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Musicas Em Ingles - Your Love Never Fails

Musicas Em Ingles - Your Love Never Fails

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Published by David A. Bailey, Jr
Exercício de inglês para aprender e praticar a língua. Veja as aulas no XOKenglish.com
Exercício de inglês para aprender e praticar a língua. Veja as aulas no XOKenglish.com

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Published by: David A. Bailey, Jr on May 26, 2012
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Used For ESL Educational Purposes Only
Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture
Instructions: Listen to the song and fill in the blanks
with the correct word from the box on the left

1.___________ can 2.___________
Even if I 3.______________________
Your love never 4.___________

I know I still 5.______________________,
But You have new 6.___________for me 7.___________
Your love never fails

You stay the 8.___________through the 9.___________
Your love 10. ______________________
There may be 11.___________in the night
But 12.___________comes in the morning

And when the oceans 13.___________
I don't have 14._________________________________
Because I know that you love me
And your love never fails

The 15.___________is strong and the water's 16.___________,
But I'm not 17.___________here in these open 18.___________
Cause your love never fails

The 19.___________was far too 20.___________
I never thought I'd reach the other 21.___________
But your love never fails

You make 22.___________ 23.___________,
24.______________________ for my good

a. Side
b. Everyday
c. Make Mistakes
d. Nothing
e. Never Changes
f. Pain
g. Joy
h. Deep
i. Run Away
j. Fails
k. Seas
l. Ages
m. Separate
n. Rage
o. To Be Afraid
p. Wind
q. Work Together
r. Things
s. Same
t. Alone
u. Chasm
v. Wide
w. All
x. Mercy

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