near the rule of thumb is considered to be satisfactory.06 7.754.208.128.26 19.633.34 Current Liabilities 2.57 8.16 3.5 2 1. IMK ADOOR Page 42 .01 2.5 current ratio 1 0.06 4.05 2.56 14.86 2.38 Current Ratio 1.30 Current Ratio Current Ratio 2.5 0 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 As a convention the minimum of 2:1 is referred to as a rule of thumb or arbitrary standard of liquidity for a firm.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Current Ratio Year 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Current Assets 4.581.28 2.505.244.02 9.040.

86.01.the result is the sales efficiency. we see that expect for the financial year 2005-2006. The ratio of current assets over current liabilities is found to be increasing over the period though there has been a downfall in the year 2008-2009 from 2. 2.then the net profit will be higher and when we divide it with the net sales.) NET PROFIT RATIO This ratio explains per rupee profit generated by sales. The year shows an unsatisfactory current assets position. administrative and other activities of the firm. Higher the ratio. Net profit ratio establishes the relationship between net profit (after tax) and sales. Net Profit Ratio IMK ADOOR Page 43 .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Here.05:1. and 2.if lower is the net profit per rupee of sales.. and indicates the efficiency of the management in manufacturing.This ratio is very useful to the proprietors and prospective investors because it reveals the overall profitability of the concern. 2. The Company‘s current assets are double the current liabilities. etc.05. the better it is because it gives idea of improved efficiency of the concern. 2006-2007.28:1 in 2007-2008 to 2. selling. This ratio is the overall measure of firm‘s profitability and is calculated as: Net profit ratio= net profit (after tax) / net sales×100 This ratio differs from the operating profit ratio in as much as it is calculated after deducting nonoperating expenses.from operating profit and adding nonoperating income like interests or dividends on investments. profit on sale of investments or fixed assets. lower will be the sales efficiency. 2007-2008. such as loss on sale of fixed assets etc. and 2009-2010 respectively. 2008-2009..If the cost of sales is lower.the concerns must try for achieving for maximising the ROI. to such profits.28. 2. Hence. it can be inferred that the general liquidity position the firm over a period of 5 years is satisfactory.30 times the current liabilities in the financial years 2005-2006. (Note: current liabilities are taken as 1 and current assets are given comparison to it. The current assets are 1.

227. 8.734.823. 5. Though in a low pace.67 45.972. the companies‘ net profit if found to be increasing over the years.45 in 2007-2008.408. 13.547.60 in 2009-2010.00 31.This ratio also indicates the firm's capacity to face adverse economic conditions such as price competition.20 in 2006-2007. 5.48 27.45 5. The ratio is very useful as if the net profit is not sufficient. Here we find that net profit is sufficient enough for the company.742.42.93 3.20 13.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Year 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Net Profit 920. In the year 2005-2006 the net profit was 5.42 8.47 5. etc.86 22.91 Net Ratio 5.31 1.65 2.811. the firm shall not be able to achieve a satisfactory return on its investment.60 Profit Net Profit Ratio Net Profit Ratio 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Series 1 NP ratio is used to measure the overall profitability and hence it is very useful to proprietors.677. low demand. COMPARATIVE BALANCE SHEET IMK ADOOR Page 44 .26 Net Sales 16.48 1.45 in 2008-2009.

48 +18.75 +55.86 3832.48 50.75 2992.42 9852.37 +121.44 LIABILITIES& CAPITAL Current liabilities Sundry creditors Other current liabilities IMK ADOOR 1704.78 +68.59 +251.78 1831.44 Page 45 .06 +39.35 -59.5 +81.68 7559.71 TOTAL ASSETS 20346.04 1158.82 6001.36 +213.00 4875.68 +2684.75 +2314.43 288.10 1235.90 -88.21 +52.07 +62.31 +6266.82 741.8 +1556.26 Fixed assets Land and building Plant and machinery Furniture’s and fixtures Other fixed assets Capital work in progress 3687.04 457.11 bank Inventories Sundry debtors Loans and advances 19040.34 31016.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD For The Year Ending March 2009 And 2010 Comparative Balance Sheet (Rupees in Lakhs) Increase/ 2009 2010 Decrease (Amounts) ASSETS Current Assets Cash in hand and at 409.90 159.95 2576.08 +100.99 +75.62 +10.74 +1287.794 Total fixed assets 9705.52 +1813.69 -678.6 +2077.32 +332.22 +174.55 +10670.48 -2288.42 +108.34 +9535.73 1113.52 +113.92 886.31 3586.61 Increase/ Decrease (Percentage) Total current assets 9505.38 3909.33 634.68 Investments 1136.06 2276.

03 +15.29 +22.55 +106070.81 +5556.38 8623.1 +1503.03 Total liabilities Equity share capital Reserves and surplus 7701.21 2984.55 TOTAL 20346 s31016.57 3067.93 +245.49 +9167.75 11163.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Provisions Total current liabilities Long term loans 1097.75 9660.64 1342.26 8244.44 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IMK ADOOR Page 46 .11 +119.04 4633.92 +181.35 +77.31 2984.38 16868.22 +3610.21 +52.

equip and motivate the dept staff to meet this standard of expectation. skill and attitudes of the employees. IMK ADOOR Page 47 .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD DEPARTMENT CHART Director Senior vice president Deputy GM Senior officer Officer Senior executive Executive HR policy The basic principles of V-Guard human resource policies include:  Recruitment based solely on merit by following well-defined and systematic selection procedures without discrimination. and train. reward and recognition systems. design.  Identify training needs within the organization and design and implement those need based training programmes resulting in continuous up gradation of knowledge.  Sustain motivated and quality work force through appropriate and fair performance evaluation.  Maintain a quality human resource management system plan.

skill and employee attitudes. academic excellence. communication and innovative skills. While recruiting new employees V-Guard takes adequate care to identify the right candidates guard focus on recruiting candidates who display a high degree of learn ability.e. leadership potential. It is committed to attracting. and abilities. retaining. i. analytical ability. term work. Quality training and development of human resource is realized through Identifying training needs within the organization and designing and implementing those need based training programs to bring about continuous up gradation of knowledge. The founder advocated simplicity and maintained the culture of a small company and the employees were encouraged to share their learning experiences too. Training V-Guard human resource department believes that quality is the hallmark of any successful venture. including sexual harassments. The following brief highlights V-Guard's training methodology for the comprehensive development of its employees Training plan IMK ADOOR Page 48 . performance. Recruitment V-Guard's greatest asset is its employees. candidates who are open to learn new things and supply the same in new situations we also place significant importance on professional competence. It strives to hire and promote people on the basis of their qualifications. and developing the highest quality and most dedicated work force possible in today's market. and is determined to provide a work environment free of any form of discrimination both direct and indirect. along with a practical and structured to problem solving.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The HR practices Most of the HR practices of V-Guard industries were a result of the vision of its founder and the culture that they have been created over the years.

finance related and behavioural programs etc) .  Sustained effort in training has led to creation of highly skilled and motivational employees ready to take on higher roles and responsibilities in the company. and responsibilities. customer relationship.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Companies success in today's free market economy. objectives. because performance will measure against these.communication skills. V-Guard draws up on annual training calendar highlighting the training activities for the year It also includes detailed discussions with the faculty to decide on the contest of the training programs guard's training plan includes technical/functional programs (mechanical.covering a wide cross-selection of employees. strategic planning. training needs and other human resources development.alive to this home trust. A performance appraisal system is a strong tool in the development of human resources in the organisation.different criteria like timeliness . It is considered as a mutual feedback to the management and thereby help to decide the carrier growth. Performance appraisal The first step towards carrying out performance appraisal at V-Guard is the evaluation personal skills for the tasks assigned to an employee during of the period of appraisal . electrical. customer satisfaction . It is vitally important that every individual has a clear understanding of his or her work.peer satisfaction and business potential is considered The personal skill of the employees are also evaluated based on their learning and analytical ability . Each of these criteria is measured on a scale and then evaluated. decision making. as follows: A week long induction program for fresher‘s:   Development of top performer through leadership development programs aimed at bringing up future leaders Development of managerial staff through intensive management development programs tailor made for them providing exposure to holistic understanding of the business. planning and organizing skills. IMK ADOOR Page 49 . enhancing share holder value.To evaluate the performance .quality of work carried out by the employee. and financial management. interventions required for each of them thereby aiding their self development. only because their employees perform to their fullest potential .

we have built a culture in tandem with the vision and values of the organization that makes v —guard . the employee shall be absorbed and confirmed onto the rolls Management cadre employees are directly appointed into the skills Benefits and Perquisites The benefits given to the employees are of two types. Statutory benefits • • • • Provident fund Employee State Insurance Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Service Gratuity Page 50 IMK ADOOR . thereby achieving focus in all the endeavours.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD • Culture At V-guard .a great place to perform where members take pride in being a part of the V-Guard family.complete ownership of the vision and values ensures alignment of member's personal vision with organization's vision. are intellectually and emotionally bound with the organization. Work culture emphasizes     Freedom to experiment Continuous learning and training Transparency and openness Quality in all aspects of work Reward based on performance and potential Company Policy    All selected candidates are initially placed on probation for a period of 6 months On completion of probation period and upon recommendation by the head of the department. feel passionately about their goals and are committed towards the organization's vision and values . statutory and non-statutory benefits.

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD • • Labour Welfare Fund Bonus Non-Statutory Benefits • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Reimbursement of travelling expenses Leave travel allowance Medical reimbursement Personal accident insurance and medi claim insurance Performance linked bonus Reimbursement of telephone/mobile rent Incentives to personnel Group saving linked performance Benevolent fund Expenses for purchase of suitcase Concessional loan Interest free vehicle loans Higher education loans for employees\ Education allowance to employees' children V-Guard award for excellence Veegaland /Wonder Ia passes Discount offer for V-Guard products Suggestion awards Reimbursement of credit card renewal fee Best Article Award (V and We) IMK ADOOR Page 51 .

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD • • Contribution for employee‘s marriage Performance linked incentive scheme Types of Leave       Casual Leave Sick Leave Annual Leave Marriage leave Transfer leave Maternity leave Salary components • Basic pay • Dearness allowance • House rent allowance • Conveyance allowance . Compensatory allowance • Special allowance (10% of basic pay and dearness allowance) • Additional compensatory allowance (based on place of posting) • Fixed allowance • Stores allowance HR initiatives implemented in 2010 IMK ADOOR Page 52 .

These members are made to undergo coaching sessions for meeting their developmental requirements enabling to become the real leaders to take the organization to greater echelons!  Executive development program All managerial cadre employees are nominated for executive development programs conducting internally. which range from table tennis to badminton. As part of the induction programme they also undergo training on motivation.training methodology used were case studies. allowances and the facilities they are eligible for. visit to our amusement park and also a visit to our cable factory located in Coimbatore.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD  HR induction and orientation When new candidates are hired. they are invited for a one week induction and orientation programme to corporate office and where the candidate is acquainted which each and every aspect of the organization. gymnasium and tie ups with college grounds to conduct cricket and football matches. A through integration with hr &business processes takes place.all the events were coordinated by the recreation club formed for this purpose. Hence. All the new joinees have an open interactive session with the top management including our managing director. A special induction manual was designed for new joinees together with an induction kit which provide all the necessary details on the company.  Sports & games activities V-guard believes in "healthy employees bring better productivity".  Social welfare fund IMK ADOOR Page 53 . there is a strong emphasis on developing an effective organization that uses its skills in leading and driving its growth.  Leadership development program On the growing trajectory on which V-Guard is today. Trainers are experts in the field and duration of the program was 6 months (2 days in a month) . company organizes inter-unit sports competition by making a sports calendar on yearly basis to keep on promoting the spirit of sportsmanship across our branches the sports activities will come to an end with the annual sports day scheduled in the month of January 2010 where individual prizes would be awarded to winners and overall trophy to the department scoring the maximum points . As part of our fitness movement we have provided adequate infrastructure to conduct various kind of indoor as well as outdoor sports. We have separate sports facility. in basket techniques. by considering the big picture and act for the greater good of the enterprise. our company identifies future leaders by identifying members who think holistically about the organization. business games etc.

Normally a position. To cope with the growing expectations of business and in order to give the organization a competitive edge to the business we in v-guard have streamlined the whole system by integrating the HR fundamentals with information technology and have adopted some practices unique to v-guard.000 worth medicines this financial year. With the business goal being very high the pressure on HR to reduce the time lag for filling a position has substantially reduced. has now got to be filled up in 10. we have started a welfare fund to help the ailing cancer patients in general hospital.  Employee counselling Counselling programs were organized for all employees with the help of experienced counsellors from the respective field. Unique HR practices As we all know requirements of training and experienced professional with the desired mindset is the need of the hour for any organization to survive and grow in this competitive environment . but what is most important and difficult to get is the right mindset. Cochin. a month to be filled up. IMK ADOOR Page 54 . These tips helped the employees to think out of tile box and give new suggestions in their area.  Departmental tours As part of the goal setting process for the next financial year departmental tours were organized which included term building and brain storming sessions. Once the amount collected. This ensures that the medicine reaches the right person. which was regd.while there is no dearth of professionals in Indian industry and people are available in dime a dozen. We have contributed Rs 300.this has made the job still more challenging.15 days time . the medicines are purchased based upon the requirements of the cancer ward and it's handed over to the doctor directly by the employees who visit the general hospital every month by taking turns. This can be easily substantiated by the number of applications for every job listed on the famous jobsites needless to say that selection of the best candidate with the desired mindset out of such large no of applicants is a very tedious take. Every month employees make voluntary contribution to this fund from the salary.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD As part of the CSR initiative.

As a result duplication of CV is immediately identified and not accepted the CV then comes data bank and for short listing /screening both the functional.  Online recruitment management system Under this planed system prospective candidates visit our website and can directly register their CV for any position listed on the site. In case this is selected for interview then the information goes for finalization of interview at specified date and time. required to post their CV through this site. experience. Once a candidate is rejected. This speeds up the whole process as it does the initial screening of the vital parameters in terms of a g e. The program starts with a small introduction followed by an open session where employees will be free to give their suggestions and speak out their problems the open session is followed by games to promote team building and employees are encouraged to exhibit their skills many fruitful suggestions were received from the employee's sides which were implemented successfully. Similarly all consultants are also. immediately information goes to the consultant or to the candidate. MARKETING DEPARTMENT IMK ADOOR Page 55 . Two representatives from the HR department and a person representing the top management would present in all the meetings.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD  Niyukta samaaya This is our employer engagement programme which we have started in this financial year. has got the rights. Meetings with workers Creative problems solving when it comes to employees is also v-guards forte. The session is conducted. users and HR dept. for a period of one hour. The company has regular line meeting at the manufacturing lines in the factory with the workers to discuss and solve their problems then and there. etc. by inviting employees department wise on a rotational basis every Saturday in the afternoon. qualification. Morning meetings are also a norm at v-guard were the whole management together with the VP's gets together to discuss the plans for the weeks.

Also in far off areas like Idukki and Wayanad. V-Guard also gives priority to the service sector. V Star. Department chart VICE PRESIDENT KERALA HEAD Product in charges of various products There are 6 executives under each product in-charge. Dealer's meet is held in every two years with the main intention of imparting relevant sales skills and motivation and rejuvenating the social bond with them. sales persons. Both print and TV media are used for brand communication. a manager. Local and English dailies and weeklies are used for advertisements. van drivers and unloading boys are present. Stabilizer. franchisees are present so as to reach out to their customers. pump set and solar and electric water heater advertisements find their place in women magazines also. the separate garment division advertises mainly in women magazines and TV media.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The marketing department is responsible for sales and promotions of products among the people so as to have a ready market for them. Training to all these persons is given on the basis of the products they are handling. Therefore. IMK ADOOR Page 56 . The company believes that its dealers and distributors are the best brand ambassadors. Sales turnover of 5-6% is earmarked for advertising the products to relevant segments. In case of distribution centers. a number of dealer incentive schemes are in force to keep the dealers' momentum upward. The company's distributors are exclusive stockists for its products and as such the term of appointment stipulates that only V Guard's goods would be stocked and supplied by the distributor. A number of promotional measures are in action to maintain an upward trend in sales of the company's products.

the products are distributed directly to the customers. They allow such dealers to purchase products on credit. Stabilizers and cables are mainly distributed through this method. Products like fans and UPS are mainly distributed this way iii) Direct end user In this. Marketing strategies adopted i.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Types of Distribution activities i) Distributor oriented sale In this. ii) Direct dealer operations In this. Such services are mostly given to the old dealers who have been associated with the company for a long time. V-Guard has 36 distributors and 3248 dealers all over the country. The company provides their products to the retailers through the wholesalers. the products are made available to the customers through distributors and retailers. Credit Policies V-Guard extends credit policies when needed. Company--> Distributors –-> Retailers —-> Customers’ In this strategy. LT power cables and project coils are given directly to the customers. There would be any intermediaries between the company and the customers. IMK ADOOR Page 57 . the products are available only through distributors. They also accept post dated cheques. The company provides the products to the distributors who provide them to the retailers at the price set by the company. the products are made available to the consumers through authorized dealers. Retailers provide the products to the customers as per their demand. Products like online UPS.

Feedback is also collected at such events.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD ii. lite and non. • • •  • • • • • Hoardings. and Thrissur Pooram Branding Dummy displays in showrooms Salesmen meet Offers and gifts during seasons eg. Some of the was in which they promote their products are: • • Electronic and print media Dealer meets. Plumber meets and Electricians meets. V-Guard gives a lot of importance in making their presence felt among the public and also making them aware of the various products that they have to offer. the company markets their products among their customers only through authorized dealers all over the country. This is done for the purpose of product familiarity. Towels gifted with water heaters Wall paintings e. Company—-> Direct Marketing Association—-> Customers In this. Company--> Direct Dealers--> Customers In this. Paarpidam. Vanitha Utsav. Products like solar water heaters and digital UPS's are marketed this way. the products are marketed through direct marketing associations.g.lite boards Acrylic boards Activities on radio station Exhibitions in campuses for products like online UPS s Exhibitions like Vanitha Ice. Sabarimala routes IMK ADOOR Page 58 . iii. Promotions  Every year a budget is set aside solely for advertising expenses.

This survey is mainly done among the dealers to get their feedback about the demand patterns of the customers and also ideas for products which have a potential in the market. Product strategy V-Guard has different demand patterns for their products during the year.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Research and Development The research and development team in the marketing department is responsible for conducting surveys about products. During the summer season the demand for freezers and coolers is high. They then discuss with the concerned head of departments. July. during April and May. demand for televisions is high. November and December. From the month of November till May. After this they move onto the product enhancement stage. the demand for air conditioners is high and so is the demand for stabilizers.e. During the vacation time i. the demand for water heaters is high. In the months of June. the demand for pumps is high than during the other months of the year. management and technicians for their opinions. During festival seasons like Onam and Christmas. MEHANICAL ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT IMK ADOOR Page 59 .

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Department chart HOD Senior manager Chief Officer Chief Officer Deputy engineer Assistant engineer Engineers Deputy Engineer Assistant Engineers This department consist of 50 employees which looks after the corporate planning and also by controlling its activities. SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT IMK ADOOR Page 60 .

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD The system is responsible for maintaining the data in the organization. Updating format requirement etc are done by this team SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT IMK ADOOR Page 61 . The data centre in v guard is centralized and severs are maintained at the head office. . Employees working for companies like HCL and secure solutions are present in the organization .reports are collected from these companies on daily and monthly basis. The data recovery centre is maintained at Coimbatore Semantic and MacAfee are the antivirus software used. Software development team present in the company handles the MIS activities. The department consist of 16 employees Department chart GM Senior Manager Assistant manager Officers Executives Officers Executives .

SCM chart IMK ADOOR Page 62 . services. It consists of 10 employees.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD SCM can be viewed as a pipeline for the efficient and effective flow of the products. The extended enterprise perspective of SCM represents a logical extension of the purchase and business logistics concepts. material. and information and financial from the suppliers through the various intermediate organisation or companies to the customer.


922 families at Tholur Panchayat. in memory of his late father. The trust provides health insurance cover for 1314 families from financially backward classes. IMK ADOOR Page 64 . education and care.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD They believe in the amalgamation of corporate management.O. Karnataka. Kerala and 105 families in Ramanagaram Taluk in Bangalore. supporting the less fortunate and nurturing the downtrodden. Thomas. It is dedicated to extending its reach to areas of health. C. It is an extension of the philanthropic and responsible values espoused at V-Guard. Ernakulum Branch for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative by a company in the state of Kerala Our Joint Managing Director Dr. sustainable development and global responsibility in working toward a better society and thereby a better world. They are committed to greening our environment. ROTARY-BINANI ZINC CSR AWARD V Guard Industries was awarded the ROTARY-BINANI ZINC CSR AWARD (Private Sector) by the Rotary Club of Cochin Metropolis. George receiving the award The Thomas Chittilapilly Trust The Thomas Chittilapilly Trust was founded by Kochouseph Chittilapilly. in association with NIPM Kerala Chapter and ICAI.

Franko Kavalakkatt. Trissur. It sponsors the education of 1587 school children from economically backward sections in Thrissur and Ernakulum Districts in Kerala and Ramanagaram Taluk. It is managed by the Sisters of CMC Nirmala Province in whose able hands the inmates receive love and care irrespective of caste and community. Vicar. and Parappur Forona Church. relief for the earthquake victims of Latur and Gujarat. IMK ADOOR Page 65 . The sisters of Shanthimandiram also involved with the cultural programmes. victims of the Orissa cyclone and the Tsunami Relief Fund of the Prime Minister as well as the Chief Minister. The trust has also made substantial contributions to NGO‘s working for various social welfare causes like Udhavumkarangal and the SOS village. Shanthimandiram celebrated its first anniversary on 29th May 2010 along with the Inmates.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD It also conducts free health camps at villages and backward areas where the reach of proper health care is absent. True to its name. It has also donated generously to many national level causes and relief funds like the Prime Minister's Relief Fund. providing shelter and care for those who are unable to care of themselves in Parappur Village. The function got enriched with the Folk dance by Managing Trustee and family. The function started with the blessings of Fr. Kerala. Shantimandiram An old age home for women. Kargil war victims. Kerala. all facilities are provided free of cost and it is a haven of peace and tranquility where the inmates spend the evening of their lives in dignity and comfort. Bangalore. The facility accommodates 60 inmates at a time and is recognised by the Board of Control for Orphanages and other Charitable Homes. Various cultural programmes have been performed by the inmates of Shanthimandiram.

IMK ADOOR Page 66 .an employee CSR activity Social welfare consciousness being embedded in V-Guard work culture has motivated the employees to join hands in reaching out in charity. The Social Welfare Fund was created out of the goodwill of the employees who collate funds and donate towards cost of medicines for the poor in the cancer ward at the Ernakulum General Hospital. Women who have grouped themselves to form SHG‘s (Self Help Groups) are distributed assembly kits for voltage stabilizers.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Social Welfare Fund. It provides a stable income for their households and in turn emancipation from poverty. An efficient distribution and collection system networks the women with the company and has been a resounding success for decades. Stabilizer SHG activity Since its inception V-Guard has been providing a mutually beneficial income generating option to women.


e. and interested applicants will benefit from a holistic learning experience. In addition. who may well be a totally new segment. sales. With more MNCs growing their Indian businesses.. based in neverbefore visited Class II and III towns. marketing and advertising related roles will necessitate a good on-the-job learning of target audiences. Weakness     Demand is seasonal and is high during festive season Demand of some of the products is dependent on good monsoons Poor government spending on infrastructure Low purchasing power of consumers Opportunities      In India the penetration level of white goods is lower as compared to other developing countries Unexploited rural market Rapid urbanization Increase in income levels i. increase in purchasing power of consumers Easy availability of finance IMK ADOOR Page 68 .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD SWOT ANALYSIS Overall. there is great potential to also learn best-in-class systems and management skills. those with technical backgrounds will be able to leverage their knowledge and experience to constantly develop and innovate the product variants. Many of the research. the industry‘s future remains robust. SWOT analysis of the consumer durable industry Strength    Presence of established distribution network in both urban and rural areas Presence of well known brands In recent years organized sector has increased its share in the market wise than the unorganized sector.

they see India as a strategic market. IMK ADOOR Page 69 .V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Threat   High import duty on raw material imposed Chief imports from Singapore. which can fuel their growth. conducted by Nielsen. China and other Asian countries The Indian consumer remains one of the most upbeat globally. a market research company revealed that Indians are "the most optimistic lot globally who think that their country will be out of the economic recession in the next twelve months. it is widely believed that the Indian market will fuel the growth of multinational companies in the coming years. The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence study. While most leading companies are cutting costs in the US and Europe." In fact.

A very IMK ADOOR Page 70 . An "unattractive" industry is one in which the combination of these five forces acts to drive down overall profitability.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD CHAPTER 6 PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODEL ANALYSIS Porter's five forces is a framework for the industry analysis and business strategy development developed by Michael E. Attractiveness in this context refers to the overall industry profitability. It draws upon Industrial Organization (IO) economics to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979.

Page 71 IMK ADOOR . Porter referred to these forces as the micro environment. A clear example of this is the airline industry. Firms are able to apply their core competencies. have been able to make a return in excess of the industry average. Porter's five forces include. A change in any of the forces normally. by applying unique business models. profitability is low and yet individual companies.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD unattractive industry would be one approaching "pure competition". requires a business unit to re-assess the marketplace given the overall change in industry information. The overall industry attractiveness does not imply that every firm in the industry will return the same profitability. to contrast it with the more general term macro environment. business model or network to achieve a profit above the industry average. As an industry. three forces from 'horizontal' competition: Threat of substitute products. They consist of those forces close to a company that affect its ability to serve its customers and make a profit. in which available profits for all firms are driven down to zero.

    Threat of established rivals Threat of new entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining power of customers

THE THREAT OF THE ENTRY OF NEW COMPETITORS Profitable markets that yield high returns will attract new firms. This results in many new entrants, which eventually will decrease profitability for all firms in the industry. Unless the entry of new firms can be blocked by incumbents, the profit rate will fall towards zero (perfect competition).

The existence of barriers to entry (patents, rights, etc.) The most attractive segment is one in which entry barriers are high and exit barriers are low. Few new firms can enter and non-performing firms can exit easily.

          

Economies of product differences Brand equity Switching costs or sunk costs Capital requirements Access to distribution Customer loyalty to established brands Absolute cost advantages Learning curve advantages
Expected retaliation by incumbents Government policies Industry profitability; the more profitable the industry the more attractive it will be to new competitors

THE INTENSITY OF COMPETITIVE RIVALRY For most industries, the intensity of competitive rivalry is the major determinant of the competitiveness of the industry.
   

Sustainable competitive advantage through innovation Competition between online and offline companies; Level of advertising expense Powerful competitive strategy
Page 72



The visibility of proprietary items on the Web

Used by a company which can intensify competitive pressures on their rivals? How will competition react to a certain behavior by another firm? Competitive rivalry is likely to be based on dimensions such as price, quality, and innovation. Technological advances protect companies from competition. This applies to products and services. Companies that are successful with introducing new technology are able to charge higher prices and achieve higher profits, until competitors imitate them. Examples of recent technology advantage in have been mp3 players and mobile telephones. Vertical integration is a strategy to reduce a business' own cost and thereby intensify pressure on its rival. THE THREAT OF SUBSTITUTE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES The existence of products outside of the realm of the common product boundaries increases the propensity of customers to switch to alternatives:
     

Buyer propensity to substitute Relative price performance of substitute Buyer switching costs Perceived level of product differentiation Number of substitute products available in the market Ease of substitution. Information-based products are more prone to substitution, as online product can easily replace material product.

 

Substandard product Quality depreciation

(THE BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS BUYERS) The bargaining power of customers is also described as the market of outputs: the ability of customers to put the firm under pressure, which also affects the customer's sensitivity to price changes.
   

Buyer concentration to firm concentration ratio Degree of dependency upon existing channels of distribution Bargaining leverage, particularly in industries with high fixed costs Buyer volume


Page 73

      

Buyer switching costs relative to firm switching costs Buyer information availability Ability to backward integrate Availability of existing substitute products Buyer price sensitivity Differential advantage (uniqueness) of industry products RFM Analysis

THE BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS The bargaining power of suppliers is also described as the market of inputs. Suppliers of raw materials, components, labor, and services (such as expertise) to the firm can be a source of power over the firm, when there are few substitutes. Suppliers may refuse to work with the firm, or, e.g., charge excessively high prices for unique resources.
      

Supplier switching costs relative to firm switching costs Degree of differentiation of inputs Impact of inputs on cost or differentiation Presence of substitute inputs Supplier concentration to firm concentration ratio Employee solidarity (e.g. labour unions) Supplier competition - ability to forward vertically integrate and cut out the buyer

Porter‘s five force framework helps to make a qualitative evaluation of a firm‘s strategic position. By the conducting this analysis we should be able to understand that the final external influence upon the organization is the competitive environment. We should also be able to understand that the competitive strategy of an organization and the need to secure particular competitive advantage over competitors are important. We will find that an appraisal of the competitive environment is vital before plans laid down. Let us see how the Porter‘s five forces are applicable in v guard,


Page 74


COMPETITORS are:     Servomax Logistics Everon Kidson

Much of the market in which v guard operates in its unorganised and fragmented of each of the products from other manufactures in domestic or divisions of large multinational corporations as well as competitors .They compete with their manufacturers on the basis of product range, product quality, product price after sales service including factories based on repetition, regional needs and customer convenience. Their completion varies for each of the products and regions. They compete different players in different products in different regions. Companies‘ major competitors for the stabilizers are vigil, premier, care, Shalimar, Everest, Safeguard etc. Major competitors for cables are Finolex , Polycab, anger etc. competitors for pumps are plays such as Racold, Bajaj, venus ,Kirloskar .Competitors for solar water heaters Tata, BT. They also face competition from Crompton greaves, Hawells, Polar, and Khaitan for electronic fans and APC for the products ups. Our competition levels vary from each of the product in each region. In addition, the market share keeps changing constantly with advent of new technologies and products. In present competitive environment companies which develop effective, improved or reliable appliances and have strong customer focus in the form of providing after sales service will be increasingly differentiated from other in the field.

    In built stabilizer are innovated. So no need for buying separate stabilizers Current trend is the use of natural product which is more healthy. Zone valve can be used instead of pumps.


Page 75

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS   V guard has fixed certain standards in terms of price and quality for their suppliers. and Maharashtra at low price. Andrapradesh. Differentiated products are less as stabilizer can only be used for tvs. power of buyers are low in v guard. Switching is complicated to the customers because v guard‘s brand name and trust. BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS     Concentration of buyers are more hence the company‘s bargaining power is high. V guard is getting copper wires and inputs from Karnataka.. Hence the IMK ADOOR Page 76 . Hence the bargaining power of suppliers is high. V guard produces high quality products which can overcome the customers bargaining power.

V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD Chapter 7 FINDINGS CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTION FINDINGS   The company made public issue in the year 2008 Several energy conservation measures are undertaken by the company Page 77 IMK ADOOR .

39 % of the shares are held by the promoters of the company.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD         Continuous efforts are made by the R & D department for reducing the manufacturing costs. which aids production. the size of the products was reduced conveniently. The competition from the unorganized sector is severe Improper coordination among the superiors and subordinates during certain situation Increase marketing strategies for the promotion of air conditioners CONCLUSION This organization study report is the result of my work and credible information I have gathered during my period of association with the organization. was imported in the year 2007 and 2009. Technology. I hope that the reality shock which I expect has stimulated me to gather information to face the actual real time situations in the industry in the future which acts as an IMK ADOOR Page 78 . Technology imported in 2007 was not fully absorbed. As a result of intensive R & D.

And the study was a great experience to know all about the working of an organization. SUGGESTIONS 1) As the production is fast increasing.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD impetus for future career prospectus. the energy conservation measures should be further improved. The details obtained from the company for organization study are very useful for a professional career and decision making. The study has also helped in getting an insight on the functions of the departments in an organization practically. IMK ADOOR Page 79 .

6) At present.V –GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD 2) New and improved products. 3) R & D has been concentrating more on reducing the cost of production. The company should take necessary steps for the same. the FII‘s are only less than a percent of the total shareholders. should be adequately maintained to avoid price fluctuations. 8) The company‘s product should be made more competitive than the unorganized sector to meet with the competition. BIBLIOGRAPHY IMK ADOOR Page 80 . It should also concentrate on improving the quality of the company‘s products. should be developed. 4) Technology imported should wholly suit the company‘s production needs so that full absorption of the same is facilitated in future. 7) The rural markets have not been covered yet. 5) The company should increase its foreign exchange earnings. especially copper. The company should popularize itself and the products to attract more FII‘s. 9) The company should take necessary steps to control the effect of continuous price fluctuation of raw materials. 10) Stock of raw materials. which suit the needs of the consumers to the best.


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