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Foresight of Possibilities.

Foresight of Possibilities.

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Luke XV. 20
" When he was yet a great way off his father saw him."
Luke XV. 20
" When he was yet a great way off his father saw him."

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 27, 2012
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Foresight of Possibilities.

By George Matheson

Luke XV. 20 " When he was yet a great way off his father saw him." It is a divine thing to see merit in advance ; only love can do it. It is easy to recognise Moses when he comes down from the splendours of the mount ; but to detect him in the ark of bulrushes — that is the hard thing. And every Moses was once in the ark of bulrushes. The mightiest soul that breathes began as a waif on the banks of life's river — a poor, puny, helpless babe. It is only by the faith of others that any of us is hid from the storm — the faith that worketh by love ; what eye but this can see the treasures of Egypt through the squalor of the ile ? Therefore it is, that I seek the judgment rather of God than of man. I want to be read by one who can see beneath the facts — who can discern the meridian in the dawn, and the land of promise in the desert sand. I want to be photographed, not as I am, but as I shall be. I want to be taken in the light of fo-morrow — in the light of my coming possibilities. I want to have imputed to me the beauty which shall be mine when the day-star shall rise in my heart. Who shall see the rose in the bud ? Who shall hear the bells across the snow ? Who shall detect the music and dancing in the place where men feed the swine ? My brother is too shortsighted for that ; I must arise and go to my Father.

Oh, Thou whose infinite love has made Thee infinitely far-seeing, I come to Thee. They tell me that I am saved by my faith ; rather it seems to me that I am saved by Thine. It is Thy faith in me, not mine in Thee, that has made me great. I am justified by Thy faith, oh ! my Father. Behold me in. Christ — in the light of the coming day. Look upon me, not as I am^ but as I shall be in the new environment. Listen to the music of my Hfe, not as it sounds in the poor, cracked instrument, but as it shall sound when, with rich stops and intervals, the new organ comes. Accept the deeds of my body as they would shine in the resurrection body — with the taint of corruption expunged, and a stream of heredity from Thee. View me through the telescope of love — not as I appear in the distance, but as I would be when at Thy side. I could wish no brighter epitaph on my tomb than this : *^ When he was yet a great way off, his Father saw him."

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