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Boating time? Operator Time? Onward time n return train time? Extra places timings Kiliyur falls - Operator’s Plan and our plan? Food facilities in Yercaud Distance between TN hotel n Yercaud Bus stand Distance Salem BS and RS Time taken Yercaud BS to Salem RS Room availability enquiry on June 1st Details of 13 places with special mention for Kiliyur Falls Water in Kiliyur falls Enquire the timings of 1st bus in Salem BS Is it possible to book in advance for boating

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e.) Brush ur teeth either in train or in Salem Junction!! Breakfast place (Salem or Yercaud) yet to be decided Plan A Day 1     Day 2    Completing the reaming sightseeing by car. (have to check whether it is possible to split up the sightseeing plan into 2 days for the same amount) Starting to Salem by car/van. . in Salem or in Yercaud. We have to start according to that. As we discussed we need to decide abt the food – Fruits. Bread and stuff like that) Sightseeing remaining places till 5 PM or 6 PM.. Get Freshen up soon. ( Have to check the distance and mode of transport here) Spending time in the kiliyur falls till afternoon.e. Boating and if possible. Whether 1500/800 is for car for 5 persons or tavera/quails for 7 or 8 persons) Have to decide abt check out time also. Check Mode of Transport – Starting to Yercaud by bus (Time) Reaching Yercaud (Check Travel time in bus) @ Trying to have breakfast before Check in(10 AM) to save time.Tour Plan       Starting to Salem from Chennai Egmore @ in MS SA Express(16 ) Reaching Salem @ Reaching Bus Stand.(Another imp thing to check. (Have to decide about our lunch here. (i. have to decide where are we going to have our lunch i. Start to Kiliyur falls trek. a pleasant walk!! (Have to check the timings of boating)  Plan B Day 1   Complete the sightseeing to all places except kiliyur falls by 5 PM Boating after that.

Day 2   Kiliyur falls trek Starting as per the previous plan Plan A and B – Common  Starting back to Chennai by Kovai Exp Time Train no Yet to check. .

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