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To win, get a signature in all the blanks. You get two free spaces. People can only sign your sheet once. Find someone who

Is left handed

Plays a Varsity sport.

Has picked their nose today. Plays Scramble With Friends.

Got a speeding Missed more than 4 days of school violation in the this past semester. past 6 months. Has a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Has a pet that isnt a cat or a dog.

Has played a recorder sometime in their life.

Has read all the Hunger Games books.

Has been to another country.

Knows how to play chess.

Has a bday this month.

Has a parent who is on Twitter.

Has farted in public and lied about it.

Is a YL leader.

Can name the last 2 Superbowl Champions. Has bad breath right now.

Has been roller blading in the past year.

Has more than 2 siblings

Has been a lifeguard.

Has been to a concert in the last month.

Graduated from High School.

Has a TV in their Plays a musical minivan instrument.

You were made for this.

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