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Naväàça Chart: 8 types of marriage
SJC America Conference, 2006 Friday, August 4: PM (1:30 to 4) Sanjay Rath

Marriage definition
• Freedom of women and guardianship, which automatically implies lack of freedom, is an important consideration in the type/nature of the marriage and its definition in any society. For example, Anthropology defines marriage as a socially approved sexual and economic union between a man and a woman. This is a very dull witted definition. A spousal relationship has been defined by Çré Kåñëa for Kali Yuga as a commitment between two souls for a period of one year. [Marriage of Draupadi with the Pandava]. If the marriage breaks before this period and the partners do not seek other spousal relationship then this can be considered as a marriage else, it shall be yet another manifestation of sexual ties for gratification and should be examined from malefic influences on the däräpada A7 and the seventh house. Widow remarriage has also been approved by Çré Kåñëa. [He married 1600 widows who He freed to save them from social ostracism]

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SJC America Conference 2006

Mahäåñi Jaimini Upadeça
• The third and ninth houses become crucial in marriage as these houses show the dharma of the marriage and that of the native respectively. • Seventh house is the house of marriage and the ninth (dharma) from this is the third house. There can be four levels of dharma definition based on the nature of the sign in the third house as fire, water, air and earth (agni, jala, väyu and påthvi tatva) or from its lord and planets therein. • These houses of engagement viz. the 3rd and 9th, from the lagna and Sun, and the äruòha emanating from these houses forms the engagement plank and determines the marriage process and fruits of marriage are accordingly ascertained.

Eight types of marriage
• There are eight kinds of marriage as defined in Manu Småti applicable to the four varëa. These are Brähma, Daiva, Ärña, Präjäpatya, Äsura, Gändharva, Räkçaça, and Paiçäca. These eight forms of marriage are also explained by Yäjïavalkya (i.i, 58-61) • Manu has stated that he will explain the ‘dharma of each varëa’ implying that these are the nature of the all beings of a particular varëa and not governmental or social laws in any way. • It is in the nature of someone belonging to a varëa (profession or career) to imbibe the guëa of that profession and very few saintly people like Saint Ramdas, the guru of Chatrapati Shivaji are not affected by profession and continue in their work like karma Yogi – beyond the guëa as they have no attachment to the fruits of their karma or professions.

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Äsura. money rules 6. Räkçaça Viväha : Saturn – kidnapped or forced/coerced into marriage. Gändharva Viväha: Venus – physical or sexual gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Acceptability based on varëa Varëa Brähmaëa (Intellectuals) Manu’s advise Rishi advise Comments Brähma. Ärña. Gändharva Präjäpatya . mentally unstable bride. Äsura . Daiva Viväha: Mars – unable to find suitable groom. Gändharva Äsura & Paiçäca Brähma. & Gändharva Paiçäca Most translators have missed this point that the Paiçäca marriage is prohibited although listed among the 8 forms explicitly as añöamoadhamaù Gandharva and Asura Planets governing the eight types 1. Ärña. Paiçäca Viväha : Rähu (or Ketu) – intoxicate. Gändharva . Daiva. Äsura . Ärña. political marriage. Daiva. Räkçaça Präjäpatya . Brähma. Daiva. Äsura Viväha: Mercury – bride price paid. Ärña. Präjäpatya for Brähmaëa by the Gändharva Rishi’s but Manu has diluted this condition Kñatriya (Warriors or Security related people) Vaiçya (Businessmen. rape. sudra for perhaps ‘political’ reasons. Ärña. Manu has disallowed the spiritually higher Präjäpatya forms of marriage for Räkçaça Brähma. Daiva. prohibited Copyright Sanjay Rath 3 . Ärña Viväha: Moon – marriage to a seer. Äsura . she weds a priest or seeks groom at a function. Brähma Viväha: Jupiter – groom seeks bride due to her skills and abilities 2. forms which are prohibited for Kñatriya Präjäpatya Äsura by the Rishis. vaiçya and Brähma. 4. Fear and insecurity in bride 8. professor etc. traders) Sudra (Physical Labor) Prohibited form Präjäpatya . love marriage 7. kumbha viväha remedy 3. progeny 5. Asura and Gandharva marriage is prohibited Präjäpatya. stealthy seduction. Präjäpatya Viväha: Sun – bride seeks groom. Daiva. He Präjäpatya Äsura has also added & Gändharva kñatriya.

• Ketu and Mars in 2nd or 6th house indicates that the native is murdered by spouse. 2. 5. Agni tatva – Sun. 8 are many legged showing insect type 10. 7. 12 are birds signs showing very active 3. Mars and Ketu can show protection as well as normal drive based on health and age factors 4. The planets in the 7th house also show the nature of sexuality based on their tatva 1. • Saturn & Rähu together can be deadly • Jupiter & Rähu – murder in the sign • Saturn & Jupiter – native and assailant shall both die. • Venus strong in navämça lagna is the blessing of måtyunjaya Çiva and the native can live through the most dangerous situations. 11 are human signs (Note that 3. The nature of the sign in the seventh house of the navämça or that of its lord will determine the nature of sexuality – signs are numbered for convenience of memorizing Aries 1. Väyu tatva – Saturn and Rähu shows unnatural and wastage 3. planets and sexuality 1. Signs. 6 & 11 are trika houses) showing human type 2. Äkäça tatva – Jupiter shows moderate and pure relationships Copyright Sanjay Rath 4 . • Saturn is dangerous but tends to cause separation instead. Jala tatva – Moon and Venus shows highest sexuality 2. Taurus 2 etc) – – – – 1. 6. • Ketu (Piçaca marriage) and Mars in the 8th or 12th house show that the spouse shall be murdered by the native. • Sun strong in navämça lagna [Çiva blessing] or Moon strong in 3rd house from navämça lagna [Pärvaté blessing] shows that the native lives longer than gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Navämça: Dangerous relationships etc. 9 are quadruped signs showing animal type 4.

If Venus is afflicted the nature shall suffer in relationships as the native’s partner suffers setbacks. Sun: Spouse reads or loves music or plays musical instrument. logical and argumentative Mercury: Jovial and friendly. always thinking and confused. egoistical or self-centered. loss of limb. Copyright Sanjay Rath 5 . 6. large head Moon: Beautiful. short height like a bird. the native has liaisons with married women Mars: Cruel and having hatred. 4. abstract thinking. 2. Mercury although a benefic indicates ‘Asura’ viväha and brings in financial issues related to marriage that can cause severely dented relationships or simply relationships of convenience. inward teeth or pectoral wisdom teeth 2. a curse sets in and marriage can be denied and delayed considerably. spiritual Saturn: Old and behave like a hag. native is very sexual and if associated with AK. 7. small head. writing and friends Jupiter: gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Planets in 7th house in D9: About spouse 1. computers. suicides and very shocking experiences. lives longer than native. spiritual. always working. 3. cold and disinterested Rähu: Widow. sports. outward teeth Ketu: Very good in mathematics and numbers. If two or more malefic planets afflict Venus and if the ätmakäraka and 8th lord are involved. Factors: significator Venus. straight hair. astrology and not normal birth. small machines. 8. Mars causes death and physical injury resulting in loss of limbs or body parts while 5. 5. fortunate and very good natured. mathematics. Rähu afflicting shows experiences related to cheating in marriage or spousal relationships 3. literature. Saturn brings in untold misery and unending suffering 4. beautiful. anger. Ketu can bring forth fatal accidents. 1. 6.

The Moon conjoining Venus is blessing bringing good fortune. its conjunction with Venus is actually beneficial for marriage. Saptäàça and Ñañöiäàça charts. 9. Although the Sun is considered a malefic (krura) planet. circumstances etc. on the spouse and the couple prospers after marriage. • These very factors (of planets afflicting Venus) when associated with the 8th house in navämça show the *real cause* of breakage of the relationship Copyright Sanjay Rath 6 . Affliction of Venus should be examined in the Räç gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Factors: significator Venus 7. A majority of stable marriages have the SunVenus conjunction resulting in Prajäpatya viväha which is the religious marriage Venus is placed far away from the sun. the same should be examined from the 7th lord and 7th house to determine the status and nature of spouse in the Navämça chart. and gets in spouse while the same in the navämça shows and the ‘inside story’ of the marriage. that the native seeks. The Seventh house • Just as we examined the affliction to Venus. • Thus the seventh house factor show the external manifestation. • The 7th lord and seventh house in the Räçi chart show the details of the kind of spouse one is looking for and gets. Jupiter conjoining Venus is the blessing of Shiva for excellent progeny as the marriage is blessed being a ‘Prajapati Brahma’ viväha. 8. in separate signs tends to cause cold relationships and either excessive sexuality or complete abstinence. 10. Navamsa.

Marriage was decided by the parents of the bride and groom. The Sun in 7th house in räçi and in däräpada A7 in naväàça indicate Präjäpatya viväha. 2. Copyright Sanjay Rath 7 . The lords of these houses from Venus show how the spousal contact happens. The latter flew down just a day before marriage and had never met the spouse before the marriage date. Marriage 1st Spouse 2nd Spouse 3rd Spouse 4th Spouse 5th Spouse 6th Spouse House 7th 2nd 9th 4th 11th 6th Marriage 7th Spouse 8th Spouse 9th Spouse 10th Spouse 11th Spouse 12th Spouse House 1st 8th 3rd 10th 5th 12th Chart 1: Brahma Marriage 1. Ideally this should be called a Präjäpatya viväha as the marriage is not decided on the basis of qualifications of the couple and instead for the sake of progeny and lineage gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Reckoning each spouse Subsequent spouses are seen from every eight houses reckoned from the 7th house in navämça.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Chart 1: Naväàça 1. Ketu can indicate some mistakes but the marriage is clearly confirmed by the Jupiter . Marriage occurred in Aug 1993 in Saturn daçä Jupiter antardaçä Ketu pratyantara. 2. Hereafter the naväàça chart will be our focus. Copyright Sanjay Rath 8 . Tithi Añöottari daçä: Sun daçä Venus antardaçä Chart 2: Brahma Marriage • • Marriage was decided by the parents of the bride and groom after the brides father happened to meet the groom during a public talk and then the grooms father approached the brides father with the marriage proposal. 3. Reckoned from däräpada A7 in Cp. The 7th lord Mars conjoins Jupiter to confirm Brahma marriage while the co-lord of 7th house Ketu is in Gemini and is weaker than Mars. these planets are placed in the sukha trikoëa (trines to 4th house) and 5th/9th.Mars conjunction.

Moon has the graha dåñöi of Rähu and Räçi dåñöi of Saturn (Retrograde) and Venus+ Mars + Jupiter. Sanjay Gandhi 7th Lord Moon is in Cancer (Lagna vargottama in Cp). How did he marry (29 Sep 1974)? Define marriage type. Ketu & Mars in 6th house are brought in check by vargottama lagna with Venus + Sun in it. Tithi añöottari daçä: Mars daçä Mercury antardaçä 5. Timing of the marriage is done from däräpada A7 which is in Virgo. Copyright Sanjay Rath 9 . Planets in dharma trikoëa from A7 are Saturn and Mercury and there is an exchange between the two in addition to Sun and Venus in 9th house. How did marriage end? Look at 8th house and aspects. the Jupiter & Moon are in quadrants proving to be stronger than others and confirming the Brahma marriage. 3. The native married in Rähu-Sat-Rähu Vimçottari daçä.Rähu. 2. The native had three very close death encounters after marriage. Among the planets. Planets in trines to the 4th house from A7 . but Jupiter is stronger as it has the conjunction of the gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Chart 2: Analysis 1. The 7th lords Mars and Ketu are aspected by both Rähu and Jupiter. 4.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Maneka Gandhi Räçi Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon) Merc: 1956-02-26 .1973-02-25 Ket: 1973-02-25 . When did marriage end and how? Copyright Sanjay Rath 10 .2000-02-26 Sun: 2000-02-26 .2006-02-26 Maneka Gandhi navämça How did she marry (29 Sep 1974)? Define marriage type.1980-02-26 Ven: 1980-02-26 .

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 ‘Mail Order Bride’ Murder Identify the crime indicators. This was the second marriage for him. Copyright Sanjay Rath 11 . What is the meaning of ätmakäraka Sun in 8th house in navämça? Eclipse by Rähu?? Comment on däräpada A7 with exalted Venus in Pisces. What is the meaning of ätmakäraka in Pisces navämça? In 8th house? What is the meaning of iñöa devatä Moon in 7th house in navämça? The ‘Mail Order Bride’ Identify the crime indicators.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Woody Allen & Mia Farrow case Woody Allen Navämça Copyright Sanjay Rath 12 .

Allen continued his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn. Allen began a 12-year relationship with actress Mia Farrow. Seamus. They never gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Woody Allen – Relationships Page 1 UL1 Harlene Rosen: In 1956. and had one biological child. Bechet and Manzie. UL5: Soon-Yi Previn: After separating from Farrow. The two acrimoniously divorced in 1962. Continued till 1977. Allen cast Diane Keaton in his Broadway play Play It Again. the newspapers reported that she "had been violated. The relationship drew much scrutiny for its perceived impropriety. Woody Allen – Relationships …Page 2 UL4: Mia Farrow: Starting around 1980. Allen married Harlene Rosen. They married in 1997 and adopted two daughters. They never married. but adopted two children together: Dylan and Moses. at age 20. Allen and Lasser were divorced in 1969 and Allen would not marry again until 1997. Farrow's adopted daughter. Allen and Farrow separated in 1992 after Farrow discovered nude photographs Allen had taken of Previn. and according to Allen. and Allen admitted to a relationship. a philosophy student. Sam. Copyright Sanjay Rath 13 . which had a successful run. UL3 Diane Keaton: In 1970." UL2 Louise Lasser: Allen later married Bananas costar Louise Lasser in 1966. Rosen had been sexually assaulted outside her apartment. his lead actress.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Mia Farrow Räçi Mia Farrow Navämça Copyright Sanjay Rath 14 .

but they remained on good terms. UL3 Woody Allen: • In the 1980s and early 1990s. and Fletcher.Soon-Yi. born in 1974) and adopted three children from Korea . songwriter Dory Previn. The split was finalized two years gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Mia Farrow – Relationships P1 UL1: Frank Sinatra: Farrow married singer Frank Sinatra on July 19. While she was filming Rosemary's Baby with director Roman Polanski. Dylan. UL2 André Previn: Farrow married German-American Jewish pianist André Previn in 1970. who was born in 1987 and who now uses the name Seamus Farrow. • The two had a son. 1966. Satchel. Lark Song. Farrow and Previn had three biological children (twins Matthew and Sascha. Farrow spent many years with director Woody Allen. Those charges were dropped. André and Mia divorced in 1979. blamed Farrow for his leaving her and wrote a scathing attack in a song entitled "Beware of Young Girls". involving her other daughter. • They also adopted a son and daughter together. whom he later married. when she was 21 and he was 50. but did not marry or live with him. which reportedly left Farrow devastated. and Daisy. • During the custody battle. born in 1970. Farrow filed child abuse charges against Allen. Sinatra served her divorce papers in front of the cast and crew. Chart 3: Politician Son Marriage Copyright Sanjay Rath 15 . • They separated after Allen began a sexual relationship with Farrow's adopted daughter SoonYi. His former wife.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Politician son – slide 2 • The native was estranged from his wife for a few years and had custody of children. • Study the navämça chart carefully and comment. • Next Morning Sunday 17 Mar 2002 her body was found on the balcony of Hyatt Hotel in Delhi • The post-mortem report showed that no bullet wounds or stab injuries have been found on her body and reveals that several of her ribs and other bones were broken. Adolf Hitler Examine the two loves in his life…what was his attitude to love and marriage? Did he commit suicide? Copyright Sanjay Rath 16 . The matter was under dispute in court. • Spouse had a love affair few years after separation but boyfriend had broken bones in a series of ‘mishaps’ and attacks – he broke the relationship. apparently due to the fall.

they bit into thin glass vials of cyanide. Adolf Hitler . Copyright Sanjay Rath 17 . He claimed that meat now reminded him of Geli's corpse! Eva Braun. The next day at a little after 3:30 p. Hitler also shot himself in the head with a 7. but she had made no use of the revolver at her side. along with Eva Braun's. 23 years younger than gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Adolf Hitler Navämça Geli Raubel his niece and first love was shot on September 8. Hitler's body was wrapped in a blanket and carried. When he heard the news Hitler threatened to take his own life but was talked out of it by senior members of the Nazi Party. On September 8.65 mm Walther pistol. A local magistrate married them early on the morning of April 29. up four flights of steps and into the garden of the chancellery. Both bodies were doused with gasoline and burned. One consequence of Geli's suicide was that Hitler became a vegetarian. Hitler was heard to shout at Geli as he was about to get into his car: "For the last time. preferring to take the poison instead. Those who entered Hitler's suite saw him lying on a blood-soaked sofa. had agreed to share his fate. Eva Braun lay on the sofa beside him. no!" After he left Geli died due to a bullet that was shot through her heart..notes Geli Raubel also complained about the way Hitler controlled her life. Hitler left for Hamburg after having a blazing row with Geli over her desire to spend some time in Vienna.m. As he did so. 1945. 1931…Eva Braun his second love and wife died one day after their marriage. 1931.

40 am? others) Place: 0 W 00' 51 N 29’ Tithi: Krishna Ashtami (Ra) Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju) Nakñatra: Revaté (Me) Yoga: Sukarman (Ma) Karaëa: Balava (Mo) To 1.died Anne of Cleaves . Ketu in 8th house The wives of King Henry VIII 1. Understand Mars in 7th house 3. 1491 Julian July 7. What does this mean? Copyright Sanjay Rath 18 . Examine each of his six marriages. The psychology of this king and what caused him to kill some of them. 1491 (Gregorian) Time: 8:30 am (10. 4. 6. King Date: June 28.beheaded Catherine Parr .om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 King Henry VIII Henry VIII.divorced Anne Boleyn . 5. Catherine of Aragon .divorced Catherine Howard .survived Räçi chart: King Henry VIII What is the meaning of 7th lord in 6th house in own sign? And retrograde? King Henry VIII had ‘SIX MARRIAGES’ and ‘SIX ASSOCIATIONS’ all of which were official and ‘right’ as per law in those days.beheaded Jane Seymour . 2. 2. 3.

King Henry VIII met Anne of Cleaves at a Blackheath pageant.Queen Mary I "Bloody Mary" (1516 .Act of Supremacy .7 September Queen Elizabeth I (1533 -1603) born in Greenwich.Death of Henry VII .1558) born in Greenwich. September 20.Henry becomes head of the Church of England 1536 . Elder brother Arthur died at age 16 (b.Henry marries Anne of Cleves .7 June married Katherine of Aragon in Greenwich 1516 . 1486) 1501 November 14.Anne Boleyn executed after dropping her handkerchief in Greenwich (a sign of infidelity!) The Children of Henry VIII 1536 Henry marries Jane Seymour 1536 .Henry marries Catherine Parr 1547 . 1540 .Death of Jane Seymour c1539 .Henry VIII becomes King aged 17 1509 . 1533 .Catherine Howard put to death for treason 1543 . 1534 .Henry marries Catherine Howard 1542 .Edward VI became King of England on death of Henry VIII Navämça: King Henry VIII King Henry VIII had ‘SIX marriages’ and ‘SIX associations’ – • Mark the Marriages as W1 to W6 and • Mark the Associations as A1 to A6 Copyright Sanjay Rath 19 . 1518 .Birth of Henry's only son Edward VI 1537 . 1540 .Act of Union between England & Wales 1537 . Arthur and Catherine were married (betrothed after negotiations began in 1488.Henry marries Anne Boleyn in secret (25 January) 1533 . when Arthur was only two years of age) 1509 .om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 Time Line 1502 April 2.Ordinance depot (later Royal Arsenal) established at Woolwich.divorced 6 months later.

Sir Knight) Copyright Sanjay Rath 20 . Thomas STUKELY 10.Mer Annulment: Moon – Moon .1532-05-13 Moon: 1532-05-13 . Dau. Henry TUDOR (D. 1536.Ven King Henry VIII: Spousal Type Associations Associated 1 with: Elizabeth STAFFORD (C. Richmond) Associated 4 with: Mary BOLEYN Associated 5 with: Joan (DINGLEY) DOBSON Children: 8. TUDOR (b. Clinton of Marstoke) Children: 7. MARY I TUDOR (Queen of England) 6. 1485–January 7. 31 Jan 1510) 2. gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 King Henry VIII: First Marriage UL1:Married 1: Catalina De ARAGON 11 Jun 1509.1549-05-13 Rah: 1549-05-13 .1542-05-14 Mars: 1542-05-14 . Spanish: After the death of Arthur. Vimçottari Däsa (started from Moon): Maha Dasas: Merc: 1482-05-13 . Henry took her as his wife. 10 Nov 1518) Catherine of Aragon (December 16.1506-05-13 Ven: 1506-05-13 . Son TUDOR (b. Greenwich. Talboys of Kyme/B.1567-05-14 Jup: 1567-05-14 . England ANNULMENT 1533 Children: 1.Ketu She died: Moon – Jup . Henry TUDOR (D. Cornwall) 3. Ethelreda (Audrey) TUDOR Associated 6 with: Mary BERKELEY Children: 9.1499-05-14 Ket: 1499-05-14 .1583-05-14 Sat: 1583-05-14 . TUDOR (b. her first husband and Henry's brother. Huntingdon) Associated 2 with: Elizabeth BRYAN Associated 3 with: Elizabeth BLOUNT (B. Cornwall) (b. Sussex) / Catherine STAFFORD (C.1526-05-14 Sun: 1526-05-14 . Grey Friars Church. Henry FITZROY (D. Dec 1514) 5. John PERROT (Capt. Nov 1513) 4.1602-05-14 Marriage: Ven – Ven .

England ANNULMENT 1536 Anne's sister. though they were born after the affair had officially ended. he was buried beside her.Ven Beheaded: Moon – Jup . 1536 — the day Boleyn's alleged "four lovers" were publicly beheaded — she was stripped of her title as queen and her daughter Elizabeth was declared illegitimate. EDWARD VI TUDOR (King of England) • After serving as a lady-inwaiting to both Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn.Mars King Henry VIII: Third Marriage UL3 Married 3: Jane SEYMOUR (Queen of England) 20 May 1536. York Place. 29 Jan 1536) Boleyn started as the lady-inwaiting on to Queen Catherine of Aragon and finally by 1528 had usurped the bed. Henry TUDOR (D. Boleyn was arrested at luncheon and taken to the Tower of London. Cornwall) (b.Mars Died: Moon – Sat – Rähu Copyright Sanjay Rath 21 . Marriage: Moon – Moon . There is rumor that Boleyn's mother had been Henry's mistress as well! On 2 May 1536. Children: 11. King Henry wore black and did not remarry for two years. Son TUDOR (b. had previously been King Henry's mistress (see Associated 4). the future King Edward VI of England on 12 October at Hampton Court Palace. ELIZABETH I TUDOR (Queen of England) 12. There is a rumour that Mary's two children were Henry’s. On the morning of May 19. 1536 she was beheaded. beginning in 1519 and 'officially' ending in 1521 when she was 'conveniently' married to William Carey. Jane caught the king's eye. Marriage: Moon – Jup . Pembroke/Queen of England) 25 Jan 1533. England Children: 14. Henry's first two queens. • In 1537 Queen Jane gave birth to a male gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 King Henry VIII: Second Marriage UL2 Married 2: Anne BOLEYN (M. Mary Boleyn. When he died in 1547. Jul 1534) 13. She died of puerperal fever on 24 October. London. On May 17.

om gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 King Henry VIII: Second Marriage UL4 Married 4: Anne of CLEVES (Queen of England) 6 Jan 1540. • And Moon daçä with Moon in 6th house in D9 was continuing The marriage was annulled on the grounds that it had never been consummated! and she was given a generous settlement. Catherine quickly caught the attention of the King. Henry Manox around 1536. Queen Anne of Cleves. 1542 she was beheaded.Sun King Henry VIII: Fifth Marriage UL5 Married 5: Catherine HOWARD (Queen of England) 28 Jul 1540. Francis Dereham. 1541 stripped of her title as queen on November 22. Despite her wealth and power. A casual upbringing in the licentious atmosphere of the Duchess's household led Catherine to a romance with her music teacher.Jup Divorced: Moon – Ven . she started a relationship with Thomas Culpepper and later also appointed previous lovers Henry Mannox as one of her musicians and Francis Dereham as her private secretary! Catherine was arrested on November 12. England ANNULMENT July 9. Marriage: Moon – Ven . Later she had a 'pre [nuptial] contract' with a young secretary.Moon Beheaded: Moon – Sun . Marriage: Moon – Ketu . including Hever Castle showing that they agreed that they just did not get along well with each other — Anne had been raised in the small provincial court at Düsseldorf and shared none of the musical and humanistic literary tastes of Henry's court — and they split on amicable terms. England • As a young and very attractive lady-in-waiting (again!) to Henry's fourth German wife. • Their quick marriage a month after the divorce reflected Henry's lifelong urgency to secure the Tudor succession by bearing healthy sons. It was all one big mistake as is indicated by Ketu. Richmond. Greenwich. Oatlands Palace/ Hampton Court Palace.Sat Copyright Sanjay Rath 22 . At 7 am of February 13. In 1541. Catherine found her marital relations with a graying Henry unappealing. 1540 • Observe that Anne was the first normal marriage after King Henry married two ladies in waiting to the first queen • And he has Saturn (servant) as the 7th lord in the 6th house – native is attracted to one who is a servant or serves him.

she married John Neville. 2. 3. She was again widowed at the death of King Henry on 28 January 1547. At the age of about 15. the drama about relationships and extra-marital affairs that plagued the life of Henry. ended. Died from complications of childbirth on 7 September 1548 Copyright Sanjay Rath 23 . having had four husbands in all. England • she has a special place in history as the most married queen of England. Richmond. and she was obliged to accept his proposal instead. but the king took a liking to her. 4. 1. Lord gurave namah SJC America Conference 2006 King Henry VIII: Sixth Marriage UL6 Married 6: Catherine PARR (Queen of England) 12 Jul 1543. Lord Latimer. She started a relationship with Thomas Seymour. who died in 1542. Some time between 1530 and 1533. who died in 1529. and then married Thomas Seymour. Hampton Court Palace. 5. • With the end of the Moon daçä. she married Edward.

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