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Notes Duas Etc

Notes Duas Etc

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Published by Adam Noor

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Published by: Adam Noor on May 27, 2012
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One who speaks against oppression and violence is better than a person who stays silent out of fear

of harm that person could cause him for speaking the truth, one who plans for hereafter is better than that of a person who compromise on hereafter to plan his duniya right, To become a flower and leave a fragrance in someone's hand whether that person keeps it or crush is better than being a thorn that hurt a person and leaves a mark behind, To keep yourself busy in doing something good is better than doing nothing, To reply to a fool in form of silence is better than being a fool yourself, Best tongue is that which is kept in your control not of that which when speaks gets you under it's control, The patience at the time of anger is better than sorrow at the end of anger, It's better to find fault in yourself to rectify it than finding faults in others as a person reflects from his/her heart and soul and see things the way through his/her own impression of thoughts, best amongst you is a person who helps other without expecting any return and worst amongst you is a person who gives openly to earn some respect in people's eye than to please Allah Almighty and to give in secret but less is much better than to give openly to show off, You are not here to judge anyone but you are here to be judged according to your actions and intentions by only one and He is Allah Almighty The king of the kings, All the might belongs to Him.! Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a med forståelse som Salaf us-Saalih
Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min ‘adhabi jahannam, wa min ‘adhabil-qabr, wa min fitnatil-mahya wal-mamat, wa min fitnatil-masihid-Dajjal. Allahumma ‘inni ‘a’udhu bika minal ma’thami wal maghrami.O Allah! I seek Your protection from the torture of hell, and I seek Your protection from the torture of the grave, and I seek refuge with You from the mischief of life and death, and I seek Your protection from the mischief of Dajjal pretending as Messiah. O Allah! I seek refuge in You from sin and from debt.[Sahih al-Bukhari 2:102, Muslim 1:412, 588]Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to read in every salah before ending the salah

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