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Published by: jimmyfung40 on May 27, 2012
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The successful space odyssey of the ‘private’ SpaceX orbiter is a sinister development for the future of the world

. This is because the US is now able to call on its internal space venturing private sector (which is actually supported in many ways by the military industrial establishment) to help advance and strengthen its control of space and also real control of all low earth orbits. With the US already in control of the world’s oceans and even over a huge proportion of its land mass the world cannot afford to have the US in control of space. Therefore other nations must accelerate their own space programs and prevent (indirectly) the US from seizing complete control of space especially the region encompassing lower earth orbit. The US military today employs a gigantic network of satellites to watch the entire expanse of ground or terra firma below space and the US is aided in this matter by other countries such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the western European nations to envelop the whole Earth in a vise-like but invisible grip. This is partly the reason why there have been some frequent and mysterious rocket failures happening in the lower Earth orbits. In light of the recent ‘private’ venture space success by the US, other spacefaring nations cannot continue doing things the same old way. They must build and use advanced spaceplanes similar to the very innovative X-37 that is still flying around Earth right now. These successes by the US point the way to control of space. Control of space permits the controller to strangle other nations.

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