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5 X 10-4 M 4.2 16. B. 3 . BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 1. Each of the four subunits in hemoglobin changes one at a time from the low affinity state to the high affinity state B. D.change from the_ low affinity to .52 Which substrate (A. An 'enzyme ~ith a of 1.5 X 10-4 M nana moles /U min. L-Ala-Gly-Gly D. The Vmax and Km values are: A: B. By 30 sec. D. Each of the four subunits in the hemoglobin tetra mer is either in a low affinity state or a high affinity state The 11v axis of a reciprocal plot is labeled v': (nrnoles per liter per min) x 102.2 x 10 -4 M was assayed at an initial substrate concentration of 0. 50 50 50 50 moles /U min. C.the high affinity state C.2 16. L-Pro-Gly-Gly B.. The following data refer to the hydrolysis of various tripeptides into their Nterminal amino acids and C-terminal dipeptides. or D) would be hydrolysed most rapidly in the early stages of reaction if a sample of enzyme was added to a mixture of all four substrates in equimolar concentration? 2.INTEGRATED Ph. The alpha subunits followed by the beta subunits . L-Ala-L-Ala-L-Ala 385 190 365 298 Km (mM) 1.55 1. micro motes IU'min. which of the .4 0. 2. z. . C.How much product will be present at 3 min? A. C. The beta subunits followed by the alpha subunits change from the low affinity to the high affinity state '.D. D.2 moles per litre nano moles per litre micromolar pica moles per litre KM 3.5 X 10-4 M .2 16. 2. The plot intersects the two axes at "2" and "-4" respectively.02 M. 16. B.following statements is true for hemoglobin? A.7 micro moles/liter of the product had been produced.s X 10-4 M pico moles /U min. substrate A. 2. The 1/[s] axis is labeled [s1-1: (M) -1 x 10-4.3 0. 2. L-Leu-Gly-Gly C. According to the sequential model for allosteric proteins.

webbed feet of a duck and a frog 6. Evolutionary homology is similarity due to common ancestry.16 0. K+ C. A songbird species produces specific alarm calls the presence of aerial predators such as eagles. Mg++ 9. A2 is harbored in the homozygotes 7.6 respectively. Additionally A2 is deleterious in the homozygous condition. C.O. O. \Ca++ D. Allele A2 takes a long time to get eliminated from the population because A.48 Which of the following ions is a critical player in the event of neurotransmitter release at synapses between neurons? A. C. 8.36 B. A2 is harbored in the heterozygotes D. where At is dominant over A2. beak of a vulture and an eagle C. Assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and no change in population size. In a population of 100 diploid individuals. the frequency of heterozygotes after five generations is: A.32 D. On hearing an alarm call. results in An increase in the frequency of firing oraction potentials A decrease in the frequency of firing of action potentials A decrease in the velocity of conduction of action potentials An increase. At is harbored in the homozygotes C. the frequency of neutral alleles A1 and A2 are 0. 0.4 and the velocity of conduction of action potentials 10. Locus A in a diploid organism has two alleles At and A2. the in 4 . Na+ B. individual songbirds drop what they are doing and fly into trees. Myelination ofaxons ·A. B.5. 0. Which of the following characters are evolutionary homologies? A. wing of a bird and a bat B. fin of a fish and a whale D. In an observational field study. A 1 is harbored in the heterozygotes B.

In angiosperm plants. The flower 12. The seed B. The anther C- The pollen tube D. the gametophyte phase IS represented by A. 13. Frequent breeding events between close relatives 14. not foragin_9 Number of eagle alarm calls observed/day 35 songbirds songbirds - 10 0 The above results may be construed as evidence for A. fora_ging Absence of eagles. two-allele system. Mimicry Advertisement C. A founder effect B. Binomial D_ Poisson _ . the distribution of heights in the population would be A. Which of the following combinations of life history traits is most likely to help populations cope with novel environment conditions and thereby prevent population extinctions? 5 . A bottleneck event C. Which of the following processes is least likely to cause such a pattern? A. Deception D. _Frequent migration events between connected populations D. Normal B. Camouflage 8_ 11.number of eagle alarm calls produced in different contexts was recorded and the results are shown below: Behavioural context Presence of ecmles Absence of eagles. If the main determinant of human height was a one-locus. Bimodal C. Cheetahs in the Serengeti population in Africa show very low levels of _heterozygosity. Rapid climate change is predicted to expose organisms to new environmental conditions.

Tundra B. Tropical rain forests. Which of the following 'best describes industrial melanism in the peppered moth? 6 _J . Tropical rain forests. Per capita gr-owth rate is constant D. Savannas. Population Growth rate dN dl Slope = r. long generation C. The peppered moth (Biston betularia) is a classic example of. Per capita growth rate is greatest when population sizes are moderate. long generation B. Which of the following best represents the ordering of some major biomes of the planet according to decreasing net primary production (Highest to lowest)? A. short generation times' and high intrinsic rates of increase times and low intrinsic rates of increase times and low intrinsic rates of increase times and high intrinsic rates of increase 15. Mixed broad/needle leaf forests. B. Tropical rain forests. Mixed broad/needle. Sharks 18. Savannas. Tundra C. DNA from which taxon would be the best to use to prove the connection between India and Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean in geological time A. intrinsic rate or increase Population size N Which of the following statements is TRUE for such a population? A. Frogs D. Tundra.A. Savannas· D. Mixed broad/needle leaf forests. short generation D. Per capita growth rate is smallest when population size is Iarqe 16. C. leaf forests. Per capita growth rate is greatest when population size is small.. Tundra 17. The figure below shows the relationship between population growth rate and population size.Tropical rain forests. Mixed broad/needle leaf forests. industrial me_lanism. Bats B. Birds C. Savannas.

The frequency of dark phenotypes increased with the level of airborne pollution during the industrial era which changed the bark colour on trees. 25% normal male. What is the main target of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (N8AIDs)? . C. 208 proteasomes B. Cathepsin c. 25% colour blind males. 50% colour blind females 22. Which enzyme is the target of the cholesterol lowering drugs known. The frequency of dark phenotypes decreased when airborne pollution during the industrial era which changed the bark color on trees. DNA polymerase B. The frequency of dark phenotypes increased throughout the species range when airborne pollution during the industrial era which changed the bark colour on trees near industrial areas. 25% colour blind males. of A. The frequency of dark phenotypes decreased throughout the species range_ when airborne pollution which changed the bark color on trees near industrial areas. Light of which colour is least important to a green plant during photosynthetic activities? A. Plants bend toward a light source as a result. 25% normal males. 25% colour blind females c. 25% normal females. . 25% carrier females B. blue D. RNA polymerase D. the necessity of light for transpiration D. an inability to synthesize chemical regulators 20. the increased amount of food synthesized by their leaves B. 25% carrier females O. B. D..A. ~ ~ !1 U " '. green B. 19. _ ..- 1< '_~_ . 25% carrier females. A. orange 21. What percentages can be expected in the offspring of a cross between a female carrier for colour blindness and a male with normal colour vision? A. 50% colour blind males. an unequal auxin distribution in their stems c. Cyclooxygenase 7 :f. yellow_ C. HMG-GoA synthase 23. 75% normal statins? A.

C. . Toxoplasma gondii 26. Which cytokine is induced by T cells upon activation and acts as an autocrine growth factor? A. B. B. In which cells is expression of the IgE receptor seen during allergy? A.C. to copper 8 . IL-5 D. B. C. Ectoderm Mesoderm -Endoderm Choroid 28. IL-2 C.Jilar in their electrical conduction properties wires.B. RNA polymerase 24. T lymphocytes B lymphocytes Mast cells Neutrophils 27. IL-10 25. Neurites are fused together to form a continuous network Neurites are not continuous and communicate by contact Neurons in a network may not have dendrites Axons are always myelinated 29. A salient principle of the neuronal network organization in the brain is that A. D. DNA polymerase D. Wucheria bancrofti D. Leishmania tropicana B. Which of the following correctly describes nerve cells? A. D. Nerve cells are sirt. D. Entamoeba histolytica C. Filariasis is caused by A. IL-1 B. From which layer of-the mammalian embryo does the nervous system form? A. In comparison to copper wires. nerve cells are better conductors of electricity. C.

The neurons of the central nervous system arise from the neural tube. and the neurons of the peripheral nervous system arise from the neural crest. Converting sound into an electromagnetic signal D. What law best describes the upper limit to the conductance of an ion channel? A.c. Newton's law 32. - 31. The cerebrospinal fluid distributes the neurons of the nervous system. 35.. The. . nerve cells are poorer conductors of electrici ty. neurons of the central nervous system arise from the neural crest. ·:. Faraday's law D. Axons D. ~~'\ A. and the neurons of the peripheral nervous system arise from the neural tube.. . '~:'.._'~ - 9 . Dendrites 34.nia pestis .Sensing sound directly C. B.. DNA gyrase introduces negative supercoils removes negative supercoils and DNA Topoisomerase ~~. Opening in response to a physical membrane deformation B. .. Ion channels in the cochlear hair cells produce an electrical signal in response to sound waves. -White matter of the brain is composed of: A. In comparison to copper wires. Their ion channels work by: A. . Increasing their voltage in response to sound 33.G.. diencephalon. Yersinia-pestis and Mycobacterium smegmatis C. Bacillus subtilis and Haeinophilus influenzae _ D. Nerve cells are electron sinks: they absorb many electrons. .-.. The three vesicles that give rise to the brain are called the telencephalon. . D. f/': . D. but no electricity comes out of them. Neurons C.. 30. m.. Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Escherichia coli B.. Escherichia coli and Yers. Bacteria known to be naturally competent for transformation by foreign DNA are A. Glial cells B. During development of the nervous system: A. Nernst's law C. Ohm's law B.. During prokaryotic transcription ~~{. and the cerebrum ..

C. One of their four children has Dystonia. independent assortment of evolution 39.B. B. The presence of many genes on the same chromosome results in the violation of A. What are the possible genotypes of the man and woman? A. Which of the following compounds would have the highest boiling point? A. CH3NH2 C. Both parents are tt. C. A recessive allele t is responsible for a condition called Dystonia. D. its double helical structure complementarity of bases presence of the genetic code presence of an RNA intermediate The presence of a nonsense mutation in a gene can give rise to A. translation goes beyond the normal C-term. C. D. The father is tt. Evolution by natural selection means A. D. a shorter polypeptide due to premature termination of translation a modified protein with completely different amino acids transcription goes beyond the nomial 3' end. CH3CH2CH2CH3 B. The father is tt. The father is Tt. B. selection is responsible for the introduction of-variations the processes of selection and generation of variations are independent selection is more significant than the variations variations are more significant than selection 10 . Mendel's Mendel's Mendel's Darwin's law of law of law of theory dominance segregation . D. D. 40. C. 8. The critical aspect of DNA that allows faith~ul copying of genetic information is A. Both DNA gyrase and-DNA Topoisomerase I remove supercoils 36. Both DNA gyra$e and DNA topoisomerase introduce neqative supercoils C. CH30H D. DNA Topoisomerase I introduces negative supercoils and DNA gyrase removes negative supercoils D. 8: C. A man who has this condition has children with a woman who does not have this condition. the mother is TT. B. 37.inal 41. the mother is IT. the mother is Tt. CH2F2 38.

-GlcNAcB 1.. C. Dead cells . B cells C. Replication of chromosomal DNA is A B. can donate to those with blood group A B. D. can receive from those with blood group a 47. -Galo1. D.. continuous on both strands discontinuous on both strands continuous on one strand and discontinuous on the other strand random on both strands . The generation time for the bacterial strain A is 30 minutes and strain B is 60 minutes. .42.- .4GalD. Glucose Lactose Fructose Mannose 45. . C. Chitin is a polymer of A. An equal mixture of A and S D.4GalC. 44. Which of the following. -GlcNAcB 1. Which of the following is not a monosaccharide? A.3GlcNAc- II . can donate to those with blood group 0 D. can donate to those with blood group B C.B. If a culture containing an equal mixture of A and S is grown. the culture will consist predominantly of A A cells S. correct? Those with blood group AS ~ A. One One One One electron less than the Na atom proton more than the Na atom proton and one neutron more than the Na atom electron and one neutron less than the Na atom 46.- 43.. after 10 hours. D.4GlcNAc8. S. C. Th~ Na+ ion has A.

4600 D. Let us consider m10g nand n10g m where m and n are two integers with m > n. 4: Y2 49. Histidine D. . The largest possi ble 'circle is inscri bed in a sq uare. 1 D.45 D. 52. Th e ra tio of the peri meter of _ the square and the circle is: A 4: 1t 8. Proline • A A. on the relative magnitude of m10g nand 50. A. How many hydrogen bonds stabilize a 2000 long B-DNA when 30% of all the bases in the DNA are Guanine? A.4A calculate the units. _mlog nand nlOg m are equal D. 0. 2300 B.5 C. As 8 takes values very close to Irl2 what is the value of the function cos8/sin28? A.60 51. the membrane 'of a cell in an a-helical residues per turn of the helix and the thickness of the transmembrane . indeterminate Identify the amino acid with the most hydrophobic s_idechain. Tryptophan C. 5400 12 . 15 8. m10g n is smaller than n10g m C. Which one of the following statements is true? A m10g n is greater than n10g m B. 4: Irl2 C. No general statement can be made 'n1ogm Imagine 20 residues of a protein spans conformation.6 pitch of the helix is 5.48. Given that there are 3. 4: 1 D. 0 B. 30 C. 2700 C.Tyrosine B.

The maximum absorption for a protein molecule would be at A. A boy rides his bicycle from home to school and his cycle wheels are of the same diameter of 70 cm. Half chair form C. Arginine D. C. 2000 D. The most favourable conformation for glucose is A. A. D. Identify the amino acid with more than one chiral centre. Proline 56. 500 number of rotations made by one of the B.54. Chair form D. B. 55. 1000 C. 340 nm 280 nm 220 nm 190 nm 13 . Planar structure B. Valine C. What is the approximate wheels of the bicycle? A. B. Isoleucine B. 4000 58. Which one of th$3 following represents the plot between sin2e (along X-axis) and cos2e (along V-axis)? A.2 kilometers in 7 minutes.. Boat form 57. c. He covers the total distance of 2.

59. The diffusion coefficient for a molecule at infinite dilution in a non-interacting solvent depends upon A. The most symmetrical arrangement would be in a A. Ligament Areolar tissue Adipose tissue Reticular fibres 64. Which of the following animals belongs to the class Gastropoda? A. Which of the following is true? A. B. The viscosity and shape of the molecule. Rombohedral system 63. Viscosity. A sp here an d a cyli nder havi ng the same mass and rad ius start fro m . shape and temperature Independent of these parameters at infinite dilution 60. Cuttlefish C. B. Slugs 14 . sphere and cylinder reach the bottom at the same time answer would depend upon the length of the cylinder 62. Clam D. Mussel B. C. C. D. B. D. D. At a constant velocity. C. The shape of the molecule. Tissue which attaches skin to underlying muscles is called: / A. C. greater than that of a neutron less than that of a neutron dependent on whether the electron is de-localized same as that of a neutron 61. D. the wavelength corresponding to an electron is and roll down the same incline. R C. B. D. The The The The sphere gets to the bottom first cylinder gets to the bottom first . Hexagonal system Orthorhombic system Cubic system.

5-3 B. If you mix equal volumes of two buffers at pH. 3. D. -6. p-4. -8. Global warming & climate change 1. C. 7 B. In a healthy individual almost 3 litres of fluid and some blood proteins diffuse out of the capillaries each day. 2. R. r-2. q-4. Tissue culture B. r-3. The lost fluid is returned to the circulatory system by A. Anther culture C. Absorption by the cells lining the intestine The lymphatic system 66. p-3. Embryo culture D. s-1 D. Telomeres r. r-4. The method to produce plants homozygous for all traits is A. K. Plants adapted to a hot environ~ent have more saturatedfatty acids in their cell membrane C.65. Plants adapted to cold & hot environments have more saturated fatty acids in their cell membranes D. s-1 70. q-3.3 D. Identify the correct statement A. 6 and pH 8 of identical ionic strengths. q-4. Plants adapted to a cold environment have more unsaturated fatty acids in their cell membranes . B. Plants found at high altitudes are always tall 69. s-2 C. Meristem culture 68. q-1. Match the following p.Structure of translational machinery s. 4. B.3 c. Diffusion from the interstitiai fluid in to the capillaries Active transport in the endothelial cells of the capillary wall. -14 67. r-2. Handicap principle' q. what will be the resultant pH of the mixture? A. Bt brinjal is a genetically modified variety where 15 . Pachauri Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Elizabeth Blackburn Amotz Zahavi A. p-2. . p-t.

Potassium dichromate (K2Cr207) Potassium permanganate (KMn04) Manganese dioxide (Mn02) Potassium chlorate (KCI03) -. q>p>s>r _ B. 3 B. r>p>q>s C. 6 D. Trypsin and ribonuclease C. A. p>q>s>r D. q. A bacterial toxin . Which of the following mixtures would form two phases? A. Ribonuclease B. Which of the following viruses establishes latent infection in neuronal cells? A. . Herpes Simplex virus C. A gene has been introduced to make it more drought resistant D. DNAse and ribouclease D. Methanol and Water B. Chymotrypsin 72. 9 75.Japanese encephalitis D. s>r>p>q 74. Chloroform and water D. A bacterial toxin gene has been introduced to make the plant more resistant to herbicides B. A bacterial gene has been introduced to make the fruit rich in protein C. 1 C.A. r. What is the maximum number of proteins -of size 333 or more amino acids that can be coded for by a double stranded 1000 base pair lonq DNA? A. Ribosomes can be completely destroyed by which of the following treatments? A. Poliovirus B.gene is introduced to make the plant more resistant to certain insect pests 71. Dengue virus 16 . Formaldehyde and water C. s. Acetic acid and water r: 73. Rank the following compounds in the order of decreasing oxidation state of the atom that undergoes a redox change: p.

Which of the following chemical reagents cannot damage DNA? A.Pyridine C. col! chromosome and the plasmid. 17 . The genome of M13 bacteriophage consists of A. Elastin C. Bactoprenol phosphate N-acetyl gluGosamine N-acetyl muramic acid Teichoic acid 81. Congo Red B'-. ssONA ssRNA dsONA dsRNA 77. Sodium hydroxide 80. 0!1e strand each of the chromosome and the plasmid . Okazaki fragments were prepared from an E. Both the strands of the chromosome and the plasmid C. C. Which of the following molecules can form a homopolymer? A. coli strain harboring pBR322 plasmid. Both the strands of the ch-romosome but only one strand of the plasmid One strand of the chromosome but both the strands of the plasmid D. Ethylnitrosourea D. Methylene blue D. These fragments were then hybridized to single stranded DNA molecules prepared by carefully separating the two strands of the E. Keratin 78. Sodium dodecyl sulphate 79. Nitrosoguanidine C. B. B.76. B. C. The Okazaki fragments would anneal to A. D. Gelatin D. Which of the following reagents can be used to distinguish between DNA and RNA? A. Which of the following proteins is present in nails and hoofs? A. O. Collagen B. Ethyl methyl sulphate B.

it is seen that genes A and B are always associated with each other. 30S ribosomal subunit B. The resolving power of the human eye with normal vision is about A.. be more if the DNA adopted an A-form structure than if it did a B-form structure B. in nuclear DNA B. Over a number of meiotic cycles.· O. in mitochondrial DNA C. 50S ribosomal subunit via via via via the the the the 16S rRNA 238 rRNA 5S rRNA 58 rRNA to the initiation codon in 85.0S ribosomal subunit C. A plasmid of 2200 bp size was isolated from E. be less if the DNA adopted an A-form structure than if it did a B-fonn structure C. The cross between a mutant female mouse and a normal male mouse gives . j millimetres 86. 1 millimetre D. increase if the degradation was effected by alkaline digestion but decrease if the same was effected by a ribonuclease . the A. 1 metre B. decrease if the degradation was effected by alkaline digestion but increase if the same was treated with ribonuclease B. be independent of the A-form or the B-form structures of the DNA D. This means that they are likely to be A.82.C.· vary only if the DNA in the plasmid adopted a Z-form structure 84 . increase irrespective of the use of either chemical or enzymatic means 83.1 metres C. If an rRNA sample was degraded into its constituent absorbance of this sample at 260 nm would nuc1eotides. coli and found to have a linking number (Lk) of 190. on different sides of the 'centromere .' 87 . 0. The 8hine-Dalgarno sequence found upstream eubacterial mRNAs facilitates binding to the A. 5. The negative value of the writhe (W r) for this plasmid would A. irrespective of the method D. on the same chromosome D.. the reciprocal cross gives rise to offspring that are all normal-This means that the mutation is likely to be 18 . rise to offspring that are all mutant. 30S ribosomal-subunit D. remains unaltered.

speed up C. dominant O. Mouse B. vary cyclically D. They have been used up in chemical reactions C. 938 C. Which of these animals would be best at maintaining its body temperature . humans are . This is believed to be because A. humans need proteins. -humans get all the amino acids they need from food B.A. in the nuclear genome C. Rabbit 19 - ~ . the molecular weight of a peptide made up of 10 amino acids is expected to be A.876 D. Hydrogen and helium are the two most common elements in the universe. 1100 B. human evolution was preceded or accompanied by the inactivation of some genes / 91. but humans cannot. the rate at which the earth rotates around its own axis should A. If the average molecular weight of one amino acid is 110. They were absorbed by the outer crust D. recessive 88. but they are missing from the earth's atmosphere. Assume that an animal generates heat at to its volume and can radiate heat at a rate proportional to its body surface area.getting used to synthetic foods D. The likely cause behind this is that A. If the polar ice melts entirely because oj global warming. The primitive earth was not hot enough 92. Many organisms can synthesize all the 20 common amino a cold climate? a rate proportional A. remain unchanged 90. in the mitochondrial genome 8. The earth is not massive enough to retain them B.744 89. not amino acids C. slowdown B.

Compared to activ~ transport. 2 C. The Weber-Fechner law states that.. the concentrations of both A and Bare doubled. Levotartaric acid D. Becomes impossible to measure 96. 1 B. 10 D. Which one of the following is not optically active? A. Large D_ Large distances times distances times " 95_ As the atomic number of an element increases. A. Then the perceived sensation in situation B is stronger than the sensation perceived in situation A by a factor of A.C_ Fox D_ Bear 93_ In a binary chemical reaction A + B -> C.stlmulus level of 1 unit. Short 8_ Short C. Increases C. Which aile' of the following is not. the orbital radius of a ground state electron . Decreases B. Assume a background . alanine 98. diffusion is more efficient over A. Suppose this is increased to 10 units (situation A) or to' 100 units (situation B). 100 97. Stays the same D.the magnitude of a perceived sensation increases as the logarithm of the stimulus intensity . an auto immune disease A_ Systemic lupus erythromatosis 20 . rnesotartaric acid B. Then the rate at which C is formed will A_ Quadruple 8_ Triple C_ Double D_ Remain constant 94. dextro tartaric acid C.

B. Myasthenia gravis D. Which protease is involved in programmed cell death? A. Calreticulin c. Oxytocin Human chorionic gonadotropin Progesterone Follicle stimulating hormone 100. D. B. Multiple sclerosis C. Cathepsin 21 . Caspase D. C. Chymotrypsin B. Alzheimer's disease 99. Present day pregnancy 'tests utilize immunoassays that can detect one of the following in the blood/urine within a few days after embryo transplantation A.

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