Presented to: Miss Afshan Batool

Presented by: Subhan Hanif Usman Nomani

Instrumentation and Measurement .

Regulated Power Supply 0-12V DC A power supply means for maintaining essentially constant output voltage or output current under changing load conditions. .

Regulated Power Supply 0-12V DC Parts and specification: 11 x PCB 1X 470R 1 X 1K 1 X B10K Volume 2 x 100UF 1 X 1000UF 1 X 828 1 X 1383 1 X LED 1 x 15V ZD 4 x 4001 Step down Transformer .

Working of regulated power supply in waveform .

Rectification .

Filtration .

Pulsating DC waveform .

Thank You Questions .

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