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to training and development. Comparison between training and development. Different methods of training and development. Training process. Introduction to Hotel Taj. Methods of training at Hotel Taj. Introduction to Hotel Hilton tower. Methods of training at Hotel Hilton tower. Conclusion of study.


means Seeking and bringing change in a person(s) ability so that they can perform there job in a better way. Training is a environment where employee acquires specific job related knowledge, skill, behavior and attitude. Developing is a future oriented process which focuses on interpersonal and decision making skills of a individual. Development is an activity which improves the performance of existing employee and provide then future planned growth.





Operative function.

Executive function.


To develop specific skills. Short term affair.

To develop total personality. Continuous affair.



Technical and hand on skills. Operational level.

Interpersonal and decision making skills. Middle level.



Lectures And Audio visual Programmed Instruction and simulation Management games and Role plays Case studies and In basket technique



The company was incorporated in year 1902 and opened its first hotel THE TAJ MAHAL PALACE AND TOWER, Mumbai, in 1903. Taj has launched there hotel chain in Indias key tourist designation and there working is closely associated with Indian government. Taj group of hotels are internationally located at United States, Australia, Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Yemen and Zambia.


employee walking with the appointment letter is first a trainee for the time period the bond is signed, later they get permanently placed in the organization. The employees other then management heads mostly get selected from TAJ HOTEL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE in Aurangabad. The president of hotel Taj himself trains most of the employees, the introduction to the work is explained by the training department of the HRM. The kitchen employees and chefs are personally trained by the chief chef Mr. AANAND SOLEMAN.

The hotel Hilton tower is unmatched by any other hotel in Mumbai because of prime location and prime services. The hotel is one of the most reputed 5-STAR hotel in Mumbai under OBEROI hotel chain in Mumbai. The hotel lies in the commercial hub of Mumbai at MARINE DRIVE and with mere 17 miles of distance from the airport. The hotel Hilton tower is one of the biggest hotel in Mumbai which comprises of 575 luxurious rooms and suits.


Hilton works in totally different manner from hotel Taj, they select students from different hotel management institutes and mould them in there graduation time itself. The new fresher are only employed in departments other then management, the training department under HR take care of trainees and conduct training program for them. Introduction and orientation programme introduces the students to the hotel and there work process.


sessions are conducted to educate the trainees, how to behave and dress to match the standard which Hilton maintains. are taught of hotel policies like keeping customers always satisfied and the principle which they believe is to retain old customers and get new customers.


Training and development has transferred from an ADD-ON course to CORE function of companies. The training and development is necessary for both trainee and trainer. The trainer (company) wants to make its staff more efficient where as, the trainee (staff) views the training and development as there stepping stone for enriching their career and fulfilling there personal needs.