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SAP Basis Administration

SAP Basis Administration

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Published by: ofrq on May 27, 2012
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SAP Basis Administration Training – R/3 with Oracle Day 1

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Orientation & Introductions SAP R/3, What is SAP R/3, New dimension Technology? o ERP Market Place o SAP AG o Overview of R/3, New dimension Technology? o R/3 Components What is Basis? R/3 Architecture & Technology Basis Consultant’s Roles & Responsibilities Get your hands dirty!

Day 1
• • • • •

Introduction to Operating Systems – Unix and Windows 2000 Server Introduction to RDBMS - Oracle Introduction to R/3 Networking/Communications Basic Architecture & Technology Concepts Navigating SAP R/3 o Logging On and Off o Graphical User Interface o On-line Help o Starting the R/3 System o Starting an R/3 Instance o Process Overview at the Operating System Level o Assigning Parameter Values R/3 Startup Logs and Traces o Startup Diagnostics o Database Startup Logs and Traces o Before Stopping the R/3 System o Stopping the R/3 System o Stopping R/3: Error Diagnostics

Day 2

Transaction RZ10: o Profile Maintenance

R/3 Profiles o Maintaining R/3 Profiles o Changing R/3 Profile Parameters o Checking and Comparing R/3 Profiles Operation Modes: o Concept o Choosing an Operation Mode o Choosing an Operation Mode o Setting Up Operation Modes/Instances o Adapting Instance Definitions and Operation Modes o Operation Mode Switch: Advantage o Scheduling Operation Modes o Switching Operation Modes Manually Background Processing: o Background Processing o Why Background Processing? o What is a Background Job? o Scheduling of Jobs and Workload Balancing o Defining a Job Using the Job Wizard o Executing Programs as Job Steps o Start Conditions of a Job o Definition and Triggering of Events o Status of a Job o Summary Q & A

Day 3

SAP R/3 Installation Concepts o Elements in R/3 Installation o Installation Steps o Installation of Presentation Server o Post-installation Steps o R3SETUP and INSTGUI Utilities

Day 4

Client Instance Strategy o Terminology o Promote to Production Strategies Computer Center Management System

o o o o o o o

Overview of CCMS Concept Managing Profiles R/3 Operation Modes CCMS Monitors Managing SAP System Alerts Database Performance Monitor Operating System Performance Monitor

Day 5
• •

Transport Management System Workbench/Customizing Organizer o Transports System Concepts o System Types o Using tp, the Transport Control Program o Post Installation Steps

Day 6

• •

Database maintenance and architecture o Oracle and SAP R/3 o Introduction to BRTOOLS o Tablespace Administration with BRTOOLS SAP Online Support System (OSS) SAP Database Administration – Continued\ o Backing Up the Database: BRBACKUP o Backing Up the Archived Redo Logs: BRARCHIVE

Day 7
• •

R3 Performance tunning Management of Users, Authorizations and o Overview of User Administration o Managing User Master Records

Day 8
• •

SAP Printing System General Admin Utilities o Monitoring User Sessions o Monitoring Work Processes

Monitoring Update Records o Monitoring Lock Entries o Monitoring Client Copies o R/3 System Logs o ABAP/4 Short Dumps o System Traces Typical Basis tasks o Daily o Weekly o Monthly o Q&A

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