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1. Why you choose this study program?

I choose Griffith University and the University of Queensland as my study destination because of the following reasons. First of all, as Australia's two leading universities, with many good experts in education and research, especially TESOL, there Griffith University and the University of Queensland will offer me best methods of teaching English, leadership and innovation. Second, I will have an opportunity to live in an active international environment, which will helps shape my personal growth towards becoming a global citizen. Third Lastly, the aim of the scholarship is for development in Vietnam and it is suitable for those who are working in designated poor areas like me. In conclusion, studying in Australia benefits not only myself but also my community.
2. How will the proposed study contribute to your career development? I am now an English teacher at a gifted high school where the quality of teaching always needs improving to be improved to meet the demand. So Therefore, first your schorlarship will help me perfect my English to meet the higher and higher demand of teaching gifted students. I can use quite (?) English in classroom. Third In addition, I am qualified to cooperate with several Australia universities to open a foregin language learning centre. In short, I can have a higher position in my group upon my return home because of my better knowledge and contributions to enhance the teaching and learning of English not only in my school but also in the whole province. Being an English teacher at a school for gifted students, I find it necessary to constantly update my knowledge and improve my teaching skills to meet the high demand of my students. Therefore, with this scholarship, I will have an opportunity to study in an English speaking country like Australia to perfect my English, as well as to improve my leadership and communication skills, which are essential to teaching foreign languages. After completing the study, I will be able to apply the knowledge and skillsets that I have learned to my own teaching career and help my colleagues improve their teaching skills as well. 3. How have you contributed to solving a challenge and to implementing change or reform? (In your response be specific and include: what aspects of your leadership knowledge, skills and practice you consider to be well established and effective; which people or organisations you worked with to solve the problem; and what creative methods were used. Since I began my teaching, both my colleagues and I have encountered many problems. However, the biggest problem is has been that our students cannot speak in English well have poor English speaking skill., Thats the reason which was why they usually have no chance to could not compete with other students in from big cities. I myself bravely have took have taken the responsibility of teaching them speaking skill in to prepare for the national exam for

excellent students. Most of our students are living in dormitory, so I patiently began with forming an English speaking club after school at weekends,; topics for speaking was were prepared and delivered to every member by the board of organization. I invited my other English teachers to attend and help me better the way of organizing the club. Gradually, together with my patience, cooperation with my colleague and students, the members of the English club have been increasing, especially their speaking skill has been improved considerably. The biggest challenge since I began my teaching career is that my students have poor English speaking skill, which is the main reason why they cannot compete with students from big cities. To solve this problem, I have taken the initiative to form an English speaking club in my school, which meets twice a week every week. I invited my colleagues to join to help me organize the club. I actively searched for speaking topics, prepared and discussed them with the other club organizers. We tried to choose topics that were simple and quite familiar to students so that they could find them easy to talk about. As a result, the effort that I put in the English speaking club, together with the cooperation of my colleagues, has paid off. My students speaking skill has been improved considerably. 4. What specific development priority will you contribute to on your return home and how do you intend to do so On my return home, I am planning on opening a foreign language centre for children. I myself have learned that English needs studying at the very young age should be studied as early in life as possible. After leanring your master of educational leadership, methods of teaching English I will apply it creatively and suitably in my hometown. I am confident that during the time learning studying in your country I will find out the most suitable document figure out the best method and materials for teaching English. Next, staff for teaching must be selected and trained carefully by me, curriculum and goal achieved for children will be considered carefully. Furthermore, I will carefully select and train teaching staff as well as develop the best curriculum for teaching children. In sum, teaching English for children is my development priority because it will lay the good background for the development of English education later. 5. How will this scholarship contribute to the organizations needs? Your schorlarship will help develop the human resource in my hometown, a poor province lacking of in high demand of English teachers. First I fully trained about method of teaching, improving my management skill. Second with the training in teaching methods and management skills, I can help my colleage by cooperateing with Department of Education and Training to open many workshops to impart my new knowledge and skills learned to other English teachers in the province. Next I can teach my gifted students better more effectively, and help them pass the international certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. In short, lacking of human resource in my

school will reduce considerably and more teachers are qualified to teach gifted students. In general, with this scholarship, I can help solve the problem of English teacher shortage in my school and province as well as train more qualified teachers to teach gifted students.