IBS Bangalore PGPM PROGRAM : CLASS OF 20 SIP Details

Studet Details
Student Name Enroll No Email id of Student Phone no of Student Name of the organization Address of the SIP Organization Title of Project Area

Sidharth Shekhar Mohanty




Bharti Airtel Limited

Bharti House,Infocity,Patia,Bhubaneshwar

Airtel Money


Area : - Finance , Marketing, IT, HR,Operations, Banking Sub Area : Forex market, equity research, trading, wealth management, Sales & Distribution, Investment Banking, brand management, customer relationship management, market research, marketing research, HR planning, HR recruitment, etc.

HR recruitment. HR planning. and exchanging offering that have value for customers. and society at large Manoj Kumar Patra manoj.patra@in. . delivering.IBS Bangalore PGPM PROGRAM : CLASS OF 2013 SIP Details SIP Details Sub Area Objectives (not more than 50 words) Name of Project Guide Email-Id of Project Guide Phone No of Project Guide Sales&Distribution. partners.Marketing Research Creating.airtel.com 9938049139 search. clients. etc. communicating.

Designaion of Project Guide Stipend (Rs Per month) SIP Location Territorial Sales Manager NIL Bhubaneshwar .

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