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Somewhere Between - by Marty J Reep

Somewhere Between - by Marty J Reep

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Published by Marty Reep
Somewhere between reality and silence...
Somewhere between reality and silence...

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Published by: Marty Reep on May 27, 2012
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Somewhere Between

by Marty J. Reep, 2012

Somewhere between Reality and silence Lie the thoughts that we have About life Love And bits of our existence That walk, Speak, And dwell In the measure Of truth That holds us to The points of living That count. Value speaks In the hearts Of people Who want to hear truth, Whether it soothes Or not. When we are ready to listen, Words of love and respect Will carry far into the ends of the universe And deeply into our hearts. And in the end, Final analysis will confirm That labors of love Count And bring Moments of thought Into the real.

Published online at www.scribd.com/mjreep

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