General introduction about


-Frogs are amphibians, live mainly in tropical rainforest -Characteristic: +Skin: is always smooth and moist +Legs: there are four legs, webbed to jump and swim +Eyes: is protrusion .It help them detect prey. +There are two big eardrum

II. Life cycle of a frog:

There are 4 main stages in life cycle of a frog. Frogs have a life cycle with two part, living in water as tadpoles and on land as adult. 1 Egg -The first stage in the life cycle of the frog is the egg -A frog lays many eggs at one time -The eggs are covered with a jelly like coating. 2.Tadpole -The second stage of the frog life cycle is tadpole -Tadpole have gills to help them breath in the water -They have tail but they have no legs .As a tadpole grow ,

Adult frog -Once lungs are formed and begin to work.lung begin to form 3. The tail disappear .Metamorphoris -The next stage is metamorph of the frog life cycle -These legs help them when they move on land -Eardrum is developed 4.

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