Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers


Rev. 14-07-11

The Government of Bangladesh has announced the introduction of the mandatory pre shipment inspection programme effective 15th February 2000 for products being imported into Bangladesh. This means that in order to import all goods (there is no floor value for Bangladesh) except those identified as exempt, prohibited or restricted (please see below), Importers in Bangladesh will be required to complete an IOF (Inspection Order Form) or Inspection Information Form (IIF), prior to the goods being shipped from their overseas Exporter. The National Board of Revenue Government of Bangladesh to undertake a mandatory PSI programme to issue CRFs for the related Customs Authority from the countries of “Block E” have appointed Intertek (See Appendix C for the list of countries) The country from where the goods are being shipped determines allocation to the PSI companies. Importers will be able to obtain the blank Inspection Order Form or Inspection Information Form (IIF) from their nominated Bank. Importers should return their completed IOF or IIF to their nominated bank. The Intertek office in Dhaka will make the necessary arrangements with their overseas Intertek offices for inspection prior to export. Intertek is at the disposal of all Importers and other economic agents in order to provide whatever additional clarifications may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I start the process?
Blank copies of the Inspection Order Form (IOF) or Inspection Information Form (IIF) are available with this document in Appendix D or from the L/C Issuing Bank in Bangladesh. You should complete and return to the same bank with a copy of the proforma invoice, order, or the like and letter of credit (obligatory for each consignment), fully detailing the goods to be imported along with their individual unit prices (showing FOB & freight charges). The Importer must nominate Intertek when opening the Letter of Credit. The Letter of Credit shall contain a condition to the effect that Intertek endorse the invoice and packing list issued by the seller of the goods. A suggested L/C clause is given in Appendix E. A copy of the Letter of Credit, Inspection Order Form and other documents shall be sent by the concerned branch of the bank to the local office of Intertek. If the information contained in any of the three documents, (L/C, Proforma invoice, Inspection Order Form) is not correct, or is incomplete, it will be rejected and must be corrected. PLEASE NOTE: THE PROFORMA INVOICE MUST CONTAIN AN INVOICE NUMBER AND DATE OF ISSUANCE, NAMES OF THE IMPORTER AND EXPORTER, AND DETAILED QUANTITY AND DESCRIPTION OF GOODS INCLUDING BRAND NAMES. Contact with the Exporter will be made via our RFI (Request for Information) letter and must be responded to promptly. 3 working days advance notice are necessary to arrange the inspection. Simultaneous to the inspection being carried out, the Issuing Office will review pricing and coding information. We recommend that the Exporter’s final documents be sent to the Issuing Office as soon as they are available. Assuming that the results of PSI are satisfactory, we will certify and return the Exporter’s final invoice and packing list. The original and copies of the Clean Report of Findings will be sent to Bangladesh Customs via the Liaison Office in Dhaka.

How do I calculate my inspection fee?
The Government pays the Intertek inspection fee. However, the Government will apply a levy of 1% of the assessed CIF value to the Importer at the time of Customs clearance. If an inspection fails and a Non-Negotiable Report of Findings is not issued, the Exporter will be responsible for the cost of re-inspection.

What will happen if my goods arrive without having been inspected?
There is no provision for Destination Inspection in the new SRO 255Ain/2002/1973/Sulka, dated September 19th 2002, and its amended SRO: 138-Ain/2008/2188/Sulka, dated: June 5th 2008.

What happens if Intertek find an error in my documents?
Should Intertek find an error that prevents them from completing inspection services, they will return your documents to the L/C opening bank by 24 hours for correction.

What do I do after obtaining the clean report of findings?
The original Clean Report of Finding will be sent to the relevant Customs House and a copy Clean Report of Findings will be sent to your L/C issuing Bank from Intertek Bangladesh. This will enable you to clear your goods from Customs.

Are any goods exempt from PSI?
Yes. Please refer to the list shown in Appendix A and B.

Are any goods prohibited or restricted from PSI?
Yes, the full list of Controlled goods is published in the Bangladesh Import Policy Order. (See Appendix G)

What happens if problems are discovered with the consignment during the inspection process?
If discrepancies and other anomalies are detected, either during the physical inspection of the goods or during the documentary review, and these anomalies are not corrected, Intertek will issue a NonNegotiable Report of Findings. This will prevent the clearance of the goods in Bangladesh. If the anomaly is corrected, the Non-Negotiable Report of Findings can be cancelled and replaced with the Clean Report of Findings.

Are Partial Shipments allowed?
Partial Shipments are allowed only if clearly stated on the Letter of Credit.

How is pre-shipment inspection organised?
Upon receipt of the Inspection Order Form or Inspection Information Form (IIF) and supporting documents from the Importer via the bank, the Intertek office in Bangladesh will verify the documentation and organise the inspection in the country of supply. The Intertek office located nearest to the named Exporter, will contact them to arrange inspection. A compete list of our regional Intertek offices are provided in Appendix F.


Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers
Timescales for CRF Issuance
Delivery of the Inspection Order and Proforma from Liaison Office to Issuing Office For Issuing Offices to arrange a physical Inspection after notification from Exporter. Issuance of CRF Within 1 working day

Rev. 14-07-11

Within 3 working days

Within 5 working days after receiving of correct final documents from exporter Within 10 working days from the issue date and prior to submission of Bill of Entry

Re-issue of CRF

Final Notes for Importers
If the information in these Guidelines does not provide an answer to questions that arise in relation to a specific order, please contact your nearest Intertek Office, in Bangladesh where trained Intertek personnel will be happy to assist. Exporters/Importers wishing to communicate with Intertek by electronic mail should take note of the following important message: Email is subject to the possibility of delays and of transmission failure. Systems designed to inform senders of transmission failure are themselves subject to the possibility of delay and may fail altogether. It follows that you should not assume that email transmission have been received in good order unless you are advised by Intertek that this is the case. Intertek will systematically confirm receipt of email by email. The confirmation sent by Intertek is to confirm receipt only. It should not be taken as acceptance of the content of the document. It is recommended that you call where such confirmation is not received within 24 hours. All work is performed in accordance with Intertek’s Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available from your nearest office or at our website

Intertek Bangladesh Limited th Hasney Tower (7 Floor) 3/A Kawran Bazar Dhaka 1215 Bangladesh Tel: 880 2 9129439, 8126716 (8 lines) Fax: 880 2 912 8540, 9130060 Country Manager: Ronald Biswas


spare parts and other goods imported for Bangladesh Mineral Oil and Gas search. Equipment and Spare parts in Private sector for installation of Power Generation Station to generating power under SRO No. 16. spare parts and elements imported by Solar Panel Manufacturing Plant under HS Code of SRO No. This SRO cancels earlier SRO: 193-Ain/2010/2311/Shulka Dated June 10. 1969. Code for the Capital machinery and spare parts listed in SRO No. semi government. 11. 17. 15. De-inking Chemical imported by the Newsprint Industry under SRO No. 19. 158-Ain /2011 /2344/ Customs dated June 9th 2011under Customs Act. 21. exploration and production under SRO No. spare parts and other equipments exempted from Import Duty under SRO No.159-Ain/2011/2346/Customs dated 09/06/2011. Goods declared Zero (0%) customs duty against the respective H. dated 23/05/1999. exploration and production under SRO No. Machinery. 3. Goods imported for 100% export oriented industries under bonded warehouse facility. 160-Ain/2011/2247/Customs dated 09/06/2011.143-Ain/2009/2246/Shulka dated 11/06/2009. dated 19/03/1997. dated 18/04/2000. development. 7. 2.S. 8. 2010. Imported Hatching Eggs under SRO No. Imported Chemical Compound for the manufacture of Pharmaceutical raw materials under SRO No. Goods imported as relief materials under SRO No. 5.61-Ain/92/1444/Shulka dated 17/03/1992. Code in the 1st schedule under Customs Act. dated 28/11/1995. 154Ain/2011/2340/Customs. 10. Goods imported by Tariff value under SRO No. 9. Permanently imported plant and equipment for power generation by non-government sector for installation of Power Generation Station and Machinery and equipment and temporarily imported Erection Materials under SRO No. Imported Goods against H. Permanently imported Plant. 20. 100-Ain/2000/1832/Shulka. 4. 105-Ain/99/1784/Shulka.178-Ain/2010/2296/Shulka dated 10/06/2010. 23. 22. The listed perishable goods as determined by the National Board of revenue. 1969. 73-Ain/97/1700/Shulka.169-Ain/2005/2078/Shulka dated 09/06/2005. 13. Goods exempted from the revenue by the special consideration of the Government as per section 20 of the Customs Act. Goods imported by the Government. spare parts and other goods imported for Bangladesh Oil & Gas search.137-Ain/2009/2240/Shulka dated 11/06/2009. Machinery. Prescribed block listed goods imported within limited value and limited quantity by Drug Ministry under SRO No. Medical equipment and elements imported by Referral Hospital under SRO No. Goods imported for manufacture of insecticides under SRO No. 1969 (IV of 1969) section 25B. Goods exempted from Import Duty under SRO No. Sector Corporation or autonomous bodies. Newsprint Paper imported by Publishers of newspaper and journal under SRO No. 325-Ain/2000/1872/Shulka dated 26/10/2000.S. 261Ain/2009/Shulka dated 11/06/2009. 14.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix A Rev. Textile Machinery and spare parts under the H.124-Ain/96/1676/Shulka dated 28/07/96. Machinery.S Code of SRO No. 3 1. 14-07-11 Following goods are considered as exempted from mandatory PSI programme under SRO No. 202-Ain/95/1639/Shulka. dated 09/06/2011. 18.144Ain/2007/2143/Shulka dated 27/06/2007. 176Ain/2010/2294/Shulka dated 10/06/2010. Machinery. 24. 172-Ain/2008/2200/Shulka dated 26/06/2008. . Goods imported by the Leather and Leather goods manufacturers and Exporters under HS Code of SRO No. 6. 12.155-Ain/2004/2047/Shulka dated 10/06/2004.

30. dated 28/03/2005. Machinery and spare parts imported by the Industry of Generator Manufacturing and Generator Assembling under HS Code of SRO No. 33. spare parts and goods imported for the implementation of Dhaka Clean Fuel Project under HS Code of SRO No. 28. Pharmaceutical Raw materials Imported by the Order No-07/96/Cus dated 31/12/96 under National Board of Revenue. 27. spare parts and goods imported for the Implementation of Power Sector Development Project under HS Code of SRO No. Computer and its compound imported under SRO No.194-in/2010/2312/Shulka dated 10/06/2010. Imported goods as post parcels and commercial samples. Code in 1st schedule under Customs Act.212-Ain/2008/ Shulka dated 29/06/2008. 40. Advertising or gift items of value not exceeding USD 200 (C&F). Machinery and parts imported for installation and maintenance of CNG filling station and conversion workshop. Spare parts for the industries of value not exceeding USD 1000 (C&F). physically and mentally handicapped persons. Machinery and spare parts imported by Rental Power Company to generate power in private sector under SRO No. 146-Ain/2009/2249/Shulka. 9(41)NBR/Cus-IV/72/246.11-Ain/2005/2063/Shulka dated 16/01/2005. 49. 43.158-Ain/2008/2189/Shulka dated 19/06/2008. Goods (Sample. Goods imported under existing Baggage Rules. 14-07-11 Machinery. Defense equipments imported under National Board of Revenue Memo No. 45.74-Ain/2005/2067/Shulka. Goods imported by diplomats under the coverage of “Diplomat Facility” as per Vienna Convention 1961 duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 44. dated 10/04/1981. 42. Rev. 31. 1969 Section 21 (a)& 21(b). 37. Goods imported for the rehabilitations of dumb. exploration and production under SRO No. Goods imported for Internet Service under HS Code of SRO No. deaf. 47. Goods imported by the privileged persons or agency under the Customs procedures rules 2003 section 2(b). Imported goods to be used for repair of imported items or its warranty replacement. 51. spare parts and other goods imported by different Gas Field Company under Petrobangla for Mineral Oil and Gas search. 32. 39. . Goods imported for trade fair approved by the government. extreme urgent product) imported by fulfilling the IPO requirement but value not exceeding UDS 1000. 29. Electrical Machinery.04).80-Ain/2007/2132/Shulka dated 27/06/2007. 34.157-Ain/2011/2343/Customs dated 09/06/2011. 41. avail bonded facilities under SRO No. Industrial spare parts. 35.58-Ain/2008/2118/Shulka dated 11/03/2008. Importation of “Indirect Exporter”.S. Goods imported under NBR’s Standing Order No-3(84)NBR(Cus)II/74/1766-70 dated 28/01/1975. 2(c) and (2d). blind. 36. 50. Goods value not exceeding USD 1000 (C&F) for each consignment on the basis of release price paid in abroad. 26. Life saving essential drug and medical equipments of value not exceeding USD 1000 (C&F). 46.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers 25. Goods imported by Overseas Airlines under HS Code of SRO No.279-Ain/2008/2117/Shulka dated 16/10/2008. 4 52. Temporarily imported goods listed in SRO 542-L/84/886/CUS dated 10/12/1984 declared by the Government under the order of ‘The Customs Act.1969 (except meltable and rerollable scrap under Heading 72. 48. Machinery. Goods for which specific rate of duty declared against the H. 38. dated 11/06/09. Machinery and spare parts imported under SRO No.

00 7106. Codes 7106.21 26. Codes All H.19. Rev.90.05 41.11 2710.00 2517.11.49 2710.11.00 2804.04 41.99.10 1001. 71.90.S. 2710.11 2710. journals and periodicals. 238AIN/2010/2317/Shulka dated 29/06/2010.10.10 2701.00 7602.61 2710.10 All H.11. Codes Wet-Blue hides and skins Books (falling under this H. broken or crushed stone Limestone flux: limestone and other calcareous stones.02 41.91.19 2516.43 2710. 5 .90.156-Ain /2011 / 2342/ Customs dated 09/06/2011.11.06 Argon Oxygen Raw hides and skins 49.03 41.11. Customs Duty Free Car imported by Honorable Parliament Member under SRO No.11.62 2710.04.06 71.04 41.10.00. CODE) Newspapers.09 84.00 4901. these oils being the basic constituents of the preparation.31 2710.10.90 1001. of a kind used for the manufacture of lime or cement.00 All H.01 27. Chemical imported under SRO 169-Ain/2011/2356/Customs dated 09/06/2011 to maintain the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).01 76.19. 56.39 2804.32 2710.S.01 4902.20 27.02 71.11.S.11.11 1001.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers 4104.19 2710. 4106. whether or not illustrated or containing advertising material.00 2620. ravel. 25.21.00 4106.08 76.10 Boulder Stone Pebbles. Diamond (Rough or Finished) Silver bullion Gold bullion Unwrought aluminium not alloyed Aluminium waste and scrap.00 2521. Codes Wheat Description 25.42 2710. containing by weight 70% or more of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals. Fly ash Coal.01 HS code 1001. Container seal Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines. 14-07-11 LP Gas Cylinder imported by the Manufacturing Company under SRO No.20 All H.00 41. 10. other than crude.11.00 7601. 28.00 8309. Other than anthracite and bituminous coal Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals.92.02 83.00.00 4105. 55.00 7108.99. Heading NO.19.S.00 7108.12.22 2710.01 41.S.00 2710.16 25.41 2710. preparations not elsewhere specified or included .40. Goods listed in the below table.00 4106.11.

Codes All H. other than book-sewing machines of heading 84. coinsorting machines. parts and accessories thereof. rectifying.S.24 All H. Air conditioning machines.S. Codes All H. rectifiers) and inductors. boiler shells. Machines for cleaning. vaporizing. whether or not electrically heated.S. roasting. postage stamps. dispersing or spraying liquids or powders.15 All H. other printers.08 All H.76 84.S.S. carrying cases and the like) suitable for use solely or principally with machines of headings Nos. pencil-sharpening machines. including pressure-reducing valves and thermostatically controlled valves. hydraulic or with self-contained electric or non-electric motor. heat pumps other than air conditioning machines of heading 84. sorting or grading seed. steam or sand blasting machines and similar jet projecting machines. food or beverage machines).83 All H. spray guns and similar appliances. Codes All H. cocks. other than machinery or plant of a kind used for domestic purposes.S. grain or dried leguminous vegetables.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers 84. electric or other. Codes All H. drying.72 All H. Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks. other than farm-type machinery. 6 84. Codes Compression-ignition internal semideisels engines). sewing machine needles.43 All H. weighing machine weights of all kinds. Mechanical appliances (whether or not hand-operated) for projecting.50 84. bearing housings and plain shafts bearings.19 All H. automatic banknote dispensers. Household or laundry-type washing machines.S.S. Ball or roller bearings. furniture. plant or laboratory equipment. bases and covers specially designed for sewing machines. gears and gearing. distilling.S. tanks. Electrical transformers. machinery used in the milling industry or for the working or cereals or dried leguminous vegetables.52 All H. evaporating. Codes 84. fire extinguishers. air or other gas compressors and fans. Taps. addressing machines. freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment.S. Codes 84. Printing machinery used for printing by means of plates. including pulley blocks.14) for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating.42.S. Weighing machinery (excluding balances of a sensitivity of 5 cg or better). Codes All H. whether or not charged. static converters (for example. coin-counting or wrapping machines. Codes 84. (excluding furnaces. cooking. Codes .S.67 84. ball or roller screws.81 All H. Other office machines (for example. including those machines in which the humidity cannot be separately regulated.72. instantaneous or storage water heaters. Codes 84. whether or not fitted with filters.04 All H. Codes Air or vacuum pumps.37 All H. 84. 14-07-11 (diesel or 84. combustion piston engines Rev. including machines which both wash and dry. valves and similar appliances for pipes.S. clutches and shaft couplings (including universal joints). steaming. copying machines and facsimile machines. whether or not combined. including torque converters.40. condensing or cooling.15 Machinery. flywheels and pulleys. including weight operated counting or checking machines. cylinders and other printing components of heading 84.S. perforating or stapling machines). Refrigerators. Codes 84. Codes 84.69 to 84. Codes 84.S.23 All H. sterilizing.S. Codes 84. comprising a motor-driven fan and elements for changing the temperature and humidity. gear boxes and other speed changers.82 84. Parts and accessories (other than covers. vats or the like. cigarette. Tools for working in the hand.S. pasteurizing. including money-changing machines. hectograph or stencil duplicating machines. Codes 85. pneumatic. Sewing machines. Codes 84.14 All H. ovens and other equipment of heading 85. non-electric.73 All H.S.S.18 84. ventilating or recycling hoods incorporating a fan. Automatic goods-vending machines (for example. Codes 84.

Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary with or without side-cars.S.25. hair curlers. Vessels and other floating structure for breaking up. being parts of or fittings for instruments or apparatus. generators (for example. Codes Primary cells and primary batteries.S.07 87. Codes 87.02 87. prisms.S.90. optical fiber cables other than those of heading 85.04 87. mounted. road sweeper lorries.39). Chassis fitted with engines. breakdown lorries. Codes 7 . dry batteries. Codes 8901. mobile work shops. spraying lorries. electric smoothing irons. Codes Special purpose motor vehicles. 85. Codes 85. side-cars.13 All H.08 85. with self-contained electric motor. prisms.02 All H.08 87. Codes 85.00. Codes 85.00 All H.03 87.S. Electric accumulators.05 8525. Electrical ignition or starting equipment of a kind used for spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal combustion engines (for example.00. Vessels capacity exceeding 3000 DWT for registration in Bangladesh operating in ocean for at least three consecutive years. Telephone sets.09 85.01 to 87.S.27 or 85. including telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks. including separators therefore. magnetos). other than those of heading no. 14-07-11 85.07 85.S.13. other than transmission or reception apparatus of heading 84. Codes All H.S.00 All H. Codes All H. Codes All H.S. concrete-mixer lorries.43. Shavers.S.S. 87.S.S. other than lighting equipment of heading 85. images or other data. for the motor vehicles of headings 87.S. including apparatus for communication in a wired or wireless network (such as a local or wide area network). uncounted.10 85. Electrical lighting or signaling equipment (excluding articles of heading 85.00 All H.05. dynamos.12 87.16 All H.28. Codes All H.11 to 87.14 89. other apparatus for the transmission or reception of voice. sheets and plates of polarizing material. other electro-thermic appliances of a kind used for domestic purposes. other than vacuum cleaners of heading 85.44.S. hair clippers and hair-removing appliances. 87. fire fighting vehicles. Codes All H.S. Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters. 85.17 All H.08 90. Codes 8712. 85. whether or not rectangular (including square).11 All H. mobile radiological units).11 87. defrosters and demisters. sparking plugs and glow plugs. lenses (including contact lenses). 87.01 All H. Portable electric lamps designed to function by their own source of energy (for example.S.12. ignition coils.25 87. curling tong heaters) and hand dryers. and tractors. other than such element of glass not optically worked. magneto-dynamos.80. 90. electric heating resistors.S. Lenses. Codes Rev. Codes All H. Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of heading Nos. electro-thermic hair-dressing apparatus (for example. of a kind used for cycles or motor vehicles. Bodies (including cabs).Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers 85. crane lorries. Bicycles And Other cycles.01 to 87. for the motor vehicles of heading Nos.45. other than such element of glass not optically worked. mirrors and other optical elements. mirrors and other optical elements of any material. Vacuum cleaners Electro-mechanical domestic appliances.01 89. ignition magnetos. with self-contained electric motor. All H.S.S. Codes All H. Codes 85. of any material. starter motors).10 8908.06 85.01 to 87. Optical fibers and optical fiber bundles. Codes All H. electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus. accumulators.08. windscreen wipers. alternators) and cut-outs of a kind used in conjunction with such engines.12 All H.05.05.01 87. Digital and Video Camera Motor cars and other motor vehicles principally designed for the transportation of persons or goods. other than those principally designed for the transport of persons or goods (for example.06 87. hair dryers. Not Motorized Parts and accessories of vehicles of headings.

goggles or the like.S. parts of the foregoing articles.02 All H.S. hospital beds with mechanical fittings.02).28 94.S. Codes All H.04 90. Spectacles. Codes All H. whether or not incorporating sound recording or reproducing apparatus. Codes Goods declared 5% Import Duty against the respective H.S.39 Cinematographic cameras and projectors.03 90. 1969.S.01 94. Medical.07 90. Other furniture and parts thereof. Prefabricated buildings.S.S. However. Codes Rev. Codes All H. and parts thereof. Code in the 1st schedule under Customs Act. All H. barbers’ chairs and similar chairs.03 94.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers 90. Codes All H.06 57.S. whether or not convertible into beds. Codes All H.S. Importer can carry out PSI if they want.S. therefore. including calibrating meters. 14-07-11 Frames and mountings for spectacles. Codes All H. operating tables.06 All H. examination tables. surgical. Sets (other than those of heading 94. goggles and the like. correcting protective or other Photographic (other than cinematographic) cameras: photographic flashlight apparatus and flashbulbs other than discharge lamps of heading 85. Gas. dentists’ chairs). and parts thereof. 8 . having rotating as well as both reclining and elevating movements. Codes 94. dental or veterinary furniture (for example. liquid or electricity supply or production meters. 90.

05 82.20. 5911.00 All H. 7315.91.33. 4010.00 All H. 69.12 74.10 8202. Heading No (1) 39.04 84.00. Codes 7609.21.00 6903.00.00. Codes 8209. 6903.11 68.01 69.00. 6804.31.10 8007. 4016. 7415.08 56.94.90 9 . 7419. 4010.11.99.08 82. Codes All H.19. 7415.20.09 73.10 5911.39.13 78.S. 56.91. 8203.12. Code All H. 7314.S. 5607.39.S. 74.00.15 73.10 5910.00 7315. 14-07-11 Following goods are considered as exempted from mandatory PSI programme under SRO No.00. 6804. 8202.31.06 44. 6903.10 5609. 1969 (IV of 1969) section 19.11 73. All H. S.23.10 7907. 5911. 8202.09 84. Code H.00 5911.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix B Rev.10.S.12 56.29.00 4421. 4010.00.15 44.02 69.20.00 8204.00.10. 6805.90.00.S.05 3923. Codes 7314.16 42.10 4206.21. 5911.90.20.00.S.00.04 68. 5911. 4010.00 All H.10 All H. Codes All H.05 42.00 6901.00 7318.00.10 59.00. All H.02 84.04 82.12.10 5608.01 84.09 59.07 80.04 4016.S. 8202.00.00 6804.18 74. 4016.10 4415.11.03 82.10 4417.00 7806. Codes All H.20 7415.00. This SRO cancels earlier SRO: 174Ain/2010/2292/Shulka Dated June Code (2) 4010.12.20.154Ain/2011/2340/Customs under Customs Act. Codes All H.07 81.09 76.S.00. 8202.00.S.90.49.21 48.00.08 76. Codes 7508.20 8104. 4205.00.11.06 79. Codes 6903. 2010.03 69.00 All H.S.19 8205.17 44.00. Codes 7415.00.S.10.10 40.90.90. Codes All H.14.07 75.22.14 82.00 7613.23 40.10.03 84.20 4812. 4010.32. 7419.30.02 82. 8203.

00.21.50 84. 8412.20. 8408.90 8413.00.00.22 8419.29. Codes. 8426.31.S.00.00. 8425. Codes.S.00. 8426.30. 8426.46 84.00 All H. All H.10. 8425. All H.12. 8412. 8413. Code 8421.99.00. 8422. 8419.52 H.10.00 All H.S. 8419. 8433. 8421. 8414. 8433.30.S. 8414.39.00.S.S.90.28 84. 8415. 8413.00 8423.30.00.51 84.20.00 8426.90. 8452.80.30.00 All H. 8433.39. 8437.07 84.20. 8424.59.00.06 84. Code (Excluding H.S.83.90. 8418. 8443.00.32 8443. Code (2) All H. 8421. Codes All H.81.00. 8421. 8407.38 84.00. 8423.00.40. Codes.48 84.30.00 Rev. All H. Code 8448. 8412.00.39 84.99.10.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Heading No (1) 84. 8414. Code All H.27 84. 8419.50. 8421.32.18 84. 8414.31 84.S. 8443.59.12 84. 8419. All H.20.21 84. 8421.69. 8433.91. 8408.40. 8450. 8443.90.91. 8437. Codes.39.S. 8422.00.00.34 84.00. 8442.10.10.30 84. 8415.35 84.S.10 8419.00. 8422.20.00. 8443.00.89.00 8427. 8413. 84.42 84.20. 8427.52.19 84.11. 8419. 8452. All H. Code All H.00.20. 84.10.10 84. 8433. 8424.S.31. 8413. 8425. 8423.70. 8423.20.00.44 84.13 14-07-11 10 .S. 8426.00. 8421. 8412.49 84.00.25 84.11. 8425.00.90. Codes All H. 8442.00.90.S. Codes. Codes.00.10. Code 8451. 8413.S.00.00. Codes.59.S.00.10 All H. 8414.00.20 84. Code 8407.42.50. 8424. 8409. 8443.45 84.S. 8414.12.17 84.40. 8412. 8415. 8433.29.00 8425.10. 8423.93. All H.29 84. Codes All H.36 84.40.26 84. 8452.40.00.00. All H.S. All H. 8444. 8419. 8443. All H.10.S.00.00 All H. 8421.00 8422.00.00. 8421.00. 8433.00.20 8409.00. 8413.33 84. 8443.90.30.10. 8424.00.90 All H. 8424. 8426. Code 8412. 8412.00.24 84.00.49.S. Codes. Codes. All H.90.90.91. 8415.37 84. 8426.90.00. 8413.21. 8419.14.80.39.S. Code (Excluding H.00. Codes.47 84. 8426.00.16.89. S.11 84.43 84. 8443.S.10.10 8408.00.41 84. 8437. 8419.08 84.00.S.10. All H.10) 8449.90. 8443.16 84. 8414.00 8443.21.30.23 8422.90 8443. Codes. 8450. Code 8418. 8433. 8452.15 84. 8426. Codes 8442.

15 85.47 87. All H.50.40.02 89. 8467.00 8546. 8481. Codes 8516.S.90.20.79 84. Codes.31 85.00. 8543.10.S. Codes.20.90.90. 8483.91.77 84. 8467.25 85.74 84.S. 8467.S.50.00 8704. 8480.90. Codes All H.75 All H. 8481. Codes All H.83 84.10 8543.50.10. 8467.08 85.00. Codes 8504.00. Codes 8508.68 84. All H. 8716. All H.40.00. Codes All H. S. 84. 8483.10.00 Rev. All H.90.00 8902.37 85.60.84 84.70.00 8481. Codes All H.00 11 .40.S.00. All H. Codes 8470. 8525. 8504.14 85. Codes.90.00.90 All H.S.00 8905. All H.99.00.50. 8716.10.11 8716.S.S. 8480. 8483.29.10.80 84.S.90. All H.00 8547. All H. All H. 8543. Codes All H. 8480.50.S. 8483.S. Codes.00. Codes All H.S. All H.80.38 85.54 84.46 85. All H.43 85.S.00 8537.10 8525.05 85.00. 8701.10.90.49.S.00.30. Codes.20. Codes. All H.04 85. Codes. 8480.S. Codes. 8504.30. 8483.20.00 All H. 8543. Codes. Codes 8486.78 84. 8486. 8486.41 85. Codes 8480. 8481.00. Codes.66 84.S. 8543. 8716.70 84.60.58 8701.55 84.00.03 85.00.65 84.30.26 85.10 All H.39. 8486.61 84. 8480.00 All H. 8481.90.00. 8481. 8481.59 84.00.S. Code All H.10. 8531.00.04 87.63 8538.20.00 8481.67 89.S.56 84.01 85.S.90.81 84. 8467. Codes All H.05 H.S.20.60. Codes.90.86 85.20.16 85.90.S. Codes.S.60 84.60.57 84.S.02 85.00.10.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Heading No (1) 84.00.01 87. Code (2) All H.90.S.S.31.53 84. All H.90. Codes 8467.00 8541. 8483.30.S. 8480.80.64 84. Codes All H.40. 14-07-11 8480.

Codes All H.00.29 90.11.90.S.00.00.90. All H.20.20 90.00 9406.S.19.28 90.15 90.21 90. 9021.20.49.10. 14-07-11 9018.00.00.20. 9019.S. Codes 9028. Codes 9025.12. Codes All H.00 9021.14 90.90 9021. All H.06 90.S. 9018.12 90.90 All H.11 90. 9028.10.00.S.07 90. 9020.00. 9007.90. Codes 9106.24 90. 9018.30.10 H.18 90.30 90. Codes All H. Codes.06 9007.14.25 90.10 90.20. 9018.00. Codes All H.S. 9019.00. Codes All H. 9028.00. Codes All H.S.90 All H.50.22 90.26 90. 9018.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Heading No (1) Codes All H.41.10.32 91. 9018. Code (2) Rev. Codes 9018. S. 9029.S.19 90.20. 9019.00. 9018. All H.31 90.S. Codes All H.00. 9019. 9018.90.20. 9021. 9028. 9021.S.S.90 12 .S.90.90. 9021. 9018.

Saipan (USA) Norway Palau Panama Paraguay Peru Pitcairn Islands (UK)) Poland Portugal Puerto Rico (Insular area of USA) Romania Russia Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (O’seas territory of France) Samoa San Marino Serbia and Montenegro Seychelles Slovakia (Slovensko) Slovenia South Africa Spain State of Palestine Suriname Svalbard and Jan Mayen Sweden Switzerland Tokelau (New Zealand) Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain Turkey Turks and Caicos Islands (O’seas territory of UK) Tuvalu United States of America United Kingdom Ukraine 13 .Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix C Countries of Supply in Intertek Zones of Responsibility American Samoa Andorra Anguilla (O’seas territory of UK) Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba (O’seas country of Netherlands) Austria Bahamas Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Bermuda (Overseas territory of UK) Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory British Virgin Islands (O’seas territory of UK) Bulgaria Canada Cayman Islands (O’seas territory of UK) Chile Christmas Island (Australia) Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australia) Colombia Cook Islands (New Zealand) Costa Rica Croatia (Hrvatska) Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor (Timor Leste) Ecuador El Salvador Estonia Falkland Islands (O’seas territory of UK) Georgia Germany Gibraltar Greece Greenland (O’seas country of Denmark) Grenada Guadeloupe (O’seas department of France) Guam (United States) Guatemala Guernsey Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of Man Israel (Yisrael) Italy Jamaica Jersey Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macau SAR. China Macedonia Malta Marshall Islands Martinique (O’seas department of France) Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montserrat (O’seas territory of UK) Nauru (main centre: Yaren) North America Rev. 14-07-11 Northern Mariana Islands .

(see Appendix H for further details) Intertek Bangladesh Limited. th Hasney Tower (7 Floor) 3/A Kawran Bazar Dhaka 12.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Faroe Islands Federated States of Micronesia Finland France French Polynesia France) French Guiana (O’seas department of France) Netherlands Netherlands Antilles (O’seas country of Netherlands) New Caledonia (France) Nicaragua Niue (New Zealand) Norfolk Island (Australia) Rev. 9130060 14 . 14-07-11 United States Virgin Islands (Insular area of USA) Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela Wallis and Futuna (France) Zimbabwe All other countries not specified in Blocks A-D also fall under Intertek's responsibility in Block E. 8126716 (8 lines) Fax: 880 2 912 8540.15 Bangladesh Tel: 880 2 9129439.


description.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix E Suggested PSI Clause For Letters of Credit Rev. classification and price should be carried by Intertek International Limited or their accredited office. 14-07-11 It is suggested that Importers insert a clause in the Letter of Credit that reads as follows: “Pre-Shipment inspection for quality. quantity. The final invoice and packing list should be endorsed by the same company with the number and date of issuance of the CRF” 16 .

Nairobi Kenya Tel: (254) 20 444 9132/3/6 Fax: (254) 20 444 9212/6246 Manager: Douglas Nyamori Operations: Victor Mbithi info. 25th Floor Sheikh Zayed Road Postal Address PO Box 26290 INDIA(IO) Intertek Testing Services India Private Ltd 401. Mexico Tel: +52 55 5357 3625 Fax: +52 55 5358 5710 Manager: Alejandro Cano SOUTH AFRICA Tel: (27) 11 914 4044 Fax:(27) 11 914 4217 Manager: Petrus Booysen Info. Florida 33166 U. Fangdi Mansion Suite 400 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES(IO) Intertek International Limited Dubai branch AI Moosa Tower II. W. Recalde 27. 1-9 Brook Street Brentwood.2° Piso C1010AAX Buenos Aires Republica Argentina Tel: +5411 5217 9487 Fax: +5411 5217 9481 Manager: Enrique Mastroscello Laoshan Road (West) Lujiazui Finace & Trade Zone.13 D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Germany Tel: (49) 40 5132 7500 Fax: (49) 40 5132 7555 Manager: Irina Baerenwald 5O Bilbao 48009. Italy Tel (39) 02 953 83 833 Fax (39) 02 953 83 832 Manager: Fabio De Stefani info. 47 1-20060 Gessate. UAE Tel (971) 4 317 8777 Fax (971) 4 331 6735 Manager: Husny Saeed Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400093 India Tel: (91) 22 6693 4848 Fax: (91) 22 6693 4800 Manager: Sridhar Raghavan info. Guro-Gu Seoul 152-766.singapore. Essex CM-14 5NQ ENGLAND Tel: (44) 1277 223 255/400 Fax: (44) 1277 220 127/296 Operations Manager: Natalie Schultz HONG KONG(IO) Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd. SPAIN (IO) Intertek Ibérica Spain SAU Alda. 5B Garment Centre 576 Castle Peak Tokyo 135-0034 Japan Tel: (81) 3 5245 0650 Fax: (81) 3 5245 0471 Manager: Katsumi Murakami Info. Shanghai 16th Rev. Ace Techno Tower V # 197-33 Guro-3 Dong.mumbai. COI Eitai Building Building 2-31-1 Eitai Koto-Ku. 14-07-11 COLOMBIA(IO) Intertek Testing Services Ltd Carrera 47 No 91-68 La Castellana Bogota DC Colombia Tel: (57) 1 610 8458 ext 108 Fax: (57) 1 610 8458 ext 110 Manager: Andreas Aretega Sarasty USA MIAMI (Reg Office & IO) Intertek Testing Services 8300 KENYA (IO) Intertek International Ltd House of MEXICO (LO) Intertek Testing Services de Mexico SA de CV Torre Ejecutiva Naucalpan Blvd Manuel Avila Camacho 92 Oficina #301 El Conde Naucalpan. Korea Tel: (82) 2 775 5255 Fax: (82) 2 775 5266 Manager: Monica Kim FRANCE(IO) Intertek International ITALY(IO) Intertek Italy srl Via Aldo JAPAN(IO) Intertek Testing Services (Japan) SOUTH AFRICA (IO) Intertek Testing Services Van Dyk Secure Business Park Unit 96G Corner Van Dyk & Brakpan Roads. Tel: (34) 94 611 3565 Fax: (34) 94 435 6600 Manager: Nerea de Miguel info.A. Pudong KOREA (IO) Intertek Testing Services Korea Rm 603 6th fl. 200120 Tel (86) 21 6887-9250 Fax (86) 21 5840-1622/1674 IO Manager: Wang Liqin info. 53rd 17 GERMANY(IO) Intertek Deutschland GmbH Niklaus-Otto Str. China.. Everest House. Boksburg Industrial East Boksburg East Gauteng. Spain. de Mexico 53500.spain@intertek. 4th Floor Chiromo Road CHINA (IO) Intertek Testing Services Ltd.brentwood. 4th Tel: (1) 305 513 3000 Fax: (1) 305 513 3001 Manager: Roxana Labiosa 3 Rue Edmond Mailoux 27100 Le Vaudreuil France Tel: (33) 2 32 633 165 Fax: (33) 2 32 611 958 Manager: Leila Senouoa SINGAPORE (IO) Intertek Testing Services International (Hong Kong) Ltd – Singapore Branch 5 Pereira Road #04-01 Asiawide Industrial Building Singapore 368025 Tel (65) 6 2857557 Fax (65) 6 382 8662 Manager: Serene Chan Guidelines for Importers Appendix F Intertek Office Contact Details ARGENTINA (IO) Intertek Argentina SA Cerrito 1136 .seoul. Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2310 9923 Fax: (852) 2370 2284 Manager: Alice Cheung info. Suren UNITED KINGDOM (Reg Office & IO) Intertek International Limited Academy Place.

Valuation Programme. These include: • Algeria Product Conformity Programme • Bangladesh Pre-shipment Inspection Programme • Bangladesh Quality/Quantity Commercial Programme • Ghana Valuation Programme • Iran Pre-shipment Inspection Programme. Verification of Conformity • Kenya Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards Programme • Kuwait Product Conformity Programme • Mexico Certificate of Origin Programme.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Contracts handled by Intertek Intertek operates inspection programmes for numerous countries. Bulk Commodity Programme. 14-07-11 18 . Price Valuation Programme • Mozambique Pre-shipment Inspection Programme • Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP) • Philippines Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo Clearance Enhancement Programme • Saudi Arabia Product Conformity Programme • Sierra Leone Destination Inspection Programme • Uganda Product Conformity Programme • Uzbekistan Pre-shipment Inspection and Conformity Certification Services Rev.

0 in IPO 2006-2009) 1) In case of import of fish feed. otherwise the supplier shall be under obligation to take back the consignment at his own expense. Condition is Meat and Bone Meal of swine is Import banned. truck. Clause – 51 (Old.34 in IPO2006-2009) a) Commercial import of second hand/reconditioned engines & gear boxes of bus. The radioactivity-test report mush clearly indicates the level of CS-137 found in such radioactivity-test in each kilogram of the items.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix G Import Policy Order 2009-2012 (including amended Controlled Goods List) Rev. 4) Meat and Bone Meal is importable item with prior permission by the Live Stock Ministry. b) Each consignment mush have a certificate issued by the appropriate authority of exporting country to the effect that the eggs are free from Avian Incluenza or Bird Flu. Chicken and Bird are importable with prior permission of Bangladesh Commerce Ministry under below conditions. 2) The report should indicate the level of Chloromphenicol and Nitrofuran in the imported fish feed. (Common Salt – Deducted from Control List) Common salt is importable if the production level of Salt Boulder for Crushing declared that the goods conform to the standard BDS1326:2007 19 . Gearbox. mini-bus and microbus will be permissible. (b) Reconditioned Generator or Generating set shall be permissible by the certificate from appropriate authority of the exporting country to the effect that this generator or generating set are not more than five years old.Deducted from Foot note of Control List) Eggs of Duck. Chapter 6 (Old Computer) (Earlier clause 26. Provided a certificate issued by the surveyor company nominated/appointed by National Board of Revenue to the effect that each Machine has at least 10 years economic life except Generator or Generating set.1 in IPO2006-2009) : Computer older than Pentium 4 model will not be imported instead of existing. Chapter – 5 (Second-hand or Recondition Capital Machineries) (Earlier clause 24. 14-07-11 Chapter – 4 (Meat and Bone Meal) (Earlier clause – 17. (All kind of Eggs . a) Limited quantity of eggs shall be importable from Avian Incluenza or Bird Flue free countries. Provided that "7 (Seven) years economical life guarantee certificate" either from exporting country's recognized chamber of commerce & industry or from an internationally reputed surveyor shall be submitted to the customs authority at the time of release of the goods. 3) Imported goods shall be released only when their radioactivity levels are found within the acceptable limits in accordance with the above reports.10 in IPO2006-2009): Second-hand/Reconditioned Capital Machineries and Generator or Generating set used in industry shall be importable without any price limit.11. launches and self propelled barges and other watercrafts of this type will be commercially importable. b) Secondhand/reconditioned marine diesel engines above 35 (Thirty Five) horse power used in coaster. poultry or animal. Reconditioned Engine. and animal feed items the shipping documents must be accompanied by radioactivity-test reports from the competent authority of the exporting country and a certificate to the effect that the item are fit for consumption by fish. Generator or Generating set) (Earlier clause 26.

(6) The importer must obtain Explosive Licence and other required licence(s) as per prevailing rules. Code No. (b) In case of import for sale/marketing to other consumers:(1) An agreement is to be signed with Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation as Bangladesh Petroleum Act 1974 (Act LXIX of 1974) and rules issued by the Government from time to time. 27. Methyle Bromide. Opium is import-banned. Wine lees and Argol are import-banned. Chlorden-40WP and Daildrin are import-banned. (2) Quality of the salable petroleum product must be as per specification of BSTI.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers LIST OF CONTROLLED GOODS Rev.) Ghas (Andropogen SPP) and Bhang (Channabis Sativa) are import-banned. Codes All H. (5) Imported furnace oil is to be sold at the market rate.00 2930. (3) All arrangement is to be made by the importer for collection.S. storage and marketing of furnace oil.90 All H. Deltrametthrine of synthetic pyrithroid group shall be importable with the prior permission of the Ministry of Commerce but only by those firms who will be certified and guaranteed by the Ministry of Health that the item will be used only for public health purposes.29 29. other goods classifiable against the H. which are importable on fulfillment of certain conditions specified in the list.S.6 of this Order. All goods including petroleum oil residues except petroleum coke are import-banned. Sodium Cyclamate are import-banned. Dicrotopes. DDT. Artificial mustard oil (Allyl isothlicyonate) is import-banned. Drugs Administration. Codes All H. All goods except Agar and agar and pectin are importable subject to prior permission of the Director. 2 All H. Insecticides namely Heptachlore-40WP.13 29. (4) Representatives of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and BSTI can inspect any establishment of the importer to examine the quality of the salable item. Codes All H. (a) In case of import of furnace Oil for use in own industry/firm: (1) Bangladesh Petroleum Act. in this respect will be applicable. But those items. A statement regarding quantity and quality of monthly imported and marketed furnace oil is t obe sent to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation on or before 5th of every month. Heading No.S.11 13. Codes 2307. 1974 (Act LXIX of 1974) and rules issued by the Government.00 2710.S.S.07 27. (2) Importer must inform Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation regarding quantity and quality of the importable Furnace Oil on or before 5th of every month. shall be importable on fulfillment of those conditions HS Heading No.07 12. 1 12.10 H. from time to time.11 27. 14-07-11 Unless otherwise specified the items banned for import in this list shall not be importable.30 38. Codes 2929. Insecticides of synthetic pyrithroid group such as – (1) Cyhalothrin. However.S.S. (2) Cypermethrin. (Postadana shall not be importable as spices or in any other way. in this respect these rules will be applicable.71 Particulars of Goods and Provisions 3 Poppy seeds and Postadana are import-banned. Bidrin Brand in the generic name.90.90.S. are importable subject to following conditions :(a) (b) Importable subject to conditions stated in paragraph 26. (7) Furnace Oil is to be sold only to the user industry.02 23. (c) 20 . And (3) The importer must obtain Explosive Licence and other required licence(s) as per prevailing rules. Codes Petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons except liquefied Propane and Butanes (which is part of LPG) are import-banned.00.08 All H.

Codes (1) (2) At the time of shipment. auto-rickshaw etc. promulgated by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.) are importbanned. 21 .05 84.11 87. (3) (4) (5) (6) Actions are to be undertaken about the connection of catalytic converter in case of petrol-driven vehicles and diesel particulate filter in case of diesel-driven vehicles according to the S.04 6305.08 All H.5 centimeters or above under the Sea Fish Ordinance 1983. Old vehicles shall not be importable via a third country. (8) Deltamethrin May be imported subject to following conditions :(i) (ii) 56. Those shall be used as per the approved level provided by the Pesticide Rules 1985. (5) Alpha Cypermethrin.5 centimeters or less in radius or length are import-banned. Chesis including two-stroke engines of three-wheeler vehicles (tempo. Door Assemble. 29-Ain/2002.22. Fishing nets or so called current nets (Gillnet) with meshes of 4.5 centimeters radius/mesh-net up to maximum 8 (eight) bag/sack per year. Code No.S. Dash board assemble. However. the date/age of the vehicle shall start from the first day of the next year of manufacture. In case of determining the manufacturing date/age of the imported old vehicle.33 8408. Wind sheet / wind sheet glass. (7) (8) (b) Without seatbelt vehicle is import-banned To visible inside of vehicle wind sheet glass and both side of driving seat glass will be prominent.R. Bonnet assemble.S.90 All H. model number and chesis number issued by Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) in case of import of vehicle from Japan and recognized automobile association in case of import of vehicle from other countries. In case of import of vehicle from Japan. Mirrors. Parts for vehicles is importable subject to conditions states below: (a) (10) Felder assemble. 8703. Radiator assemble. Light / lamp. Front Grill. (4) Fenvelarate. shall be submitted at customs-level. (3) Cyfluthrin. Polypropylene bags are import-banned. The Director General of Fishing Department shall give permission for an importer per trawler to import 4.S.) is import-banned. Old vehicles are importable only from the country in which the vehicle has been manufactured (country of origin). (6) Es-Fenvelarate. Codes (b) Two-stroke engines of three-wheeler vehicles (tempo. the date of manufacture shall be determined from the chesis book published by the Japan Automobile Association. and jeep of any cc are importable subject to following conditions :- 63. The old Taxicab above 1500 CC: Old Taxicab (not more than 3 years old) is importable subject to fulfill the conditions states of above section (2) to (6). mini-bus. dated 16 February 2002. auto-rickshaw etc. Body Parts – (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Bumper.08 All H.01 to 87.O. A certificate regarding the age of the vehicle. H.08 87. only deep-sea fishing vessels shall be allowed to import nets with meshes of 4. no vehicle shall be of more than five years old. No. Codes Rev. (a) Old vehicles and tractors including motor Car of any CC and microbus.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers HS Heading No.S. 14-07-11 Particulars of Goods and Provisions Description of the imported insecticides must be communicated to the Agricultural Extension Directorate and it will monitor the use of the imported insecticides. with the prior permission of the Director General of Fishing Department.

Others parts (10) Break drums assemble. (15) Head lights (without bulb). (16) Tail lamps (with bulb). (14) Cabin assemble / bodies. Suspension shock absorbers.S.18 93. 14-07-11 Particulars of Goods and Provisions (11) Door mirror assemble. Rev. (22) AD compressor / condenser / cooling chamber assemble. (19) EFI control unit. Glass syringes are import-banned. Vacuum buster width break master pump assemble. (13) Mounting (14) Fuel pump (15) Air clear box Terms & Conditions: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) 87. A TAX remittance certificate of three years (before imported) needs to submit.11 All H. At least should have ISO-9001:2000 certificate regarding quality of service. (12) Silencer & exhaust pipes. (21) Alternator.S. Codes 22 .31 All H. (24) (25) (26) (27) (B) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Fuse Box Distributor Dumper Nose curt Power steering assemble.S. certificate from internationally recognized and National Board of Revenue approved inspection company (PSI) may be accepted as the alternative of registration cancellation certificate. They may be imported for the private sector by the 90. (20) Starter. Commercially import of vehicle used parts is banned. (17) Side sites assemble. Break drums & hubs assemble. All items including Revolvers and Pistols are importable by the dealers of fire-arms with the prior permission of the Ministry of Home. (11) Wheel cylinder assemble. (18) Wiring set. Excel assemble.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers HS Heading No.02 9018. A pre-shipment inspection certificate by any internationally reputed survey firm needs to submit for quality assurance in case of import for said parts. above more than 155 CC limit will not be applicable for the Police Department In case of import of 3 (three) years old motor cycles. Code No. To determine the age of old motor cycles. Steering column & steering boxes. Steering wheels assemble. Above 155 CC motor cycle and more than 3 (three) years old are banned. (12) Seats. Differential assemble. this 3 (three) years period will be calculated from the first day of the calendar year next to the manufacturing year. (23) Other rubber channels and rubber moldings. Propeller shaft assemble. A written warranty certificate at least 1 (one) year is to be provided by the seller or the manufacturer for sold or manufactured parts. However. (13) Rear mudguard assemble. Codes Repairing & Servicing Industry registered by Investment Board & Register Joint Stock Company & firms can only import the said parts. Repairing & Servicing Industry has to be member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of concerned area. H.

Unless otherwise specified in this order. documents and other papers. All items including other fire-arms (excluding prohibited bores) are importable by the dealers of fire-arms with the prior permission of the Ministry of Home.05 Rev. second-hand and reconditioned goods. containing matters likely to outrange the religious feelings and beliefs of any class of the citizens of Bangladesh. (a) Ammunitions for sports. gramophone records.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers HS Heading No.06 All H. posters. 5. Horror comics. newspaper. 4. newspapers. Code No. periodicals. gramophone records and audio and video cassette tapes etc. telex. films. All H. Books. Reconditioned office equipment. 23 . Code Particulars of Goods and Provisions TCB/prescribed agencies/individuals as per the permission of the Ministry of Commerce. hunting etc. They may be imported for the private sector by the TCB/prescribed agencies/individuals as per the permission of the Ministry of Commerce. 3. Maps. films. 8. They may be imported for the private sector by the TCB/prescribed agencies/individuals as per the permission of the Ministry of Commerce Other ammunitions are importable by the Ministry of Defense 93. Goods (including their containers) bearing any obscene picture. 93. photographs. 2. charts and geographical globes which indicate the territory of Bangladesh but do not do so in accordance with the maps published by the Department of Survey. computer. factory rejects and goods of job-lot/stock-lot of secondary/sub-standard quality.S. phone. periodicals.S. Code (b) Foot note Items mentioned below after the restricted list shall be treated as banned items 1. Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.S. type-writer machine. 14-07-11 H. posters. fax: Unless or otherwise specified in this order. Obscene and subversive literature including such pamphlets. Goods (including their containers) hearing any words or inscriptions of a religious connotation the use of disposal of which may injure the religious feelings and beliefs of any class of the citizens of Bangladesh. photographs.03 to 93. writing inspection or visible representation. 7. 9. photocopier. are importable by the dealers of fire-arms with the prior permission of the Ministry of Home. audio and video cassette tapes etc. Live swine and similar items. all kinds of waste. old. 6.

G. 1 2 3 4 5 Country Japan Hong Kong Vietnam Taiwan Australia Sl. 24 . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Country Pakistan Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka Maldives Myanmar Afghanistan Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Iraq Iran Jordan Sl No. 2. 4. 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Country Kuwait Lebanon Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria U. 3. Ltd. (OMIC) Blocks Blocks A & C Block B Block E Block D Appointment Date 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 01/10/2008 Rev. Country China Thailand Korea (N & S) Philippines Cambodia Block C Sl No. 1.No. 7 8 9 10 11 Country Solomon Islands Fiji Kiribati Vanuatu Papua N.E Egypt Ethiopia Nigeria Kenya Ghana Bahrain SI No. 5.No. Inspection Company SGS Societe General De Surveillance M/S BIVAC International SA M/S Intertek Bangladesh Overseas Merchandise Inspection Co.A. 14-07-11 Block A Sl. 1. 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Country Uzbekistan Azerbijan Tajikistan Tunisia Morocco Sudan Algeria Libya Yemen Turkmenistan Brunei Tanzania Albania Block D Sl.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix H SL 1 2 3 4.No.No. Country India Block B Sl.

10 8443.12 8523.62.10 Description 3 Computer Printer Toner Cartridge/Inkjet Cartridge for Computer Printer Other parts for computer printer Computer and computer accessories Parts and accessories of computer Modem.28 96.S.51.99. Code 8473. Heading No. 85. CODE 2 8443.10 8443.90 8523.20 All H.12 25 .10 8523. 1969 (IV of 1969) section 19.90 8523.00 8517.12 8523.S.71 Computer monitor size not exceeding 19 inch’’ Computer printer ribbons 84.10.10 8528.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix I Rev.71 84. 2008.40.29.23 85. This SRO cancels earlier SRO: 171-Ain/2008/2199/Shulka Dated June 26.00 8528.99. 1 84. Recorded magnetic media incorporating software Other magnetic media Recorded optical media incorporating software Other optical media Flash memory card or similar media to be used with computer Proximity cards and tags Computer monitor of a kind solely or principally used in an automatic data processing system of heading 84.157-Ain/ 2011 th / 2343/Customs dated June 9 2011 under Customs Act.73 85.10 9612.43 H. computer network Switch.40.59. hub and router. 14-07-11 Following goods are considered as exempted from mandatory PSI programme under SRO No.30 8523. Ethernet interface card.41.32. 2710. crude Motor spirit of H. Heading No.00 0.00 1905.31 0.10 2709.1 kerosene type jet fuels J.21 2710.50 3.11.05 1806.31 2710.90.00 27.11 2710.O. This SRO cancels earlier SRO: 145Ain/2009/2248/Shulka Dated June 11. excluding any mineral oil which has its flashing point below 220ºF by Abel’s close test Lube base oil imported in bulk by VAT registered blenders Mineral oil which has its flashing point at or above 200ºF and is ordinarily used for the batching at jute or other fibre Liquid paraffin Scratch card: Single PIN card Multiple PIN card Dry cell Battery: D size (non alkaline) C size (non alkaline) AA size (non alkaline) Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Kg Barrel Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre Litre MT 1.159Ain/2011/2346/Customs under Customs Act.00 Description of goods Unit 18.00 1806. that is oil such as is not ordinarily used for any other purpose than lubrication.11.4 kerosene type jet fuels Other kerosene type jet fuels Other kerosene Light diesel oils High speed diesel oils Furnace oil Lubrication oil.31 0.P.99.11 2710.00 1905.00 Tariff Value (US$/Unit) (3) (4) (5) Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate not containing cocoa) Asia origin Other origin Chocolate Asia origin Other origin Sweet biscuits: Asian Origin Other Origin Waffles and wafers: Asian Origin Other Origin Cracker Biscuits Asian Origin Other Origin Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals.00 32.00 0.C Type Other motor spirits.31 0.06 19.04 H.62 2710.43 2710.00 3.50 1.25 2710.90.19.00 2710. 1969 (IV of 1969) section 25(3).00 1806.11.50 4. (1) 17. 14-07-11 Following goods are considered as exempted from mandatory PSI programme under SRO No.42 2710.50 3.10 Litre U/PIN U/PIN U U U 0.09 27.50 2.31 0.41 2710.32 2710.11. 2009.61 2710. including aviation spirits Spirit type jet fuel White spirit Naphtha J.31.50 2.15 0.10.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix J Rev.00 1704.20 2710.11.31 0.11 2710.31 49.31 MT Litre 800.31 1100.19.31 0.31 0.19.07 26 ** 85.11.00 4.075 0.19.00 0.06 8506.31 0.11.00 1905.36 4911.31 0.020 0.31 0.00 .11.S. Code (2) 1704.P.31.49 2710.B.

11.00 9003.75 Frames and mountings for spectacles.19.60 Of other materials U 0.90 Spectacles.60 Tariff Value (US$/Unit) (5) 0.10.10 90.50 27 .18 0.05 0.00 9004.03 9003. corrective protective or other Of plastics Of other materials U U 0.00 9004. Code (2) Description of goods Unit Rev.00 90.90. goggles and the like. 14-07-11 85.S.42 8542.55 64 K storage capacity (native) U 0.20 0.65 64 K storage capacity (java) U 0.39. goggles or the like: Of plastics U 0.04 (3) (4) AAA size (non alkaline) U AA size (alkaline) U AAA size (alkaline) U Other size (alkaline) U SIM Card: 32 K storage capacity U 0. (1) H.50 0.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Heading No.

62.62.23 85. transmission app. 14-07-11 Following goods are considered as exempted from mandatory PSI programme under SRO No.62.62.70. Nes.S. Code (2) 8517.17 8517.04 85.Bangladesh Guidelines for Importers Appendix K Rev.90 8517. Heading No. Power handling Capacity =<1 KVA Optical fibre cables 28 . modem.10 85.00 Description (3) Telephonic or telegraphic switching apparatus Other reception.Ethernet interface card: computer network switch.31.30 85. hub and router.29.20 8517.(excl. telephonic/telegraphic switch. Modem.00 8544. Transmitting and receiving apparatus Storage devices incorporating software Transformers.44 8523.158-Ain/2008 th / 2189/Shulka dated June 19 2008.12 8504. (1) H.