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Rupee vs Dollar_PPT

Rupee vs Dollar_PPT

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Published by: priyajog87 on May 27, 2012
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Fall of the Rupee .

it plunged to a a low of Rs.70 against the $ .55.The Situation • Rupee has continued its downfall over the course of the previous year • As on May 22nd. 2012.

55. Dollar has gained in value against a lot of major currencies. Now it’s worth around 79. the Dollar has also lost against the Japanese Yen (A dollar was worth around 82 Japanese yen around a year back. namely.) .91 and is expected to touch Rs. – – – – The Euro The Swiss Franc The Brazilian Real The INR (It touched a low of Rs.5 yen.Blame it on a global trend • Recently. 60) • However.

and those that have lost value have lost it in varying degrees • There are other individual issues at play as well when it comes to currencies losing value against the dollar .Blame it on a global trend • In the face of European economic crisis. the world at large is considering the dollar to be a safe haven and moving money into it by buying US treasury bonds • The conclusion is that not all countries have lost value against the Dollar.6 trillion) is almost equal to its GDP ($15 trillion). large institutional investors have moved out of the Euro and into the Dollar • In spite of the fact that the debt of the US government ($14.

High Fiscal Account Deficit • Huge subsidy on food. fertilizer and petroleum • Underestimation of expenses ---> Fiscal deficit .

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