Florida Department of Education: Florida Instructional Materials Adoption Supplemental/Intervention Reading Program Submission: Step Up to Writing Intermediate

(bid #2023) June 7, 2012 Dear Florida Reviewer; Welcome the 2012-2013 Florida State Adoption of Instructional Materials eSample review. Sopris Learning, a business unit of Cambium Education, Inc., is honored to submit Step Up to Writing Intermediate (bid #2023) for review under the "Supplemental/Intervention Reading Program" category. Step Up to Writing emphasizes the relationship between reading

and writing and empowers students to meet rigorous writing, reading, speaking, and listening demands. The Step Up instructional approach addresses all stages of the writing process and is firmly grounded in research and proven practices.
To access the Step Up to Writing Intermediate eSamples, please: 1. Go to the Sopris Learning Florida Adoption web site: www.soprislearningflorida.com 2. Click in the “Click to Login” box in the center of the page 3. A box for your username and password will pop up; enter: a. Username: floridareview b. Password: soprislearning c. Click “OK” 4. On the Sopris Learning eSample home page, click on the “View Sample” button where you see the Step Up to Writing Intermediate logo.

click on the “View Sample” button in Step Up to Writing Intermediate box


Now you should be on the Major Tool eSample page for Step Up to Writing Intermediate. Click on the relevant buttons to access sample information:

• • • •

eSample Letter/Review Instructions ePresentation (15 minutes) Correlations (pdf) Major Tool samples


Recommended sequence of review: a. Watch the ePresentation b. Review the Step Up to Writing Teacher’s Manual (Teacher Edition) c. Review the Florida Step Up to Writing Implementation Guide (Teacher Edition) d. Review Correlations

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. If at any time during the review you require assistance, please email Erin Ramsey at erinr@cambiumlearning.com or for technical support, please contact reviewersupport@soprislearning.com. Sincerely, The Sopris Learning Team A Business Unit of Cambium Education, Inc.

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