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Practitioner’s Manual
By Stephanie Brail, Reiki Master

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Copyright 2005 Stephanie Brail. This manual may be given freely to
students as long as the entire manual is kept intact. No text or portion
of this manual may be copied or plagiarized, unless quoted briefly as
part of “fair use” in a review or other commentary.

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In this Reiki system you will be attuned to the energy of Excalibur,
the Sword of Truth. You will learn how to tap into the archetypal
energies of Merlin and the Lady of the Light to heal and manifest.
This is an excellent system for manifestation as well as clearing away
external obstacles to success and happiness. You will also use the
principles of alchemy to create the life you want.

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This system is designed for existing Reiki practitioners, so it is
assumed you understand the basics of Reiki and how to visualize a
Reiki symbol to flow the Reiki energy.

The Excalibur Reiki energy can be used in the same way that regular
Reiki can. You can flow the energy to yourself or another person
through the palms of your hands just as in regular Reiki.

The focus of this course, however, is to show how to use the special
qualities of Excalibur Reiki.

The first difference between Excalibur Reiki and regular Reiki is that
Excalibur Reiki does not use a traditional symbol per se. There are two
Excalibur Reiki symbols and they work in the following ways:
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Excalibur, the Sword of Truth
Once attuned to Excalibur Reiki, you will receive the symbol of
Excalibur, the Sword of Truth.

Excalibur will appear to each practitioner differently. Please see the
section on “receiving attunements” for more information. (As you
work with the energy, the image of Excalibur may also change and

Excalibur is used to cut through the veil of illusion separating us
from our true spiritual selves. As such, it is best used to clear out
negative energy, remove negative attachments to objects, people,
places, and things, cut etheric cords between people, and provide
protection from negative energy and even negative entities or
thought forms.

You can use Excalibur during a regular Reiki session to add to the
healing energy you are sending. Simply imagine the image of the
sword in the palms of your hands prior to starting the Reiki flow
(you can use it separately or together with other Reiki symbols).

To use Excalibur for clearing, you do not need to touch the client.
Imagine the sword in your mind clearing away the negative energy,
etheric cords, or attachments. Or, you can literally “hold” the sword
as if it were in your hands and make pantomime motions to cut away
the negative energy.

To use Excalibur for protection, you can envision the sword (make it
as big as you are) working as an aura sentry, in front of you and also
behind you, blocking any negative energy from coming your way.

Excalibur also represents the positive aspects of masculine energy.

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The Holy Grail, Chalice of Enlightenment
The second symbol is the Holy Grail, or Chalice. The Grail is used to
bring light, peace, and clarity. Like Excalibur, the Holy Grail symbol
will appear to each practitioner differently. It may also change over

You can use the Grail to activate Reiki energy for the recipient. It
brings a light, clean energy, sort of like a refreshing cup of clear
spring water. The Grail energy brings the light of spiritual peace and
enlightenment to the recipient.

You can also imagine negative energy, problems, or issues being put
into the cup, where they will be transmuted and released.

The Holy Grail also represents positive aspects of feminine energy.

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ExcaIilur can le used as a Iocusing tooI to lring insights and
cIairvoyance. To receive inIormation using ExcaIilur: Iie dovn and
cIose your eyes to meditate. Imagine ExcaIilur is µIaced on toµ oI you,
µoint dovnvards tovards your Ieet. PIace your hands over the center
oI your chest as iI you vere hoIding ExcaIilur there.

Imagine a gIoving vhite and µurµIe Iight emanating Irom ExcaIilur.
AsI in your mind vhat is a ªyes¨ and vhat is a ªno.¨ The coIor oI
ExcaIilur may shiIt, or the µoint oI the svord may move in one
direction oI another. Once you have estalIished your ªyes¨ and ªno,¨
you can asI questions in your mind, and the svord viII give you the
true ansver.

'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h|
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At any time, you may ask the Knights of the Round Table for
assistance. They can assist with your healings and especially with
your personal protection. Simply ask and they will appear.

The Knights are especially good with getting rid of unwanted people
and negative entities. Ask them to protect you and remove these
negative influences from your life. If possible, this will be done in the
best way, for the highest good of all concerned.

N¯0||¯ N¯0||¯ N¯0||¯ N¯0||¯ 1¯0 0|¯ü¯"\ 1¯0 0|¯ü¯"\ 1¯0 0|¯ü¯"\ 1¯0 0|¯ü¯"\

Merlin, as a Magician and Wizard, knew the ancient secrets of
alchemy to transform common metals into gold. You can also call
upon Merlin to help transform any area of your life.

You can call upon Merlin at any time. It doesn’t matter if you see him
or hear him. Just ask for his help.

Transforming something is different from getting rid of it, replacing
it, or destroying it. When you transform something, you are taking
one thing and changing its basic properties – its very essence and
being – and making it into something else.

This is an extremely efficient and positive way of using “bad things”
in your life. Rather than just getting rid of something, and wasting all
that existing energy, you can use alchemy to transform it or
transmute it into something positive. Often the results from alchemy
'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h|
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are much more powerful than just getting rid of something and
replacing it with something better. This is because all the negative
energy that had been harnessed in the old, “bad” thing is now in the
new positive thing.

If you have a problem or issue in your life, simply hand it over to
Merlin and ask him to transmute the problem for you. Merlin will
put the problem into his alchemical transformer. Once the alchemy
has been completed, whatever is for the highest good will emerge. It
may take some time for the full transformation to take place, but trust
in the process. Meanwhile, work on the issue in the “real world” in
the best way you know possible.

Merlin can also be asked to assist in healing sessions. Ask him to use
his powers of alchemy to transform the negative energy or disease
into positive energy and health.

1ü¯ l10\ 9| ¡ü¯ l1b¯ 1ü¯ l10\ 9| ¡ü¯ l1b¯ 1ü¯ l10\ 9| ¡ü¯ l1b¯ 1ü¯ l10\ 9| ¡ü¯ l1b¯

The Lady of the Lake brings wisdom and healing. When you need
her special blessings in your life, just ask. If you are troubled over an
issue and don’t know which way to turn, ask the Lady of the Lake to
help you. The best time to ask for help is right before you go to sleep.
She will work to give you answers in your dreams.

The Lady of the Lake can also be asked to help with healing sessions.
She brings a beautiful, peaceful, calm energy.

'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h|
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To follow is the Excalibur Reiki attunement process. You are also
welcome to use any existing attunement method you are already
familiar with.

In-Person Attunement

Most people you attune to Excalibur Reiki should already be Reiki
Masters or at least Level II. If not, you should make sure the person
has had a Reiki session in the past week (at minimum).

Your students should be prepared that they will be receiving
Excalibur and the Holy Grail and to allow themselves to see these
objects in the way that works best for them. They may see the sword
with a jewel-encrusted hilt or maybe it’s plain. They may see a gold
chalice for the Grail or a simple wooden cup. It is up to them.

For the attunement: Have the client sit in front of you with eyes
closed to receive the attunement.

Call upon Merlin and the Lady of the Lake to help with the

To pass the attunement, place both hands on the client’s head and
send Excalibur into the crown chakra, seeing it expand to fill the
entire body.

State out loud:

“Merlin, please use the power of alchemy to transform any negatives
in this person’s life to positives.”

Wait a few minutes. After some time has passed, send the Holy Grail.
'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h|
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“Lady of the Lake, we call upon you to consecrate the person, so that
they may use their healing ability wisely, and for the highest good.”

Wait another few minutes.

“Thank you.”

You are finished.

(If you are called to state something else, trust your intuition.)

Distance Attunement

Distance attunements are just as effective as in-person attunements.
You do not even need to send the attunement at the same time the
client receives it (as attunements can be sent through time and

If you want to send the attunement at the same time the client
receives it, then you will need to set a mutually beneficial time to do
so. Have the client prepare themselves on their end by finding a quiet
place to meditate for at least a half-hour.

You can also send the attunement with the intention that the client
will receive it when they are ready. All you need to do is send the
attunement with that intention, and then direct the client to set aside
a time to receive the attunement (a half-hour at least) at their

For both methods, the client can open themselves up to receiving the
attunement by repeating to themselves out loud or silently:

I am now receiving the Excalibur Reiki attunement sent by <your

'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h| 'ð'0l|buh h'|h|
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I now ask Merlin to please use the power of alchemy to transform
any negatives in my life to positives.

(They should wait a few minutes until they see Excalibur.)

Lady of the Lake, I call upon you to consecrate me, so that I may
use my healing ability wisely, and for the highest good.

(Wait a few minutes until they see the Holy Grail.)

Thank you.

To send the attunement:

Call upon Merlin and the Lady of the Lake to help with the

Then, imagine that you are sending Excalibur with the intent to
attune the client. Then you can send the Holy Grail. Take as much
time as you need for each.

Thank Merlin and the Lady of the Lake for their help.

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