GD PI experience

of MBE and MFC of Delhi school of economics


Delhi School of Economics average.The

is one such college which boasts of the least amount of fees placement of 7.6 Ipa on an Besides Delhi University were verified is a brand in itself of which were combined.

which was nearly 24 k for entire 2 years and that provided ROI was really huge. people die for .The GD and PI of MBE and MFC programs were seated in a big room where documents in groups.My a long wait. Soon the group number 1 finished we were escorted to the GD room.

At first we
it was not

and then we were distributed

group number was 2 and i had to wait for my chance to come.But

their gd and came back to the room and

THe topic for the GD was "India needs more IITs than IIMs". There were about 12 members in the gd group. I introduced institutes the topic and spoke for about 70 seconds. the fundamentals science oriented subjects I said," IITs are the technical which provide of working,construction which are the science, form by computer

and design of mechanical,electrical,computer ones that are used today. through incase of MIS we have the data manipulated which the analyst draws conclusions. aspects,for experience after having worked degree known before the managerial prolonged without statistically a management

Even a Hr uses tools which are driven and provided THe technical

to us in a structured

aspect of life needs to be usually people even even


aspects can come to you by to manage a team .Besides

10 years in the industry

become potent enough

if we analyse the condition

of india we will find that the number of people rate.So both from the

who appear in class xii board exam is far far far more than the number of people who appear for graduation statistical and practical which is mainly due to the high dropout sense it makes perfect sense to have more IITs than IIMs. " in 11Ms are more than IITs so benefitted if they it.

The debate then continued

round and round. Many people came up with points like IIMs to IITs and the packages of resources Some came up with point that India is and would be immensely

have lesser seats as compared suffering from mismanagement

this proves that we need more managers. had more quality managers.l Even IITs provide percentile more managers. more technicians to conclude important of paramount

spoke once more towards the end, i said then that ," It is managers there are many other institutes lots of managers of iits they can also provide who provide and the cutoff too is as high as 99 the country with help the dual cause of creating the point and hence i was asked that IITs are more is the country with very where infra development

not that the iims alone produce

the countrywith So setting

and given the infrastructure and managers.". that"

up the IITs would definately The group accepted

too. I concluded importance.

majority of the group believes of growth of our country IITs themselves are providing

than IIMs at this juncture Besides

elite managers who too are doing equally well as the IIMs."

The interview


of MFC and MBE were different.

First came MFC.

MFC interview

questions there were 2 interviewers. is MFC?"

In the MFC interview interviewer1,"what

I said," it is managing of financing for businesses." Interviewer2," how does the stock market work?" on many

I said," i dont know in details But as far as i know. Stock prices are dependent parameters public sentiment

being one of them. If the public believes that the company

on a given day is doing well then its prices go higher and if it feels that the company is doomed as was the case with sat yam in the aftermath of the scam then the prices of shares crash .There are two stock exchanges NIFTY and BSE. These are just indicators of financial health of the country" Interviewer 1," NO but how does it work actually?" agent who fills the KYC and submits to the based are

I said," the buyer contacts the registered exchange. The registered on what time theywould

agent then guides the buyer to buy certain number of shares be withdrawn and their dependability safer.Everyday on the market.There

of any company. Which again can be of various types it can be futures,contracts bonds too which usually are considered

the buying and selling of shares

take place and based on these transactions

the market shows signs of growth or fall"


2," your idea of shares are not that deep. You need to understand

the entry

points and cash policies more. What u gave us is more of an overview." Interviewer 1," you have a cat score of 99.12. what other calls do you have ?"

I said," XLRI, 6 11M MDI,XIMB ,Scmhrd aIiIlTs ...." s, Interviewer 2,"why MFC?"

I said," it is an esteemed college and has a very high ROI and at this point i have only got calls it is not converts. So there is a gap between calls and converts."

Interviewer1," I said," ok sir"

ok fine you may go now. You have MBE interview

too? wait outside they

would call you soon."

MBE interview This interview had 3 interviewers all were woman of middle age.


1," you believe in astronomy?"

I said," why mam?" Interviewer 2,"no your name seems similar to astronomers" name and

I said," i would like to take it as a compliment but as such it is mythological deals with early part of mahabharata. " Interviewer 3," what are your hobbie?" "

I said," writing shortstories,poems Interviewer

2," Dont you think poets are bad managers?"

i said," No Mam i would beg to differ on that. On the contrary they are good managers. Because they play with words to create poems. So management of words is there as you have to search out the most apt word for the statements and also make it to rhyme.So management is there in every word and statement. Besides they provide satisfaction ,spikes interest and provides managers." relief. This again helps and acts as a addon for all

Interviewer i said," yes" Interviewer

3," you read news?"

1,"what was the euro crisis all about?" of national resources of greece at a time when due to large scale scams. The life

I said," it started from mis appropriation

the biggest economies of the world were shrinking

style of greece played its part and so did Germanys emergence

as the defacto player of as the lavish life

euro.THe trade imbalance that was created due to superior goods of Germany occupying the common market of Euro country greece was inevitable style of people of greece and their inclination to spend articles pushed them towards a point of trade imbalance triggering most of its leading banks." more and more and buy german the crisis. The

financial system of the country got broken after a series of scams and bankruptcy of


1," what is credit swap?"

I said," it is taking credit by giving mortgage of property. This is something that led to fall of lehman brothers and started the recession of 2008-09. As the property held in mortgage turned out as bad loan as the housing prices dipped leading to large scale apprehensions and mistrust which led to fall of the stock markets across Europe and

Interviewer 2," why was india not impacted?"

I said," because india had a rigid system of giving loans. IT is based on documentation and is thoroughly in circulation Interviewer regulated by RBI from time to time through various measures. Money is entirely regulated by the Central Bank." 2," how does rbi regulate the flow of money?" varying of interest rates of CRR, SLR,Bank Rate etc."

I said," thorough Interviewer

3," you are a computer science engineer from a National Institute of profile too is decent. Wont this be a separate field?" are there for MBE too. Nowadays everything is


I said," Computer science applications dependent on computers. in life one needs to be multidimensional requisit diversity" Interviewer2," your cat percentile

Besides during

my experience with Birlasoft i have learnt that

to grow. MBE would provide me with the

is 99.12. you have given any other exam?" gmat ."

I said,"yes Xat, snap,nmat,cmat, Interviewer

1," how did u do in them?"

I said," gmat i got 700 out of 800 which makes me qualified for seeking admission to all IIMs , in nmat it was 99.98 percentile which makes me eligible for nursee monjee , in snap i secured calls for schmrd,siib etc, in XAT i have calls for both programs of XLRI BM and HRM with near 99 percentile. Cmat results are not yet out. But for AlMat i have 99.56. "

Interviewer 1," thats impressive" I said,"thanks" Interviewer 2," so you have left out Gate?" I said," it doesnot suit my tastes. May be someday i would do it too (smile)" interviewer 3," ok that would be all. It was nice talking to you. I think u are through with MFC interview too.So i think it will be all for the day for you. I said," ok thanks mam"



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