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Marketing Plan of Juice Company

Marketing Plan of Juice Company

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Published by: Zakir Khan on May 26, 2012
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Smoothy Juice Co. Ltd: 23/4, Dhanmandi 4/A, Dhaka Dhaka-1215

E-mail: smoothy_co@yahoo.com Website: www.smoothy.com
FACTORY: Smoothy Juice Industry Limited Ashulia, Saver, Dhaka



NATURE OFPage 2 of 12 BUSINESS: I form my business as a “partnership”
business. The types of my business is Manufacturing Juices, Distributor/ Wholesaler.

STATEMENT OF FINANCING NEEDED: Initial financing requested of the company is 4,00,00,000 taka loan to be paid off over five years from Dutch Bank Ltd.. This debt will cover office space, office equipment, and for supplies two lease vans, advertising and selling cost. The partners provided 11,00,00,000 taka jointly. So, the total cost of the project estimated at 15,00,00,000 taka.
I have prepared my report which is based on “Business Plan on “Smoothy Juice Company Ltd”. To prepare this report i have followed marketing research methodology for whose are children and diabetic people. The information, on which the total business plan stands, was the collection of data from the questionnaire made by Smoothy Juice Company Ltd. To see the market need and wants. The survey took place inside and outside of Dhaka. After analyzing questionnaires i made some plan about location, building source of finance, price, product promotion, and Channel of distribution. I selected my plant location at Savar and head office at Dhanmondi. So i will get the raw materials easily. I will preserve 500ml, and 900 ml Orange, Mango, Cocktail Special juices. I keep my price relatively low than other soft drinks and fruit juice. I will place my advertisement at television & banner. I will distribute my product near by shop of Dhaka city in the form of bottle packaging so that consumer can get it easily. The whole production process is in strict conformity with international standards, and constant research and development all products. I am confident that my products and services will satisfy the highest of standards My pricing policy will be reasonable and channel of distribution will be convenience. So my target customers will get it easily. We hope that we will carry a good and competitive market share in soft drinks industry. Smoothy Juice provided superior value to their customer who they promised throwing advertising. So the customer are loyal the Smoothy Juice bran and build long term relationships. Though it is exist in our country, but there is a great potentiality in this sector. If i can able to flourish this sector by investing more, our national economy will be flourishing. As well as there are lot of people may earn from this sector and can increase their life style as well increase our GDP.



Industry Analysis:
FUTURE OUTLOOK AND TRENDS: Many juice companies are already
established. I determine my competitor as ACME, PRAN, SHEZAN, FROOTIKA etc. Our company will be based on beverage products. I mainly want to produce juice. It is a partnership business. Initially i prepare my business plan for three years. Next three year i target that i capture 5% of total market share. When my company will start, only three products we produce at that time. I wish to achieve a so much customer and consumer response in 1 year. It wills our betterment of our company. I get best wish to my target customer and also the mind of the customer will obviously great beliefs of my products. Because i mention that, my product will free from sugar, fat & harmful chemicals. I expect the sales will be in next year approximately TK 5.50 corer. My product cost is TK 3,30,50,000. The return on investment is 20% expected.

ANALYSIS OF COMPETITORS: In food & beverage market there are many
renowned companies having their juice products. Acme Juice Pran Juice Frooto Juice Frutica Juice Shezan Juice Slice Juice

Competitors Position: Acme, Pran, Frooto, Frutica, Shezan, Slice
Now, i give a brief analysis about my competitor's market share.

I segment my market according to the demographic segmentation. In these segmentation criteria i segment my customer according to: Age, Sex, Income, and Occupation. My main target customer is 60 % of diabetic people.

Business Description
My business name is Smoothy Juice and i have different varieties in juices drinks as well and our Smoothy Juice Industry is located in Asulia, Savar, and Dhaka.

Smoothy Juice is especially for the children and diabetic people because it is a sugar free and diet juice. Smoothy Juice is also providing the totally fresh juices. People are very much conscious about their health and mostly people are like the fresh food rather than the Soda, Carbonated drinks. It will be also favorable for children and health conscious.



FRESH JUICES: For the first time I am producing orange juice for testing the consumer market. I am going to make fresh juices 3 flavors in juices available throughout the year - Orange, mango and Cocktail special. SEASONAL JUICES: In seasonal juices i initially introduced Mango, Orange. OUR SPECIALTY : My specialty, i produce juice for the children and health conscious people, because we reduce the fat level on 0.5% and add extra vitamins and add some sugar that are best for diabetic people.

(cocktail )

SIZE OF BUSINESS: This business will produce & provide consumer product
and organize medium size business. Initially i will cover the 2 division of the country but our prospect will be whole of the country.



OFFICE EQUIPMENT: As a Medium business i start my business with some
necessary equipment. My main office established in 250 Square ft Space and industry is established in 3000 square ft space. I arrange my main office with; 10 computers, 6 printers, 10 tables, 50 chairs, 10 fans, and 6 air-conditioners. These are my main office equipments but there are also some other stationary and inventory. The inside view of our main office in Dhanmondi:

PERSONNEL: For my new established business will prefer skillful and capable
employees who are also experience personnel in their own sector. I will try to maintain quality full employees, than quantity.

Business Strategy

Become as the Best New Juice Shop in the Bangladesh

Improving the customer satisfaction through the good quality of products


6 Turn in profits from the first year of operations. The creation of unique, innovative and healthy products that will differentiate Smoothy Juice from local juice shops Four new Outlets in next five years in other city of Bangladesh To exceed 6 million in annual sales by the third year of plan implementation. KEYS TO SUCCESS FACTORS: Store design that will be both visually attractive to customers, and designed for fast and efficient operations. Employee training to insure the best juices preparation techniques. Marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers The products we serve are of the highest quality. I combine this quality with great service and atmosphere Customer satisfaction with high quality juices and services Competent management staff whose makes the juices and shakes fresh and good quality Location is my key success factor means that on Asulia, Savar is very suit able for our business. Management that treats every employee equally. I create an atmosphere where employee's love coming to work and can earn good money. My commitment to providing excellent quality Juices at all times Excellent Customer Service. Quick delivery and each customer will be treated as would an honored guest in my homes Product quality. Not only great food but great service and atmosphere MISSION: Establish Smoothy Juice as the Local leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly juices with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through our values. VISION: Explore all over the Bangladesh from fresh juices, providing for all their needs always with the assurance of outstanding quality.

Production Plan:
Whole of the manufacturing maintain by our employees and all the raw materials will be purchased from our country and abroad and we produced our product in our factory. MANUFACTURING MACHINERIES & EQUIPMENT AND ITS PROCESSES: Three basic disciplines are used in the process: 1. Mass transfer |Page6

7 2. Heat transfer 3. Squeezing the orange


Firstly the oil is removed. This process is carried out without causing damage to the fruit. It is done to avoid undesirable flavors and obtain the highest possible level of aldehydes, secondly the juice is extracted. The technology used involves cutting and squeezing the orange and is different to many of the In-line systems used. The HRS process does not damage the peel and therefore avoids contamination of the juice. Thirdly the juice is separated from the husk and the seeds. With this process i reduce the bitter constituents, obtaining a low reading for quick fiber and a low viscosity in NFC. The resultant juice has a minimum content of the bitter constituents, an agreeable color, minimum natural oil content and an increased number of intact juice cells. The Limonina content is also reduced. The average cell size in the pulp is increased with a higher percentage of floating pulp. I must also highlight the fact that the process does not use water during the extraction processes, the energy consumption has been optimized and the contaminants contained in residual water have been minimized.

One of the key aspects related to the treatment of the pulp is the mass transfer. HRS Spiratube has developed a piston pump particularly suited to this purpose, a pump which is hygienic and can develop pressures of up to 40 Bar. Another of the fundamental aspects of the process is the thermal treatment which is carried out using a triple tube heat exchanger (HRS Spiratube model AS). In this heat exchanger the product flows through an annulus formed by tree concentric tubes making the units especially useful for: Fluids of high viscosity Non-Newtonian fluids Fluids which contain small particles



The principal components are automatic systems for mixing the product, controls for the components and the CIP cleaning operations. Mixing takes place in tanks fitted with agitators in which we can program the proportions of the various constituents. The mass transfer of the constituents is carried out using centrifugal or piston pumps.


In order to market the orange peel i must use a drying plant. The first part of this plant is the hydrolysis zone which takes the peel coming from the juice plant and adds lime [CAO]. When i have the hydrolyzed peel it passes to the presses where i obtain a semi-solid product and a 24 liquid. The liquid is passed to a further process of evaporation where we obtain a concentrated liquid. The semi -solid product and the concentrated liquid are both passed to the final dryer from which i receive the dry product. The Trammel type dryer can use different types of fuel such as biomass, natural gas etc. and it is important to realize that the exhaust gases from the dryer can be used as an energy source on the evaporation plant. Lastly, the product is passed to a palletized which gives the peel in a form which can be sold.



Graphical outlook of the manufacturing process:
PHYSICAL PLANT: My Production Industry situated in Asulia, Savar near of Baipayl and Fantasy Kingdom Park. The Physical plant is as follows:

1. Mr. Jamil Hossain, (Mango Suppliers), Office: 34/4, Saheb Bazar, Rajsahi. 2. Mr. Ahsan Mustak, (Mango Suppliers), Office: 15/4, Olonker Mor, Rajsahi |Page9


In Foreign Country:
1. Mr. Cyang Mo, (Orange Suppliers), Office: 45/7/A, Syncho Street, Cuong, China 2. Suching Rong, (Orange Suppliers), Office: 5454, Guya Lia Road, Jung Ki, China 3. Mr.Rathor Dash, (Varity Fruits Suppliers), Office: Kashmir and Agra 4. Mr. Jone Smith & Jonson Height, (Other Raw materials), Office: Fruit Fantasy; England.

PRICING STRATEGY: Smoothy Juice set it juices price on value pricing
method. Smoothy Juice selling its juices at price added cost and profit margin and also keep in mind the key competitors price. Smoothy Juice provides it customer quality fresh juices that provide customer good health and enjoyment. Smoothy Juice are available…? Flavored. is a main objective that its responsibility to provided best quality who they promised to their customers and they fulfill their promised. Smoothy Juice is a big price objective that they provided high quality and taken premium price to its customer. Smoothy Juice contain maximum profit margin is another objective of pricing strategy. Smoothy Juice provided superior value to their customer who they promised throwing advertising. Retailer’s Selling Price 25

Price/ unit Profit

Marketin g Cost 1.50

Productio n cost 3.50



Cost of raw materials 14

Product name Mango Juice (500ml) Mango Juice (900ml) Orange Juice (500ml) Orange Juice (900ml) Cocktail Special (500ml) Cocktail Special (900ml)































Product forecasts:
This types of product continuing in the market on the basis of their features, reasonable price, standard maintain and also quality. I am also prepare and determine | P a g e 10

11 that my product will be quality full and reasonable price that's why i am optimist about our product that will be continue a certain time.

My company believes in best quality. In producing our product i maintain quality as well as quantity. For control the products quality i will import best quality equipment from abroad. I also standardization our product from our expert researcher. my whole production process mainly base on computer for this reason is done by a very systematic process. I produce my product which has no harmful chemical. That's why these products have no side effect and every one in every age can use our entire product frequently.

MANAGEMENT TEAM BACKGROUND: The Company’s management
philosophy will be based on responsibility and mutual respect. My management style reflects the participation of the owners; we are not very hierarchical, and encourage all employees to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the business. Smoothy has a very strong organizational culture. It believes on teamwork. The main goal will be of our management team, to manage the organization effectively and efficiently to continue the business enterprise. The Management Team includes those peoples who have the real power in making the impossible in possible. All the members are practically experienced in practical field.

MEMBERS OF ORGANIZATION: In my company i appoint 5 managers
under the CEO for handling different managerial activities in different sectors. I mainly appoint manager for production & operation work, marketing work, planning and development work, financial work and also appoint procurement officers. I appoint mainly high qualified employee for our company. Under the all department manager we will employee some officers for the minimize the pressure of All Managers. ENTREPRENURE/ CHAIRMAN: A. F. M. Rubayat-Ul-Jannat, the Chairman of Juice Company. Selected by the all partners of the company, who actually give the command over the invention and control all the departments. All the business partners and personnel's are responsible to perform the duties as the chairmen stated. His main responsibility is to maintain the suppliers to ensure the continuity of good relations to them. The Head of the company who actually control & implement all partner's idea about the business. It means an individual developing. Something unique HEAD OF PRODUCTION & OPERATION: Masum Ahmed is our Head of Production, and he has a complete and strong command over Operational management and Production Analysis. Production manager mainly responsibility is that describe the physical plant layout, the machinery and equipment needed to Perform manufacturing operation. HEAD OF MARKETING: Shaila Parvin Tumpa, our head of marketing, cause she has completed his graduation on Marketing major and she has good command over marketing. Marketing involve that implementing decisions related to the marketing mix variables products, price and promotion activities. HEAD OF PLANNING & PERFORMANCE MANGEMENT: A.Z.M Shahadat, our head of planning and performance management and he have the strength to take | P a g e 11


decision and maintain the company's performance. These department officers involve setting the goals and how to be achieving that, it also help to develop the existing product.

My main weakness is my business is small size business, that's why we have a very small capital. So i will able compete with the lower price competitor. And my resources is also limited in compare to competitors. The company can improve or eliminate the risk by:

justify the legal concern in appropriate way. industry demand.

In the time when i bought my factory land in Ashulia I saw that there is a big possibility to introduce a Mineral Water as a side business. But now i don't take any step for this business. In future, i have a plan when my business is well established i will introduce a Mineral Water in our business area.

== THE END ==

| P a g e 12

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