American Highschool

 I used to wake around 5:30 to 5:45 − Why wake up so early???  School ends at 2:15 p. .Early Risers  Public highschool starts at 7:15 a.m.m.

Transportation  The Bus  Public transportation is provided for everyone to go to school You can get your drivers license at age 16 Get there early to get a parking space  Drive yourself or hitch a ride   .

 Everyone has an individual schedule .The Classroom   The room looks similar to your rooms Teachers have their own classrooms!!  Teachers usually teach one grade and one subject  You don't go to class with the same people all day long.

55 minutes a class  Standard − . 1:45 each Classes change every semester Same 7 classes all school year.The Schedule of the Day  2 basic schedules  Block − − 4 classes a semester.

you are hungry at 10!! The food is historically horrible  . a new grade eats lunch Other students will be in class or their “home room” When you eat breakfast at 6 or 6:30.Lunch   We have lunch at our highschools!!! Starts from about 10:30 and lasts to 12:30    Every 30 minutes.


Clubs and Sports  Although school lets out 2:15. the doors do NOT close then. Many kids stay after school to practice sports or participate in clubs  .

Clubs?  Organizations that meet together for a common purpose Ex: DECA. NHS. and meet friends Looks great on a college resume too!    . debate A way to get involved at your school. discover things you really like. Theater club. Chess.

Sports   Huge part of highschool culture.   State Championship . If you play for your highschool. it means your good Highschools will play other highschools all over the state.

. Park. Zoo.Field Trips   Similar to the ones here You will go somewhere outside of your school with your class for a day. .  Museum. ect..

and afterparties . a dance. concerts Prom    You have probably seen it in movies Students dress up in their best and have dates Lots of photos. sporting events.Events    The school will put on events for the community Plays.

Tradition  The Senior prank   Famous tradition of American highschool Seniors do a prank on their last day of school    School Mascot Class ring and graduation robes School colors  Gold and Blue .

Distributive Education Clubs of America .

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