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Section 1: inner Game
1. Your Best self 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Inner Game Change Your life NoW!!!!!!! Q & A on Wings and Cutting old friends Do You Bring Value or take it???? 1 2 13 17 21 26 27 30 34 36 39 40 41 44 47 48 58 60

2. oNe speCIAl GIrl 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 oneitis?? Q & A on love Girl Has a Boyfriend, But I Know she likes Me “I Don’t Chase......I replace.”

3. NeWBIes 3.1 to the New Guys! 3.2 Dates: lunch, Dinner, Drinks 3.3 the prescription to Move out of the lJBf Zone 4. opeNING 4.1 Approach Anxiety 4.2 Q & A on Approach Anxiety 4.3 opening Mixed Groups (Guys and Girls)

Section 2: outer Game
5. teAsING & role plAYs 5.1 Q & A: How Can I Make Girls laugh? 5.2 How to flirt with Women, the Art of push/pull 63 64 66 I

6. tAKeAWAYs & sNls 6.1 takeaways for sNls 6.2 same Niglt lay simple pointers 7. 9’s & 10’s 7.1 How Do I Date Hotter Girls? “proximity is power.” 7.2 Braddock and Mr. M (10 Game Audio) 7.3 Dating tip: Become successful with Women by Modeling 8. pHoNe AND text 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 text Game text Game Basics by Braddock and savoy text Game: Making the Number solid the ultimate Guide to phone and text Game

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9. ColleGe GAMe 9.1 College Game Videos 9.2 Q & A on College and social Circle Game 9.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to get you laid)

Section 3: LifeStyLe
10. soCIAl CIrCle MAsterY & ColD ApproACH 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 When to pull the trigger in Your social Circle Golden rule of Building a New social Circle... social Circle Mastery Interview Audio social Circle Vs. Cold Approach...let’s Just Hug it out 136 137 143 145 146


1 poppin my Colla partna NYC lay report 13.11.1 Creating Friends w/ Benefits 149 150 153 154 156 157 163 12. stICKING poINts 12.1 too ‘routine Dependent’ sticking point 13.2 soldier of fortune! III . frIeNDs W/ BeNefIts 11. lAY reports 13.

the self Concept .1 inner Game .Being in the Moment 1.What it really Means to Have a Wing .3 Q and a on Wings and cutting old friends .4 do you Bring value or take it???? .When to find New friends 1.relaxing .Value and its “Identity” 1 .2 change your Life noW!!!!!!! .stop Bullshitting Yourself & others 1.setting realistic Goals .covered in thiS chapter: 1.

” Not wish you could or hope to believe or pretend to believe. by eckhart tolle Inner Game: If you develop your inner game then you can’t be stopped! Develop good inner game and the outer game will come at double the rate. but I picked these two because I think they are most important. You don’t have to become Mystery or style to enjoy great success. by Brian tracy the power of Now. 2 . Making small changes here and there can change your game DrAstICAllY! self Concept: Simple definition - “How much you truly believe that you are capable of doing something. I will try to offer some of the key concepts that have resonated with me.1. Inner game has many components.1 inner Game http://www. by eckhart tolle living the liberated life. Here are a few of the books I have read several times trying to really understand this and internalize it. by Maltz the psychology of Achievement. Winner’s edge: What is this? People who dominate any field are only a “hair” better than everyone else.html the self Concept and Being in the Moment: I’ve been reading quite a few books lately on the self concept. some helpful books on these topics. This is how much confidence you truly feel for a given skill set. and selfdeception. they have had a big impact on my life and game.com/braddock/61181-braddocks-inner-game. However. with self-deception being third. However.. I have literally stacks of notebooks full of notes I have taken on each book. I’m going to try and make this post as short as I can and keep it geared toward pickup. My notes below are merely the tip of the iceberg. by eckhart tolle realization of Being. I highly suggest you do not use this post as a substitute for reading these books cover to cover.theattractionforums. being in the moment. psycho Cybernetics.. the difference in the success they enjoy is enormous.

He literally believed he was going to make every shot. then it is crucial that we change our self concept in that area.1 inner Game example: Bushing my teeth. we will be consistent with that weak self image. brushing your teeth. What does this mean? remember. we will start to be more consistent with that. but you know if you play that game and that level enough times you will eventually get the hang of it. hanging a picture on the wall. Your self concept is low in relation to that game. 3 .” Your overall self concept will determine your success in life. if we have a weak self concept about the women we deserve. You have an overall self concept and it is made up of all your individual self concepts. If we develop a strong self concept about our ability to attract women. the converse is also true. It is impossible to act in a manner inconsistent with one of your self concepts. Want to get better at anything? then you Must CHANGe your self concept in that area. income. we must stop letting any one of our self concepts control how we feel about our overall self concept (specifically. and the women we deserve. “My self concept is low. You will just keep playing it until you understand what every button on the controller does without you even having to think about it. how do we create a better self concept?? first. but if we want to get better at something. what kind of woman you deserve. If we switched these two and asked MJ to build a house.) examples: Michael Jordan’s self concept in basketball was extremely high.1. playing soccer. our self concept in relation to women). because he has never done it before. how you drive. A carpenter’s is just as high with carpentry. He believes on a deep level he can build a house.etc.. so.. or about how good we are at pickup. once you play it enough times you could beat that level with your eyes closed. “My self concept is high”. I said you have a self concept for eVerYtHING you do!!!!!!! Do you look in the mirror and feel like shit about “who you are” when you first buy a video game and you keep dying on the first level? No. so. It is impossible to act inconsistent with our self image. guess what. If we move our concept up or down we will act consistent with this new self concept. You won’t get depressed and want to crawl into bed or go read every book on that game. he would most likely have a low self concept in the area of carpentry. You have a self concept for everything in your life (dress.

Generally speaking. as my self concept grew. the uneasiness went away. However. you are able to grow rapidly. can you see that you just dialed up that one self concept in that area of your life? Now. this knowledge should empower you with women and dating. your self concept is higher now than when you first purchased that game. I will give you a million dollars if you beat level one.” Based on the previous statement. when we know we have not 4 . I remember when I first started driving. but if you don’t I’m going to blow your head off. if I had said. therefore.1 inner Game However. ·We have a scientific formula to change our self concept! Not just some abstract “you can do it affirmation. How can you measure it? When you first played that game. When we are doing something that we think we are not good at. All the positive affirmations in the world will not trick our subconscious mind into believing that we can truly complete the task at a high level. would you have taken the bet??? Noooo. We never feel uneasy doing something that we are good at. then your self concept would grow at a very slow rate. and you can beat level one with your eyes closed. Your self concept tells you. during the process of growing your self concept in regards to that game. If you cried every time you lost and turned the game off and didn’t play it for two weeks. You didn’t attach too much meaning to that game. After you have played that game for 3 months. you never let your low self concept affect your overall self concept. for about 3 months I felt anxiety every time I got behind the wheel. I had a jeep with a stick shift. there are 3 occasions that cause us to feel a sense of uneasiness: 1. would you take that bet???? of course. right? Do you ever feel uneasy brushing your teeth? What about driving your car? Were you always good at these tasks? Did you ever feel uneasy about driving your car? I did. for A fACt that we can change our self concept simply by becoming more competent and skilled in the area we are deficient in. this one skill set DOES NOT define your overall self concept and it does not affect your other self concepts. and the fastest way is by treating the skill set we want as a process and not attaching our identity to it. If you look at this on a time line from when you got the video game until you could play it with your eyes closed. we know. this is a sound bet.1. Example: (Public Speaking).

lead our logical brain to accept the idea that things are bigger than they are. You just learn to use your mind to quiet them to a level where your logical brain is running the show and not your emotional brain. “I can do this.e. When we are doing something we know we can do. I will do amazing demos for the students on bootcamp. How do we combat the 3 above in relation to pickup? 1. first we must quiet our mind and put things where they really belong. but you can’t even hit the rim when the stadium is full and it’s the championship game.. this doesn’t mean you try to not feel emotions at all. doing an amazing demo on command for this guy. You develop a self concept based on one or more bad experiences without allowing enough time for the self concept to align with the idea that you can eventually master the task or skill set. We build up how important the game is for our future that we make it impossible to just be in that moment like we are in practice. 3. 2. We might talk it into believing we can get by. but saying.1 inner Game put in the work to obtain the skill. but you are attributing meaning to the people in the stands and the trophy you may win. I can’t wait to watch you in field tonight!” If I attribute a new found importance on a future outcome I cannot control or predict. I read your blog. but we are putting unnecessary importance on the outcome. I could give millions of examples for this in any genre of life from work to pickup. especially in relation to pickup. I personally think this is the most important one. if a student says. the goal is the same height and the ball has the same amount of air in it. example 2: When I’m not thinking about the past or the future and I’m really in the moment. then I will likely lock up and perform poorly. 5 . train your mind to control your body’s emotional responses to outside stimulus. It’s the same shot you couldn’t miss during practice.1. will only further trigger your mind to remind you where your true self concept is.. these emotional responses. if not quieted. example: You hit every shot in basketball practice when nobody is there to watch. I. example: (Girl told you to fuck off on an approach). But. When we are doing things that we have had a failed experience with. “You’re Braddock.” when you truly know you can’t.

but the difference is his ability to use his logical mind to calm the inner emotional storm and quickly get back to the self concept that he enjoys in practice. What if we have a bad game? What will this mean in the future? What will all these people think about me?” You then get an even deeper emotional reaction from your body. and a loss could send those commercials to another. 6 . I. You are not thinking about what will happen good or bad if you make or miss “this one shot. made him seem like a God amongst mere mortals. in-themoment state of being. his ability to get there from the tip off while others most likely didn’t get there until the second half. Just like in practice. Because there is no emotional response. in the championship game. Yes.1 inner Game Why? In basketball practice. on the contrary. take Michael Jordan in a championship game. You are now not playing basketball with the same self concept that you enjoy in practice because that self concept was based on shooting basketballs in a calm. the energy of the crowd.” You just shoot. Michael Jordan was capable of quieting all of that and even using that as a reason to get real calm inside while everyone around him was being deeply affected by these factors. and the perceived importance placed on a desired outcome act to stimulate an emotional response that causes us to get butterflies. would do a number on most people’s emotions and nervous system. let’s think this out. dealing with what the media will write and say. Our logical brain says. collected. I agree. collected. you don’t get butter flies in your stomach and your throat doesn’t clench up because you are not attributing any long term meaning to that event. No doubt.1. people say he gets up for big games better than anyone who has ever played the game. calm. I would argue this was necessary but not sufficient to play at the level he played so consistently. cool. butterflies. the noise. dealing with the excitement of being on tV. your logical mind stays in control. He was getting really quiet inside so he could get to that place where all that was forgotten and nothing mattered but the moment. in the moment state you enjoyed in practice. each time your emotions are taking your mind a little further away from the cool.E. But in nerd speech. you stay in the moment. the pressure of a big game. You are aware that if you have a bad practice it doesn’t really matter and that nobody was in the stands to see you perform poorly. However. Now. and most importantly. controlled. “Why are we having these feelings? Why are we feeling so nervous? this must be important. I would say that he has the ability to control his mind and emotions allowing him to access his highest basketball self concept more readily than any other who has ever played the game. You stay calm. dealing with the awareness that a win could mean millions of dollars in endorsements. MJ was physically talented. I’m willing to bet that he feels those jittery nervous feelings just like the rest of us. this jittery nervous state is creating a new negative self concept. you use your logic.

so. I can’t wait to see you in field tonight. “Braddock I love your blog. “What if we do bad demos in front of him. All I can do is control the moment I’m in. I think about it from then until that night. I hope I don’t get blown out in front of him. Can you see how this applies to all levels of pickup? If I said I wanted you to take a publishers Clearing House check to a hot girl. I will quickly be back on track to enjoying my original self concept before his statement and our super hero Braddock is back to kicking the world in half. does that mean that I’m really not as good as I say and believe I am? Wow. I have learned to control my mind instead of my mind controlling me. at that time I’m in it. and possibly. Why? You have the skill set required to handle that situation and you don’t attribute more meaning to it than necessary. smile. my self concept is high when I walk into a venue to pickup girls. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.e. It often answers these questions with bad answers. choose not to control the emotion.1. without any extraneous factors. ultimately. If I am incapable. and that him wanting to see them or not doesn’t change the level of importance I need to attach to them. However. will he be disappointed? If he’s disappointed. my body is going to have an immediate emotional response to that. and I have developed competence with my skill set through thousands of approaches. My self image in regards to game is relatively high. hand her the check. and walk back to your car no problem. As soon as he says it. every time I’m on bootcamp. quiet it down to a dull roar. once I do this. I’m attracting the failure that I predicted because that is all I will focus on from the time he makes his statement until I fail miserably allll night long during the demos. You don’t have an emotional response to the idea of completing this task.” As you can see. “a statement”. and compartmentalize the students statement as just. You could walk up. I. and my logical mind races to find answers for that strange emotion I’m feeling. Your self image tells you that you can complete that task with ease. but I’ll tie it in to my example from above.1 inner Game How does this apply to pickup? I think by now it’s probably obvious. 7 . or decide to attribute a bunch of meaning to his statement. then my logical mind will quickly get back to its natural state by realizing that I can’t predict how the demos are going to turn out tonight or any night. if I choose to control that emotion. I have acquired a vast knowledge base and I have mastered being in the moment.”. we better do well tonight. this is a slippery slope to kill the current moment and a whole bunch of future moments. then the emotion will manifest in a way that will alter my self concept for that night. maybe the weekend. if a student says. so your logical mind stays in control and you don’t run 30 “what if” scenarios through your head that would stir emotions to change your self concept. you wouldn’t have much of an emotional response to that. However.

You open every good set in the venue for no strategic reason other than that you feel good inside and it just feels right. “Wow. but now that this is all coming together. I’m actually glad that my ex girlfriend dumped me. judgmental 8 . you leave the house with your “pickup self concept. However. and take home your old friend.1 inner Game Now when we take the scenario of going to a venue with the goal of talking to women. You are still excited about last night and you can’t wait to get to the venue so you can build on the night before. You get several numbers. so as you read this input your self concept here. she falls asleep. You know you can have your pick. so you leave the house with your self concept and then what happens? All kinds of factors come flying at you from night to night to help increase or decrease your self concept. You feel like all your study of pickup ebooks and DVD’s on game are finally paying off. over the course of the night. Your self concept moves up and you are feeling a new high. one of your hot friends from college happens to be at the same bar and sees that these girls are all over you. each of the three girls reopens you and tries to get your attention. the three girls get even more interested. You stare at the ceiling thinking. you see that he has brought his loud. You can’t hit the door fast enough. You lay awake still riding a high. a whole host of external factors are introduced that can either increase your self concept or drastically diminish it based on what level of meaning and importance you attach to them. All three of the girls in the set want you bad. she runs over and hugs you. After banging her like a screen door on a battleship. The girls won’t leave you alone. Your friend calls and says he is at your house to pick you up. friday night. The first set you open goes ridiculously well. You are in the moment and you feel like you can’t be stopped! You feel like you could open a set with Brad pitt in it and walk away with the girl. when you got in your friend’s car.1. I haven’t felt this good in forever. You can’t wait to go out tomorrow for an even more plentiful bounty. these factors have no real meaning or value and can only affect your self concept If You let tHeM!!! let’s look at two very different outcomes to two situations that are in all actuality the same.” saturday night you are going to go to the exact same venue as the night before. I’m glad she dumped me because look how good I am getting at this. make out with the best of the 3 set. that’s been bothering me forever. You can’t even remember what you opened them with and they all responded well to you. asshole.” (Whether you are leaving the house with a low or super high self concept is unimportant in regards to the point I’m trying to make here.) ok.

You finally decide to do a set even though you aren’t feeling it. as soon as you see this guy. You open and sure enough you get blown out!!! Now. “Damn. You hit the venue and you do 4 laps around the place and hit the bathroom twice instead of just being in the moment and opening because you aren’t feeling it like you were last night. that guy saw me get blown out and he is giving me that judgmental smirk like he thinks he’s better than me. your self concept takes a slight dip.1. (truth is. because you know how judgmental he is and you can already feel him judging you if you get blown out of a set. you can’t help but wonder.1 inner Game friend from work to go out with you guys. you have an emotional response and you get out of the moment. “Maybe it’s not that I’m letting this guy stir my emotions. you half blame him for putting you in a bad state. You immediately spin around hoping he didn’t see. You already started attaching meaning to his judgments and thoughts. last night you wouldn’t have cared what this asshole thought. you feel it inside your stomach and you won’t stop thinking about it. your mind is back in the past rehashing your first blow out wondering what you did wrong with those girls and you are still pondering if the asshole friend knows something about you that you should feel insecure about. “Maybe he’s right. I mean. but as you walk around. I hate him. judgmental asshole in the car and you worry what he’ll say if you get blown out in front of him tonight. maybe last night was a fluke and “most” girls really don’t respond to me like that. Is he a judgmental asshole or does he see something in me that I’ve never noticed? He’s right to judge me. And. You don’t want to open poorly in front of him. You wouldn’t have even noticed him because you were in the moment).” You spin around to find your friend and. it was the first set of the night. In your mind. but part of you questions yourself and says. You half ass open 3 more sets. resulting in me questioning my self concept. You have been so focused on what that guy will think that you have just been running a movie screen in your head the last 2 hours of you getting blown out and this random asshole friend judging you over and over and over. Your self concept was so high last night. but you walk up NoWHere NeAr in the moment.” You give him no satisfaction with your facial expressions or body language .” self concept takes another dip. While you open these 3 sets. You left the house and you were really feeling it. you shouldn’t give a shit. 9 . Damn it! You instantly feel your confidence sag a little. sure enough he’s a loud.

and you spend an hour pondering how you could have such an amazing night last night and such a horrible night tonight. or your face. and then gives some asshole a big hug and a deep kiss... Now you have decided that this is solID proof that you are bad with women and that last night was undoubtedly a fluke.1. what the hell???? Your self concept is high on friday! Is it real? Yes. You finally get home. Your self concept takes another dip. You see a girl you used to date at the same venue and she is flirting with a guy you assume is no doubt better than you in every way possible. and wonder if you should have married your ex girlfriend.1 inner Game sooo.. asshole friend asks you several condescending questions about why those girls were so rude to you. those who have great inner game can feel this high regardless of the momentum or lack thereof created by the first set. last night. they know you have an agenda and they can feel that you subtly are hoping they give you their approval. had that first set gone poorly.. the girls in these next 3 sets feel a strange incongruence when you walk up.this is where the men are separated from the boys. In the car ride home. Now. so. You are trying to be funny and interesting. and now your chest hurts worse than ever before. You question if all this game shit you’ve read is even real. or something about you betrays your funny jokes and interesting stories and sheds light on a guy who is strangely not in the moment. would your night have been completely different? Would I have had a shit night instead? Awww. you thought you were completely over her. You were allowing your true self concept to drive the bus because no external factors got in its way or pushed it down. “I’ve had both of those nights Braddock . You grab your friend and his dick friend and head home. but they aren’t having it. 10 . his negative judgmental mindsets.. Were you right to feel all of those feelings or is that just being delusional from a bunch of random luck? No.. but you internalize some of the horse shit coming out of his mouth as truth. All 3 sets blow you out worse than the patriot’s did the Chargers in week 3. you are using the same openers and material that you used last night. Your voice. You stare longingly and just a split second longer tonight than you would have if you bumped into her last night when you owned the venue! she sees and feels your needy stare. they can feel it. or the last 3 blowouts. lay in bed. it wasn’t luck.. the asshole friend. Her self concept takes a spike up and she gives you some weak ass wave and a half smile. You hate him more.

It can make our game look way worse than it really is. CoMpletelY in that moment.1. good or bad. does this mean you will never get blown out? Does it mean that you will get every girl? Noooo!! Don’t confuse self concept and being in the moment as the same thing. remember that your self concept is defined as what you truly believe your skill set is in any given area.. this is a scary place to be. and it annoys you oNlY while your eyes are on his face. Being in the moment. but it carries Zero negative momentum into the next set. Gandhi stone cold pimpin! lol) Being in the moment allows you to truly increase your self concept in an area. but ONLY in the car. you are completely in the moment. Horrible or great at that video game. You know your inner game has reached a high level when you could go 0 for 10 or 10 for 10 in any given night and your self concept is unchanged. Gandhi is most likely in the moment at all times. allows you to see where your actual self concept is. then you will stay in the moment and your self concept will maintain a constant level all night.” It’s what you truly believe it to be at any given moment. but that does not mean he can pickup girls in a bar. you have an honest measuring stick of your self concept in regards to that video game. when you open your first set and his judgments mean nothing to you. randomly because a bunch of factors went right or we randomly didn’t attach a bunch of meaning to these outside factors. not what you wish it was.1 inner Game The external meaning you are attributing to how your first set goes is determining your entire night. He has never done the reading. it’s hard for us to measure our true self concept in regards to pickup. sometimes. “I think I can. He only has half of the puzzle. aka (being in the moment). because we allow our self concept to go up and down sooo much from day to day based on a bunch of meaning we attach to external factors and our complete lack of being in the moment. (I stand corrected. they do feed each other. 11 . Now. When the asshole friend in the car annoys you. then we get in a good state. our true self concept shines through and we have a great night. but they are two very different things. and not some bullshit affirmation of. once you learn to be in the moment. and the stars to line up just perfectly every night or you are not going to have a good night. never opened countless sets.. His self concept in regards to pickup is still low. because you need the moon. and never developed a skill set.. when you leave that set and he gives you a dick head look. When you are playing video games. the sun. and BAM.

then you will see a drastic change in your life. if you have children who act up. but if you can ever master these two.e. then our game reaches new heights. there are soooo many other facets that can help your inner game . this means that he spends more time operating in the moment and that he has a high self concept in pickup. continue to beat them until moral improves. Braddock 12 . When you hear that someone has “good game”. remember.1 inner Game However. and stop attributing it to a lack of knowledge. ok. that’s all the time we have for today. once we learn to correlate that usually “a bad night” was more about us not being in the moment. Not necessarily that he has read more pickup books than you. this up and down creates confusion over time espeCIAllY when we have more bad nights than good nights.1. this message has been brought to you by the number 4 and the letter l. they are in the moment and have cultivated a skill set. naturals. Your fearless leader. until next time. I. I would like to thank all my guests.

What if you fucked an 8. then that’s exactly how each one will feel. so. I just suck at this.” HAHA!! Bullshit! Reading more will not fix this issue. then I suck. relax! If you make pickup so important that you feel like every set is the super Bowl. and feel like there is something wrong with you. After just a few weeks of going out with that kind of pressure following you. If I don’t do at least as good as he does. after just a few weeks of going out. I love one on one’s because.html Had a one on one in Dallas this weekend. Maybe.” this kind of goal setting fucks you hard!!!!!!! the goals are not realistic. I remembered that these were issues that had once plagued me and really held me back for a long. opened 5 for 10 and got 3 phone numbers and one of them was a 10? Wouldn’t that have been a damn good night?! 13 . long time. unhappy. while you are really helping someone get their game solid. As a student opens his mind and works through a sticking point.theattractionforums. or “My friend started reading this when I did.1. x story. realistic goals for the night. x cold read and I will try to isolate at least one girl in every set and I will try to bounce at least one girl around the club and get into deep comfort with her. If I do most of these things then I will know that I was successful on the night. After working with this student and he told me what was bothering him. I felt like my game exploded and I had more fun going out and learning pickup. attainable. I need to go home and read pickup for 6 hours per day instead of 5 hours per day. x transition. look how good he’s doing. you will be burnt out. and no matter how great the outcome. there were a couple of things that I learned this weekend that I want to share. (Example: “I am going out for the next two weeks and I will use x opener. really cool guy. “Why am I not learning this? How come it’s so hard for me? Maybe. and to break through insecurities and sticking points that have been like chains holding him down. it will only be a matter of time before you will no longer enjoy going out. 1. you don’t allow yourself room to grow. you also learn a shitload about yourself. Go out with specific goals for the week.” By setting goals like the ones above. you don’t allow yourself to build momentum from the small successes. once I dealt with them. “I want to have sex with a 10 and I want to go 10 for 10 with my sets and get 10 phone numbers”. It’s really fun to watch a guy progress.2 change your Life noW!!!!!!! http://www.com/braddock/49480-change-your-life-now. it’s like seeing a new person. saying. you have measurable. What you need to do is refocus your mind.

now make me laugh at how shitty they are. “friendly conversation” or if he is making progress toward getting the girl. In fact. 2. after set. Why read all of this shit if you aren’t going to use it??? I’m not trying to be mean. set. or make tons of rookie mistakes. I can watch a guy in set and tell you if he is in a. DON’T BE LIKE tHAt!!!! What a fucking waste of time and life. and love to correct the instructors and other students on what they “think you should do” in said situation. Learn in the field: I know everyone says this. the reading really won’t make that much sense or even help that much until you have been in the field and been in the exact situation the author is talking about. and they would likely kick your fucking ass. lol. or they think they are much farther along in set than they really are. the same reason I didn’t. or you are scared shitless of facing the inevitable rejection associated with risking your ego and putting it on the line. Being an arm chair QB is like reading about how fun roller coasters are. If you think you are going to read for 6 months. and books and lines that I thought would be amazing in the field. know all the routines by heart. you would not be down on yourself because your friend went 5 for 5 that day. see how ridiculous that kind of thinking is? I used to do that all the time. buying every product ever made and then one day you will compile the master routine that will allow you to walk into a venue and rattle off this phantom sequence and BAM! girl’s clothes will just start fallling off. or you have read way too much of this shit and your brain goes haywire in set trying to remember every fucking routine you ever read! 14 . You still only half believe it’s real or you are scared shitless of it not being real. I’m trying to make a point. I know why they don’t do it. these guys have all the advice in the world and a million stories that nobody can confirm. you are sadly. It’s so easy to peg the guys on bootcamp who have read everything but haven’t done much field time. mistaken. makes. than 60 hours worth of reading. never actually getting on one. Books that I thought were shit when I first started this mean a lot to me now.1. ever play sports? If you went 2 for 5 in baseball with a double and a bloop single to win the game. sadly. You could read for the next 7 years about how to play tennis and then go play someone who had read nothing but took a 30 min lesson. usually better than I do. INCluDING Me. but damn this is by far the biggest mistake everyone. they know all the theory. you are still dying inside knowing that you should be doing more.2 change your Life now!!!!!!! Not if you are putting bullshit restrictions on how you measure your own success. You do need to do your homework. then. but you struck out 3 times. when you go out that night. they either look gun shy. same applies here. but you will learn more in 1 set in the field. yet telling everyone how great they are?!?! Why would you do that!??? even if you don’t brag and correct others.

not a sprint. you won’t have to take everything they say as fact! I remember when I first started. Going out 3 times per week doesn’t really count as 3 times if you only opened 2 sets each night. so. what do I do Braddock??? set realistic goals!!! Go out a realistic amount every week.2 change your Life now!!!!!!! You are talking about me. and two. they probably know you are lying and just aren’t calling you out on it to avoid an awkward intervention over something stupid. they will find a way to tear you down a little. It will all make so much more sense and you will be able to go apply the material at a much faster rate. find your own center and go get your hands dirty in the field. If you are shitty at pickup.. because you will have a point of reference. stop talking about it with them. second. pay the price. only take advice from those who have been in the trenches and earned their stripes. If you do great.. stop bullshitting others and more importantly stop bullshitting yourself!!! I have friends who lie about how many girls they’ve fucked in order to impress others. this is a marathon. stop talking about it with your friends good or bad! Your friends will not be much help. Once you have done that to the point where you feel like you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say. stop giving a fuck about what anyone thinks about you. My point is this: you are your own best compass. Just worry about your progress. Add just one piece of material every couple of weeks and only add a piece after you have done x number of sets. “Wow! I’ve done a shitload of approaches. 15 .” When you can say that. they haven’t all gone well. but I have honestly done a ridiculous amount of approaches. but I had to take it as fact in my head because they were supposedly gurus. use theMysteryMethod forums to discuss this shit.1. but do it in small chunks while realizing that not any one set matters. stop worrying about how good or bad your friends are doing. Nothing makes me laugh harder than when one of my friends gives me or someone else in my circle advice on how to pickup girls when they haven’t put in the time to even know if what they are saying is true. they will be full of advice that is horrible. Make it fun. Nobody gives a shit for one.. But they don’t talk shit when you aren’t around. fYI. soooo. stop doing it. Go out and do the dirty work. Donald trump doesn’t ask me how to buy real estate and I don’t read his book hoping for advice on how to pickup girls. then go back and grab those pickup books and start reading. set small goals that add up to equal your big goals. I thought some of the stuff I read sounded really fucking gay.

2 change your Life now!!!!!!! After I did a bunch of sets. life is not lived on the computer reading about how someone else is leading the life you wish you had.1. they are just things you are choosing not to overcome.” How can it be the super bowl if you still have 1. read 20% go out 80%. but go create your own stories and experiences. -stop bitching about other people!!! “If only I had a wing. but you won’t open 20 in a week to develop the lifestyle you fucking want and deserve????????? None of this is meant to be mean. His life wasn’t always the shit. look back in a few months and I think you will be surprised at how much closer you are to reaching some of the larger goals. “Well. I had no idea what was what until I had extensive time in field. steal the knowledge. I don’t have a good wing.” fuck no! You would open 20 sets in 10 min to save your mom. If I said go open 20 sets or I’ll blow your mom’s fucking head off!!!! Would you say. -B 16 . I just needed a kick in the ass. I would like to do that. I promise. I could look at material and tell what was really useful and what was just some shit that a nerd threw together to make a quick buck. because you don’t want your goal bad enough. I mean I love my mom and I want to really. -of the time you allot to pickup. looking back. “The first 2. I just know how bad my girl situation was at one time. fuCK tHAt. -Have the mental frame that. Braddock . PUT THE FUCKING BOOKS DOWN AND GO OUT!!! STOP READING tHIs post AND Go out!!!!! I’m serious. the only difference between a guy with a bad ass lifestyle and a guy with a boring one is action.999 approaches to go before it even matters?!?! -set small goals you can reach and journal everyday. trample the weak and hurdle the dead. If only I this or that. So. really bad! But.” -fuck excuses. -Don’t beat yourself up over rejections from girls that you’ll never see again.000 approaches don’t count.

I do well when I hit the bar with a wing. Question 1: “I’m in a sticky situation. I hate hippies! especially hippy girls.theattractionforums.” they usually don’t even ask. As a matter of fact. every time you go out they will be like. However.html I hope someone finds this useful. But. What should I do? “ Question 2: “Do you think I should cut out my old friends and get new ones?” first off. he never fucks it up for me either. “I don’t know man. If anyone asks where your friends are just say. I tried finding wings on the forums and they are scarce too. but I’m apprehensive about going out alone. I know exactly what you’re going through. Here are a couple of questions I received and here are my answers. I thought you said it worked? Why do you ask them those fucked up questions about your friend’s ex girlfriend? that’s stupid. It’s really not a political thing.com/braddock/61176-q-wings-cutting-old-friends.” lololol The truth is. just say. lolololol “hippies and weirdo’s. It was extremely hard for me to find friends who were down with this when I first started. it’s just that they always stink and never seem to be hot. I am a 21 year old who goes to a small college in Baltimore that is crawling with hippies and weirdos. girls just like me I guess. until you do find a decent wing. realize that going out alone isn’t as bad you think it is. Just be yourself. Keep this in mind too. but he won’t say anything to get the girls that are interested in him either. “let’s see it man. the best wing for me is a decent looking guy who won’t say anything to fuck it up. My favorite wing goes out with me all the time and I get laid every night and he almost never does.” that literally made me laugh. 17 .” fuck all that! Just mysteriously become a fucking pimp and when they ask how you do it. I think the best wings are not the guys with great game.3 Q and a on Wings and cutting old friends http://www. My closest friends are kinda naturals and I didn’t even want to tell them I was reading this sort of stuff. they will accidentally fuck you more than a normal dude.1. they would never have understood. there is no quick fix to your wing problem. No one over 21 is interested in going out to the bars. “they’re here somewhere. I thought you read that shit. I also suggest you don’t tell those in your closest circle unless you know you can trust them.

(Having people you can genuinely have fun with is ten times more powerful for your game than having a guy who is willing to go open sets. is dead. tHIs Is Not BeCAuse tHeY DoN’t HAVe GAMe!!!! 18 .1. this is totally different. they are fucking horrible! lol But they give me social proof and I actually like the guys so even if I’m not running game. and who make your quality of life better. Answer to Question 2: Notice that in answering question one I did not say ditch all your old friends and get new ones who are good at pickup. the only good thing about having a wing is when he is a motivated mother fucker that holds you accountable and makes you go out: a guy who won’t let you pussy out and say you are tired or this bar. because they are trying to run game at the same time you are and it just comes across really weird (not because his game is bad or good. or whatever excuse we often make. Nooooooo!!!! When guys say that on here I think it creates great confusion. somewhere for me to go when I’m not in set. just because you have 2 guys excited about gaming and both guys bring it in every set. I’m genuinely having fun. A new guy trying to learn all this shit is often the worst wing . 2 guys gaming hard across each other never really works out). but if I bring girls to him he will talk to them and not freak them out or bore them. Most importantly.3 Q and a on Wings and cutting old friends He doesn’t approach really.) I guess the biggest point I’m trying to make here is that the whole “wing “ thing is not that big of a deal like everyone says it is. he never fucks up my game. If you have a great set of friends who are supportive. I’d much rather meet a guy who is already going. you will read posts on cutting people out of your life who you come to realize are toxic. over trying to talk some mother fucker into getting off the couch. often times you will end up cutting previously close friends out of your life after you have been in the community for a while. deeply care about you. then why would you cut them out of your life just because they have no game???????? that’s ridiculous. You are likely to meet a wing on accident at the bar. Don’t let not having a wing keep you from developing the lifestyle and game you want. I know it sucks. I think if you will read the posts from instructors or guys with a vast amount of experience. What I do is go out with my wing or a group of cool guys and I merely use them as a home base between sets. I don’t count on them for shit as far as pickup. but just keep going out and meeting people.

Once you have done that to the point where you feel like you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly say. stop bullshitting others and more importantly stop bullshitting yourself!!! I have friends who lie about how many girls they’ve fucked in order to impress others. but do it in small chunks while realizing that not any one set matters. Going out 3 times per week doesn’t really count as 3 times if you only opened 2 sets each night. stop giving a fuck about what anyone thinks about you.. Go out and do the dirty work. they haven’t all gone well. what do I do Braddock??? set realistic goals!!! Go out a realistic amount every week. If you do great. this is a marathon.” When you can say that. you won’t have to take everything they say as fact! I remember when I first started. and two. use theMysteryMethod forums to discuss this shit. pay the price. they probably know you are lying and just aren’t calling you out on it to avoid an awkward intervention over something stupid. set small goals that add up to equal your big goals. second. then go back and grab those pickup books and start reading. but I had to take it as fact in my head because they were supposedly gurus. find your own center and go get your hands dirty in the field. stop worrying about how good or bad your friends are doing. Donald trump doesn’t ask me how to buy real estate and I don’t read his book hoping for advice on how to pickup girls. Make it fun.. stop talking about it with your friends good or bad! Your friends will not be much help. so. they will find a way to tear you down a little. not a sprint. Add just one piece of material every couple of weeks and only add a piece after you have done x number of sets. Nobody gives a shit for one. If you are shitty at pickup. only take advice from those who have been in the trenches and earned their stripes..1. 19 . fYI. My point is this: you are your own best compass. Just worry about your progress.3 Q and a on Wings and cutting old friends You are talking about me. stop doing it. Nothing makes me laugh harder than when one of my friends gives me or someone else in my circle advice on how to pickup girls when they haven’t put in the time to even know if what they are saying is true. they will be full of advice that is horrible. It will all make so much more sense and you will be able to go apply the material at a much faster rate. because you will have a point of reference. soooo. “Wow! I’ve done a shitload of approaches. stop talking about it with them. But they don’t talk shit when you aren’t around. I thought some of the stuff I read sounded really fucking gay. but I have honestly done a ridiculous amount of approaches.

PUT THE FUCKING BOOKS DOWN AND GO OUT!!! STOP READING tHIs post AND Go out!!!!! I’m serious. If I said go open 20 sets or I’ll blow your mom’s fucking head off!!!! Would you say.1. -stop bitching about other people!!! “If only I had a wing. -of the time you allot to pickup. but go create your own stories and experiences. -Don’t beat yourself up over rejections from girls that you’ll never see again. -Have the mental frame that. I mean I love my mom and I want to really. but you won’t open 20 in a week to develop the lifestyle you fucking want and deserve????????? None of this is meant to be mean. steal the knowledge. -B 20 . His life wasn’t always the shit. I just needed a kick in the ass. “Well. Braddock . I would like to do that. If only I this or that. I just know how bad my girl situation was at one time. life is not lived on the computer reading about how someone else is leading the life you wish you had.000 approaches don’t count. “The first 2. I had no idea what was what until I had extensive time in field. fuck that. So. I don’t have a good wing.3 Q and a on Wings and cutting old friends After I did a bunch of sets. really bad! But. I promise.” How can it be the super bowl if you still have 1.999 approaches to go before it even matters?!?! -set small goals you can reach and journal everyday. they are just things you are choosing not to overcome. the only difference between a guy with a bad ass lifestyle and a guy with a boring one is action. look back in a few months and I think you will be surprised at how much closer you are to reaching some of the larger goals. because you don’t want your goal bad enough. read 20% go out 80%.” fuck no! You would open 20 sets in 10 min to save your mom. looking back. I could look at material and tell what was really useful and what was just some shit that a nerd threw together to make a quick buck.” -fuck excuses. trample the weak and hurdle the dead.

because you see a side of people you never knew existed. they think you are cool because of what you can do for them. but if I sound like I’m complaining. she made one call and we were in. “I don’t mean to go on a rant here but. I know a girl who is kind of a socialite out there and she hooked us up. they don’t think you are cool because of your intrinsic value as a human being. they all on me.. it applies to most people.... It’s unreal how big this city is. I talked to the guy the day after and he said we changed his life!!! that’s the best feeling ever. 10. No offense if you are one.. now I’m hot. at night. so all of the club promoters kiss her ass.” 21 . Wednesday and thursday. The first night we went to one of the best clubs in L.” I’m on the plane heading home..1. As Dennis Miller used to say. just study the club promoters outside of an exclusive club in l. It was cool to watch. she’s an l..A.html this is from my blog. I don’t completely blame promoters for acting like dicks.com/braddock/61179-do-you-bring-value-take. “Back then they didn’t want me..A.theattractionforums.A. Dahunter and I taught our class and it went really well.. I love flying out of L. It was a grind going for 5 days straight.. This weekend was a blast. He said when he got home he went out that night and had like 5 make outs and could have slept with several girls.4 do you Bring value or take it???? http://www. If you ever want to see how quickly the human mind can resort to it’s darker recesses. and I’m sure I could write this about a million different subjects. people don’t talk to “you” they talk to the club promoter that they need something from.. Nice to know people.. It’s like that line out of that song by Mike Jones….A. because they have the same feeling a celebrity has at times. I’m not. I personally can identify with the feeling of contempt that this can create. He picked up the info really quick and was kicking ass by the second night..

I’m willing to bet that those guys have little to no value outside of that venue and only have this limited value even here on specific nights. they really think that gate keeper role they play a couple nights per week is who they really are at their core!!!!! lolololol this same asshole may have no education. identity value to either of these roles and work toward always bringing value in as many relationships as you can. don’t let it go to your head.1. you have brought so much value in the past that you are not seen as a desperate value leech. but because he controls a list 3 nights a week. the best way to handle these situations is to not attach much. However. the club promoters that I met this weekend seemed to really buy into their own bullshit. if any. and then if you can’t give them that value. I think a healthy person looks at this for what it is. they ask for something without bringing any value to you in return. but the second that your one piece of leverage is gone or they have extracted all the value they can from you. they will move on to the next body to suck blood from without so much as a thanks and when you need help they are nowhere to be found. what I found hilarious is how much they seemed to really believe that they are somebody. he has attached a deep sense of self to that one piece of value he controls. if you ever find yourself in a short lived or situational setting where you are the value holder. but they do not make you better intrinsically than others. Don’t assume that because you have something that people want or need that it makes you better than others. these vampires like you right now. However. However. Don’t get me wrong.4 do you Bring value or take it???? People can have no cooth when they need something and have no idea how desperate and selfish they look. If you have value to exchange then you aren’t the one constantly begging or desperately fighting for the scraps that fall off the table of those that do retain the value that you desire. I think you should try to set up as many of these situations in your life as possible. everyone wants what they control and everyone pretends to like them in order to obtain access. for 3 hours per night they are GOD!!! They decide whether you get to play in that club or not. no solid relationships in his life. We are all the vampire at times and we are all the leverage holder at times. live paycheck to paycheck. they shut off the fake smile and the charm and move on to the next person they think can help them meet their needs. and sleep on his friends couch. or just say no. because they do make life easier and they seem to attract more and more opportunities just like this. 22 . so you don’t have to be the vampire quite as often or if life forces you to be the vampire.

It’s merely a group you belong to where the people in the group enjoy you and you enjoy them.a great place to meet a ton of friends. Does he walk around treating everyone like he is better than them???? I hope not. I have mad respect for Michael Jordan and might even talk to him a little different than I would most people because I would be excited to meet him. they would talk differently to people who weren’t in a certain frat and treat them like shit and they would suck the dicks of guys in certain frats that they considered cool!!!!???? I can understand you having more or less respect for this company or that company or that team or this team or this athlete or that athlete or this doctor or that doctor because of the work they put into earning that title. I was in a frat for a while in college and I remember it being split in half. Half the guys were cool as fuck and saw the frat for what it was . if you’ve ever given a girl more respect than she’s earned than you know how this can blow up in your face! But.4 do you Bring value or take it???? I always wonder if people like him walk around in their normal life acting like they are better than people. they attached a deep identity meaning to the fucking letters on the outside of the door of the house!!! lololol How fucking retarded. and network for later in life. I personally don’t think you should give people any more respect than they’ve earned. but sadly I assume he does. this does not mean that you should treat people like shit or with disrespect either. the other half of the guys were complete dick suckers who thought they were cool because they were in that frat. If I met John stockton……not so much. If you joined a certain frat so you could jerk yourself off and tell yourself and each other how cool you are and how much better your frat is than that one than you are fucking up bad!!! Hell. But being picked to join a frat during rush week is not a title that you earned and it’s not a value that should help you flesh out your core identity. even titles you earn mean little to nothing in regard to how you should value yourself and definitely not how you should treat others. this doesn’t mean you should go around kissing people’s ass or even going all Dale Carnegie on them. drink tons of beer. 23 . have parties with tons of girls.1.

My internal value and identity are maintained at all cost. the company you keep can make or break your life. use it to help you obtain shitloads of win win situations in your life. use it to create great connections in your life that you couldn’t acquire otherwise. tons of options with women. if you ever find yourself in a position like the club promoter just realize that it’s merely a tool. Don’t attach internal meanings to external values. are equally disgusting to me. this is why rockstars and celebrities end up killing themselves. Crush the social leeches that use you as a win for them/loss for you and find the people who are willing to make a value trade with you. Attaching an identity meaning to random sources of value sets you on a slippery slope to an addiction you can never satisfy. and the club promoter who thinks he is God. they buy into their own bullshit. then you just will constantly be trying to fill a bucket with a massive fucking hole in it. It’s not who they are at their core.1. With them. I personally want tons of money. and great relationships. then money. With or without them. then cars. they have attached all their internal meaning to this star they have become. 24 . learn how to use it to help you meet other ends. The main point here is this. then women. No. my identity and core values are unchanged. high status. I thought if I had a hot girlfriend then that’s “who I was” or if I was a great athlete or if I hung out with certain people. this lesson has taken me years to learn and I learned it the hard way. use it as such. At their core they know they are just people and that at the end of the day all that shit is just a hat they wear. or if I made this group of people happy or if my parents liked what I was doing. But if you don’t know that. but not because they will create an identity that I desperately cling to no matter what. but if I couldn’t have them for any number of reasons then I’m still me. Not because it doesn’t matter who you surround yourself with. bla bla bla. I’m not saying all these things are bad. it’s just a tool. It’s merely a value that you have obtained and a great one at that. like I said though. I want them because they are all tools to help me develop a fun and interesting lifestyle that I would want.4 do you Bring value or take it???? the frat boy who is delusional about how cool he is because of what frat he is in. but they also should not be what you draw your core value from. that’s all bullshit. then that was me. It will be your frat. my life is closer aligned to what I want my life to look like.

but don’t attach your entire identity to external events. or people trophies I. Be and do everything you ever wanted to do. “I have this girl on my arm so now I’m somebody. I want it for me. but not to define me. possessions.” Do all this shit because you really just want it in your life.1. Alright.e. enough Gandhi shit from me for one day……… sha boy…………………Braddock 25 .4 do you Bring value or take it???? Go become the baddest mother fucker you can. Go at it like you will fucking die in 6 months.

covered in thiS chapter:
2.1 oneitis?? - fuCK oNeItIs - How to Get over Her - The Benefit of Moving on

2.2 Q & a on Love - the Chemical Additiction - the Dumper Vs. the Dumpee 2.3 Girl has a Boyfriend, But i Know She Likes me - What Would Murder Her Attraction - the right Way to play it 2.4 “i don’t chase......i replace.” - the Abundance Mentality


http://www.theattractionforums.com/braddock/61174-oneitus.html Jazz flute is for sissy fairy boys and so is oneitis. I’ve had a lot of people emailing me recently asking how to get over a oneitis. Here is a post that I made a while back that I think is useful.

fucK oneitiS
losing a girl feels worse than a kick in the fucking nuts. You would do anything to leave this site and just have her back and all your pain would go away! Yeaaaaaahh! listen man, I know this doesn’t help now and it will only help if you’re the kind of guy who takes massive action in the face of crippling pain. But, I’m telling you I was dating a fucking amazingly hot, cool, smart girl. she dumped me. I thought I was going to fucking die!!! bla bla bla right? Worse year of my life. Guess what though man.... I know this is cliché, but I’m glad we are done. Yeah, I still miss her at times, but fucking shit, look where I’ve come! If I had her back now, I’d be the same guy. I’ve pushed myself to new heights in so many areas of my life. If you get back with that “perfect” girl, your pain will leave for a while, but when you’re old someday, you will wonder what life would have been like if you would have fucking let go and became who you are about to be. she was, and is, holding you back. let it sting only for a few moments per day. she is controlling your ass and she doesn’t even want to be. Bitch slap the fuck out of yourself and decide that only you will control your happiness. You enjoyed that girl, you miss her, you are sad at times, but you wouldn’t change a fucking thing. Get tHere GoD DAMN It!!!!! Don’t lay in this shitty feeling. I’ve been there. I almost lost my job over it. I almost didn’t go to law school over it. What a fucking joke. take full responsibility for who you are and don’t look back. In 1 year, if you put in the work, you will laugh at this girl. listen man, I know it hurts, I spent an entire year suffering over a girl. lost weight, neglected my life, and burned a full YeAr of my short life hurting over a fucking girl!! WHAt?!?!?!? 27

understand that there are literally BIllIoNs of GIrls. the guy you will be in a year is not the guy that this hoe rejected, but oNlY if you take proper action. Don’t let that fool you though. Don’t change and become better for this girl. Do It for You!!!! I know. You hurt and you only want to know what will make you feel better in this moment. take the pain, recover and move forward. tHere Are BIGGer AND Better tHINGs out tHere! But, but, Braddock I love her!!! she’s different, you don’t’ understand!!!!” every guy on this site has said that weak shit. You don’t find this site on accident. No Goddamn it, step up to the fucking plate and tell yourself No fuCKING More! this bitch better enjoy today, cause it’s the last day I will giver her my power and allow her to choose how I will feel about myself and life. I will better myself everyday and one day I will reflect on this and realize that she was a cool chick and I hope she is happy. I have taken myself to a new level and it’s all for the better that she dumped me, cause at my new level I would have had to dump her. respect yourself and allow her no more real estate in your head and let’s start moving to positive things. the work will be hard and you will have highs and lows. Decide that you are going to better yourself a little today. A little every day and all of a sudden you will look up and you won’t recognize who you are. You won’t need this bitch’s validation. You will be battle hardened and you will love the new you. right now that is hard to believe. fine. Don’t believe me, just trust me. every day when you wake up and your fucking chest hurts, just close your eyes and say, “today might be tough, but I’m going to take at least one step toward making myself a better person than I was yesterday.” Do this for a full fucking year and you won’t even remember who you were. the alternative is to wallow in your bullshit and piss and moan and wish things were different. “only if you had her back your life would be perfect. If only you had her back, your grades would be good. If only you had her back, you would work out and get the body you’ve always wanted.” BullsHIt! Accept who you are and kill that weak mother fucker. tell yourself you are sad about her, but that something has to die for something new to grow. I miss her, but it had to happen for the new me to become a reality.


1 oneitis?? step up hommie! It hurts. But what you choose to do right now will determine who you are for the rest of your life. It hurts so goddamn bad! I know it does.2. the only way through hell is straight through it. take the pain and push through it. there is no other option. step up to this challenge and take it head on like a fucking man. Best. Braddock 29 .

2 Q & a on Love http://www.html I get a lot of emails about this and I also get a lot of emails asking me how to get an old girlfriend to like you again.theattractionforums.2. Question: “Does anyone know how love works chemically?” 30 .com/braddock/82719-q-love.

this is why you might hear a song that you haven’t heard since high school and you immediately smile and have a flash back of riding in a car with all of your old high school buddies. every memory is painful because it is a reminder that you are no longer getting those chemicals. It has evolved to put this peptide footprint on all of your memories to protect you. or drive by her house. It makes you sad because you instantly think of that moment when you felt so good and then your body is thrown back to the present moment of realizing that you don’t have access to her and the feelings (peptides) she gave you.2. If the pull is strong enough (the addiction). breaking up). then this explains why it’s so hard to move on after a breakup and why it’s so hard to experience change. both of their bodies will become so used to feeling this way that they will feel discomfort and pain at even the idea of not having those chemicals (Ie. this reminder comes in the form of pain. you will act despite the fact that you know it’s a stupid move. this is why you might feel sad when you hear a song that you and your old girlfriend used to listen to when you were at your happiest point in your relationship. email her. it seems that the scientific definition of love would be “chemical addiction. On a logical level.” More specifically. but if the hurt/addiction is strong enough. your brain will fire off a batch of peptides that will make the experience of the relationship feel in a way that both parties become accustomed to. you may know this is a stupid thing to do. love is an addiction to the peptides you have created and associated to a specific person. Does anyone have a friend who still talks about his high school football days and he graduated 5 years ago? 31 . If every memory has a different peptide tied to it. It wants you to remember to move toward pleasure and away from pain. in an attempt to get those feelings (peptide rush/your fix). you will get a feeling (peptide rush) of anxiety or fear when you look at/go near a stove for the rest of your life. In any relationship (good or bad). this is why when you burn your hand on a stove at 4 years old. that feeling (peptide rush) is a nice safety mechanism to keep you from making that same mistake over and over. When they do break up.2 Q & a on Love answer: Based on my reading and study of the brain. every experience (good or bad). It turns out that our brain is hardwired to attach a specific emotional footprint to everything. and to every memory you have. After feeling this way for a long time. Why would your body do this to you? Why would it put you through this? It’s actually just doing its job. every person you meet. you will feel compelled to call her.

once this happens. they can walk away with little or no pain. Can you see how this plays out in the same way when a relationship ends and why some relationships that loGICAllY should end. Take his fix away and you have a mumbling drug addict scrambling around feigning for a hit. is ripped from him. the dumpee is crushed because someone has taken their drugs when they were still highly addicted.” All this is bullshit. He will think that she must have been the greatest woman on the planet. even if you were telling your friends a week ago that she annoyed you and that you kind of wanted to shop around. that is the talk of a logical man who is getting his fix. then you are ingesting a very powerful drug. their logical mind tries to pull them away through fighting. the dumper slowly broke their addiction over time by weaning themselves of the other person until they are no longer addicted. “If I feel this bad. He will give you all kinds of excuses and rationalizations for why he needs the drug.No. The pain can be so bad that you will do ANYTHING to get your fix (her). He will mistake this feeling for love for her. etc…. It is also likely that nothing in his life has given him an equivalent rush since. watch ESPN 15 hours per day.that’s simply the physical form of the true reason…. 32 . arguing. the dumpee is CrusHeD not because of the fairy tale bullshit reasons we all hear in love songs and movies…. then you will suffer from the exACt symptoms of a drug addict who is suffering from the withdrawal pains the first couple of weeks when they’re in rehab. He had likely been playing football for years and then all of a sudden. the source of his good feeling (peptide rush).2 Q & a on Love Why is he doing this? Because if he was good at football then he likely has a very good feeling (peptide rush) attached to any memory of football. Why is the dumper usually ok and the dumpee always crushed? It’s just like the football player example from above.2. but it’s like telling a crack addict he needs to quit. but at the end of the day their addiction pulls them back together so they can get their fix. back. so. he graduates and football. He is still going through the withdrawals (just like a drug addict). He is an addict. I must have made a huge mistake. and even watches his old high school films because it gives him a small fix of those old peptides that used to make him feel so good. never do? even though the feelings are long gone and they now hate each other. If the feeling you shared with that girl created a peptide cocktail that felt so good it made you euphoric. what he does now is constantly talk about it. cheating. If that drug is ripped from you when you aren’t ready. they can’t leave because it means an end to the source of the most powerful drug (peptides) their bodies have ever experienced.

-Braddock 33 . Mr. and how it affects us.2. these people are addicted to having a relationship.” ever have a friend who CoNstANtlY has to have a girlfriend? Instead of becoming addicted to one person. They will just keep finding a new person who fits the bill close enough to give them the peptides their bodies crave. This is because they haven’t hit pause long enough to get over their current addiction. game. every girl or guy they date is almost exactly the same and they may even bitch about not being able to find a good guy or girl. M and I go into great detail on the role of peptides and addiction in many areas of life. they will dump one and replace them with one similar and get the same feeling (peptide rush).2 Q & a on Love this is also why so many men and women will “relationship hop. If they never break this cycle they will literally replay the same bad relationship over and over and over with new people for the rest of their lives. in our new Inner Game seminar.

3 Girl has a Boyfriend. she told me frm in the early stages of our conversation. It’s possible that things are rocky and that she is just working out the final death throws of that relationship. and i knew about this all along.2. But i Know She Likes me http://www. so during the last month of my work there. got blown away if i remember correctly coz that was a few months back. how i can find out this and move things further between me and her. we were normal. We don’t like to think girls are like that. jus like how we were in a working environment. Maybe that’s not the case. i seeded stuffs from my home that she HAS to see. i didnt give a shit then. everything is usual and fine for a few months and becoz this work for me is a temporal work. answer: It would take me 3 hours to write “how exactly to progress things along. i have a good problem to share here. we had long conversations on msn. she is getting to have her cake and eat it too. then i made a date with her on the phone. but sometimes. obviously she isnt satisfied/happy with her bf but there is something still lingering on between them that is causing her to still be with him. right now. i wont be hangin around for long. then the worst thing you can do is push or act in any way as if you are emotionally not getting enough from her. but enjoys banging you. i full close her on the 2nd time she was here. she fucking loVes this guy. they are. for all you know.html originally posted by massive Hey guys.theattractionforums. i give a shit. things started to heat up. If that is the case. lets hear your inputs.pushing for a relationship with her. 34 . so we resume back on msn. up til a point. i knew a girl frm a working enviroment. Maybe you are right. I’ll tell you what will MurDer tHIs!!! .com/braddock/108183-girl-has-boyfriend-but-i-know-she-likesme-braddock. i had ran thru EPM there then. we wanted to meet and she comes to my place. 1) she has a bf in that same working environment. but now. when we first met.” but instead of that. so the question is.

Be spontaneous and fun. I found myself being drawn to the other girl.(Yes eVeN If Your CHest Is BurNING AND You HAVe to puNCH A WAll After You Drop Her off) Man up. and just straight up made me feel better and have more fun than the other girl I was dating. she may even dump this guy.. fuck the shit out of her. much less the guy on the side. I just got out of an emotionally draining relationship..3 Girl has a Boyfriend. the few girls who have been able to slowly hook me in these situations are the ones that stayed cool. value changes focal points.” (translation: I liked fucking you. as we all know. then all of a sudden she feels your distance and starts getting all needy and pushy and kills the whole point of hooking up with her.2.. then you start hooking up with a new girl and you are getting to have that fun and free feeling with her. Instead. feel needy and insecure and reach hard emotionally and make you feel like she likes you soooooo much! then when you reciprocate hard and fast. you are acting like we are dating. “look. and you are stressing me the fuck out). she pulls the rug out from under you and says. I think I just need to be single and figure some things out. but you had dated her so long that it was hard to walk away. In summary: Be cool. But i Know She Likes me Have you ever been in her shoes? You were done with one girl. calmly go with it while still making her wonder if she’s got you. and when she does. As loNG As she didn’t get too emotional too fast. However. -Braddock 35 . but you didn’t. I might have liked you if we would have kept this up and you would have flipped the script and pulled back on me once you knew I liked you. I just got out of a relationship. remember. laid back. she is having a hard time giving her BoYfrIeND all she has. Don’t let her know exactly how much you like her. I’m having fun. over time. girls are emotional creatures. Make her escalate the situation.

i replace” http://www...com/braddock/87246-i-dont-chase-i-replace....4 “i don’t chase.theattractionforums.2.html 36 .

4 “i don’t chase.. If he would come from a place of abundance (either through actually dating a lot of women) or simply by accepting and believing that there are always plenty more. and would drop anything he was doing to hang out with her if she called him.2.. he would develop a mini crush on and get messed up inside. every girl that comes along. He went on and on and the Godfather just stared at him and said nothing the entire conversation. the underlying theme is always that of abundance. the Godfather. this shift in mindset would have been the exact recipe to get the girl to stop being so distant. he would never feel much turmoil over a girl that was giving him the runaround. strangely. He had no other girls (which is no big deal) but even worse.. It was fucking disgusting! My friend was talking to me and the Godfather and kept rambling on and on about how she treated him like shit and how frustrated he was. it was just a glimpse into his inner game and how his mind operates.i replace” It’s been a while since I’ve shared any of the wisdom imparted on by one of my friends and mentors from college I call. 37 . texting her all the time. our friend was coming from a really weak place mentally. M and I. I couldn’t help but laugh.” even though my friend was hurting. I remember one time we were talking with one of our friends who was being a complete pussy around this girl he wanted. finally our friend who was being a pussy looked at the Godfather and said: Weak sauce: “Hey man. the Godfather wasn’t trying to be rude. In no way am I saying you shouldn’t pursue a woman or give up on a girl who is giving you the run around (if you have ever taken social Circle Mastery with Mr.. our buddy was calling her all the time. He kept asking us for strategies and bullshit tactics for how he could get her to come around. what would you do if you were in my situation?” the Godfather: “I don’t chase man. he believed he couldn’t get another one.. I replace. then you know we have an entire model for running slow burn game) but.

” so start internalizing the mentality. but the second you “need” her. you are fucked..4 “i don’t chase. stop BeING A pussY!!!! As Wayne Dyer says. I fucking replace. this abundance mentality should never end.” -Braddock over and out 38 .2. air. If you ever lost a woman during a relationship it is likely because you started to “need” her instead of “want” her. and food..i replace” It’s ok to “want” a girl...... “You need water.. “I don’t chase.you don’t need any individual’s love or approval.

3 the prescription to move out of the LJBf Zone .long fuses 3.2 dates: Lunch.What Would Murder Her Attraction 39 .covered in thiS chapter: 3.1 to the new Guys! .What types of Girls Are You Working With? . dinner. drinks .Medium fuses .short fuses .learning Game the right Way 3.

Good luck! stick with it. Whatever amount of time you plan on allotting to pickup whether that is 1 hour per week or 20 hours. make sure that you spend 80% of that time going out and actually doing approaches. you will be able to quickly determine which posts are valuable and which ones are written by a guy that has probably never done a single approach. A lot of guys on here write a bunch of bullshit to sound cool. You play that bitch until your fingers hurt. you play that bitch some more! learn a little piece at a time and only try to add a piece at a time. once your inner game is super solid then your outer game will explode. -Braddock 40 . but they have never actually done it. It can change your life with women and make your life better all around.theattractionforums. Don’t read every post on here and believe it as if it was written by the hand of God. and then.3. Don’t do that!!!! You don’t get good at playing the guitar by reading about the guitar. read. Most guys get on here and read.html Quick advice I wish someone would have told me when I began: Don’t try to learn it all at once. read. Work on your inner game an equal amount that you work on your outer game. even the best of the best on here are just guys.1 to the new Guys! http://www. once you’ve been on here a while and you’ve done a bunch of approaches.com/braddock/61184-new-guys. they are not super heroes.

Dinner: I usually dont do dinner unless if the girl is from my social circle . Sometimes from a logistics point of view lunch makes sence as most girls have nothing set up with BF or friends so they will agree to come out with you more often.html originally posted by samirnyc View post Hi Guys I just want to hear different opinion about the first date or meeting if you do day game . The question I struggle with is ask a girl out for drinks only for the first time .com/braddock/108163-dates-braddock-lunch-dinner-drinks. outing.theattractionforums.2 dates: Lunch. value at first meeting and then asked her to come to a bday party. will engage her again tomorrow (kinda of mini freeze so she knows im not desperate and preserve value) I am wondering should I ask her our for lunch and build comfort & value and then ask her out for drinks on friday or just go for drinks ? Thanks 41 . so I know girls will go out for lunch to get fucked) Drinks are good as the girls know they dont have to sit with you for long if things dont go well. The reason I ask is b/c I have this new girl HB 9( she upped her dressing) at work and I have done some kino .3. no sexual escalation at lunch unless you can have lunch sex ( my work wife does it . so you can build comfort and attraction. dinner. she did not show up so I ignored her on tuesday and was cool to her today. drinks http://www.

she’s on and off the grid.. Long fuse: Girl that rarely replies.. Short fuse: Girl that wants you really bad. the times I do make contact and extend an invite. However. the next time she is cold or distant. picture each woman you meet as a stick of dynamite with a different fuse length. “What are you doing? Wanna come over and watch a movie?” skip the middle man and invite her straight to your house. etc. a real date. she initiates fairly often. With a long fuse. I always say play lazy man’s game and get the most done with the least amount of effort.” 42 . one time she is cool..2 dates: Lunch.. I usually just say. and only push for the meet up every 4th or 5th time I make contact... It would probably make her uncomfortable if you invited her straight over to your house to hang out. she wants to hang out. she plays along with all your jokes. With a medium fuse I would go for the drink or a group meet up. she allows you to go sexual. it goes something like. medium fuse: This is the category I find most girls in. it would be ridiculous to invite her straight to your house.pretty much anything is on the table. “You guys should meet us at x. All your jokes hit. dinner. What I do with these girls is patiently and persistently text or call them a few times a week oNlY. A drink is a “maybe” but it might still be too much pressure. drinks answer: I usually go based on investment and I use the same dynamite stick idea as I use in my phone and text game book.3. With a short fuse. she likely would never answer your call or text again. With a short fuse you have the option of going to get a drink. dinner.

dinner. -Braddock 43 .3.2 dates: Lunch. drinks this takes the pressure off of her and leaves her the option of meeting up under laid back conditions. the idea is to burn long fuses down to short fuses.

pivot. girl that I think is cool. listen only mockingly. If you push the envelope with her you are running the risk of losing her for good. start to slowly treat her differently..3.. Don’t be a shoulder to cry on. Don’t set out to make her jealous. Just go game other girls and get more women in your life.3 the prescription to move out of the LJBf Zone http://www. Make fun of her plight and never feel sorry for her on this kind of shit. I don’t know how you act around her. come back and change the frame.theattractionforums. see if this is an isolated situation or see if this is a reoccurring theme. Allow her brain to lose some of the associations she has toward you. But. but she will not slot me in friend mode. Now. If I want a girl she may or may not date me. move on. at least you can feel better inside knowing you took your best shot. When you do spend time with her. the reason you need to get away from her for a while is because it’s hard to change the frame from friend to sexual. You obviously like her. As you get better you will fall into friend mode less and less. If she talks to you about other guys. to try and physically escalate her at this point will feel weird 44 . you are most likely not calibrated to do that without her knowing what you are trying to do. do’s: After you have spent some time away from her. Win her? Great! she says no thanks? fine. but not attracted to. practice staying out of friend mode with new girls. then just stay in friend mode. It’s going backwards. fat girl with tons of hot friends.com/braddock/63998-braddocks-prescription-move-out-ljbf-zone. spend less time with her for a while. You must realize that you can’t go at her afraid to lose. it’s strategic. html start with this. but don’t laugh at what she says unless it’s truly funny.. but realize this alone won’t guarantee anything. Do talk to other girls while trying to get out of friend mode. get away from her so she can’t affect you emotionally.. then. If you can’t handle that.. At least she’ll be around??? fuCK tHAt!!! slowly go for it. but be willing to lose this girl. so go for it. if I make a friend that’s a girl.. Don’t play therapist.

when a guy falls into friend mode.3 the prescription to move out of the LJBf Zone to you and her. but make yourself scarce. Don’t avoid her. then you have no use for her. think I want to become more attractive to women in general. Becoming a more attractive guy overall and needing her less and less will help you become more attractive to her. You won’t actually say the words from above. if you try to do that tomorrow without time passing. you won’t run an opener. You seeing her after time has passed allows you to do several things.. Being reactive is not attractive. soooo.” fuck the “how can I get her” mentality. You don’t have to escalate hard and fast. think long term not short term. You are going to read Magic Bullets if you haven’t and start all over with this girl. If she doesn’t want you in the same way.3. the Short term prescription: Get the fuck away from her for a while. even if you’re dying to see her. fuck that. No. But. usually. spend more and more time thinking about other girls and less putting this girl on a pedestal in your mind. stop trying to be the perfect guy for “her.. the always there for her “buddy” is no more. but doesn’t need her. Go get a few other women in your life. but you will start alllll over in attraction and run all the phases properly this time. he started off in comfort instead of attraction and/or he didn’t escalate kino at all. time away will help remedy this.. Come back in a few months with a different frame in mind. Next time you see her you can send mixed signals and set a new tone for kino escalation.. you will just look like you are trying to do something. but you must kino or it’s off to the friend zone again. You want her in a way that does not include shopping or hearing about her boy problems. 45 . you will convey them. but may not change it. You need to reemerge as a sexual guy who wants her.

and eventually. he will expect her to remove you more and more as her friend and you won’t want to be there to watch her happily with Mr. if you say. right anyway. then. “I can’t risk that. I think this will work itself out over time if you stick with learning all of this stuff. -Braddock 46 .” just realize that you have already lost her to some other guy although she hasn’t found him yet.3 the prescription to move out of the LJBf Zone Hope this helps. realize and be ok with the idea that you may lose her for good. so. there is no quick fix or line for your situation. take some time away and then come back and pull the trigger!!!! You can do it man! Good luck.3. you are going to have to do what I said above. come back and pull the fucking trigger. Realize. When she does. But.

covered in thiS chapter: 4.2 Q & a on approach anxiety .What to say and When to say it - The Benefit of Opening Guys .AA remedies 4.the Approach “Brain” .Developing the Approach Habit: right Action over emotion .Your War Against fear .1 approach antxiety .3 opening mixed Groups (Guys and Girls) .How to Build rapport with them 47 .steps to overcome AA 4.

com/braddock/106069-approach-anxiety-braddock.1 approach anxiety http://www.theattractionforums.4.html 48 .

develop the habit of right action over emotion If you really want your approach anxiety to go away.1 approach anxiety your War against fear some of the worst feelings in my life have come when I have chosen to avoid something I wanted out of fear. once you have that down. then a real pitcher. no big deal. and those who feel it the least are the ones who have done the most approaches. sure. You must cultivate the habit of right action over emotion. You can do all of this in the off season with no one watching. the weekend forces the guys to get mass exposure like they’ve never experienced. If I took the most calm. You are feeling nervous for a whole host of reasons. By the time the season rolls around. The first woman you approach essentially feels like it’s the big game. In pickup. In baseball. but mainly because. you can move to the pitching machine. it simply requires you to develop a new habit. and took him a bar. you will always feel something when you approach. If I took the best dating coach in the world who says he has zero approach anxiety and threw him in the batter’s box against a major league pitcher who throws 100mph. If you mess that up. No one is watching and no one is judging you. 49 . on bootcamp. would he feel anxiety? of course. is killer. collected major league baseball player. who never gets nervous in the batter’s box. and forced him to approach a beautiful woman he didn’t know. Knowing that I logically wanted something and then didn’t go for it because I succumb to a bunch of emotional rationalizations that are 95% bullshit. They have faced that fear so many times that it has lost its hold. cool. but you can manage it. you don’t get to slowly graduate up to the World Series. these guys are not super human. they have just desensitized themselves to the pain through repetition and carry a mindset focused on long term gratification over short term gratification. you are doing something you have very few reference experiences in. would he feel anxiety? of course.4. you are ready. which I will explore in great detail later in this article. once you have that down you can start hitting soft toss. we almost always cure 85%-90% of a guy’s approach anxiety by the end of the weekend. realize that everyone feels approach anxiety. you get to start off on a tee with no one watching.

usually. you would eventually lose the ability to get a rush from riding it.” While there are infinite things we could be afraid of. especially early in the learning process. we reduce the level of anxiety to a manageable level. let’s look at a few that you can remove: 1. or would you put his ass on a roller coaster again and again? Just like any other habit you want to create in your life. there are certain factors that predispose us to heightened levels of fear or anxiety. It is a cancer that can literally hold you in a self-imposed prison keeping you from taking the necessary action required to meet a specific goal. If you wanted to help a friend get over the fear of riding roller coasters would you have him read 300 books and spend 5 years on a psychologist’s couch. says. the fear of rejection is the most damaging because it can literally be crippling. far beyond all else. approaching in front of old friends We all know that failure is unavoidable in any new endeavor and that the lion share of failure takes place at the beginning of learning something new. My favorite self help guru. and fear of failure. By removing those factors. this is done through repetition. there are several factors in regards to approach anxiety that make this fear of rejection heightened. several factors are within your control. “Fortunately. Brian tracy. this means that your fear of rejection is not 50 . we are crippled with the fear of rejection. We need to constantly face and overcome our fears to build up the kind of courage that will enable us to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life unafraid. some of them are unavoidable and in regards to those.1 approach anxiety If you rode a roller coaster 500 times in a row. remember. through repetition. If you only ride that roller coaster once or twice a month. at our core.4. the fastest way to ensure that you have approach anxiety for the rest of your life is to only do one or two approaches every now and then. However. the habit of courage can be learned just as any other habit is learned. then you will surely feel the rush with the same intensity as you did the very first time you ever road it. remove the road blocks in your mind that are holding you back. you need to man the fuck up.

You don’t want the role in your group to change. remedy: Knowing that you are trying something new and scary. 2. and to predict their future behavior. it’s very helpful when attempting something new and stressful. approaching in a Local venue I’ve spent the last 2 years of my life studying every book I could get my hands on that had to do with the brain and how it works. one thing that I see consistently in the books I’ve read on neurobiology is the brain is a horrible multi tasker.1 approach anxiety completely unfounded. Dr. to offer appropriate support or gain competitive advantage. how they feel about us.” The medial prefrontal cortex fires up not only when we actually experience an event. especially in high stress situations. or watch our friends and family experience their own ups and downs. respond well to us. especially in the beginning. Go out with the one or two guys who you are most relaxed around and don’t feel like you would be judged. but also when 51 . As we interact with colleagues. having insight into the feelings of others enables us to understand what they value. compete with opponents. By going out with them and wrestling two demons at once. I was paralyzed and did nothing. While this is less important in most situations. once you are over your approach anxiety you can start chasing girls in front of those guys and it won’t be such a big deal. don’t go out with the guys who add to your stress. I couldn’t go out with my older brother and his friends because I couldn’t stand the thought of looking bad in front of them. this retarded my growth on a massive level. by simply removing them on the nights I wanted to work on this stuff I was able to fight just one demon that night: my crippling approach anxiety . An area of our brain that this drastically affects is the medial prefrontal cortex (MpfC). When I was first learning this stuff. get rejected quite a bit when you approach women. the last thing you need is extra pressure from your friends. and aren’t judging us. on the nights when you are going out to work on this stuff. You will. you don’t want to be openly ridiculed by them. and to get rejected in front of them could create a level of social pressure from them that you are not sure you are willing to accept. You have a well-defined role within that circle. “the MpfC springs into action whenever we direct our attention inward and think about ourselves or outward and think about others.4. richard restak says. in fact. As ridiculous as that frame of mind might be. What can make this even worse is the fact that you are trying to learn this in front of old friends who have never seen you behave in this new way. and you don’t want to be ridiculed behind your back. We all thrive when we deal with people who we feel understand us.

What if I get blown out and she knows someone I know? My ex girlfriend is in here. kind of know. “What if it goes wrong? I’ll never be able to show my face in here again. Your mind can’t keep up with all the inputs and it’s almost impossible to focus. scanning to assess how they ‘might’ feel or what they ‘might’ be thinking. You feel disoriented and anxious as a result. The fear of rejection and failure kicks in and fires off your MPFC.1 approach anxiety we ‘think’ about experiencing an event. Now you can’t stop thinking about what all these people in the bar who you kind of know are thinking about you. this explains why you feel like you are naked on stage when you are in your local bar trying to approach. the more our MpfC will fire off. If you are scared of public speaking and you are speaking to a group of important clients. Now all of a sudden you decide to approach either these groups of people or approach strangers in front of these people. If I get blown out in front of him. your MpfC will be doing back flips trying to assess how they feel about you. what if she or one of her friends sees me get blown out? that asshole I knew in college is in here. Before you know it.over and over etc… each time this happens. This means that our attention gets scattered and fractionated like crazy in high stress situations. It also fires off when we think about putting ourselves in the shoes of another person looking back at us. this is essentially like driving drunk. he’ll probably say something smart ass to me.4. You become more and more self conscious every time you lose your place in your speech and the MpfC fires off more concentrated and much more often. or have seen multiple times. What if I use a line and she’s heared it before? she’ll tell everyone in here.. you are so concerned with what the crowd is thinking that you can’t even talk.” Now your MpfC is scanning the room at lightning speed trying to assess the feelings of everyone 52 . You are in a bar full of people you either know. You will oscillate between: full attention on your speech --> What they are thinking about me? --> full attention on your speech --> What are they thinking about me? …. you are obviously pulled away from your speech and you lose focus. the more we are concerned with what the other person thinks about us.

3. You now feel like you have 50 video cameras on you and the thought of approaching feels about as scary as pulling your cock out on national tV.4. i don’t know what to say this is a pretty common. sometimes even 4 hours away so I could practice in a place where I didn’t feel like I was on national television. instead of HBo on sunday night at 9pm. but not with such ferocity. yet avoidable. “Any idiot can have the balls to go over there and make a fool of himself. What this causes is the death of action and the birth of a guy who reads for months and never actually approaches. I want to at least have something to say. you can slowly test the waters in the places that gave you the most pain. You begin to think that you should read and study pickup ebooks and memorize every possible routine and funny line. I know I felt the same way when I was learning this stuff. 2 hours. and then stands there like a moron?” that’s actually a fair point. you will still feel the pressure and your MpfC will still scan the room. When I was learning this stuff and approach anxiety was my number one concern I would drive to cities 1 hour. You may still feel like you are on tV. remedy: DoN’t prACtICe IN tHese plACes!!!!!! It’s that simple.1 approach anxiety in the room. eventually. You might be thinking. once you get comfortable with your approach anxiety in these places. this kind of thinking is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. 53 . What kind of fool goes up to a woman and says. you plan to start approaching. because of approach anxiety. Your mind never hardwires any of the concepts and you become a master of theory and you actually get worse with women instead of better. You will be more apt to keep your composure and stay in the moment. I don’t want to be like that. but it will feel more like public access channel 13 at 3am. then at some undetermined time in the future. sadly. Yes. hi. What really happens is that you read an insane amount of information and NeVer digest any of it. thinking like this can cause more long term damage than you can imagine. your local bar won’t seem that daunting and you will have little or no trouble approaching a woman in these venues. If I’m going to go over there.

so. Give up on the idea that you need to have the perfect thing to say before you approach a woman. you ever do decide to take action.000 miles begins with a single step. You become over stuffed with random knowledge. pick one or two things to open with and one or two things to transition with. the act of actually approaching and interacting with women. and really master them before moving on to the next piece. “A journey of 1. When. approaching the next girl makes you even more nervous. but you have no idea what to do with it or what order it should go in. remedy: As the age-old saying goes.4. take the 1.” take one piece of information and go out and master it before moving on to the next. Your approach anxiety will go away in direct proportion to the amount of women you approach and your ability to master one step at a time. Advanced concepts mean nothing if your brain 54 . When you just read all the time or talk pickup all the time. you simply play a guessing game in your head.1 approach anxiety reading without practical application through real world experience causes you to develop major gaps in your learning. While the lines and routines are extremely powerful. You need to start with small amounts of knowledge. they are worthless in bulk. will help you connect the dots between each piece of new information you acquire. digest those. You read and assume. your brain locks up and gives you massive approach anxiety because you have all this information in your head.000 things there are to learn in game and learn them one at a time. bad or good interactions. You build false constructs in your mind of what the author really means and you create some weird mutation of reality. stick with these 2 things for a while. because each experience seems to validate that you are completely lost. Change your mission. stick with them until your approach anxiety drops to a reasonable level and you feel like you have those down. You are so nervous because you haven’t approached in a long time and when you finally do. this makes you feel anxiety and frustration. it goes either horribly bad or just ok. you still can’t think of anything to say. Approach anxiety is the first one on that list. and if. If you can’t open then there is no reason to be reading about the newest qualification technique or sexual frame to have. You feel guilty inside because you feel like you should be really good considering you know theory better than any dating coach on the planet and you wonder how it is possible with all that reading.

you are just working on beating approach anxiety. Yes. the recipe: to defeat your approach anxiety. and then politely eject. in time you will obviously need to stay longer. Give yourself a break and tackle this one thing first. you will become bored just approaching and walking off. the more calm and the more internalized your openers and transitions become. please. you can begin to stay longer and longer. right? 55 . but most of them will feel like nothing. Also. Memorizing 300 routines is Not a remedy for approach anxiety or a recipe to get laid. the lowest form of this may simply be talking to a clothing store clerk. every time you approach and start a conversation. transition. the more your brain will calm down and begin picking up conversational reference experiences. You do not have to stand there like an idiot for an hour having an awkward conversation. move on to the next thing on your list that gives you an increased dose of social pressure.4. You don’t need to memorize 300 lines to talk to an old friend. they will make things worse because your brain will feel clogged. You might get nervous on the first few of each night.1 approach anxiety and body are engulfed with crippling anxiety. the more material you can add if you like. realize that there is no reason why you can’t just walk up. as your mind calms down in these highpressure situations. no matter how short or long. your brain will allow you more access to the creative side of your brain. Keep doing the same one until the anxiety it gives you is either manageable or non-existent. the women won’t care and it will take tons of pressure off of you. It’s not about memorizing more lines. you need to expose yourself to gradual increasing doses of social pressure. please. trust me when I say that you will never memorize 300 routines and be able to go out to a bar and use them. once you hit that threshold. the more times you expose yourself to these situations. Go out and give yourself mini missions. you just relax and talk to one another. After numerous approaches over several weekends. right? As you become more and more relaxed with this process. The first week you do this. open. you may run out of things to say after 5 seconds! However. Between those two polarities you can expose yourself to gradual increases. but for now. You will literally build conversational muscles. and the opposite end of that spectrum might be smacking a girl on the ass. If anything. it’s like going to the gym for your brain. it’s about being calm in those situations so you can access what you already know.

Your goal should be to get it to a manageable level. this can be a mind trip. then getting over the fear of rejection can feel daunting. then most/all women must not like them. Because of this fear/pain.” This is why it’s so crucial that. you write out clearly defined. You can gain a ton of confidence by hitting small goal after small goal. this is the feeling you have when you are talking to a friend or an acquaintance.4. it is not the least bit uncommon to have below average women look at you like you have a dick growing out of your forehead when you approach. because you may be used to beautiful women in your old social circles being all over you or even nervous to talk to you. and realistic goals. they will be relegated to dating the women that come on to them or they will have to build a dynasty of a social circle and hope it creates enough gravity to draw women to them based on their lifestyle and social alliances. you will have to get used to hearing “no” in cold approach. In the sloppy world of cold approach.1 approach anxiety You will never completely eradicate your approach anxiety and that should not be your goal. You can only pump yourself up for so long and keep telling yourself that it will be ok or that “It’s not you. facing the harsh reality of “no. you are still hitting those small goals. they assume that the woman sees some deep internal character flaw in them that must be true. it’s them. this can create some deep seeded inner game issues that are hard to unwind. While you may not be getting laid or getting the women you want for that time. When you are talking to a friend or an acquaintance. i’m not interested in you”: The fear of rejection can be a heavy feeling when you first start out. If you are not used to dating very many women or you are new to cold approach. these small goals slowly give birth to bigger and bigger goals. You will hear “no” from beautiful women and from women you wouldn’t even consider dating anyway. measurable. the absolute ideal state is indifference. If you are not careful. Many guys take it personally. it is successful reference experiences that breed confidence. you are not too worried about what they are thinking and you have little or no concern about what the room is thinking. At the end of the day. this is the path that will lead you to dating those women by giving you the positive reference experience 56 . even if you are a guy who is lucky enough to have been extremely successful with women in your social circles. This one single factor is enough to keep most guys on the sidelines their entire lives. especially in the first 6 to 9 months. putting yourself in these gradual-increasing levels of social pressure will help you reach indifference much faster. They assume that if several women reject them.

so. would you get your feelings hurt and become deflated if you weren’t a millionaire tomorrow? 3 months from now? 6 months from now? of course not. You can do this. If you are new and you have MAssIVe approach anxiety…. a million dollars. If you wanted to become a millionaire. Do the same with your dating life. You would set up a game plan and a business strategy full of subsidiary goals all leading to the attainment of the big goal.4. just step up and make it happen!! -Braddock 57 . step back and draw up a realistic 6 month game plan where you can have success.1 approach anxiety you need to build durable confidence. stop beating yourself up with ridiculous goals and stop feeling bad when you don’t have some epic sexual conquest or get 5 phone numbers.stop MAKING Your GoAl to Get lAID!!!!!!!! ready for some real talk??? you are not likely to consistently get laid or get an extremely hot girlfriend through cold approach for several months or longer if you are at the stage where you still suffer from severe approach anxiety.

e. once I got comfortable with that.. i. Do not approach hoping for a phone number. do you know which way sunset Blvd is?” “Hi. can you tell me what time it is?” etc… I would do this until my mind calmed down in these situations before I tried to graduate up to the more advanced and lengthy conversations. and i could give myself a little advice. I would just make the mini missions a little harder each time. i would say: first just start with baby steps.” I would keep doing these types of things until I could do them with little or no anxiety.” • “I’m going to go open a girl and try to ask her one qualifying question before I eject.” • “I’m going to go open a girl and high five her for something random. When you are first starting out and you are just trying to get over your fear of rejection.? answer: He needs to first set realistic goals. then he is setting himself up for long term failure.theattractionforums.html Question: What are the steps a guy can follow to go from not really approaching ANY women to approaching at least 1 woman per day with no fear of rejection. if i had to start all over from scratch.2 Q & a on approach anxiety http://www. If a guy has never done a single approach.” • “I’m going to go open a girl and tease her about something and get her laughing. and then eject.com/braddock/93683-q-approach-anxiety. and his measure of success on any one approach is either getting a phone number or getting laid. 58 .. “excuse me. I would give myself fun “mini missions. I would tell myself to go out and just open girls with information gathering questions and then eject. don’t approach with any outcome in mind.” I would go in with the mindset of accomplishing one mission: • “I’m going to go open her and transition with a cold read and then eject. then eject. once that is under control.4.

Maybe. and pickup is no different. “Why do I have to lift weights and eat right to have a good body?” -Braddock 59 . it locks up and fires off the emotion of fear and anxiety.2 Q & a on approach anxiety once I felt like I could do them with ease. they have a learning strategy called. As a result. don’t waste another second on it.4. I would create fun new rules. walk. When you give it the mission of “crawl” the self concept can conceptualize that mission.” this is the proper way to attack any new endeavor. even once you reach mastery. “crawl. and more specifically. It’s like asking. Their mind. their self concept. that would be a great place to start. run. jog. Don’t dwell on it and don’t try to understand why. In the army. Guys get locked up because they are trying to run when they can’t even crawl. It is what it is. can’t identify with running because it has zero reference points to link too. Accept it and move on. they need to accept that rejection is part of the process and that we all go through it. I would give myself a “there’s no way out rule” where I wasn’t allowed to eject until she either walked off or until I had her phone number.

What’s the best way to open mixed sets? Do you just run any normal opener (e. If you don’t have approach invitations/or the guys look like normal to tougher guys. Tornado answer: 1. there are too many girls to try to mess with that and it’s a quick way to get in a fight.g.html originally posted by tornadopuA Hey guys. When actually opening mixed sets.theattractionforums.4. but I never do it on a girl that looks like she is truly dating a guy. It’s pretty risky and you better make sure the guys around her aren’t meat head guys that get pissed easy. 2. Long Distance Relationship. I always watch for a little while to learn the group dynamic. If they are holding hands or overly comfortable with simple touching. If I can tell they are dating. A. B. “you turn everyone around her into spectators.” It’s pretty awesome when you can make this hit. You can usually tell if they are dating just by watching how they interact with one another.com/braddock/103560-opening-mixed-groups-guys-girls. I would either open the girl and introduce myself to the guys if and 60 . Drunk I love yous. then I would Not go direct right away. I move on. you have a couple of options. Is kissing cheating. you can usually tell. only when the guys are standing around her and she looks bored. I’ve done this a bunch of times and never had an altercation. etc.) on the guys then ask how everyone know each other and then move on to talk with the girls or do you do some small talk with the guys (on what subjects?) for like 2-3 minutes and then ask him to introduce you to the rest of the group? Thanks.3 opening mixed Groups (Guys and Girls) http://www. then I would just go direct on the girl and the guys will usually melt away. If you are getting approach invitations and the guys look like pussies. As tim from rsD would say.

In that case. the key question that everyone knows you must ask if you don’t know is: “so. Just talk to him as if he is an old friend. You are just a chatty guy who happened to start a conversation with his girlfriend. If he’s not. Don’t kiss his ass either. C. and say. I won’t ask this until I think the girl is somewhat attracted to me or if I can tell the guy is getting mad.4. If you act like you are doing something wrong then the guy will smell the fear and blow you out. “this is my girlfriend” even though it’s clearly not. pussy orbiter guys will answer the same question with.3 opening mixed Groups (Guys and Girls) when they tried to come in. sometimes. Don’t be a dick and don’t act like you are doing something wrong. and don’t act like you did something wrong. Just be polite as if you are meeting a stranger on a plane. that looks weird. When a guy like this says that. If it’s legitimately his girlfriend then don’t just run off. 61 .” which may sound silly. I usually smile and turn to her. You weren’t flirting with her technically. but it’s actually quite useful for getting you out of potentially dangerous situations and quite powerful for quickly making friends and getting introductions to really hot girls. Put his mind at ease by talking to him and getting to know him a little bit. He’ll act like a dick and try to dismiss you and the woman will start to act more dismissive to you as well. You can open the guy. just ignore him and continue going after her. Meet the rest of his group if he is a warm guy. Be warm to him just long enough to get his respect and then move back to the girl. Now. Most people in the community dismiss the art of “Guy Game. how do you guys know each other?” You can tell pretty quickly after asking this what the score is. find a natural place to excuse yourself and move on. “You didn’t tell me this is your boyfriend? How long have you guys been dating?” If she likes you she will almost always clarify the situation and make it awkward for the guy.

It’s too transparent.. sometimes. I’ll say. He opens guys quite a bit and almost always ends up meeting one of the guy’s girl buddies.3 opening mixed Groups (Guys and Girls) one of our instructors. I don’t ever open them with a traditional opener. because there are only 3 things you need to talk to them about to build rapport: sports. “You guys celebrating something tonight or what?” He’ll say.”Are you friends with Brian Hawkins? I swear I met you at one of his parties. and beer. let me introduce you.. “I’m kinda talking to that sara girl and that blond over there is dating my cousin. which one are you dating?” He’ll.. Calabrese says that guys are easy. that’s it.. I make a statement about how hot the girls are in there. “that girl right there is really cute.” then. has the best “Guy Game” I’ve ever seen. then I’ll say.. “these girls are really cute. then (assuming you built a decent rapport) break down the entire group dynamics for you and often times introduce you to girls..bla bla bla. I just have a 2 to 3 minute conversation about random shit and then I say.whatever he says.4. or.. “Did you graduate from oklahoma? You look really familiar?” or. woman in the place. because if a guy did that to me I would laugh in his face and quickly dismiss him... then I might say. but that blond right there is single and she is a slut. pussy. oldest..” -Braddock 62 . is that your girlfriend?” or. just to get him laughing. I usually ask them if x local sports team won that night. I make a statement about how he better quit staring at my girlfriend and I point to the fattest. Calabrese.

1 Q & a: how can i make Girls Laugh? .the Breakdown 63 .Why Jokes Hit and Why they Don’t .local Vs.2 how to flirt with Women: the art of push/pull - The Definition of Push/Pull .How push/pull Works .Creating the right push to pull ratio .covered in thiS chapter: 5. Global themes 5.

. you don’t get that luxury. been on the same trips. In cold approach. A girl coming into your preexisting social circle will laugh at jokes she doesn’t quite get to feel accepted or because she can tell everyone else is responding to you well.. 64 .com/braddock/126791-q-how-can-i-make-girls-laugh. and have seen at least the top movies...1 Q and a: how can i make girls laugh? http://www. a joke about one of those member’s quirks will get a laugh out of everyone. since all members know each member very well. In humor. watch some tV.then. This is what usually manifests with your buddies. Cracking my boys up and girls in my social circle . maybe. but its really hard to just get into that same mindset with a stranger. have internet. “Global” themes are themes that everyone can get and that need zero prior knowledge for them to be understood.theattractionforums. What I figured out is that I was trying to pull them into humor that required too much insider info for a newcomer. I had this same problem. As long as they have been on the planet.5. local themes are themes that are funny only if you have been in that exact situation or had that exact very specific experience.any ideas on how to break that barrier? What makes me funny is heavy doses of cheap booze and even cheaper women. You’ve seen the same movies....same jokes on girls in cold approach and a God damn tumble weed would roll through the room and you could hear crickets chirp. I also noticed that women found my jokes much funnier once I dropped in that I had a 13 inch cock. you know specific quirks and character traits of each member of the group.. then they will get these jokes. You guys build joke after joke off of themes that have been running for years. A one liner from a favorite movie will have the group cracking up. you have “local” and “global” themes.html originally posted by barney stintson: so i can crack an endless amount of jokes and teases when i’m with my close friends.... because it probably actually ties in several “local” themes that have been long running. think of it like this. I’m just kidding.

see your style of humor..5.1 Q & a: how can i make Girls Laugh? these jokes are often less funny. this can happen really fast. you can open them up to the idea that you are funny. they can get used to you. -Braddock 65 . Introduce a “global” theme and if they laugh. Just tell them you have a 13 inch cock that you want to put in or around their mouth. but by starting with these. and then you can start building “local” jokes with them as the interaction progresses. start introducing “local” themes to add spice and conspiracy between the two of you.. Jumping in with the “local” jokes is doable. or. but it obviously risks them not getting it and making you feel like your cock is hanging out in 2* weather..

how to flirt with Women: the art of push/pull
http://www.theattractionforums.com/braddock/111917-braddock-how-flirt-women-art-push-pull. html In my years of being a Dating Coach it’s become apparent that the most important and easiest way to flirt with women is to use what is called push/pull. Basic Definition: “Saying something nice and dove tailing it with something mean or saying something mean and dove tailing it with something nice.” On a more advanced level of flirting, using push/pull is the art of using both your physical touch/ facial expressions and your words in unison. this could mean that you tease her about something or playfully call her out on something, yet while doing so, you are smiling, you pull her in and hug her just before she gets mad to show her you are kidding. the guys I know who are the best with women when it comes to flirting, building attraction in the first encounter, building attraction in social circle settings, or maintaining a fun relationship are masters of push/pull. to truly master push/pull you must learn to calibrate to the woman. each woman has her own default push/pull blueprint. some girls‘ blueprint is that they respond best when the ratio is 5 pushes to every 1 pull. With these types of women, they will quickly get bored with a guy who tries to compliment “pull” too often. even with these women, the pull must appear at some point or she will give up, lose interest, and assume you are just a jerk. Other girls’ default blueprint is just the opposite. If you want to properly flirt with these women, you will be best off giving light compliments “pulling” maybe 5 times for every one tease “push.” However, even though each woman has her own default blueprint for when she first meets new guys, this blueprint can quickly change relative to your value. that same woman who would have felt massive attraction to a 5 pushes to 1 pull ratio, will not be receptive to a low value guy attempting such a ratio. However, the woman who responds better to 5 pulls and 1 push and would normally get upset if an average guy teased her too much, will have no problem being teased hard by a guy who she considers extremely high value in her social circle, or by a celebrity.


How to Flirt with Women: The Art of Push/Pull
Basic example of push/pull: the push: (underlined) the pull: (Bold) I meet a girl, we are flirting, but 10 minutes in I find out she is from Texas. Since I’m originally from oklahoma, there is a natural reason for immediate push/pull. Braddock: “Damn, you’re from texas. (faking disappointment with face and body language) this sucks, you’re really cute and i was just starting to like you, but now I have to break up with you. I’m going to need my CD’s back and my letter jacket. Now that I know you are from texas, I don’t feel so bad about cheating on you. But, you were amazing in bed. this makes me sad.” (pretend to walk away, then come back smiling. she drops her jaw and playfully punches me in the arm. i pull her in, hug her and kiss her on the cheek). Breakdown of the above: the push? (underlined) Any point in the above where I’m saying something mean, pretend to break up with her, pretend to be disappointed, or fake walking away. Go out and practice pushing as hard as you can without pissing girls off. the sweet spot is when she is almost mad, but you can tell she likes that you have the balls to push her buttons, yet the social savvy to release the tension by intermittently complimenting or physically being warm by “pulling.” Go out for a week and mess this up. I give you permission to piss some girls off. this is the only way you will know what the boundary is with this stuff. the more she likes you and the more attracted she is, the harder you can push. this is how you build deep layers of attraction with women. the farther you can successfully take things with the teasing “pushing”, the better it will feel for her when you do release the tension by being warm verbally or physically, “pulling.” the pull? (Bold) Any point in the above where I compliment her, smile, or physically escalate. When you are trying to flirt with women, don’t kill the sexual tension by over pulling.


How to Flirt with Women: The Art of Push/Pull
Most guys will say, “Just kidding” when the girl wasn’t even mad. save comments like “just kidding” for when you truly piss her off and even then, use it sparingly. Also, don’t kill sexual tension by playfully pushing, but laughing at your own joke too early in an attempt to break the tension, hoping she will ‘be ok with it.’ Have some balls and be ok with creating some tension. this tension is what makes the compliments, “the pull”, actually feel really good. No tension + pulling = no attraction and no secondary gain of the pull feeling good. pulling with no attraction is simply validating her, not causing a connection. Go out and practice complimenting. range them and see what happens. Notice the difference when you give light compliments after several teases. Notice that it doesn’t kill the tension, but actually allows you to push it farther. then try over complimenting too early and being way too nice and notice how it kills the sexual tension and makes it even harder to push the next time. Would you guys like more articles like this? Comment below and let me know. -Braddock


2 Same night Lay Simple pointers .logistic takeaways .earliest form of takeaways .Beat Her to the punch takeaways .When to Move on 69 .takeaways in Comfort .1 takeaways for SnLs .sNl threshold -reading Her Blueprint .covered in thiS chapter: 6.pulling stage takeaways .takeaways in seduction 6.

com/braddock/108184-takeaways-snls-braddock.html 70 .1 takeaways for SnLs http://www.theattractionforums.6.

o some girls will need 100. • The best way to qualify what you are is to disqualify what you ARE NOT.. but the more you do the less they will hit. Some girls like a dick. so go 3 pushes to every 1 pull. the harder the takeaways can be. she will eventually give up or get defensive. we are getting a divorce. so go 3 pulls to every 1 push. the more you just sound like a chump who is jaded by women. Change up the push/pull ratio and find her blueprint.pssst). o A perfect balance is when the girl is frustrated.” • The more she likes you. some girls hate that.. • Takeaways are best used by acting through your own intentions. but calmly submissive (yes. • To get 10’s on a same night or to get 10’s you will usually need takeaways. o try them out and see how she responds and calibrate accordingly.1 takeaways for SnLs remember. remember how push/pull works. As TD would say. takeaways are a push in nature. o this post is a gross generalization. • The less she likes you. • The less power you have. 71 . • Here you will do takeaways to punish resistance. “to same night lay a 10. • You have to be fucking fearless when you do takeaways. the lighter the takeaways must be. If you are all push.. you need to be fucking possessed. every woman has a different blueprint and therefore responds to different things. earliest form of takeaways: • Role Play takeaways: o that’s it. o some girls will need Zero takeaways. she likes the jousting and every time you do a takeaway she submits more and more on a sub communication level and eventually she is chasing you and escalating you physically and sometimes logistically. o You can fake takeaways.6. stolen from Dog Whisper pssst.

72 .1 takeaways for SnLs o that’s it. o You are fired..6.“ • Running from your feelings: o I need to get away from you. • She says something you don’t like: o Go silent. so this is date one. I would just be your friend. I like you. o I fucking hate girls like you. You need to run along…. o You have been eliminated. o Give short answers and talk to everyone else (make her feel the burn).” • “Your friend is starting to piss me off…I think I’m out of here. I always end up dating girls like you. we are breaking up. o Being almost annoyed by her presence.ok this is date 2…” o This would be all fights and make up sex.” Beat Her to the punch takeaways: • You are a player aren’t you? • Just so you know.I know how this story ends.I’m out. o fuck this. o Girls like you are bad for me. and a horrible breakup. passionate sex. o I can’t keep talking to you. o You and I would end up hating each other after about 2 months.. o Ignore her. even though I think you are fucking hot. but if that’s all you think I want from you after talking to you all night then fuck this…. if you stick around I’m going to do bad things to you and I promised myself when I saw you. pulling stage takeaways: • “You know what. fights every day. 3 months of crazy. takeaways In Comfort: • Admitting your sexual desires: o “I think you better go. let’s go to the bar…. ok. o (Dubbsy style): “How many dates before I can get in your pants…at least 3 I’m guessing. we aren’t having sex. girls like you are bad for me.

” o Girl: “You can’t come in. I didn’t know you were x. but I’m not going to beg you to.1 takeaways for SnLs logistic takeaways: • “Look. I want you to come.” • “I want to go.” • “I know this sounds weird. no wait…. fuck it. if you think that’s all I want.” • “Go with your friends. I’m fucking out.don’t come. I’m not having sex with you. -Braddock 73 .” o “I had no idea you were this judgmental.” takeaways In seduction : • “Promise me this won’t be a one night stand.” suck it. either come or don’t. if that’s true.” • “If you don’t want to be with me then stay here with your friends. I do. You know I like you. but I’m not into one night stands. if you have to listen to your friends then go.”) • Reversals o “I didn’t think you were like this. If you don’t trust me…. then tonight is a waste of time.” (organizing principle: “I thought you were awesome.” o “look. then fuck this..6.” o You: “You know what. no wait.

the thought of having sex on the same night for some women might be so taboo that no matter how turned on. and the stars would have to align for someone to have sex with her that night. her threshold might only be met by a guy who looks like Brad pitt. Not because she’s “so moral”. the moon. and she has to be feeling xYZ feelings etc etc etc.. logistically. she wouldn’t have sex. tyler D used to say that it’s all about finding her blueprint. the problem is that each woman has a different threshold for what it would take to have sex with a guy the same night. these are just generalities.6. If one of those things was off. If the right guy came along at the right time. it had to be the perfect location. here are a few things that will help you have more consistent success. some guys are all about sexual framing. there are so many things that go into having good same night game and there are so many different styles you can take. some guys are all about building massive comfort. some women’s threshold is so high that it’s impossible for almost anyone on the planet to get there in one night. it could happen. some women will literally go their entire life and never have sex with a guy the same night she met him because her threshold is so high.2 Same night Lay Simple pointers. http://www. but because so many strange variables would have to be covered. and other guys are all about building huge amounts of sexual tension through push/pull until the girl basically pulls them into the bedroom (my personal favorite).. some guys go super sexual verbally and escalate really fast. 74 .theattractionforums. Maybe one day I will have time to write extensively on same night lay game. even the sweetest girl or most high value woman in the world “could” have a same night lay. her friends couldn’t know about it. and comfortable with the guy she was. runs perfect game.com/braddock/103638-same-night-lay-simple-pointers.html If you are a guy that is oNlY looking for same night lays... remember. but for now here are a few pointers that should help… SnL threshold: Any girl can turn into a sNl. attracted.. it would almost be impossible. the sun. every girl has a different blueprint that may take one or several of the things mentioned below.

right?” We all know what she can say often times betrays what she really feels.neXt Set! If you are obsessed with sNls then you will want to screen any girl out that has a moderate to high threshold. (All these assume you understand calibration and assume you have massive attraction) • She flinches multiple times at the idea of bouncing: Most women will give token resistance to bouncing back to your place.. you need to get good at reading girls thresholds. she may logistically follow you around the club and would stand there all night long but won’t let you make even the most basic of escalation…. who wants to drive her back 45 minutes away in the morning? Besides that.6. terrible logistics will override attraction and she will end up not going home with you. I’m just making the case for some women so you don’t beat yourself up every time a woman won’t go home with you.. No...find out logistics early. etc… If several of these questions get shit answers…. if she gives major resistance to any of the below…. the point is that if you are obsessed with same night lays. even if you could pull this girl. in most cases.MoVe oN!!!! 75 . So…. I’m not talking about listening to what she says exactly…. then. I suggest you move on.. Most girls aren’t like this. • She flinches when you escalate: I’m not talking about a girl who doesn’t want to look like a slut in front of her friends. Who did she come with? Who drove? How far away does she live? etc. what I’m talking about are things that are obvious red flags that “most of the time” spell an extremely high threshold that will put the brakes on the same night lay later that night. screen for girls that have a medium to low same night threshold.Ie “You know I’m not going to have sex with you. but a woman with a high SNL threshold will flinch hard every time you even hint at bouncing no matter how attracted she is. I’m talking about the woman who will barely let you hold her hand.2 Same night Lay Simple pointers.MoVe oN!! • Bad Logistics: If she lives 45 minutes away and she is with a carload of friends.

but for you advanced guys it should make sense.” My mom would of course be in the “high sNl threshold. then I’m moving on.. sexual teasing.6.2 Same night Lay Simple pointers. most of your mom’s fall in the “low sNl threshold. sexual qualification etc. and these are generalities. • She flinches when you joke sexually: Once again I’m not talking about when you don’t have attraction and you are trying to talk sexual like a horny 7th grader. same night lays are much more complex than this. obviously.” -Braddock 76 .If I can’t put her in at least a semi sexual state.…. I’m talking about when you know she is interested and she just won’t bite on any kind of sexual role play. sexual frames. remember..

m (10 Game audio) .Inner Game Issues stemming from 9s & 10s 7.What is Modeling .10 Game Audio: parts 1-7 7.some tips for Gaining More Access .Modeling friends .Modeling Gurus 77 .2 Braddock and mr.1 how do i date hotter Girls? “proximity is power” .proximity .covered in thiS chapter: 7.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling .Modeling family .

covered in this chapter:

- Who should You Model? - Modeling Behaviors and thoughts.. ...Not Becoming someone else - What to Do if forced to Be Around Bad Models - Action steps


how do i date hotter Girls? “proximity is power.”


how do i date hotter Girls? “proximity is power”
one of my favorite quotes and the foundational pillars of social Circle Mastery is, “proximity is power.” At the end of the day, you guys wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t want hotter women in your life. If it was just sex or quantity, then, you could just take down a drunk bar pig every night. However, at the end of the day, I got into all of this to date/bang hotter women. (GoD Help Me If ANYoNe oN Here WrItes tHe GAYest sAYING of All tIMe, “But BrADDoCK ...A Hot GIrl Is relAtIVe. WHAt’s Hot to You MAY Be uGlY to Me.”) fuCK You!!!!! ok, moving on. What I have discovered is that at the end of the day, the guys who date the Hottest women Are Not NeCessArIlY the guys with the best game....No. they are the guys with “enough” game... but superior proximity. they are the guys who have consistent close proximity to beautiful women. I know some of my boys back in oklahoma who have some of the best game I’ve ever seen....who AreN’t dating beautiful women consistently. When they come visit me in lA, they smash it. they are like kids in a candy store. However, in Oklahoma, they are fighting for one of the three hot girls in the club or social circle and the margin for error is insanely small. on the other end of the spectrum, I have buddies in lA who have very average game, but they have access to beautiful women through their social circle, and as a result, they are consistently dating hot women. Guys are always asking me, “How do I get hotter women?” they think I’m going to give them some trick line or inner game shift that will set them free and unleash their inner cocksman. they are usually disappointed by my answers...


when you snag the one hot girl out of the shit venue after going there 3.10 times and not have to be so pushy and desperate.. Do you get a special blue ribbon if you can? No. Create a lifestyle where you are naturally in the path of hot women all the time.we all do when we only go to shit bars with one hot girl in them and we can feel that we have one shot and it must be a homerun).1 how do i date hotter Girls? “proximity is power” 1.. “stop beating yourself up wondering why you can’t pull the one 10 out of that shit local bar near your house where there are 300 dudes. If you normally go 3 for 10 in any club regardless of quality.... I can’t be myself.social club..and 1 hot girl. you are still greatly increasing your odds if you are in a room full of beautiful women...5..10 girls.. “Become friends with a few club promoters. Consistently? No.4. Can you sniper off a 10 in a shit venue? Yes....” 2. you’re 81 . because in that room she is. classic inner Game issues Stemming from this: “I get shaky around hot women.” (Guess what.” 3.. wouldn’t you rather go 3 for 10 in a room full of super hot women? I would.get access to all those clubs that won’t let you in. Guys develop major inner game issues over this very simple distinction.. it’s less a measure of skill and more random luck.. even if you are limited to cold approach because you don’t have time to build a social circle... coupled with game and a few lucky logistical breaks. so things can happen more organically? I do.7..000 times. Do you want to make things easy on yourself so you can see her 3..class.. true 10’s.. “fall into friend mode with at least 3 hot girls who have hot friends. “When I get a hot girl I can’t walk away from her no matter how bad the relationship is.and join that.” (Yeah... If you pull her..” 4. because she is so hard to replace. “figure out where there is a large gathering of hot girls.” this is why sCM is so important. A girl in this club thinks she’s a 15.hobby. I’m great on 6’s and 7’s.

get blown out by hot girls. :D ok. (Not “pickup guys. and land some of those hot girls.. How to penetrate these places and social circles? that’s a whole post in itself... -Braddock 82 .” just normal guys who get it and understand this naturally. It starts with getting your lifestyle together.you probably just need less than you think. Your body will calm down and you will start to feel less stressed about any one girl. You need to have some skill. When you build a social circle full of hot girls and you start penetrating the hottest clubs in your area. You will warm up on hot girls.1 how do i date hotter Girls? “proximity is power” going to feel a complete lack of abundance).. and surrounding yourself with a team of cool guys who get it. getting involved.7.) Am I saying you don’t need good game? of course not. you will get used to being around hot girls. next caller.

html Youtube .com/braddock/102666-braddock-mr-m-10-game-audio.7.puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .part 2 of 7 Youtube .part 6 of 7 Youtube .theattractionforums.puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .part 5 of 7 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .2 Braddock and mr.puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .puA Braddock of love systems on 10 Game .part 3 of 7 Youtube .part 1 of 7 Youtube .part 4 of 7 Youtube .part 7 of 7 83 . m (10 Game audio) http://www.

html modeling the most common way we learn our dating habits is through modeling the behaviors of others. We tend to be identical to one or a combination of our parents’ belief systems in regards to love and relationships. If your dad was a wimp who got pushed around by your mom. these blind spots could rear their head in multiple arenas depending on who you modeled.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling http://www. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with most people. If your dad was a distant father who cheated on your mom but was loving and charismatic to the rest of the family. We must be careful about the lessons we internalize and hold as fact.theattractionforums. modeling family Just because someone we love and look up to did something a certain way doesn’t make it the best/ right way. confident guy? Were you raised by a single mom who was overly religious and guarded? Were you raised by parents who had a healthy. he probably taught you to be impatient and bitter toward women in general. etc… When you hear someone say. you’ll likely find yourself in similar relationships. then you were probably taught to put women on a pedestal and accept any and all behavior to please her.7. and caring relationship? Were you raised by parents who fought all the time and were basically roommates? these models have a profound effect on you and will continue to play out in your own life if you are not aware of them and you don’t change them. then through watching our friends. “that guy is a natural”. sadly. loving. If your dad was overbearing and dominated women in an unhealthy way. We do them automatically and have a blind spot to how they might be holding us back. movies. If your dad was a weak guy who was just happy to have ‘a’ wife. If your dad married the wrong woman or was cheated on. It starts with modeling our parents when we are children.com/braddock/116314-dating-tip-become-successful-womenmodeling. you’ll likely find yourself dominating women in relationships. you probably learned that deep meaningful relationships with women are unrealistic and you learned to stay distant and guarded. we learn these behaviors at such a young age. they are now autopilot responses. he had some great modeling as a child. what they really mean is. Maybe your dad cheated on 84 . When you think back to your childhood. who did you accidentally model? Was your dad a smooth.

or even great at attracting women. Just because a friend is a good friend.7. We’ve all heard the saying. modeling friends I think picking a healthy peer group is one of the most important decisions of your life. if you are modeling this. you do the same thing to him unknowingly. I have mentors who are great at attracting beautiful women. healthy relationship. You’ll follow his advice even at the risk of marrying the wrong woman and having an unsatisfying relationship for years just so you don’t disappoint him. and actions. some of those great tactics that cause deep levels of attraction can be taken too far and cause a toxic relationship where it’s nothing but fights and jealousy. It’s not about connecting and dating their equal. because that’s what you modeled. 85 . and unhealthy boundary function. thought patterns. unless you have seen someone you consider successful in a loving. it’s about dominating a woman and making sure she knows who has the power. then. great at business. You have vowed to never hurt a woman and you’ve taken it so far that you feel guilty if you even tease a woman or shoot her straight.” I couldn’t agree more. you can expect to end up in the same relationship prison. The relationship becomes a constant power struggle where the primary tools of expressing love are jealousy. so you went the polar opposite. Well. We often assume success in one area of life must mean success in all areas of life. “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. when you have a son. some of the most charismatic friends I’ve ever had who could attract the hottest women and sleep with any girl they wanted were absolutely terrible at keeping an amazing woman or having a healthy relationship. doesn’t mean you should model how he handles relationships. a good person. but this in no way makes them qualified to be a mentor in relationship management. you follow his relationship/dating advice dogmatically because you can’t stand the idea of letting him down. despite this. However. withdrawal. Maybe you have a father who you look up to as if he is a superhero and he is amazing in most areas of his life but has a terrible relationship with your mother. be careful about modeling their behaviors.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling your mom and you saw how hurt your mom was.

I saw them as users of men. jump on any opportunity to help my friends find reasons to dump their girlfriends. have deep issues. 86 .a healthy place? Is it coming from a confident guy who is sharing what works or is he constantly trying to prove himself to an unknown audience? Does it sound like a guy trying to get validation from men by bragging? Is he writing to impress or teach? Does what he say sound WAY too good to be true? If so.we all do this. but because they are either bad with women or were hurt by a woman. Because I’m a charismatic guy. I did it…. take the time to read numerous posts from that particular dating coach and try to read between the lines and figure out where he’s coming from. Be careful about accepting any dating advice as fact and be leery of modeling the thoughts and opinions just because a guy says he’s a dating coach. manipulative. and because I was still good enough to sleep with women despite being jaded. Don’t necessarily model someone’s life. unfortunately. it probably is. I’d joke negative about women. my friends couldn’t help but model my behavior.7. disloyal. overall character. sleep with. Model specific behaviors. and write tons of blog posts and articles that are half truths at best. I just genuinely despised them. this industry is full of weird guys who hate women. and the damage I probably caused in their lives and relationships. and was on a search and destroy mission to find. Does it sound like it’s coming from a good place…. they spew their negative beliefs onto anyone who is willing to listen. fake. modeling Gurus one of the biggest mistakes you can make is modeling the wrong dating coach. Be very careful about this or you could find yourself running around a club wearing a top hat and 12 inch platform shoes. I’d spew my hate about women to all my friends and look for any shred of evidence I could find to validate my dark views toward them. they are extremely smart and interesting. often times. I was one of these guys for a while. and overall proactive thought patterns. it was a horribly unhealthy model for my friends to follow. every woman in the tri-state area. I still feel guilty about the things I accidentally taught the guys around me. these are the charismatic guys who speak from such a place of authority it can be easy to get sucked into their reality and believe what they say and think. and crush. I remember after one of my girlfriends dumped me there was about a year and a half where I hated women. and. are not as good with women as they say they are.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling even worse is modeling the unhealthy friend who is jaded by women. over hype how good they are with women.

if you are modeling the mindsets of some of these guys. they don’t tell you that they do those rarely and the girl usually is average looking at best. Make sure whoever you model is getting the results you want. you will find yourself frustrated and might even feel bad about yourself wondering why you can’t get the same results. A lot of guys give no context for the things they teach or the things they tell you to say. some of the guys I’ve met through this don’t need to be giving advice to anyone and could use a bump in the dosage of their psych meds. 87 . don’t model the guy who bangs 4 girls per week but hasn’t had a real relationship in his life. “You have shit in your teeth. but it’s not. Worse than anything. Who should you model? Modeling the right dating coach or natural can be extremely helpful. Hearing the mindsets and beliefs of guys who are fantastic with women can really set a good course for your dating life especially if you don’t have anyone who is good to model. If you want 1. don’t model the guy who is constantly in a long term relationship. If you read this and try to model it. If you want a relationship. so good guys end up getting blown out by girls and coming across really creepy.000 one night stands. Model someone who is getting the results you want. things like “negging” have caused huge problems for guys all over the world. you are modeling a really unhealthy guy and modeling 1/2 truths that aren’t even real. but all the girls he dates are damaged unhealthy women. they make it sound like they are going out and pulling super models in the bathroom every night. Guys will over hype things like bathroom pulls and other things that sound exciting on paper. Going to a bootcamp and watching guys who are amazing with women is priceless.7. you will be setting yourself up to attract the same kind of women. If you meet a guy who is great with women.” The idea of negging is fine if it is explained properly.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling Another big problem I have with the community is many of the guys who teach this are not qualified to teach and those that are often write about and teach things that happen 1 out of 100 times instead of teaching about what happens 99 out of 100 times. Make sure the guy you are modeling is healthy or you will ultimately pay the price. but you’ll want to put your main focus of modeling on people who are getting the result you want. there are guys all over going up to girls and saying rude comments like. that doesn’t mean you can’t steal a page out of each guy’s playbook.

7. It creates a weird dynamic if you go out with a guy and you can tell he’s trying to be you. It annoyed me. they would get so much attention that I would almost feel worse about myself when I would try to keep up. Never try to become the person you are modeling. stop asking bad models for advice. etc… It was not flattering. stop letting them give you advice. not compete. surrounding yourself with healthy people will help you think. spend some time going out with these guys and spend some time going out with guys more on your level so you can grow as well. I do have family members who I love. You choose who you spend your time with and can choose to go through the pain of clipping bad friends and finding new healthy social circles. but you have to keep your identity and be your own person. I couldn’t get any light to grow. A lot of guys who were trying to model Mystery became weird. and it creeped out the girls that knew him before he started doing it. But. When you go out with these guys. doesn’t mean he’s a good guy to continuously go out with. use it as an opportunity to learn. but it was well worth it in the long run. this means changing the subject. What if you are forced to be around bad models? You’re not forCeD to be around anyone. but they were so good that I felt like the little tree that was surrounded by trees so big. carbon copies of him. You have to guard your inner game like it’s fort Knox. I’ve had friends who were drastically better than me in the past. I’ve done it 3 or 4 times in my life. Don’t let unhealthy people pave the way for your thoughts. Be careful when you model someone that you don’t try to become that person. Also. Also. that’s ok. 88 . for example. I had a friend in college who tried really hard to do what I was doing and it got strange at times. came off weird to our friends. It was hard. but are not the best models in certain areas whom I do spend time with. What I’ve done with these people is never give them a platform to taint my thoughts or accidentally corrupt me with the bad models they demonstrate. if they have a terribly unhealthy relationship. and avoiding certain topics with them. more healthily. just because a guy is a good model to learn from. He would use the exact jokes I would normally say and had pretty much copied the way I dressed. spoke. don’t tell people you are modeling them. and behave. It’s ok to tell people you want them to mentor you. I NeVer discuss my relationships with them and will only discuss theirs if they are asking for advice.3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling model behaviors and thoughts…don’t try to Be that person. joked.

3 dating tip: Become Successful with Women by modeling Summary • I personally feel one of the keys to success with attracting women and having a healthy dating life is being able to model certain attributes from different people who are successful in specific areas. but simply what you’ve learned. Write down how your beliefs might be identical or opposite to either of them. Hit reset: Become aware that this way of moving through the world isn’t necessarily you. love. • Model the behavior and thoughts. M and I call these kinds of people guys who are going supernova. or books. I only know about 5 people like this and they are amazing people.7. 2. Mr. DVDs. You now have a choice to be different and pick new models that are proactive to the goals and dating life you want. happy. • Healthy models are key but at minimum. dating coaches. not the man in most areas. sex. Reflect: Write down how this modeling has affected your dating life. we must have the awareness to recognize a bad model so we don’t blindly follow the same path. surrounding yourself with good models will allow you to pick up the positive attributes of who they are through osmosis. and attraction. There are those few anomalies who have the entire package. and healthy. Now find models that align with what you are looking for in the form of natural friends. action Step: 1. 3. in all the important areas of life. Develop a sense of awareness: take inventory of how your parents’ beliefs about dating. Also write down how modeling certain friends‘ beliefs have affected your dating life. audios. -Braddock 89 . You can’t help but be affected by the people you spend the most time with. they are blowing up and extremely successful. were transferred to you.

Damage Control 90 .3.1 text Game .2.text Message examples 8.Braddock’s style of texts . Increasing the frequency and Intensity of Communication .4. re-initiating Mutual Contact . the other side of the Bridge .covered in thiS chapter: 8. Maintaining or Build Attraction . Maintaining or Build Comfort .2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy .5.1.“pinging” text Messages .

.What to text Her 8.How to solidify a Number.covered in this chapter: 8.tonight! .3 text Game: making the number Solid ..4 the ultimate Guide to phone and text Game .sample Chapter 91 .

..theattractionforums.. I don’t want a girlfriend and I’m kinda bored with just one night stands unless I’m traveling. It all depends on your personality and your goals. day two style text game.com/braddock/61180-text-game-braddock.1 text Game http://www. I’m typing up more and more of my text message game and I will try to post more of them by category in the future. but I think seeing this will be really helpful. I don’t have time to type up each category right now. 92 .. relationship text game looks like. so. but I will try to in the future.8. Keep in mind that my style is just one of many. but it’s such a hard thing to teach just by writing about it... eventually.html I will try to do a better write up on my text game rules sometime. Decide what you want. and friends with benefits text game looks like. I want to show you what one night stand text game looks like.. Anyway. I go for more friends with benefits when I’m back home.. hope this helps...

However. Certain girls will respond more to certain types of humor and certain levels of comfort. qualification. some girls love to joke rough and like when I’m kind of a dick to them in a joking way. then you look like you really want her bad.. and comfort game. and then be short and business like where I take a while to reply other times.. this can change. some girls would stop talking to you if you sent them several messages like this. How do you do this? Go get lots of phone numbers and try different things. If a girl and I have already had sex. If you sexually frame them when you meet. short texts that sub communicate that maybe I’m too busy for them or maybe I’m not sure if I’m interested. they don’t have to be fun and amazing every time. then you would be sruprised how sexual things can get over text before you even sleep with them. Crucial point to getting good at text game . then texts are a great way for me to “ping” her and keep the attraction alive until the next time we meet. and it only happens because I’ve practiced my ass off at text game. but it does happen. and then fucked it up texting. If we’ve already had sex. if we haven’t had sex yet. 93 . other girls respond more when I show a somewhat sweeter side and respond negatively to rough or sexual jokes. then they can get pretty sexual. but until then... I’ve also noticed some girls that only respond when I respond with delayed. I’ve also had girls that it was super on with at a bar.1 text Game I like to keep my texts fun and light. and you have nothing better to do.. ran great attraction. and only texted until they came over and we had sex. and slowly lost her until she hardly replied. Not to confuse you even more. If things are going great and she is writing you 4 page messages back every time. then feel free to keep writing her long funny messages. then it is a helpful tool to set you apart from the other 10 guys she is talking to. this isn’t how it usually goes. but I think. If you try to be super funny in every message and write a 4 page message eVerY tIMe. I use lots of call back humor. never talked to on the phone. You must learn to understand where you are with each girl. Just because it worked on one girl doesn’t mean it will work on the next. or. I have slept with many girls that I met one time for 20 minutes in a bar. fuck it up and lose girls. Just like with everything else in game you must calibrate it. I like to mix it up and send both long. I feel it really keeps them off guard and on their toes with you. but once again the above Must be calibrated. As you spend more and more time with any one girl. funny messages where I reply almost immediately some times.8. if they are. but we have spent time together. you can build compliance momentum and the same girl who acted disgusted by a sexually charged joke may send you texts that would make a porn star blush!!! some girls love to write long texts to me and love when I write them long texts back.

If it looks like a mass text message.. because I think it’s a crucial tool for any guy running cold approach game. It’s just a small thing that I’ll do that just kind of forces them to think about me and not forget that I’m around.1 text Game It happens..kkshh.. Just something random and funny that doesn’t really ask them anything and doesn’t ask for much back. You will start to see a pattern that takes place and you will start to see different patterns in girls. Copy? over…. it just means you need to work on it. When you send these kinds of messages. Another key point I’ve added recently and it’s really seemed to help is sending a mass text message to like 30 girls. or start a word document and save your best stuff. By simply starting it with “What up sara? bla bla bla” or threading her name in there somewhere. but keep it up as long as it’s fun. Don’t keep it going forever. repeat: the crypts are raiding the liquor store.” 94 . I’m considering posting it. you put their first name. When we met. Hence the army theme throughout this text. she will assume you sent it to tons of people. text to Lauren: Braddock: “echo 1 this is Bravo Company…kksssh. it’s not a reflection of you.. DoN’t use this exact message!!!! this only works for me because it’s congruent with the guy she met and the guy she has hung out with. I actually have a structure that I use and I teach at my bootcamps. I repeat: mother bird is in her nest….kkshh. it’s crucial that somewhere in the message. she had a camo skirt on so I was calling her rambo all night. I use call back humor and stay in a theme for a little while.8. then she won’t feel anything towards you when she reads it. If you don’t have a sense of humor like mine then this message would come across as strange. Nip/tuck in t-minus 5 min…. Get a journal. Don’t let it get you down. I could write a novel on text game rules. You will know when you need to start slow or when you can jump in and be more sexual. she will feel it was personal. Here is an example of how I ping with a girl between meet ups.

1 text Game lauren: “Bravo company this is echo one and I’m pickin up what you’re putting down but unfortunately I won’t be privy to such luxuries’ as nip tuck. He’s a virgin like your boyfriend!!! shall I hook you up???!!! lp: “Hahaha!!” lp: “I dumped him you jerk! Are you going to sara’s Bday party?” 95 . Divide & conquer all tasks this week.” lauren: “Bla Bla Bla….. that’s a 10-28 (loud & clear). Don’t let Charlie see this message…self destruct in 5 secs.8. But he is oh so cute.” Braddock: “roger that lima Bravo. think you can handle that?” Braddock: “echo 1 this is Alpha 1. Delta foxtrot has tivo ready & waiting for mission. that last transmission was inaccurate. you are so mean! Braddock : (sent pic of parents new puppy) lp: “Do you really think that’s going to make me like you more? Nice try. tonight bc I have other engagements to tend to …such as studying for exams and preparing for my interview tomorrow morning…I’m counting on you to take notes and provide a detailed summary of the nights events. report by land line after your tasks are completed b/c romeo Delta wants a full debriefing of enemy engagements.” text with me and Lp: Braddock: “How are things with you and the virgin? Is the sex mind blowing?” lp: “shut up jerk. He’s cute as a damn button.” Braddock: “Cute? More than cute. Hoo-rah! lauren: “Bla Bla Bla…. tango x ray will be in service. Nip/tuck in t minus 50 minutes. Zulu acknowledges message & will return to headquarters w/assignment completed.

but I don’t know if I’m good enough for you to name an exact time that you will orgasm.” lp: “shut up I’m coming at 7!” Braddock: “I’m a human dynamo in bed. so closed minded. Maybe another time.8.” Braddock: “so many 3some jokes going through my mind.” Braddock : “Why cause I love Jesus? You could learn a lot from him. the safety word this week will be fire engine. You guys have to bring cookies… And GoD Help You If tHeY Are CHoColAte CHIp or peANut 96 . Can I study at your house?” Braddock: “Is …. It’s not that it’s too long. but I’m going to have to get drunk to scrape that tattoo of your number and pic off my ass…. no.. but I’m not into toilet humor ………. If we don’t hang out by sunday I’m deleting your number. I have to floss my cat’s teeth……. but we’ll try.or something.. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is just not working out for me.damn it!” lp: “lolol You are sooo weird!! Where do you come up with that stuff?” Braddock: “Are you being a bitch to me because I’m black? God I hate texas girls.see! let’s hang out sunday. lp: “lolol that’s not what I meant! sara said she wants to come too. “Study at your house.1 text Game Braddock: “unless it’s a bible study…. fine. I’m getting another call…. then I guess I’ll delete it now.” lp: “You are so full of shit. it just reminds me of my ex wife.” code for group sex? I’m gonna go with no.” lp: “lol…. sorry.It’s 1945 they want your views on not calling boys back when your done with them.” lp: “Well you never call me.Hey lp. I have 3 test Monday!” Braddock: “You never call me”…….

but my throat clinches up and I get all nervous on the phone with girls. my thumbs are starting to hurt.well I guess it worked. so I’ll just hide behind my text messages until I see you sunday.fine. I would call them a 6.” LP: “haha….. so I use lots of humor about her being a nurse instead of a doctor or just any joke I can think of about med school or the medical field. Well that and the fact that you have crooked teeth and cankles……….” text with alexis: she is in medical school.” lp: “lol…. sugar. Do we actually have to hang out or can you just drop the cookies off on the porch?” lp: “HAHAHA…just tell them how pretty they are.8.oatmeal raisin.” lp: “HAHAHA!!!!! Cankles!!! I don’t think sooo and you know I have perfect teeth. You told me you loved them when we met. Just a start.” lauren: “lololol…. probably shouldn’t mention cankles and bad teeth. I’ll put them in the mailbox…see you sunday brat. if I was drunk. 97 .. I would make out with her. etc….” Braddock: “I was drunk and just trying to get you to bake me cookies.” Braddock: “ok. but just slightly.. but she would never meet mom.. I just don’t know what to say.oMG!!!! Who are you? What kind do you like?” Braddock: “Who am I? 2 weeks of marriage and 5 kids and you still don’t know me? that’s exactly why I need this break. I’d call you later. I’m getting carpel tunnel.1 text Game Butter!!! I hate chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies slightly more than terrorism…. Do you like snicker doodle?” Braddock: “If snicker doodle cookies were a girl….

Just a start. probably shouldn’t mention cankles and bad teeth.” Braddock: “ok.” LP: “haha…. my thumbs are starting to hurt. but my throat clinches up and I get all nervous on the phone with girls.” lauren: “lololol….” text with alexis: she is in medical school..1 text Game Butter!!! I hate chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies slightly more than terrorism…. I would call them a 6. etc…. Well that and the fact that you have crooked teeth and cankles………..” lp: “HAHAHA!!!!! Cankles!!! I don’t think sooo and you know I have perfect teeth.. if I was drunk.. I would make out with her. I’d call you later. but she would never meet mom.” Braddock: “I was drunk and just trying to get you to bake me cookies.oatmeal raisin. Do you like snicker doodle?” Braddock: “If snicker doodle cookies were a girl…. You told me you loved them when we met. so I’ll just hide behind my text messages until I see you sunday. I’m getting carpel tunnel.8. sugar. so I use lots of humor about her being a nurse instead of a doctor or just any joke I can think of about med school or the medical field.” lp: “lol….oMG!!!! Who are you? What kind do you like?” Braddock: “Who am I? 2 weeks of marriage and 5 kids and you still don’t know me? that’s exactly why I need this break. but just slightly. Do we actually have to hang out or can you just drop the cookies off on the porch?” lp: “HAHAHA…just tell them how pretty they are. I just don’t know what to say.fine. 98 . I’ll put them in the mailbox…see you sunday brat.well I guess it worked.

ur a weirdo : p” Braddock: “Ha.1 text Game Alexis: “Did you find a new love bunny in LA or what!? Did we really break up? Braddock: “We will NeVer break up.I’ve been on lock down the last few weeks.. as they say in the movie Highlander.” Alexis: “And who has u on lock?” 2 hours later…. Braddock: “Just been crazy busy with work….8. What are you up to?” Alexis: “pray for me. Kick some ass.you gotta be the only person who would reference Highlander in a text message. Need a 96 for an A in the class!!! (few hours later)…… Braddock: “How did your test go?” Alexis: “About to go take it! After my work out…” Braddock: “Good luck. I’m a man amongst boys.You are crazy! I’m putting that as my myspace quote!” Braddock: “Do you want me to text you the answers for your test?” 99 . “there can be only one!!!” Alexis: “HAHA…. Where u been hiding jerk face!? thought a lion ate ur arm! Braddock: “I know I know…. trample the weak and hurdle the dead!” Alexis: “lol…. Don’t fuck with me on movie trivia…. I have a Chem test 2day. You took my virginity.” Alexis: “I’ll keep that in mind.

you jerk! I really am smart.” Braddock: “I know. “Does raggedy Anne have cotton boobs!” Braddock: “the answer to your dads question is “no. tell them ur going to one of your buddy’s houses and then just come stay with me.” And he’s gonna make us leave the door open and the lights on the whole time you are here……” Alexis: “Well.” Braddock: “hmmm… “convinskate. Alexis: “When are u going to actually come hang out instead of working out ur thumbs all day?” Braddock: “Dude. that’s why I like you.. we gotta ask my mom…….” lol…. It’s a dual pocket 2 zipper comfort fit. It’s Italian leather with Braddock in rhinestones. You are so mean!!!!!!” Braddock: “Mooohaha. I believe her breasts are actually buttons.” later that night….” that’s actually an urban legend.. Do you wear a pocket protector?” Alexis: “Heck yeah I do!!! everyday in my scrubs….8.Your genius must be limited to Chem.1 text Game Alexis: “they convinskate phones…It’s in the testing center….” Alexis: “lol…..” Alexis: “You are so weird! My dad use to say.she’s gonna say. My parents are out of town this weekend.” Alexis: “Do u wear a fanny pack?” Braddock: “Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?!? Hell yeah I do. It’s custom made. “Go ask your dad.” 100 . you’re one of the nerdiest girls I know….And im a genius anyways…thanks tho babe.

How can we be together if you are gonna lie to me all the time?” bla bla bla..8..”(she then messaged me on myspace) Braddock: “sending me messages on myspace? I thought you went to bed.1 text Game Braddock: “Nice thinking. -B 101 .” later later that night…… Alexis: “I’m going to bet... have a great day tomorrow. Good night.

the president of love systems. as we’ve discussed in Magic Bullets. attract her. this is a bad way to get a woman’s phone number). wrote an article and did a podcast for this site to introduce what we do .what we call dating science.8. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this article: Why don’t some phone numbers lead to dates? text message bridges re-initiate mutual contact Increase the frequency and intensity of communication Maintain or build attraction Maintain or build comfort the other side of the bridge Damage control further context Why don’t some phone numbers lead to dates? let’s say you see a very attractive woman at a restaurant waiting for her friends.html have you ever met someone great.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy http://www. and in our interview download on phone game.theattractionforums. but it never seemed to turn into a date? A while back. and then get her phone number so you can “go out sometime”. using our techniques.com/braddock/68199-text-game-basics-braddock-savoy. our overall system is explained in savoy’s book. we wanted to follow these up with something focused on text messaging. to see her “sometime” all you have to do is be more interesting than doing 102 . gotten her phone number. Nick savoy. Magic Bullets. for a technology audience. This article will give a simplified overview of how to use text messages to go from the first time you meet someone to going on a date. you approach her. At that moment. Going out “sometime” is different from going out thursday night (which is why. she genuinely would “go out” with you “sometime”… …but it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Naturally. You don’t know what mood she’ll be in when you call or what she’ll be doing. memories and emotions dissipate.8. You lose value and emotional momentum (both of these concepts are explained in Magic Bullets but should be understandable in context) with every unreturned voicemail. she might actually see you. She likes all of the attention and flirting. If she doesn’t know you that well.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy nothing. And. or any other man she met that night . or relaxing at home. even if she has no reason to think that you wouldn’t. like friends. Most of what we teach on our bootcamps revolves around this. Why are you asking her out if you didn’t meet for very long? Are you desperate? Are you a player? *timing. so. the best way to deal with this is to make as strong of an impression as possible in your first meeting.if you noticed her. for her to go on a date. After meeting you just one time. especially if she doesn’t know you that well or you don’t know people in common. even if she did. hobbies. in order to lead to a more intimate situation the same day or to a date that won’t fall through (depending on the situation and your preferences). that’s why we created the “bridging” technique . if she has nothing else to do. There are many possible reasons for this - some will apply to some women and some situations more than others: *safety concerns. but she doesn’t have time to go on 9 dates this week. many desirable women would still hesitate to answer your call. you need to be more interesting than anything else she could be doing. her commitment to seeing you again can be pretty fragile. most desirable women rarely have “nothing else to do”. But sometimes you can’t do this . *fear of social awkwardness. not being sure can be enough for some women to avoid a date that might be awkward or uncomfortable. that’s a pretty low standard. other men did too.like in the above example when her friends are about to arrive and take her to dinner. and if you don’t get a hold of each other soon. work. she can agree to that.to get from a situation where a woman might have a low commitment to meeting up again to where the 103 . However. *Analysis. even if she was attracted to you when you first met. she may wonder if the two of you will really “click”.

she would likely be highly-committed to seeing you again. or supermodels. However. the other side of the bridge 104 . you can get most women to answer the phone and make plans. kissing. many of us got involved in dating science because we wanted to date women who would normally be “out of our league”. they are unnecessary since with good game. Text message bridging has five major components: 1. asking each other every question under the sun. If you meet someone you really want. If instead of meeting this woman at a restaurant. fun. the more important these bridging techniques.8. Increase the frequency and intensity of communication 3. and successful men. some of these techniques may seem like overkill. In such situations. spending time alone. None of us are rich. text message bridges Without further ado. often. let’s get into the meat of the system. we will often still use bridging techniques because A) sometimes we might err and think a woman is more committed or less flaky than she turns out to be B) they won’t hurt. and sexy woman who attracts powerful. intelligent. it can be worth doing the work to increase your odds for “likely” to “near certain”. re-initiate mutual contact 2. you can usually just go ahead and call. and making plans to see each other. Almost all of our instructors are formerly bootcamp students. the lower her commitment.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy two of you are on a date. what might be overkill when meeting the type of woman who might be attracted to you anyway can be crucially important when meeting a stunning. if you’d been introduced to her by a mutual friend and spent a few sober hours really getting to know each other. However. they are important for a couple of reasons. Maintain or build comfort 5. second. so. Maintain or build attraction 4. wherever she goes.

generalities. for example. Braddock recently met Katie. this is especially important with younger women with a more intense social schedule who meet a lot of people. use a text message to re-initiate contact instead of a phone call. 48 hours at the most. if she’s not free. ideas. -[Your name]. it takes far less commitment on her part to return a text message than it does to answer the phone or return a call.” 105 . Send your first message within 24 hours of meeting her.8. a banker. Among other things. Have a good night. re-initiate mutual contact After you meet a woman. they talked about relationships and pet peeves. Your first text is crucial. then A) plan to introduce subjects for callback humor next time and B) for now. So his first text drew on this: “Katie the banker! Don’t stay out too late. let’s get together for a “snuggle” session AsAp! -Braddock” If you’re stuck. they agreed that they both hate clinginess and the words “cuddle” and “snuggle”. Braddock followed up with: “Nice meeting you Julie. She has to respond and it has to point the two of you in the right direction. so. Callback humor involves recalling topics. social or geographic stereotypes relating to your original conversation that you can twist into a joke. Advanced men will deliberately “seed” the initial conversation with opportunities for callback humor. but everyone reads their text messages. people sometimes don’t answer their phones or listen to their voicemails. the best way to do this is to use callback humor. she’ll read it when she is.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy 1. During the initial meeting he teased her about her supposedly evil corporate ways. And. This ensures that she remembers as much as possible from your first meeting and that the good emotions she feels toward you don’t dissipate. texts don’t require much commitment. You don’t have to worry about her mood or her schedule when you text. you’ll need to be fresh!! : ) -Braddock “ Another night. send something simple like “Nice to meet you [name]. you have to be up early to foreclose on that orphanage of blind kids. Braddock met Julie.

Keep the conversation moving forward by making statements instead of asking questions as much as possible.8. Message her and get her to reply. right now it’s just about getting on the map. and don’t ask too many boring “yes” or “no” questions. Take things one step at a time. Don’t try to build comfort. Chi town . which costs emotional momentum. it’s not like she’s blowing you off. or build attraction.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy Always sign your name on the first text. stop now and get Magic Bullets or the interview on phone game. these all come later in the conversation. we can see some examples of good early text messages: “How did your project turn out? Did they give you a raise or at least give you a small army of interns to boss around?” “Just saw the news. 2. usually this will happen if you do something that assumes a higher commitment level than she actually has. It avoids the “who is this?” text message response. and simple that if she didn’t answer. for example: 106 . increase frequency and intensity After the first exchange of text messages. Now communication has been established and you can go from there.20! let me guess. Don’t try to get her to meet up in the first text message. beach volleyball today?” “Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? that’s ridiculous… Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…” stay away from things that can end a conversation or lose her attraction for you. Keep any questions light. oAp readers should know by now to program your name and number into her phone when you get hers. If you don’t. your goal is to build her commitment level to meeting up with you again by increasing the frequency and intensity of your messaging. Questions put her on the spot and repeated questions risk putting her in defensive “interview mode” which isn’t exciting or attractive. Going through Braddock’s sent items folder on his phone. (of course.

8. and lounges interacting with the most beautiful women there. not logically. even so-called experts are not in bars. because most of what people have been taught about social dynamics is wrong. Attraction is built emotionally. but this dissipates over time. day. use your knowledge of her and her personality to calibrate her. so. and are flirty without making her uncomfortable. and Challenging). 3. but 107 . contain wit or humor. so stay open-minded and let your only judge be how well these techniques work in the real world. Do you have plans friday when you get home?” When you read sample text messages in this article. she was attracted to you when you met. You can’t build a ton of attraction in text messages but you can build some. Much of dating science is counter-intuitive. Building attraction presumably. Status. We use what works. In Magic Bullets we identify and explain the eight most universal “attraction switches” . Pre-selection. some of them might seem silly. But that’s a general guide. clubs. Human attraction does not work the way it does on tV or in movies. and you can use texts to bring her attraction levels back up to the level where you first met and you can maintain it there. Humor. coming up) We can’t cover all of these in detail in this article (and it’s not an exhaustive list anyway). not a specific plan for an individual woman. and actually practicing what they preach. no matter how unusual it seems on paper.” or even “I hope your trip to Chicago was great!!! I want to hear all about it. through text messaging.things that most women will be attracted to (Health. I would love to see you when you get home. some good elements to include are: *role plays *random childish jokes *light sexual teasing or misinterpretation *funny or teasing pet names *Invoking commonalities you found when you met (this also builds comfort. after day. parks.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy rushing to make plans: “I’m so glad we met! I’ve never met a girl like you. it’s best done with light-hearted messages that assume a level of familiarity. Confidence. coffee shops. restaurants. Wealth. Social Intuition.

they talked about the movie. often has the opposite effect. sometimes the attraction or humor comes from the back-and-forth.” Braddock : “they let retards play with people’s money!?!? Hmmm…. attraction. even a silly text message like “I’m ron Burgundy.missed the scrooge reference?!? Minus 3 cool points…. tiny tim threw me off. : ) [or suitable nickname…this one worked here because she was young and already acknowledged she can be a bit of a brat sometimes]” You still want to be unpredictable and challenging enough to keep her interested. returning to example of Katie the Banker. Anchorman.wait!!! Now I remember the Christmas movie. don’t always reply quickly. 108 .2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy let’s go through a couple of examples. What bank do you work at again? ok.” Katie: “Who is tiny tim?” Braddock : “Wow…. Not fair. comfort. and build. we can see this attraction-building conversation: Braddock: “Are you stealing pennies from the elderly or telling tiny tim’s dad that he has to work an extra shift. When Braddock met Claire. or hear her voice tonality to truly know how she is reacting to this. I’m kind of a big deal” made her laugh and boosted her attraction. and don’t ruin a good situation by playing too many games. It’s not just one-liners either. It will make her feel like she has to earn you. You know this could be tim’s last Christmas……. 4. talk to you later brat. But be careful with this one. role playing is a powerful technique. back to work. You can’t technically see her face. and building. and don’t always be funny. he found out that she was from san Diego. Building comfort In addition to maintaining. body language. Among other things. Varying how and when you reply helps build value and scarcity. trying to thread a bunch of information that you assume will make her like you more.8. Don’t try to impress her through text messages. so. this is actually easier since building comfort is as much about what you don’t do as what you do.” Katie: “ohhhhh…. Don’t always send long replies. you need to maintain.

just get a sense of the general pattern: “Next coworker. Be real. this might make her uncomfortable. If you become angry or needy.” Most women would think this is creepy and that the man is reaching too hard to try to find commonalities. If you always respond to her messages right away and are clearly trying too hard. You had a rose pattern on your skirt last saturday. and don’t try to trade kindness for her approval or affection. Always stay positive and unaffected. light. is getting a body slam followed by the people’s elbow! How’s your day?” 109 . right? Hope you are having a wonderful day.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy In general. As long as your conversation is going well.there’s nothing special about them in themselves. Don’t react to low commitment behavior by apologizing for making jokes and/or asking what you did wrong. *Being too predictable. time and communication will build and maintain comfort for you. fun text messages that add to her day without making her feel pressured create comfort. Here are a couple of examples . non-threatening environment in her life. *Implying that she is much more committed than she actually is. stay away from a text like: “I just walked past the most beautiful rose garden. some of the things that break her comfort with you include: *trying to make plans with her too early. Even.8. (unsolicited I might add) that their 3rd grader made the honor role. a woman will be more comfortable if you seem to be at least a little bit of a challenge. “did you get home safe?” won’t help you unless it’s in a context in which you would ask that of any close friend. who feels it necessary to smugly inform me. that kills comfort. It reminded me of you. *responding negatively when she shows low commitment. A woman wants a man who is centered and not dependent on her approval or putting her on a pedestal. Generally. Assuming some familiarity is great. some women may be interested but still don’t always reply or will still send short responses. this affects attraction as well. especially early on. or overly nice. but avoid early texts that are overly sweet. just act like a positive. this might make her feel pressured and on the spot.

she’ll respond.. And if she doesn’t end up coming out. and the nonspecific invitation can be tacked onto the end: “[random content]”.” “[random content]”. you’ll start to see patterns and know when the moment is ripe.you just invited her and her friends to something you were (in theory) doing anyway and for all she knows.” If her commitment is lower than usual. With experience and intuition. tell your interns to pencil me in for next week or I’m putting “single” back up on facebook. We’re trying to get her on a date.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy “What’s up crazy? [or suitable nickname] Just saw a guy walking an english bulldog like you said you wanted. we’re not trying to make a woman fall in love over text message .8.anything . you invited 110 . The [random content] means that you have something . It’s like touching a woman’s arm in conversation. if we don’t hang out soon then I’m going to start cheating on you. that poor thing was hideous.in that slot so the whole text isn’t the invitation. What are you thinking?!” [obviously this was to someone who said she had an english bulldog] 5.. Here are some examples of non-specific invitations. Any of the examples of good text messages that we’ve already seen would make good [random content] here. the object is to get her out so we have a chance to connect with her. In the meantime. you haven’t lost any ground and can keep working from where you are. you’re not going to get very far just by sending low-commitment texts back and forth. If not. and they’re more likely to actually take place especially with a woman with a very busy social schedule and lots of male attention. The bait is usually a non-specific or low-pressure text about the two of you meeting up. she doesn’t have to be alone or invest a lot to make these kinds of plans happen. remember. the other side of the bridge obviously. you don’t really lose any ground with her .real gains happen in person. let’s get together next week. the classic formula is “you guys should meet us out”.” “[random content]”. If she is interested. and you’re not improving things very quickly in text. you can start baiting with lower-intensity plans. you can test her commitment level without too much risk by using a technique we call “baiting”.

this message will self destruct in 30 sec!!! Hope to see you there…. even “good” texts at this point just come across as try-hard or supplicative. Here are some more examples: “We are going to be at x bar. If it was a minor mistake. stop the bleeding. but it’s not necessary. Would you like to come? It’s going to be fun. send her something light in a few days and pretend like it never happened.” “sara! x bar friday night! Be there or we are breaking up and I’m not taking you back this time… …I’m signing the divorce papers and fighting for full custody” You can still use [random content] to lead in to these.” think back to a time when a woman chased you when you weren’t giving her any encouragement and how you lost attraction for her. These would be some bad examples: “What are you doing later?” “Hey sara. it’s really hard to turn them around. we are going to be at x bar friday night.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy lots of friends. In general. is to show up between the hours of 11pm and 2am. if you choose to accept it. Your mission. Never text her asking if you 111 . stop sending her messages.” damage control some situations are harder than others and sometimes you will feel like you’re not getting anywhere. then just stop texting her for a day or two and give her time to forget about it. then. once things start going downhill. Some men who feel a situation slipping through their fingers will make the fatal mistake of trying to reel her back by texting more and/or longer texts. you and your friends should stop by.8. if it’s not working. How are you? I’m going to x bar saturday with some friends.” “sara. Do not text from the mindset of: “I need to correct my mistake. Baits should never be overly specific or imply a rejection if she doesn’t say yes or come out.

8. or try too hard to be funny. with an analysis of each. further context This (very brief and simplified) summary will hopefully give some idea on how more phone numbers can be turned into dates and also give you a taste of how dating science can work . Hope this helps. wait longer before re-initiating. If it was a major mistake. The Love Systems Routines Manual - hundreds of specific stories. or apologize assuming you did something wrong if you didn’t. openers. just call her. We wanted to close by listing a few good resources for further reading: Magic Bullets . In such situations.2 text Game Basics by Braddock and Savoy messed up. some women just don’t like texting. -Braddock 112 . or say “just kidding” incessantly. games.by Nick savoy. and things to say or do in virtually any situation. don’t force the issue. these are word-for-word the things we actually use when meeting women.

com/braddock/112401-text-game-making-number-solid-braddock.html 113 .8.theattractionforums.3 text Game: making the number Solid http://www.

Example: (Light flirting) (The woman was wearing a blue dress and at some point in the conversation she told me she was from san Diego) Braddock: “This cute girl from San Diego in a sexy blue dress won’t stop flirting with me. tonight. talk to the woman just long enough to pique her interest. they come in. ask her for the phone number. but it wasn’t that on yet. put your phone back in your pocket. I just want to give you a way around it. then. The Phone and Text Game book covers this in great detail. and keep talking to her. after you take a woman’s phone number. If it was flirty. Wait a minute or two. just keep talking.8. and move on right after typing it in their phone. stay there. the woman won’t question it. this is a sure fire way to guarantee you have a flaky number at best. I won’t get into why this causes flakes right now. the more physical we have been with one another. send her a text message. but they are simply bonus points. there are a million things you “can” do with the phone. I would keep it slightly teasing and flirtatious. the more edgy I would be. then. Don’t tell her of course. just put your phone back in your pocket and keep talking.3 text Game: making the number Solid Let me give you something awesome you can start doing tonight to help you reduce flaky numbers and cut your workload in half. What do you send her? this will depend on how far along you are with that particular woman. the goal of phone and text game is simply to get her comfortable enough to meet you again. She probably won’t even answer calls or return your texts. one of the biggest mistakes guys make is that they treat the phone number like it’s a hostage and they are a Navy seal trying to extract it. What should I do? :) -Braddock” 114 . take your phone out as if you are checking the time or you just received a text message. Getting her on a date or getting her to come to your house is the only goal that really matters. remember.

walked off right after. you two are having a normal conversation verbally. but flirting with each other and role playing through text all while you are standing within 2 feet of each other. By the time you guys leave the venue you will have a text chain of 5 maybe even 10 texts already rolling. try it out tonight. When she notices that it’s you. Now. she will almost always smile and text you back. this is such a powerful tool. she is 100 times more likely to respond to you then some guy who took her number.3 text Game: making the number Solid she’s going to check her phone expecting it to be from someone else. the next day when you go to text her it’s not just some mystery number. -B 115 . it’s a continuation of the text message chain from the night before.8. and then text her out the blue from a number she doesn’t recognize.

but you can get a glimpse of what it takes from the free chapter. tHAt is what I call super HIGH leVel AttrACtIoN. her lack of reply literally drove you crazy. unable to think of anything except.... to make matters worse .html used properly. phone and text Game can cause a person not only to become more attracted to you.to literally get her addicted to you. tHAt is what you call addiction. which took us a year to write.8. that is one of the main aims (if not tHe main aim) of phone and text Game .. What do I mean by “addicted”? think about it .com/braddock/126263-ultimate-guide-phone-text-game.. you.4 the ultimate Guide to phone and text Game http://www. but also become addicted to you. or three times. You may have even texted her twice. so here you go. well.. she was the only thing that you could think about. or called her.. the best thing is that you can do this to her. free CHApter of tHe ultIMAte GuIDe to pHoNe AND text GAMe 116 .. Imagine having the super hot girl that you want sitting there.have you ever texted a girl and not heard back from her? How did it make you feel? You checked your phone frequently waiting for her text message. until she texted you back. It’s like you were paralyzed. that’s how powerful phone and text Game can be if you know how to use it.you weren’t sure whether to call. the full path to attaining this sort of “addiction” is what Braddock and I cover indepth in the glorious 150+ pages in the ultimate Guide to phone And text Game Book.theattractionforums. You literally can cause someone to be addicted to you through phone and text. In worse case scenarios. so. whether to text of whether to just do nothing and wait for her reply! the point is that she was taking up your thoughts to the point of distraction.

3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to get you laid) . .2 Q and a on college and Social circle Game. Mini social Circles ..1.What openers are Best for College Campuses .covered in thiS chapter: 9..Cold Approach example (on Campus) 9.2.When to push for the Close .1 college Game videos . logistics….College Game Videos parts 1-8 9.“Getting sticky” .opening 117 .. .

example frames 118 .What to do During the Day .frame setting .Gaming at Your Hotel .covered in this chapter: .running Atraction in Clubs .

puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .1 college Game videos http://www.puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .theattractionforums.part 3 of 8 Youtube .part 6 of 8 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .part 5 of 8 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .part 8 of 8 119 .puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .html Youtube .part 7 of 8 Youtube .part 4 of 8 Youtube .part 1 of 8 Youtube .part 2 of 8 Youtube .9.puA Braddock of love systems on College Game .com/braddock/103567-college-game-videos-braddock.

http://www..2 Q & a on college and Social circle Game.theattractionforums.html 120 .9..com/braddock/71166-braddock-q-college-social-circle-game.

then just back off and say. if you feel any discomfort on her part or if you feel that it would be pushing it to go for the number or date. Normal openers can.E. Question: “What sort of openers would you use in a regular college setting (I.. walking across campus first few days and see a hot girl)?” answer: on a true cold approach in a college setting. I always used situational openers or functional openers. but it was nice meeting you. I gotta run. but if you ever get caught by the wrong girl it has potential to do irreversible damage to your social status in the eyes of that girl and any girl in her social circle. you are better off than if you tried to game too hard when 121 . However. they aren’t sexy. Walking on campus: Braddock: “Do you know where the Nielson Hall is?” Girls studying in the library: Braddock: “Do you know what time this place closes?” Girls standing somewhere: Braddock: “You look really familiar. I would go for her phone number right there.. In that case.” which is crucial in a small fish bowl setting such as a college campus. even if she doesn’t remember you the next time she sees you. remember you will likely see her again either on campus or out at a party or bar so don’t try too push things to fast or too far unless you get the vibe that she is really into you. and will work. I’m Braddock. Did we have class together last semester?” then I would transition into normal conversation and/or tease her lightly. but they ensure that you won’t be called out for “gaming.9.” shake her hand and then walk away with your value intact.2 Q & a on college and Social circle Game. Braddock: “thanks.

she will likely remember you and welcome you as part of her social circle almost immediately. resource. that blow out cannot have long term effects on your overall social status.. tactically ejecting is not a cop out. the timing wasn’t right and she rejects you. obviously. it’s the proper move if you sense that attempting to ask for her number or a date would be too much. this is especially true for people that meet you when you are unavoidably in a low or neutral value situation. Does it sound like I’m telling you to pussy out and not close? that’s not exactly what I’m saying. If she likes you and you are ejecting because you are scared to ask for her number. but it might take 6 times for you to see them and greet them as a person you now see as a card carrying member of your social circle.2 Q & a on college and Social circle Game. Mr.” Getting sticky is an old advertising term used to describe a crucial phase where a product must be seen multiple times by consumers in order for them to remember what it is and what it does just by hearing the name. mathematically. It is essentially a waste of your time to not see if you can get her number or bounce her that night because you will most likely never see her again. If you fail to be seen in such a light. the less real or potential value perceived by that girl will determine how long the sticky phase will last. scarce. In our social Circle Mastery seminar. If you met in a situation where you were of low or neutral value then you may need to meet a few times or she will have to hear about you several times before you are even on her radar. It can be hard to recover from a true cold approach rejection in social circle game. “Getting sticky. Because you will never see her again. who gives a shit if you cause irreversible damage with one random set? You will never see them again so it does not matter. However. that’s a different post. this is why cold approach is so tough. you are better off to push the encounter as far as possible even if your value is not optimal.. then. well. her mind will not focus any mental energy on you.9. regardless of outcome. It obviously doesn’t take 6 times for you to remember someone you just met. If you had high situational value when you met. 122 . they say that consumers need to be exposed to a product in one form or another at least 6 times before it will be remembered. You have an extremely small window of time to prove that you are a high value. Why would I recommend that you merely open and then eject without pushing for the number? that goes against everything you’ve learned through cold approach. You remember people who are of substantial value or of potential value. M and I call this tactic.

you can wait it out and escape witthout losing value and live to fight another day when your value is optimal. this means it doesn’t even have to be real.” Braddock: “Hmm. When you are sticky. You can always turn up the heat later when the timing is perfect. smith’s politics of south America class last semester?” Her: “No.. girl buddies running up and hugging you... meaning she now knows who you are and would at minimum say hi if she saw you out or on campus... situationally.” Her: “Haha. It means seeing you with girls.9. your value is low in one situation. I’m a journalism major.. and strike at the perfect moment. example of how to become sticky through cold approach.2 Q & a on college and Social circle Game.Nope wasn’t me.. Braddock:”You look really familiar.Are you sure because you look like that girl who cheated off me all the time? I meant to tell you that I didn’t appreciate that. this means she sees you in an environment where her eyes can see that you are a high value guy.” that means. to an outside eye it looks like maybe you could have those girls. You can build your value over time. I. If there is a high probability that she will see you again.” 123 . all smoke and mirrors.. It could literally be girls hugging you that like you as a friend whom you have no chance in hell with. and you have high situational value. If. talking to girls. I want this to focus on opening and becoming sticky. It’s covered in great detail in our seminar. I’m not going to detail how to game once you are in the social circle in this post. this doesn’t mean she needs to see you making out with girls. situational value can be. then you can build your value and comfort over multiple encounters instead of going for the cold approach mindset of “home run or strikeout. and usually is. or it’s a girl that you don’t have much time or value to work with. However. social circle game is much easier and it is much different... then just use the first encounter to “get sticky” and get on her radar.e. this means she sees you as one of the cool guys in a high value group of guys and/or she sees cool/hot girls respond positively to you. were you in Dr. if you are cold approaching on campus and it’s a cold set.

Alright.” (take two steps away) “oh shit.9.. london is sick! Hope to see some of you guys at the seminar this weekend.. sorry about that.” Her: “Nice to meet you too. I’ll see you around. stop reading posts. I’m sure I’ll see you around. and go do at least one approach before you come back!!!! Hope this helps. Braddock: “that’s Cool.” Braddock: “Nice to meet you Katie. what’s your name by the way? I’m Braddock.2 Q & a on college and Social circle Game.” Her: “Katie.” ok. -Braddock 124 . Bye. turn your computer off.

com/braddock/89055-spring-break-game-braddocks-definitiveguide-guaranteed-get-you-laid.9.. Logistics….html Mr. but it’s easily worth it.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) http://www. 1. there are usually 1 or 2 125 . M and I are doing a bootcamp March 13-15 in Cancun Get a hotel where the action is….theattractionforums. this may or may not cost you a little more cash.

like I was in college. If you make any mistakes or if the 126 . so. You can still have a good time even if you have to stay in a terrible room. 2. then you will likely have exactly one shot to meet and attract her. it is nice when you meet women who are staying in the same hotel room as you because the hotel pulls for you. we met 3 really hot girls and had to smuggle them past gate security by hiding them under blankets in the back seat!! If we had been staying at the hotel where everyone was staying. If you are broke as a joke.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) hotels that are where all the action is and where most of the hot girls will be staying. mini Social circles staying in a hotel where all the women are puts you at a great advantage when it comes to maximizing your chances with the hottest women. Don’t assume that just because you are staying at the most expensive hotel on the beach that you will be in the heart of the action. I can’t tell you how many beautiful women I lost on spring break because they couldn’t get into our hotel or we couldn’t get into theirs. It could be so expensive that only old people are staying there. you both are naturally going to have to end up back there. but getting her to go up an elevator 3 floors in a hotel you are both staying is much easier. If you are not staying in the same hotel as a woman.9. on one of my most epic spring break adventures. After going out. but what’s even worse is that most hotels now require each guest to wear a special wristband specific to that hotel and don’t allow non guests into the hotel. My roommate and I once slept in our car!! As far as logistics are concerned. However. you can pull the hottest woman in the world and not get her into your room unless you have a rope ladder and ninja smoke. It’s hard enough to pull girls on spring break with a good or bad hotel. You don’t have to try and convince her to ditch her friends or to come back to some hotel far from where she is staying. classy woman back to the roach Motel. It’s harder to convince girl’s friends to let her leave and stay at another hotel with a stranger. you may find that your hotel room is a logistical nightmare. It’s worth calling around to figure out which hotels these are. and you can’t afford to stay in one of the hotels where all the action is. from there you only have to move her to your room or a place where the two of you can be alone. we would not have had to take such extreme measures. It’s hard to bring a hot. you can still have a blast on spring break.

By simply staying in the right hotel. if you are staying in a hotel with tons of women. but by Friday she may be all over you. but 127 . You can share a van to the club and ride back (this is how the hotel pulls for you). this allows you to slowly cultivate relationships with tons of women and strike when the timing is perfect. If you aren’t staying where you will see her over and over. then you will only get one shot to get her. because you have qualified her and built some comfort during the day.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) timing was just off. A woman you meet on Monday may be cold as ice when you first meet. Most guys will have a hard time pulling girls on spring break because the clubs are so loud that it is very hard to qualify and build comfort. they can get attraction and get the woman extremely attracted through dancing. on the other hand. You can meet an extremely beautiful woman and grind her down slowly over the week. Doing this gives you a HuGe advantage over the competition. You already know each other so the woman is much less likely to flake later that night when you try to pull. Knowing that you are going to see the women over and over allows you to run a much slower and more natural style of game. this means that you must have great game or get lucky. to drinking. touch. the women will already know you.9. Girls are extremely flaky on spring break so you don’t want to have to rely on phone game. so. then you will not get another chance to attract her. and ride home with them from the club. You should run a much slower and more limited attraction game during the down time at the hotel. ride to the club together. You want to see her again and again. you don’t have to be the stranger trying to open. You will swim with them at the hotel. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take numbers. just be aware that most women on spring break are going to have so much stimulation from the beach. that trying to run standard text and phone game will be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. hang out on the beach. and short banter. pre party before going out. you will be able to crack into multiple groups of women and you will get far more work done with less effort. play volleyball. to guys hitting on them. and then turning up your attraction game at night when everyone goes out. party at the club together. You should focus more on working your qualification and comfort game. You will have a group of girls at the club that you already know. then you will see the same women multiple times each day over the course of the week.

that you will inevitably lose some sets. but to get the really hot girls on spring break you will have better luck grinding them down over the course of a week instead of trying to poach them off at a night club in one hit. but doing it trying to slowly build social proof is a joke. you will have much more success when those women are staying in your hotel. 128 . the clubs are so big. the size of the clubs. and the sheer volume of people creates a situation where you can work the entire room and rarely see the same girl twice. blowouts don’t matter. and high energy. because if you open enough sets you will find one that hits.9. but you will need to quickly get into a topic that is fun. burning through sets at a high rate could ruin your social proof. use this to your advantage. Your best bet is to go direct or situational. let’s forget the mini social circles for now and let’s talk about how to game within the club assuming you don’t have the luxury of creating a mini social circle. Just go direct or situational and open until you find one that hits. people don’t have much time to observe any one person for long. on spring break. the entire room would see you getting blown out multiple times and they would lose attraction for you. your margin for error with 9’s and 10’s is already lower in general. In a low key bar or club back home. It’s bad. This is good and bad. coupled with the high energy. loud. Working the room is a must. While same night lays can and will happen with 9’s and 10’s on spring break. Don’t feel bad if you burn through as many sets as you must. If you try to have a deep low energy conversation. As we all know. The clubs are so big. but even more so on spring break. When it comes to 9 and 10 game . It’s good. because the mob is so big. spring break is all about cutting lose and being crazy.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) when they go to pull the woman she locks up because he is still a stranger. it is by no means consistent. because social proof will not be a powerful tool in your arsenal. It’s easy to get same night lays with skanky drunk girls or even 7’s. you will likely lose the set. Gaming in the clubs… ok. opening: You can go indirect if you are lucky enough to find a quiet portion of the club.

but you are sexy as hell.” Situational opener examples: Braddock : “I’m sorry. there’s actually no drinking in here.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) direct opener examples: Braddock : “You are cute/hot. but you are really sexy. but I had to meet you…I’m Braddock.” Braddock : (to a short girl) “Hi.” Braddock : “I don’t think I’ve met you yet. and leading. In most venues it will be much too loud and crazy to hold a woman’s attention if you try to slow things down and get deep. you need to find out the logistics of your target. Don’t make the mistake of being the serious. dancing. philosophical. there’s actually no dancing in here. Your main emphasis should be on keeping things playful and physical. If you are looking to hook up on spring break then it’s important to realize that it is a waste of time to talk to even the hottest woman on the planet if she is staying 20 miles down the beach and she drove the rental car so all her friends could drink. I’m not really into tall girls.9.” Braddock : “I’m not sure what to say to you. If a set has several bad logistical components.Next set!!!!!! remember that spring break is slightly different than normal club situations..” Braddock : “I’m sorry. guy. this is done through teasing. I’m Braddock. Anything that takes a lot of attention or effort on the woman’s 129 . what’s your name?” Braddock : “How do you expect me not to hit on you when you look like this?” Braddock : “You are really cute.. I’m Braddock.. deep. I’m not really into short girls. that style of game will not get you far on spring break... With every set you open. Avoid attempting to run deep comfort until you get her back to the hotel or at least until you can get her somewhere quiet like a walk on the beach. do you know what time the bible study starts tonight?” attraction Game within the clubs….” Braddock : (to a tall girl) “Hi. role plays.” Braddock : “excuse me. everyone there is in party mode and they did not go to spring break looking to find their next boyfriend. Are there 10 girls staying in one room? Is she staying in fort Knox of a hotel? Are her friends extremely bitchy and judgmental? find out logistics early in set and viscously cut sets with bad logistics.

try to mingle and get on girls’ radar. Dancing can go all the way to make out or even farther without so much as one word being spoken. and it does most. so you can game them later at night when the vibe is right. If there is an open beach at your hotel with tons of people and most of them are not staying at your hotel. don’t game. for one. your work is cut in half. if you have been moving her around the club all night long. that is asking a lot in and of itself. When you see her at a club later that night. then she is slowly getting used to the idea of following your lead. you need to move her as much as possible. If she is comfortable following your lead all night. At the end of the night you are asking the woman to go home with a complete stranger to a hotel room she has never been to. 130 . it does all of your kino escalation for you. this limits your attraction game.9. in the middle of the night. she will feel much more comfortable running around with you all night than some new stranger who is trying to game her through cold approach. so you will need to get more done with less. Don’t run around your hotel burning down every set. these clubs are so loud that it can be extremely hard to hold a woman’s attention for very long using a long routine stack. especially early in set. You won’t have to have a fancy opener. but it will make your life much easier. once you have the girl’s attention. there will be built in familiarity and comfort. But at your hotel. then she will be much more comfortable and relaxed when you bring up the idea of going back to your hotel. then by all means game away. if not all. Dancing can eat up a ton of time while moving the set forward physically. and you have attraction. these places are usually so fucking loud that dancing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. will likely result in you losing her attention. Just move her to the center of the mob and grind away). Gaming at your hotel: Mingle. of course you don’t ‘have’ to dance and you can have success without it. If they remember you that night. of your attraction game without having to say all that much. However.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) part. use the dance floor… The dance floor is the quickest way to escalate things physically (even if you can’t dance.

introduce her and her friends to your friends. naturally. they don’t have to be super hot. then invite them over to pre-party in your room at 8 or 9. Don’t waste your day ‘just’ being drunk and passing out.9. so be it. you say. so you will know a bunch of people at night. the daytime is the time to get on tons of girls‘ radar so you can open them with ease later in the night. Just look for girls that will hang around with you. Don’t worry if they talk to other guys..wash rinse repeat.. that is not your prime directive of meeting them and having them around. there is the potential of hitting the ‘pre-selection’ attraction switch. don’t be afraid to encourage it. If something happens with these girls romantically over the course of the week. Quickly find a small group of girls to befriend. ask them what club they are going to that night.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) think of your hotel as a mini social circle. open a woman. pre-existing girls always put new girls at ease. Good day game/Scm hybrid game makes your nights easier. If you hit it off well with a girl or group of girls from your hotel. Whatever club they say. there will be so many drunk assholes hitting on women that they can become kind of guarded. but still slower than cold approach. I highly suggest that you get involved in as many day activities that allow you to be social. I want you to use these women to help other women open easier. we need two more girls for our team. However. You only have a week. “Hey. so we are going to push faster than normal. Yes. they will be much easier to open and merge into your group.. utilize the daytime to make your nights easier. play volleyball and use it as your opener. I think that is where we are going. If you already have women. but I’m not even worried about that. then of course escalate just like normal game). just like in normal life.. having a group of girls simply standing with your group will make it easier to open other girls. they will see you as much safer. As a matter of fact. 131 . you guys down to play?” During the day you don’t need to take sets from meet to sex. You guys want to catch a cab over together?” If they say yes. all day. although this would obviously be preferred. get to know them for a few minutes and then move on (unless it is going extremely well. I highly suggest that you use fun or functional openers. “cool. really use this time during the day.

Set the right frames… pre frames (things said well before you get her in the bedroom) spring break is not a place where you are likely to meet your next girlfriend or future wife. if she sees you talking to other girls. essentially cock blocking you from meeting other girls. she will act offended if you ignore her. some of her girls won’t like your buddies in that way. If she is way into you and you hook up. you will need to set certain frames the night you hook up with her and the morning after. The women are flaky and spring break is not logistically set up for dates. she will try to hang out with you all week. this means.9. and while you are heading to the club. or. tHIs Is sprING BreAK!!!! she is not your girlfriend. or their group. utilize the fact that these girls are going with you and use it to your advantage. spring break is all about hooking up ‘now or never’. dismiss her. 132 . it is quite common to get lMr (last minute resistance ) if you do not set the proper frames.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) this means you should have music and a few drinks in your room so they will want to stay and will want to pre-party there next time. let this happen organically. don’t push hard to game them or couple up. If you are the kind of guy that is used to running Day 2 style of game and deep comfort game you may find yourself frustrated on spring break. WHo CAres??!! Don’t make them or any of their friends uncomfortable by acting jealous. some. hooking up with girls in your hotel… Make sure that if the girl is staying in your hotel you don’t sleep with her if she seems like the clingy type you aren’t sure you will want to be seen with all week. examples of things to make your room fun: • Keg • Music • Beer pong • Flip cup • Beer bong When they come over. Do to the fact that you are hooking up with women you’ve known for only a short period of time. over the course of the night. is going to break off and meet other guys.

” • “We can’t hang out. Most people are so judgmental and uptight.” • “You know what I like about you? You seem like you’re really open minded. Just be flirty and playful.” • “You’re really hot. right?” • “We could never date. I like that. Don’t make out with her and run around the beach holding hands. I usually do it in mini isolation (meaning that I do it just out of earshot of her friends). you are leaving those on.” • “Oh.” • “You’re from the south? Ok. Just act exactly like you did the day before. It sucks we only have a week together. If you introduce it before you have solid attraction. this ends in a makeout. If 133 . then you will run into another problem that needs remedy.9. but I bet you are horrible in bed. you are definitely a total prude. You don’t need to be overly sexual or pushy. You will find that you can create a situation where you have a stage five clinger following you around all week wondering why you are talking to other girls and not spending your entire spring break with her. you still have those weird 1950’s views on boys and sex.” • “I love those shoes…if we end up having sex. but I can tell you are a bad kisser. it will destroy the set.” post frames: on the other hand if your same night lay game is tight. but I can already tell you are too much of a nice girl for me. When you see her the next day. so. don’t act weird. you’re from the Midwest? So.” pre frame by challenging her Sexually: • “You are really sexy and really cool. examples of pre frames: • “This is so weird that we met like this. You also want to wait to set these frames when you have the girl in isolation (away from her friends). the key is the timing.we would have sex like 5 times a day. but it is a good idea to introduce at least some sexual dialogue. It would last exactly 2 months and be nothing but fights and makeup sex.” • “You are really sexy.” • “It’s a good thing you don’t live in Los Angeles….3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) What frames Should you Set? You want to set frames that imply sexual intent.

most women are just as likely to get weirded out by a guy acting clingy. Most women on spring break don’t give a shit!!!! they are there for the same reason you are.” Keep things light/silly/playful after sex. You may or may not hook up with her again on the trip anyway. M .3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) you are just being social in general then she won’t notice that you are actively gaming other girls. I told her that I’m from oklahoma and that we don’t even kiss girls until the second date. M.” Girl: “lol…Whatever!!” Braddock: “Mr. What frames can you set post sex to help reduce stage 5 clinger? To avoid any hard feelings or creating a stage five clinger. focus on the fact that “This was hot” and don’t place an emphasis on the connection you made. but if you are just talking to everyone. you know how shy I am in bars and clubs. there will often be other people in the room (your friends or hers). she will assume you are just a social guy. focus on “how fucking attracted you are to her” and “how much she turns you on. this girl tried to seduce me last night. Don’t let things get too serious or awkward. When you wake up. I will often say something like this to lighten the mood of the awkwardness of being naked in a stranger’s hotel room the next morning. the feelings you feel for each other. example in Action: Braddock : “Mr. I was in the corner minding my own business and this girl comes up to me and basically forces me to drink alcoholic beverages. but she insisted that I take my clothes off. or how glad you are that you met. As a matter of fact. Do Not treat a woman that you hooked up with on spring break like she is your new girlfriend.9. If you try to sniper a girl right in front of her it might cause problems. thank God I’m a moral rock. but the fastest way to guarantee that you don’t is to turn into a clingy boyfriend. The truth is that you should just avoid the women that you think will be stage five clingers. was uncomfortably touchy feely.” 134 . and was talking all smooth.

M. don’t you think it’s only fair that she buys us breakfast as payment for tricking a sweet.Braddock 135 .Whatever. M (said in silly Australian accent): “Yeah.9. she will go deep. M. You know I’m saving my virginity until marriage. AVoID Deep!!! Good luck on your spring break adventure. she will stay light and fun. I mean I’m going to have to hold him and explain to him that you aren’t going to marry him. As a matter of fact. I think that is more than fair.3 Spring Break Game: The Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to Get You Laid) Girl: “hahaha…. don’t let her paint me with an unfair brush. he came and talked to me!!!” Braddock: “Mr. .” It’s all about keeping things silly and light.. If you keep things light and fun. You must steer the ship. innocent oklahoma boy?????” Mr. If you take things deep. Mr.

social Circle Mastery Audio parts 1-7 10..4 Social circle vs.the recipe for Compliance 10. farming 136 .rules to live by 10.2 Golden rule of Building a new Social circle . cold approach.1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle .3 Social circle mastery interview audio .Knowing When to pull .respect first.Let’s Just hug it out .covered in thiS chapter: 10. popularity second .How College Game & DHV stories relate to sC Game .A strange paradox ..Hunting Vs.

theattractionforums.1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle.10..html Question: “In my social circle how do I know when to start pouring on the attraction material or when to wait?” answer: social Circle attraction doesn’t begin until compliance begins. http://www.. 137 .com/braddock/93788-when-pull-trigger-your-social-circle.

. he would say.. I can remember spending a great deal of time in all three of these categories before figuring out how to find a balance that was effective. found pickup literature. the third type of guy is the one who used to pull the trigger way too late (I. they have a problem getting attraction because the women of the group see them as try hard and low value. and are now the guys who are attempting to pull the trigger WAY too early (I. Consequently. they make the situation very uncomfortable and come across as gamey or sleazy..e...” When I used to help the Don on his bootcamps. overly pushy gamey guy).but if it doesn’t.10. these guys treat their social circle like it’s a night club and basically cold approach and game every girl in their circle.. they often find themselves in the friend zone. Guys who pull the trigger with women way too late have a hard time getting attraction and asserting themselves in their group. If it hits. a Strange paradox…. you can create an awkward situation that isn’t going away anytime soon. one thing you will notice in social circle settings is that pouring on the attraction material too early can have major repercussions. Most guys either try to pull the trigger way too early or way too late. I also noticed that the 138 .great. In this article I will show you why that % is even higher in social circle game.e. friend zone). I quickly noticed that social circle game was much more about timing and patience.1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle. on the other hand. compliance increases = frequency and Intensity of my attraction game increases compliance decreases = frequency and Intensity of my attraction game decreases Compliance Defined: “A disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others. on the other end of the spectrum are the guys who try to pull the trigger far too early. “Getting laid is probably 70% about getting compliance.” I couldn’t agree more. I noticed that in cold approach “fortune favors the bold” but in social circle game this mentality often did more harm than good.

You want their acceptance and you want them to align with you. high value: Communicating with someone you consider being a high value member of the group. we get a more static look at how people will behave on a consistent level.. the women would have been deeply offended and turned off. unspoken roles will be defined for each member of the group and as these roles are accepted. they would say and do things around women that if anyone else in the group would have tried. being more accommodating or forgiving of insurrections from them than you would from most people. you will naturally start to see what people’s boundaries are. Over time. the recipe for compliance: let’s think about how social circles or social encounters for that matter. peer pressure. if we should trust/like them. I can make those kinds of jokes 139 .. be bold….10. When we first meet.. guys in my social circle who were getting laid consistently by the hottest girls were some of the boldest guys I’d ever met. time: the more time we spend with people. 2. Hanging out with someone 1 time is not a very strong measure of how people are going to treat you consistently.. jumping to defend or have their back without concern for the validity of their argument. their weakness. “ok. the less guarded we are and the more we relax around them.everyone does this to some degree or another. and what makes them feel good or bad. You might even create rationalizations that paint just average behavior or even poor behavior in a positive light (I.. but when these guys did it. we are out of sync with people and we are not sure what their intentions are. work. strengths.. stability and comfort are born within the group. over time.e. You are hardwired biologically to do so).1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle. people become more relaxed and more compliant as a result of any one and usually a combination of these 3 things: 1. so you are much more likely to bend on something with them that you wouldn’t necessarily bend on with someone you considered lower value.anyone else confused? What a strange paradox. the women liked them even more. We use this knowledge as a blueprint to determine the nature of each individual relationship in our life…. but hanging out 20 times will give you a pretty good idea. so. (Don’t say you don’t do this…. if they like us etc… time remedies this because as time passes. laughing at an average joke way harder than it deserved.but don’t be bold…but do!?!?!?!??..

around Billy. He can tease you. He can ask you to do something within reason and you can ask him to do something within reason. this person treats me like x. each of you becomes more and more compliant to one another. When you first met you were likely fairly formal and both of you were holding your cards pretty close to your chest. When we have someone we feel extremely close to and consider part of our group. and as a result. but they upset sam.1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle.” If someone treats us well consistently and makes us feel good when we are around them. Shared experiences: Have you ever noticed that we have a tendency to let our family members get away with saying and doing things to us that we would never allow a stranger to do or say? You likely have an archive the size of the library of Congress full of memories and feelings associated with each family member.. you can tease him. and as you hang out more and more. you begin to figure out each other’s boundaries and you both begin to open up. or neutral) you have with someone. 3. bad. you may flash multiple good and bad memories and experience a wide range of feelings in a split second. As this happens. “How do all of these help me know when to pull the trigger?” to illustrate the above. 140 .” or… “sara laughs hard when I playfully tease her. over time we will become far more compliant to them than to a stranger or to someone within the group we do not feel good around. but might have been if a stranger tried them. but Jenny gets really upset.. If you enjoy your time with each other and your time spent with him makes you feel good emotions. When you look at a picture of a family member. As time passes. think back to the time when you had met one of your closest guy friends. this likely explains why soldiers or athletes that endure hardship together report feeling like brothers or family. so my mind is not alarmed when he does something out of the ordinary now and then. the more experiences (good. the more connected you feel to that person. I’m not worried about him saying or doing any one thing.10. We let them slide because we have tons of shared experiences and time spent together that proves that ‘most’ of the time. His or her behavior is most consistently like x. You didn’t know him that well and you didn’t know his boundaries. then you will see him as high value to you. we are going to bend a lot more and let things slide that aren’t that big of a deal.

it should be obvious by now. He can get her to do more with less effort. each of you open up more and each of you are more likely to loosen up your boundaries toward each other..10. regardless of how good things were going with you and her? How did he pull her away from you? Is it because he’s “so alpha”...... and she does..... As you spend time with a woman in your social circle and you share experiences. oNlY IN HIs social circle because he has more time.. Could that same guy go to any club in America and yell at a random hot stranger and she would break her conversation and walk to him?. so when do you really turn up the attraction game???? Well.. and value increases. but now they laugh. Chalk this up to time + shared experience + value = increase in compliance.. and value with that woman than you do and as a result.no...no. shared experiences. Here lIes Your WINDoW to esCAlAte!!!!! time + Shared experience + value = compliance As time.so does compliance.. You aren’t going to tease him as rough and you wouldn’t ask him for a favor and you would not be too excited about him asking for a sizable favor from you.no. shared experiences.. but the answer is. your attraction game can increase. Now.1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle. ever notice you can joke rougher and get away with snide and edgy comments with women in your social circle? Could you have said those things to those women when you first met? Of course not.as compliance increases.. Is it because he’s got some quantum game. you are essentially running cold approach game..he has more compliance from her than you do. What about a guy friend you met 2 days ago? You are basically back to square one with the new guy... hoping it hits... Have you ever been the new guy at a house party and you were flirting with a woman and it was going pretty well and then a guy from her inner social circle yells from across the room for her to come over and join them... go back and re-read the above and replace guy with girl.. 141 . Before then... He can pull off this magical feat.

. -Braddock 142 . What if compliance decreases for some reason? let’s say she starts dating someone or for whatever reason you can sense that you have lost some compliance since last time you hung out. It just means increase the frequency and intensity of your attraction game as compliance increases. So remember… compliance increases = frequency and Intensity of my attraction game increases compliance decreases = frequency and Intensity of my attraction game decreases Mr.....1 When to pull the trigger in your Social circle... this does not mean stay in friend mode until compliance is high and this does not mean you should not run attraction game until compliance is high. M and I cover this in great detail in our social Circle Mastery seminar .Well. this could go back and forth tons of times before it finally hits. We’ll be right back after this commercial break from our sponsors. then the frequency and intensity of your attraction game should decrease.10..

. turn into a 10 page post someday. call this the “Golden rule” for starting a new tree. http://www. Don’t give people any more respect than they earn. Go for respect first and popularity second. this goes back to the old David D quote of.html In our social Circle Mastery seminar. not by words.. you go for both at the same time. but the truth is you are only digging a deeper hole. strong Boundaries 2. It’s brutal to earn back the respect that you gave away up front... Respect first. and the most. 8. I’m sure there are many more. “trying to trade status for acceptance and approval.. I know lots of guys who are popular.” (We’ve all messed this one up). (fuck what everyone thinks) 5. You can easily gain respect without trying to be the leader..Golden rule of Building a new Social circle. You are never jealous. people must earn your praise. 3. but are nowhere near acquiring a power broker seat within their social circle. Abundance mentality (With everything) 7.com/braddock/82236-golden-rule-building-new-social-circle. shine by actions. M and I.. 4. Honesty at all cost. sometimes you may try to appease an asshole of the group or try to ‘go along to get along’ by doing what you think is popular. (see number 6) 143 . Guys in the power broker seats date the hottest. Authentic at all cost. Mr. few of the things I think of when I think of respect. Just be real and act out of your own intentions regardless of what the group says or does without being too rigid either way.. this could and may. You don’t hand it out unless people truly deserve it. popularity second. this applies with guys and girls. but for now. fuck. simply remember the golden rule of building a new social circle. 6.. Your praise is as rare as Gold. 1. women in any given social circle. that will get you the opposite of respect just as fast. this does not mean become the lame try hard guy who tries to play leader either. It’s easy to gain popularity. When you get good.theattractionforums.

favorite David D quote. wear your arm floaties. people who are not self reliant are disgusting!) this does not mean you can’t ask favors or advice. Why would you share them with people who don’t matter? 13. people who make excuses. You just consider them people. but you don’t get close to just anyone. be ok hearing “No. yet expect you to respect theirs. Don’t let people disrespect your time. Keep your secrets. every time I have broken this law. 9. 17. You like.. “Be courteous to all. 20. It’s hard to get “in” with you. Most important. (read this one 100 times. this means you are not emotionally fragile and need others approval to know you are ok. people with high and low value characteristics. Don’t ask advice from the weak. Never lean or leak emotionally on other people. (May be the quickest way to lose respect. only laugh if something is truly funny. Has no problem teasing or qualifying people of high value. I’ve hated myself for it!!! Anytime someone breaks this law around me. -Braddock 144 .. values. sense of humor.. I’ve hated them for it. but intimate with few. Never change your beliefs. they have to earn it. 18.learn to say “No” a lot.. True friendship is a plant of slow growth. or bend the truth in the face of value. 10. (No courtesy laughs) Yet.Golden Rule of Building a New Social Circle. 11.. Your time is precious. Apologize rarely..” -Deleanor roosevelt (I... and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.. Better yet. but it means a lot when you do.. but don’t need other’s validation. and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. Also.” -George Washington 15.) 19. 16.” Have a good holiday weekend! If you are going to the lake. You are nice to everyone.. Negative. 12.etc) 14. don’t ask advice from anyone who isn’t living the life you want to live. you would never withhold laughter.e. “Don’t spend major time with minor people. because you don’t consider them higher value.

part 6 of 7 Youtube .3 Social circle mastery interview audio http://www.puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .part 5 of 7 Youtube .part 4 of 7 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .part 2 of 7 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .part 1 of 7 Youtube .part 7 of 7 145 .com/braddock/100155-social-circle-mastery-interview-audio.10.theattractionforums.puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .part 3 of 7 Youtube .puA Braddock of love systems on social Circle Mastery .html Youtube .

(I love The Game it changed my life) but trying to develop a super hero pickup persona has it’s time and place.. that is the worst place to try and develop one. having 300 DHV stories. hmm.Let’s Just hug it out http://www..theattractionforums. by letting other people observe you in multiple high value situations... Magic Bullets. I like speaking to the younger guys. This trumps any weak DHV story you might develop. It’s impossible not to feed off of that when you are speaking...10. and second. I teach guys that in college game and in Social Circle Mastery you are much better DHV’ing by first. 146 ... I just got back from speaking at the 21 and under convention. getting your sub communications under control. future product? I love speaking about college game because it’s definitely my bag.4 Social circle vs.. At Love Systems. the ultimate DHV is creating a ‘Buzz’ about you. I wish I would have found this stuff when I was a freshman in college.com/braddock/74455-social-circle-vs-cold-approach-lets-just-hugout. I think the worst thing that a young guy can do on a college campus is run around trying to emulate what he learned in The Game. Several of the principles Mr. I spent most of my speech trying to hit the highlights of what I wish someone would have told me when I started college. AlWAYs trying to control the frame. peacocking...html 21 and under convention. I spoke for about an hour on college game. but a college campus is not one of them.. 5 hours of college game.maybe it’s better that I didn’t.. I would probably be the baby daddy of like 30 kids. opening every set. but to ditch all the lame old guard community dogma including. we advise college guys and anyone gaming within the confines of a small social circle to learn the basic structure outlined in savoy’s book. In social Circle Mastery we define buzz as having people talk about you when you aren’t around.. cold approach.. As a matter of fact. Jesus! on second thought. but not limited to. I’m a little jealous. I couldn’t remember how long I was expected to speak so I prepared about 5 hours of content. I also spent a fair amount time trying to MurDer the sacred cows of classic pickup dogma.. They have a lot of energy and they are fired up to learn this stuff.. M and I developed for our social Circle Mastery seminar were born out of my college experience. and amoging guys for no reason.

147 .. If you travel. I understand. or like you are lying if you constantly look for places where you can slide in a DHV stories. Braddock.. If that is the case. this is why cold approach is such an art form and why it is so tough. and deep comfort are the be all end all of game! He’s the self proclaimed best ever!” Yuck. hunting vs farming: the evolution of Society I like to think of cold approach as hunting and social circle game as farming. Why do you knock it so hard? You are hurting my feelings and making my friend upset. running fast paced cold approach game is the Worst option. If you have access to a stable of hot girls you are going to see on a semi regular basis.’ therefore. ruN soCIAl CIrCle GAMe!!!!!!! fuck your friend.. “You ain’t got to lie to kick it. I would never try to convince someone not to learn it. I have mastered both because I think cold approach is a blast but I have realized that it doesn’t have to be a way of life. It’s not even the second or third best option. Ask him for pictures of these girls.. I promise not to hit on any of his 5’s or 6’s. like a braggart.but. you have to tell DHV stories in order to convey your personality in 30 minutes or less. then social circle game is not possible for you. I have this friend and he tells the best stories and girls love him and and and he says cold approach.Braddock you teach cold approach. I have spent the last few years of my life mastering it.4 Social circle vs. cold approach...but. or are not in college it may be the only means of meeting women you have. live in a major city and don’t frequent the same venues. frame setting..” Awww. Don’t care.Let’s Just hug it out dhv stories: In the words of Chris rock.. “But. you run a high risk of looking insecure.10. tell your friend I’m sorry... “But but but. I actually love cold approach. But in social circle or college game. I’m telling you from first hand experience if you want the hottest girls in your social circle.” DHV stories were developed for cold approach because you have one shot at making it happen because you don’t have weeks or months to develop ‘Buzz.

. cold approach.. omnivore: When you combine the two. best trophy animal of the herd.Let’s Just hug it out hunting: It is a necessary skill all men should posses. but in a progressive society it slowly becomes more of a sport or a right of passage and less and less of a means for survival. sometimes... you come back and pick the best crops and throw away the weaker crops. when you are ready to harvest.. and sometimes it’s the disease ridden runt. but you can go hunting for fun to see if you can find the trophy of the herd. every time you go out and don’t kill something you become hungrier and hungrier. When you could be spending that time laying inroads for access to bigger better hunting ground.4 Social circle vs. you aren’t even thinking on those terms because you are starving! farming: When you farm you do a lot of work up front followed by intermittent maintenance.. You may have to take what you can get because you don’t know when you will eat next. Basically... You have a harvest of crops growing... this is true power. then. leArN BotH!!!!!!!!! -Braddock 148 . it’s the biggest. When you are hunting you have to kill something every time you are hungry.10.

covered in thiS chapter: 11.1 Creating Friends w/ Benefits .An example of How to set-up a friends w/ Benefits Scenario 149 .

1 Creating Friends with Benefits (My Response In Red) http://www. I have the pernicious question in my head: “I hope that she is not thinking we are in a committed relationship. but don’t get into a logical conversation) I like to say less and keep the tension on them! Whether you want friends with benefits. leaving them hanging just a little after they put themselves out there is powerful. (simply smile to acknowledge it. she came back in for a moment that turned into lying on the floor together. Last night. so this may come out all fumbled. a friend came over to pick something up at my place.” Could you give me a quick check on what you think and suggestion on how to proceed.” 150 . If you feel she is a girl who would get super clingy then there are a few things you could do: 1. how they date and are on track to get married and get babies and that wasn’t for me. She said that she can’t have sex with a friend only. 2. Afterward. It was supposed to be quick. Avoid saying anything that builds too much comfort. We ended up going for a walk.com/braddock/103563-creating-friends-benefits-my-responsered. I usually just smile and/or escalate and ignore it. she has just openly started chasing you. “I don’t sleep with people who are just friends either”. “I don’t sleep around or with someone unless they are more than friends. that some people scare me. Though.html originally posted by Cowboy1: Okay. she said that she likes me more than a friend. By not letting her know what you think either way. I usually don’t get into a big dialogue when girls say this. I tried setting expectations later by bringing up. but sandwich this with some nice cognitive dissonance by saying. As she finally put her shoes on to leave. a one night stand. I am pretty low on sleep. but I’m also not looking for a relationship right now. I am not sure that it helped make sure that we are not going to have a committed relationship. Validate her by saying. you create a powerful unresolved tension inside her. or a girlfriend.theattractionforums.11.

. However.. Just before you have sex... like her first vibrator..just a logical reason for her to get the fuck out without you having to say. Keep it physical and “MAYBe” about how cool she is.. ask her to hand you the alarm clock next to the bed.11.. we make our own rules. Not bad. rather than following societies model. while very fun.. During and just after sex.1 Creating Friends with Benefits (My Response in Red) 3. they like me and wonder/wish I like them.. and then some more. After you say something heavy like that. Don’t say shit like. took a nap... they don’t get their feelings hurt or have misguided expectations since I don’t verbalize much..” this allows her to leave with self esteem nice and high. This. be careful what you say... I didn’t hear the rebellious.Keep it about how attracted to her you are. “Get the fuck out.. I avoid saying anything about how I feel to a girl I just want to sleep with. She had some first experiences..’ She kind of nodded. A little long winded for this situation.. We ended up screwing until sunrise. Every two people form their own kinds of relationship.”you’re so special”. this way. It all depends on the girl and the situation. I gave her the spiel of ‘letting things naturally develop.. I say shit like this sometimes. Don’t say that and wait for a response. Don’t stand there waiting as if you two are negotiating a million dollar contract 4. but you are doing stuff that I only do with girlfriends/girls I’ve slept with numerous times and know the score..”I’m so glad we met. set it for 8am (whatever time) and tell her that you have to get up and go to work in the morning/help a friend move/overthrow a small countries government. but not bad. 151 . We ended up washing each other in the shower and had breakfast in the afternoon.. every girl has a slightly different blueprint of what she will feel ok with before having sex/becoming a friend with benefits. keep escalating like a mother fucker.”. “Baby”. It’s not a deal breaker. is not something I would do the first time I had sex with a girl I just wanted to be my fuck buddy.etc. 5. but keeps her from lingering and doing relationship type stuff. but they don’t know for sure if I do. and I build the necessary comfort by making them laugh and have fun. say it as if it’s a good thing and simply a statement of fact..

but you’re not like that. they get you to comply on small things and then the next thing you know you are at Bed Bath and Beyond picking out decorations for the bathroom you share with your new girlfriend. I can’t stand girls who do that. “Yes. Girls play the same game.. I hold hands with more girls. it will be harder and harder to say no. and her room mate is my ex-girlfriend.1 Creating Friends with Benefits (My Response in Red) Oh. If so. and she was pretty persistent about bareback.. We were already holding hands before. Setting expectations for the relationship/situation is perhaps the thing that I am struggling with the most. Yet. Just after sex . I can push him toward a relationship. Do you think that in her mind we are a couple now? No.. I am not looking for a committed relationship at this point. slightly smooth way to handle expectations? She is cute and all. You keep getting the girl to comply to smaller and smaller things and the next thing she knows she is sleeping with you. then... but in her mind she may be thinking. Though. I think that is so fucking sexy.” It’s much like qualification.11. Also. I am touching both pretty affectionately.say.” she will be frustrated inside. You:”You know what I think is so fucking hot about you?” Her: “What?” You: “Most girls get all weird and clingy after you have sex and they try to push you into a relationship. Situation check and pointers please! 152 . please fuck both of them and write an awesome 3some field report..if I keep this up and keep getting him to accept these types of things. because he did all these things. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are my hero!!! When we all three hang out.. I wanted to be safe. but will have a hard time combating that and will passively accept it (if said right). Oh. what is the responsible.

How to Get over using routines .covered in thiS chapter: 12.1 too ‘routine dependent’ Sticking point .the “Good” and “Bad” About routines 153 .

it won’t allow you to use routines and it will keep you from asking boring questions. He said to go out for a few nights and don’t ask any questions..theattractionforums. Another thing I did when I was trying to get good is something I read in a Juggler post. (totally psyched!) and would love to get some suggestions to work on this before the bootcamp. as I don’t want to keep up bad habits for another 2 months..12. who can make a woman laugh. “You seem like an lA girl.com/braddock/103566-too-routine-dependent-sticking-point.I open/transition fine but immediatly after I kinda just feel like I’m going through a manual in my head of attraction routines and sometimes it’s working and sometimes (with hotter girls) it’s just falling flat. What you learn is that routines are strong when they are used as the salt and pepper.. Work for a few months at becoming a strong conversationalist who can keep conversations going. “so where are you from?” You have to say. you will have to introduce new topics yourself. you can start adding teeth to this to build attraction. but for now. so instead of saying.” or..Thanks! Go out for a week and don’t use any routines (at least consciously)..1 too ‘routine dependent’ Sticking point http://www. you need to work on how to extend conversations without having to memorize anything. but they are almost worthless and definitely come across weird when they are used as the steak of the conversation. html originally posted by eagle1977 Hey guys. DC in Sept. only keep the conversation going by making statements.M bootcamp in Washington. I’m signed up for Mr. and the more advanced concepts will start to slowly 154 .I feel like I’m at a sticking point where I’m too dependent on ‘routines’.. Go in with the mind set for the first week you are just going to try to be funny and make the girls laugh and get them being playful (that’s it).. I think we all go through a phase where we run around trying to use 300 routines. Down the road (in a week or two). either way.. be playful.

-Braddock 155 .1 too ‘routine dependent’ Sticking point happen on their own. it would be impossible to create a routine stack that works in every situation. routines are nice because they can get you a repeatable response while you are learning and help you see what good conversation feels like. you will find yourself doing “routines” technically. in that you say many of the same things in every set. say them all in a row.12. What you will notice as you get better at things like trigger words and the things I mentioned above. because they can steer an already good conversation sexual or whatever you need. You will go insane trying to memorize them all. and you will take a girl home. they are also powerful in certain situations. I also teach trigger words on my bootcamps and we do several exercises to reduce the emphasis of routines for these same reasons. your responses will be delayed as you try to remember which one to say. if you think you will ever memorize 399 routines. but it will be born out of what you have naturally developed as opposed to going to a bar with 20 routines you have to memorize and figure out where to plug them in. then you are crazy. and every conversation is so different. However.

Wild’ .covered in thiS chapter: 13.2 Soldier of fortune! .A set with satan .How the set turned Around .taming the Beast and Claiming the prize 156 .‘Man Vs.elements that Made the set explode 13.1 poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report .

at this level. I open a few sets get locked in and have them touching me and grabbing me. for him to be like. some social proof. those are my favorite guys to work with. How unexpected. Now that I’m not. sheriff is great at watching someone in set and telling them what they can change to take their game to the next level. the student did really well and we had a blast. fine. “Holy shit dude. I opened the target and not the obstacle. off to go get that. he still did well. you’ve got to see Mr. Dahunter gets laid like a fucking rockstar and has some of the best game I’ve ever seen. Dahunter called me after he met him in lA and told me how amazing this guy was. We opened a few sets and then I saw a 2 set at the bar I wanted to open. They don’t expect you to fix them and they don’t hate life. I flew out early on Thursday and once again they fucked up my flight. sheriff ended up getting a BJ from some girl he met in the elevator on his way to bed. Negative people fucking suck donkey dick to work with and in life in general. ooops! she turned and looked at me slowly from head to toe. but I have to admit. M closed a playboy playmate and that just talking to the guy helps make your game better. M. Graduated from Harvard. He was a really interesting guy. she didn’t even answer my question and she turned back to her friend! lolol this kind of behavior only excites our hero. Ha! the student and I went to a really cool club that his friend got us into. M and sheriff were in town early. it’s sick”. We had a blast. I said sweeeet! sign me up! since Mr. I used to be one.com/braddock/61183-lr-poppin-my-colla-partna-nyc-lay-report. html NYC was a fucking blast. I can learn something from anyone I meet. Also. I had talked to my one on one several times on the phone and he seemed really cool and really excited to learn. I can’t stand being around them. great energy and outlook on life. they decided to go out with my one on one and I just for fun. our hero knows the remedy for such bitchy behavior is social proof. that Mr.1 poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report http://www. I was excited to meet Mr. We went to several venues and even though NYC was kinda slow because it was a thursday. Dahunter said in l.theattractionforums. so. It was really late so Mr. Back to reopen satan! Braddock : “excuse me satan……” 157 . one of those “I didn’t know they stacked shit that high” looks. He’s a cool dude and really fun.A. it’s not very often that someone blows me away with their game or with something they can teach me to add to my game. I knew this guy must be the real deal. M in action. Well kinda. Also. lived and traveled the world.13. M and sheriff went home and went to bed. so. I was excited about NYC because I was going to get to hang with sheriff.

but you don’t need the bar front with me. but I can feel her eyes on me. I don’t look at her. (sIDe Note: Most of the time when a girl blows you out that hard just move on.” 158 .” Braddock : “look I don’t know what all the attitude was earlier. I’m Braddock. I open multiple sets and merge them and bounce around from girl to girl and get locked in where satan can see me. I could tell this girl was attracted or I would have moved on as well. you’re kinda fiery. I know you have lots of options and you can tell I have lots of options. More social proof!!!! Now it’s time to own the room. Hi. You would just smile and not care. your moment to strike for the third time is when she breaks off from her friends. Her eyeing me and staying in proximity also let me know that there was a chance at salvaging it. Braddock : “let’s start over.” satan: “I’m sara.” Braddock: “I was just going to tell you that you dropped your ID on the floor. Don’t get mad and don’t try to act like it’s overly funny.) she goes to the bathroom by herself and she cuts her eyes at me as she is walking. can you play nice or is that how you always are?” (social proof was key for all of this. take a hint.” our hero bends over grabs her ID and hands it to her. satan: “I’m sorry I was rude. If other girls like you then you must be cool. As I see her coming out of the bathroom I catch her before she gets back to her friends. twice. But. But.1 poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report Satan: Cutting me off before I could even finish my sentence: “Fuck off. she has to stay congruent in front of her friends to the bitch she was earlier. Just handle that bullshit like you would if a five year old was talking to you. You didn’t look like the normal NYC bar fly so I wanted to meet you. It’s crucial during these shit tests that you remain unaffected by their shit responses. hey nice to meet you too. smiles and walks away. so get over the whole this guy wants me thing.13. I’ve just had a bad day and we’ve had some weird guys hit on us tonight. that’s all the IoIs you’re going to get from a hot girl that has blown you out hard. so. You wouldn’t get mad and yell and you wouldn’t try to look cool by laughing in her face.

poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report
Braddock: “I forgive you, let’s hug it out.” satan: (hugs and laughs) Braddock : “Wow you have normal teeth!?” satan: “lol What?” Braddock : “After the way you acted earlier I assumed you had fangs.” satan: “lol shut up jerk!” Braddock: (handing her my phone) “Here I think this is for you, it’s satan, he said he wants his job back.” satan: “Now you are being mean.” Braddock: “You deserve it. You embarrassed me in front of my other wives earlier. Did you see me crying? You’re lucky I stopped them, they were going to kick your ass.” satan: “oh, you mean all those sluts around you? Yeah I could have taken them.” Braddock : “Would you have used your pitch fork or just shot fire out of your eyes?“ satan: “lol, quit calling me satan.” Braddock : “Yeah you’re probably right, I knew all that shit was just a big front. You’re still evil, but not like I thought. You’re more like the margarine of evil. You’re the diet evil.” satan: “You are funny.” Bla bla bla for another 20 min. Kino through the roof at this point. she is still kinda being a bitch at times, but I know it’s on.


poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report
I tell her I’m leaving because I’m starving (I use this to pull almost everytime, which is usually true, but I never actually get something to eat, which is good and bad lol.) satan: “Wait, let me grab my friend and I’ll go with you.” she grabs her Asian friend and we get a cab. We drop her friend off and she gives the cab driver a “non food address”. It’s like 4 am at this point and the cab driver drops us off about a block from her house. As we are walking toward her apt building she starts with the lMr. I am a beast at destroying lMr for a couple of reasons, especially on bootcamp. I really have no fear of walking away, and because I’m literally leaving in 2 days, I don’t have time for any bullshit. there literally is, no tomorrow. the sexual tension was about to explode between us, because there were so many shit tests and so much drama leading up to this moment that it was ridiculous. However, this kind of state pumping leads to amazing sex if it happens, but it can also lead to lMr if you don’t properly build fear of loss into the set once you pass attraction. I usually thread this during comfort. that way she has invested so much time into the interaction with you that the fear of loss actually means something. If you do it too early then she just lets you go even if she was attracted. You don’t have to be in deep comfort, just enough comfort to where she feels invested in the encounter enough to where she doesn’t want you to leave. so we get to her door and…… satan: “I’m sorry, you can’t come up, I know we will end up having sex.” Braddock: “Wow, of course I want to have sex with you eventually, but I actually just wanted to hang out and get to know you better. I wasn’t worried about what might or might not happen. But, you know what, fuck this shit, I’m not going to let you disrespect me and act like I’m just another guy who wants to fuck you. I could have fucked any girl in that bar tonight, why would I waste my time on the girl who was least likely to have sex with me unless I actually wanted to get to know her?” (Don’t give her time to answer.) “fuck this I’m out.” (start heading down the street trying to hail a taxi.)


poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report
satan: sprinting after me, “Wait, wait!” Braddock: Never breaking stride, never looking back at her, and even shrugging her off when she grabs my arm. “Nope, fuck this I’m going home. What a waste of my fucking time.” satan: “No, wait. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. please wait. Don’t be like this.” Braddock: “look, I know you like me, but I don’t like all the little bullshit games. I’m only here for 3 days. I don’t have time for all the junior high shit. I obviously like you too. We can either go up to your place and hang out, or I’m going back to my hotel. But if you are going to be all judgmental and bitchy about everything then I don’t want to get to know you. You’ve kinda killed the mood for me and I think it would be better if I just went home.” satan: “No, no, don’t be like that. I do like you, please come up. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m not judgmental at all. I promise! I just didn’t want you to forget I said all that.” she was all over me at this point again. And trying to drag me upstairs. I thought she was going to cry! I lightened the mood a little, but still kept the sexual tension. Braddock: “Hmm… look if you want to go upstairs and watch a movie or something that’s cool, but it better be pG-13 and you better keep you damn hands off me. satan: smiles, she liked that she had worked and won me over. “shut up jerk, let’s go.” We get up to her apartment and she awkwardly fumbles through a few DVD’s and I just grab her and throw her against the wall and start making out with her and then pull her back to her bedroom. I can honestly say it was some of the best sex I have ever had. And one of the greatest turnarounds I’ve ever had. once I got her to her room, the “non judgmental“ frame was set so hard and she had worked so hard to get me that there was no way in hell she was going to stop. moral of the story: There are a few tactics I employed in this set that made it go from flammable to fucking explosive! However, these tactics are not for the faint of heart.


13. then just let it happen. so don’t always use them.1 poppin my colla partna nyc Lay report running my style of one night stand game has its drawbacks. this stuff is not always necessary. If the set is naturally leading to sex. this situation needed some extreme push/pull and she had to feel the fear of loss or the bitch shield would never have come down. . Hell. Your fearless leader. threading frames that you expect her to live up to or she knows you will walk. and you can count on losing a lot more sets. Adding drama to the set.Braddock 162 . this girl was hot as hell and a complete bitch. flammable: Cocky funny. social proofed the room. this situation in NYC was a little different. unreactive to her bitchy blowouts. (thank you sinn). where emotions reach extreme highs. explosive: Aggressive takeaways during comfort making it look and feel like she lost me. I have a million stories where it reached a point where I knew sex was going to happen and I just shut the fuck up and waited until we were alone. most go like that. It’s totally different than the game I run back home on girls I plan on seeing again.

163 .. Dahunter: After winging Dahunter. I jumped on the grenade. Most troll friends I enjoy chatting with being as they are usually funnier and smarter than their hot friend. as long as I could. She caught a few live fish with her mouth and talons and then she settled into her cave. they are also rumored to be allergic to clothes that fit and low calorie snacks after midnight).2 Soldier of fortune! http://www. one thing that I’ve found is that it is hard to wing with new guys even if you both have super tight game... and too lazy to read my blog.13. with fake tits and a perfect body crawling all over him.. on the second night. If you were too lazy to read the whole thing..theattractionforums. I am reposting a lay report that was deeply imbedded in my savoy. “You’re gonna make a really nice friend. l. she became more and more of an agitated troll. leading to this glorious narrative... but he runs a much slower set and he gets great reactions. or too nice to tell me that my posts are too long. the sooner you will stop being a lazy fuck and read my posts! Anyway. You aren’t around each other enough to have tons of inside jokes built up and you aren’t good at reading the other guys game to see how he is trying to push it..” the troll became noticeably frustrated and confused. anti-cock block conversation in my pants for her. This particular troll was an extremely hateful one. because if the instructors were around each other more it would be like fishing with fucking dynamite when we were in set together. I walked her troll friend back down to the wharf and helped her crawl back under the bridge before the sun came up. as the reality of the situation set in that Dahunter had every intention of banging her friend. he had this hot ass girl (who he eventually fucked). once your noble hero Braddock saw that Dahunter’s fake titted girl was stuck to him like glue. once Dahunter had his girl locked up. I adjusted the aim on my scope and started aiming for a girl that didn’t have horns and a tail…. and that I had nothing but friendly. she started off nice enough... However..then. our game is very similar in that both of us are very sexual and kino big time. Bootcamp post. which sucks. When I said.A... I’m going to try to slow my game down. (her fat friend). We wing very well together too. the sooner you realize that all of Braddock’s writings will someday be chiseled at the feet of large statue’s erected in my honor.. but her hatred would soon spew forth. Despite all this.html thanks to an overwhelming amount of email requests from the platinum members who subscribe to Braddock’s blog that are too fucking lazy. (trolls are allergic to sunlight. you are wise to bite your fucking tongue... here you go.com/braddock/61182-lr-braddock-soldier-fortune. He gets the same results I get with half the effort. I felt like Dahunter and I winged for each other extremely well. fuck you!!! If you were too nice to just come right out and say that my posts are too long.

(pause so she can wheeze an catch her breath to finish the sentence)…. and by natural. a short window between the troll’s wheezing and hissing. but doesn’t want to.13... Although the troll has become spiteful. one that came and talked to my friend. then. help us out real quick. “Her questions three. Braddock feels this stereotype originated thanks to fairytales aimed at America’s youth containing anti-troll rhetoric). even if the troll becomes hateful.” trolls are actually quite smart despite common misconception. he’s the….. she looks pretty tough. troll.” (troll sticks out her scale covered talon and shakes hands with the HB Asian. there is something about you... (Braddock cuts off this awkward display of troll anger and bad body languages the troll out of the conversation). I’ve already answered. that was rude of me.” HB Asian: HAHAHA “I’m not black.. Braddock : “Hey. I mean. I’m not attracted to that many black girls but. Braddock : “Yeah so anyway. (your hero isn’t out to hurt feelings. I waited for a natural break in our conversation.. you asshole. this is my friend. she knows I am done entertaining her. she is not dumb.” Braddock : “oh.” Braddock : “oh. troll: (loud troll hissing. you are the cutest black girl I’ve met tonight. you’re Asian?” (back turn) 164 . You think he’s safe or should I go rescue him? I mean. then I included the hot Asian girl in on our conversation. My boy is over there with her friend and I’m worried about him. “Whatever. like a snake but much deeper. however the people’s champ harbors no bad feelings about using the troll as a pawn to make conversation with a fairer maiden).2 Soldier of fortune! The Tale of Braddock: Soldier of Fortune! I moved the troll mentioned in the above to a place by the bar near a hot Asian girl I had my eye on earlier in the night.” HB Asian: “ha ha!” about to say something when she is cut off by. I’m Vietnamese.

. so I would have to ride in the front all the time to grab the wheel and make sure you didn’t miss turns and stuff and I think we both know guys that ride in the passenger seat with their wives are pussies. I do have 5 other wives and I don’t really need another one and you can’t drive for shit but. Well. Who are you anyway? Braddock : “I’m the one asking the questions around here sucka! look. but I have a rape whistle..” HB Asian: “HAHAHA You are a fucking smart ass! Why does everyone say that about Asians!? And did you say you can’t marry me? Where did that come from and why would that matter?” Braddock : “Well.” HB Asian: “You are out of control. so. hmmmm. you do dress sexy.” (Kino is pretty heavy at this point and she obviously works out or has only a mild case of bulimia. so there is no way we could get married.” Braddock : “You know what. HB Asian: “HAHAHA!” Braddock : “But Asian’s can’t drive for shit. I bet I’m cuter than all your wives.13. so who cares. I don’t know do a spin for me. You may know karate. you do look good in this outfit. spins me around) “What was that all about?” Braddock : “Asians can’t drive for shit. this just won’t ever work out. but you’re probably one of those girls whose ass looks hot in clothes.” Braddock: “that’s a bold statement. Asian’s are always weird kissers.2 Soldier of fortune! HB Asian: (arm grab. 165 . got it?” HB Asian: “HAHAHA! oMG..” HB Asian: “see. but it’s actually not firm at all and who cares anyway. I make all of my other wives drive me to and from wherever I need to go and I like to ride in the back because it makes me feel powerful. just because you’re good at Karate doesn’t mean that you get to wear the pants in this relationship. and you have a good smile.

.oMG whatever.” HB Asian: “HAHAHA. doesn’t mean I come to the club looking for sex. well guess what. tons of push/pull and tons of kino and kino takeaways for arbitrary reasons that make no sense logically.” HB Asian: “You are such a jerk! I love it. Just because I get all dressed up and have my makeup looking so good.” HB Asian: “Ahh. I would normally slap a guy for half the shit you said tonight. HB Asian: “Bullshit! I have a personal trainer and I work out four days a week. however effective). I know girls like you. I know you want me! You are crazy! What?” Braddock: “I may let you flirt a lot and get kinda handsy like you are doing.see!” Braddock: “Ha. quit trying to charm me because you didn’t think that I heard the bartender yell last call. but you can’t even keep your hands to yourself in a public place like this and I can’t find my rape 166 . I think I’m out of here..” (places Braddock’s rugged. rough.. I bet you’re such a little player.. whatever Jackie Chan. I don’t know how you get away with talking to me like that.A..” Braddock: “Bla bla. you are fun to talk to.Me and my girlfriends have said that soooo many times. and this shirt makes my tits look huge. man-hand on her ass). this kind of dialogue goes on for another 30 min or so. Haha! that does kinda sound silly when I hear someone else say it. You’re fun to talk to... are stuck up and snobby.2 Soldier of fortune! because her body was badass)..13. Next thing you know you’re going to try to put your hand under my bra. Braddock: “Damn. I do ballades! feel this..You are out of control. but if I don’t get something to eat then I’m going to wilt..... Braddock: “Hey.. I’m starving.”(bla bla bla . Most girls I’ve met in l.... get your God damn ass off my hand.” HB Asian: “HAHAHAHA. I like you because you’re just stuck up. ok? Me and my friends just come to dance and we like to look good. but I’m not going to let you take my virginity. I would invite you along if I thought I would feel safe with you in the back.

.A. We make out in the back off and on.. Maybe the taxi driver will let you ride in the front. I don’t question it or mention food again. she lays next to me on her bed and kisses me on the cheek and lightly shakes me to wake me up). When she comes back I pretend to be asleep. Braddock: “Wow.I’m a big deal. We stop for a minute so she can change.” HB Asian: “Hahaha.. We get to her apartment building and she leads me in to the elevator by the hand. I’m out Jackie Chan..13.” HB Asian: “HAHAHA!! Who are you? You are such a fucking smart ass! I want to punch you and makeout with you at the same time. she keeps pulling me in to makeout with her.... your bed is so comfortable.” 167 . Are you sure you don’t mind sleeping on the couch? I would give you a pillow.” Braddock: “Now you’re getting it. but I really do feel most comfortable with both of them. We go in her apartment and go straight to her room.2 Soldier of fortune! whistle.” (enter the taxi. you should be kissing my ass.. but I want you to beg me to come.exactly! You are such a jerk. you’re just gonna leave like that?” Braddock: “What do you mean? I’m tired and I’m starving!” HB Asian: “I thought you wanted me to go?” Braddock: “God! You are such a high maintenance lA girl! (me mocking her in a pouty girls voice as I grab her hand and pull her toward the exit) “I know you already asked me once.” HB Asian: “Ha! there you go with the girl riding in the front with you getting chauffeured in the back. Alright. It was nice meeting you. I pull her onto her bed and we start making out. she tells him an address. I keep stopping mid makeout to ask the taxi driver random lame questions. and you’re from the midwest. Hmmm.” HB Asian: “Wait.. she knows I’m doing it to fuck with her and I can tell it’s turning her on. I’m from l.

I Walked in the hotel room and saw Dahunter passed out. many of the same characters were involved. and grabbed him despite the troll’s hissings!!!! He then went back and showed the fake titted hottie his thug passion. I fucked her in her bed that night and once again in her shower the next morning.. His game is really tight..The troll that I thought I had secured under the bridge must have escaped.they went to drive off. And... but here’s a snack. backed up.. slammed on the brakes. she gave me a ride back to my Hotel. because she almost fucked him over.13. (My bad). I had push pulled her so many times up to that point that there was zero lMr. Go read his blog to find out all the details. His story had a much more interesting twist than mine did. Afterwards.2 Soldier of fortune! I just laughed and started making out with her.. We traded stories about the night before.. -B 168 . I teased her all the way there about how she was doing nothing to shatter the bad Asian driver stereotype.

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