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Mike Smith IMA Poems BC Canada

Mike Smith IMA Poems BC Canada

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Published by David Kim

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Published by: David Kim on May 26, 2012
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I did the whole "Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences" thing from 2002-2006 an d trained with Mike during

that time. He's definitely one of the best instructor s out there for this kind of thing. When I was training with him, he was delivering the content via keyword "poems." The poems I learned were Poem 1 - Orientation to Contact Flinching Flicking Swatting Swiping Arriving Linking Raising Reaching Catching Grasping Holding Harming Waiting Bridging Receding Changing Poem 2 - Preparing for Combat Rhythm Boxing Broken Timing Bracing Charging Engaging Balancing Crushing Shaking Tearing Throwing Swinging Whipping Jarring Impaling Poem 3 - Contact to Initiative Adhering Joining Grafting Sinking Stirring Filing Removing Trapping Hunting Taking Weapons Targets Leading Passing Occupying Opening Unfortunately, circumstances made me move across the country so I didn't get to stick around for poem 4. It's neat to see how he's evolved his teaching method i nto this apparently more condensed yet still comprehensive structure.

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