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Kaplan GRE

Kaplan GRE

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Published by: Mohammad Anaitullah Hassan on May 26, 2012
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1. M must perform

(A) first

(B) second

(C) third

(D) fourth

(E) fifth

2. R must perform between which of the following pairs of bands?

(A) F and G

(B) M and H

(C) K and L

(D) P and Q

(E) F and H

3. If P performs first, how many different orders of bands are possible?

(A) one

(B) two

(C) three

(D) four

(E) five

4. If F must perform later in the marathon than G performs, which of the

following must be true?

(A) P and L must perform consecutively.

(B) K must perform immediately before Q.

(C) H and F must perform consecutively.

(D) P must perform immediately before K.

(E) H and G must perform consecutively.

5. Which of the following must be true?

(A) If P performs first, then G performs seventh.

(B) If F performs ninth, then M performs sixth.

(C) If G performs ninth, then F performs seventh.

(D) If P performs third, then Q performs fifth.

(E) If G performs seventh, then P performs first.

6. For several decades, organized crime has controlled many of this city‟s

unions, extorting payments that result in high costs for basic services such as

garbage collection and street repair. The government has been largely

unsuccessful in reducing organized crime‟s influence on city life because it

has been unable to find witnesses willing to testify against the heads of the

organized crime “families.” This reluctance was due not only to fear of

reprisal, but also to a sense of loyalty among “family” members. Recently,

however, several members of organized crime have testified against their bosses

in return for immunity for their own crimes. Because of this, organized crime

in this city will be drastically reduced within the next ten years.

Which of the following statements, if true, would most seriously weaken the

conclusion above?

(A) Organized crime in many cities across the nation is on the rise.

(B) Most of those willing to testify are relatively low in the organized crime

hierarchy, and are unaware of many of their bosses‟ activities.

(C) Loyalty among organized crime family members was highly valued twenty years

ago, but today‟s younger members find it old-fashioned.

(D) The witnesses themselves took part in many of the most violent of their

bosses‟ illegal activities.

(E) Organized crime families cannot function without the detailed knowledge

possessed by the heads of the families.

7. A recent study has shown that the human eye not only allows vision, but also

provides necessary regulation of the body‟s internal clock so that a normal

circadian rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is maintained. This study has further

demonstrated that eyes retain this regulatory ability even in people who are

totally blind. In light of these findings, in order to ensure that the blind

maintain a normal sleeping pattern, doctors should discontinue the common

practice of removing the eyes of totally blind people and replacing them with

more cosmetically pleasing artificial eyes.

The conclusion of the argument above depends on which of the following


(A) A normal circadian rhythm consists of eight hours of sleep and sixteen

hours of wakefulness.

(B) If the body‟s internal clock is not regulated, a person will suffer from a

debilitating condition similar to permanent jet lag.

(C) Approximately 40 percent of totally blind people receive artificial eye


(D) The eye is the primary mechanism for maintaining normal cycles of sleep and

wakefulness in the human body.

(E) Because totally blind people cannot distinguish between light and darkness,

they do not need to maintain the same circadian rhythms as do people who can


8. City officials have always told residents that their water was safe to

drink. Just last week, however, officials of the Water Safety Department

admitted that water quality tests have been purposefully skewed. Workers were

instructed not to sample water from locations that showed signs of

contamination and to eliminate the more stringent tests that can detect disease-

causing bacteria. In light of these disturbing revelations, city health

officials were right to instruct city residents to boil their water before

drinking it.

Which of the following can be inferred from the passage above?

(A) Occurrences of bacteria-transmitted diseases among city residents can be

attributed to drinking contaminated water.

(B) The city‟s water is no longer safe for people with weakened immune systems

to drink.

(C) The Water Safety Department cut back on tests because of recent budget cuts.

(D) City health officials believe that current water quality testing procedures

are not stringent enough.

(E) City health officials believe it possible that disease-causing bacteria are

present in the public water supply.

Questions 9-13

A teacher must choose a group of guest lecturers to speak before her class. The

only available lecturers are the historians L, M, N, and O, and the

sociologists P, Q, and R. The teacher may choose any collection of these

lecturers that conforms to the following restrictions:

If P is chosen, then N must also be chosen, and vice versa.

If R is chosen, then O must not be chosen.

If both L and M are chosen, then Q must not be chosen.

If R is chosen, then M must also be chosen.

9. If all of the sociologists are chosen, which of the following must be true?

(A) L is not chosen.

(B) O is chosen.

(C) Exactly four lecturers are chosen.

(D) M is not chosen.

(E) N is not chosen.

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