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Dear brothers and sisters,
My name is Pane “Astral Walker” Andov and before I go on, I feel a need to tell you this: “There were two ways of creating this file. I could have held back information which is stunningly bizarre, but true. This would be the easy way, staying within the comfort zone and communicating only that which would not challenge too many people’s sense of possibility. Or I could treat the readers like fully formed, fully connected multidimensional, adult human beings and communicate all the relevant information, including some which will stretch their sense of reality to breaking point. “ As always, I have chosen the latter. It is not for me to edit information for the readers, it is for the readers to edit the information for themselves. It’s not easy for me to say this, but this letter is the most important information that you have ever received regarding events that are going to happen in the near future. I would like to ask you for your attention (PLEASE STAY WITH ME). For you to know on what ground I am standing, and how I know what I know, there is no other way but to get straight to the point: I have been taken and have had contacts with the ETs many times since I was of 7 years of age. I will not go into the details at this moment (we will deal with abduction phenomenon later) and for now I will just mention that my DNA has been altered, enabling me to use abilities such as Astral projection on a daily basis. For the last 3 decades I have been visiting Stars and Planets in space which are at the great distance from our Planet, and had contacts with the ETs. From all the visits, what was passed to me and which I clearly remember is that the human race is heading towards a great change, many spirits will return to the stars and something magnificent is going to happen.


In order to create a bigger picture so that you can understand what is going to happen in the near future, I will have to explain couple of things: • • • • • • • • • • • • Milky Way Galaxy, Chandra satellite, and Red Giant Mayan (Sun) Long Count Calendar The Crop Circles Phenomenon What Are We and DNA structure When a human being physically dies How the game will be played by the Dark Force Cosmic rays penetration into Solar system Ancient Giants and DNA Forgotten Past and Ancient nuclear conflicts on Earth and Moon My personal experience with ET What do we need to do? Final Word

Once you see the bigger picture, you will understand why you were not told about all this through the regular means of information.


Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength. there was a powerful release of an enormous amount of energy. We have to understand that for scanning space. The forecast (see Appendix A) is that the same will happen with our Sun. with daily temperatures of ranging from 800°C plus to minus 70°C and below. this enormous distance is an unimaginable length of time. 5 . For man. In 1999 NASA launched a satellite “The Chandra X-ray Observatory” that is capable of scanning space with x-rays and much of what was previously invisible and unimaginable to the human eye has become visible. as soon as it is hit by the energetic wave it will start to react. which is just a blink of the eye in the global cosmic reality. That means that it will come extremely close to Earth causing impossible conditions for biological life. which like a huge. Chandra recorded stars increasing in size by the extreme influence of the energetic wave and going through major changes. Our solar system is on the exact edge of the Milky Way galaxy. humans have only had powerful and precise equipment for 5 decades. swelling in size and then ejecting the outer layer and becoming much smaller. The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system. A complex nuclear reaction will be set in motion that will cause our Sun to increase in size. Chandra satellite. “The Chandra X-ray Observatory” managed to record the cosmic jet that was ejected from the massive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way. swallowing the planets Mercury and Venus. and Red Giant Around 26 000 years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way. but from the global cosmic point of view is like a bolt of lightning across the sky. and around 26 000 light years from its galactic centre. shining. circular wave is spreading across the galaxy from its centre to its edges. along the huge and powerful energetic wave that is spreading along the galactic plane.Milky Way Galaxy.

mathematical and astronomical knowledge and precision of time counting are more than impressive. human or nonhuman that had sophisticated knowledge of those future events? Was the Mayan Long Count Calendar left as a warning for those living in present time. around 2012 AD? 6 . One of the artefacts that remained largely unspoiled by the conquistadors in their search for gold is the so called Mayan Long Count Calendar. In fact it is proven that their way of counting time is far more sophisticated than the way we do today. Their structures. It appears as a large. It ends on 21 Dec 2012. in order to understand what is going to happen in near future. One of these warnings comes from the Ancient Mayans.(For more detailed explanation of mechanism that will set Sun into fast growing motion and a few fundamental things that you really need to know about our Sun please see Appendix B) Is that going to be the end of the story? The end of all life on Earth? Of everything? Mayan (Sun) Long Count Calendar Since it’s become obvious that we are not the first civilization on Earth. circular stone with many engraved markings and is a record of time keeping spanning 5200 years. we need to go way back in time to see what information ancients had left for the generations to come as a warning. Why did the Mayans or whoever created and gave that Long Count Calendar to the Mayans not account for any days after that date? Does that date have to do with the arrival of the energetic pulse from Hunab Ku (Mayan name for Creator that acts through the central galactic opening of the Milky Way) and death of our Sun? Is there a possibility that in those times there was an advanced technology available and was there intelligence.

depletion of the local water table. long lasting energy patterns. “What did they know?” The Crop Circles Phenomenon Perhaps all these questions would remain unanswered if it wasn’t the mysterious phenomena known as Crop Circles. discrepancies in background radiation. In special cases. They are mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th Century. Ever. Olmec people had almost the same Calendar. and over 200 cases have been reported prior to 1970.000 crop circles have been catalogued worldwide by the military. The question remains: “Who were the creators of the Calendar?”. hour. alteration of the local electromagnetic field. altered cellular structure and soil chemistry. During the last few decades we have became more aware of this phenomenon. Contrary to popular perception. light burn marks at the base of stems.before it was changed by the secret societies and ruling Masonic Elite to preserve the information and keep it a secret. The Calendar is so profound that it didn’t miss a single day. There has also been many reports of a very distinctive sound that is heard when crop circles are being formed. some form of higher intelligence that is trying to communicate with us by delivering amazing messages in the crop fields around the world. What were they all counting? All of them were looking at the Sun and at the galactic centre.There are indications that the Calendar was given to Ancient Mayas. To date more than 30.000 sq ft and their anomalous features continue to be irreplaceable: plants bent an inch above soil and gently laid down in geometrically-precise pattern with no physical signs of damage. crop circles are not a modern phenomenon. some occupying areas as large as 200. the stems are bent 7 . Aztecs and the original Egyptian as well . minute or second. normally about an inch off the ground and near the plant’s first node. One of the essential characteristics of crop circles is that they appear to have been formed by an intelligent source that is able to create and control some form of electromagnetic energy to a very high and precise degree. In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent. not to mention measured effect on the human biological field. and dowsable.

BBC whom we all know are owned by so called Illuminati Order or Ruling Elite. many of the geometries that are delivered are countdown clocks to 2012 and development of human consciousness. It is suggested that this kind of change can only be brought about by tampering with the information patterns in the DNA of the plant. The laboratory analysis also found that the seeds and the germinating process of the affected plants had been changed. resulting in clear damage to the plants. please see Appendix C) Now. Most of those non-human races have an active triple helix DNA structure (providing telepathic. I will make special presentation in Brisbane very soon. Laboratory analysis has revealed the crystalline structure of the affected plants have actually been changed by some force. Summarized. we made Contact decades ago. Although the plant itself was unharmed. the laboratory analysis undertaken by W. telekinetic performance) and differ from us with only double helix active DNA potential. Even more significant is the fact that the DNA is considerably different from the plants that have not been affected. Such features defeat the hoax argument. why all this is not on the news all the time? Why the secrecy? Why lies and deception about the true nature of this Contact? Why not tell people openly that we are not alone? Why not tell them about the underworld that was built to survive the 2012 Event? Why not tell 8 . Regarding the bending process itself. this force had made substantial changes to the plants natural regenerative processes. The study of the available evidence has shown that at least 5 non-human races are delivering intelligent messages to us. effectively transforming it into steam. who is making those complex pictograms around the world and what most of them mean. FOX.” For all of you who would like to hear more on this research. More on this will be address at the presentation. So despite the fact that this information is suppressed by leading media such as CNN. since a plank or garden roller would flatten the crop to the ground.six inches from the top of the seed head. (For more details about triple helix DNA of one of non human races.C. presented also through the crop circles. In other words this force that has created the crop circle had the exact vibrational frequency necessary to modify the information patterns in DNA. Levengood (a respected Michigan-based biophysicist) concluded that an energy source “originating in the microwave region had boiled the water inside the plants’ nodes.

We have to live according to their rules. Now let’s look at what one of the other races has to say about 2012. Mysterious properties detected again. To the best of my knowledge none of other races are doing this to their kind. two days after the official End of the Long Count Calendar – December 21. (Please see Appendix D with deeper explanation about differences between genuine (non-human intelligence made) versus non genuine (human made) crop circles). expenses. Venus. But is it their fault alone? Or there are hidden forces that control even the so called Illuminated Ones? Think about it. We need to work to generate income. Greed. Or are our perceptions starting to change. Power. The other ones with bold circles consist of Jupiter. to pay the bills. 2012. “They” insist that we pay attention on two things: First: the first anomaly is in Pluto’s orbit. England. reconsider everything we have been told? Let go of all our beliefs? Let go of fear of unknown? – Probably not yet. No doubt …a genuine one. have we yet realized that we’ve been manipulated by the ‘elite’ for so long. Wilts. Mars and Pluto. Earth. NASA solar system live simulator is showing that Pluto should be on different location (picture at the right) which clearly depicts that this heavenly body will be influenced by outer gravitation from some passing body. Would you believe that none of us have to work any more? There are technologies available that can supply sufficient energy for everything and food for everyone. 15 July 2008 Avebury Manor. Saturn. The stem of the plants within a crop circle are bent in a manner which cannot be explained by conventional science. Laboratory tests confirmed unusual properties. those concealing this essential information and controlling access to advanced technologies. 9 . Only humans have specialized in this kind of behaviour. Money keeps us enslaved. Another mysterious crop circle appeared from nowhere. Uranus and Neptune.them about the storage of seeds and food for the next Ice Age they expect after Sun’s Red Giant Phase is over and the star becomes a lot smaller – a White Dwarf not capable of producing that much light and heat anymore? Why not tell them the truth? Are we ready to rewrite our history books. planet or comet. It is a clear selection of two groups: One group consist of thin circles and depicts the orbits of the Mercury. to pay the rent. The pictogram is a clear depiction of our planetary system on 23 Dec 2012.

All this would not be so significant if 7 days after. And what was on it. says absolutely everything we need to know! 22 July 2008 .com/watch?v=NDIhpJoHzgU http://www.Avebury Manor.com/watch?v=dRXUriNSxt0 http://www.youtube. 2008 an update didn’t appear.youtube. England ` It indicates huge geological changes and movements in our solar system as a result of Sun’s expansion in mass and strong gravitational pull from outside. showing us the maximal expansion size as a Red Giant and showing us that the planets Mercury and Venus will be completely assimilated.youtube.Second: the second anomaly is the splitting into two groups.youtube.com/watch?v=fDjldLXzAsw http://www. The mass of the Sun is much bigger.youtube. as result of extreme Sun’s activity in combination with some extreme powerful gravitation of passing body or comet? The message is perfectly clear – it’s our solar system on 23 Dec 2012. http://www. on the 22 July.com/watch?v=nE00eMB9yZU http://www. Can this be understood as separation of our solar system on two groups.com/watch?v=WRdkxzMbm8k 10 .com/watch?v=tpq_7b9opr0 http://www. Wilts.youtube.

11 . This tells us that they are suggesting the 12th month of the Moon’s movement around Earth. and will hit our planetary system on Dec 23 2012. After further analyses it was concluded that that comet is actually the first bluish-white beam of light out of 12 that will reach us. Our Moon will lie in Earth’s sky close to a bright comet in the twelfth month (December) of 2012. which if checked on astronomy star charts will appear after Dec 13. our solar system will never be the same! The large circle is the moon’s movement around Earth during the year. exact date there will also be a comet visible from Earth in the night sky. On that same. 2012 when our Sun is in the constellation Ophiuchus and our Moon is new. There is a smaller circle with 11 rings and a dot that is bringing our attention to the number 12. Since they travel very fast they will be here very fast. according to data extracted from other crop messages. Crop circle makers depict the new moon. According to this. Now you know why Ophiuchus constellation is all over the ancient temples. (Explanation: our Sun at RA = 17 26 on Dec 13 2012 lies close to two stars in Ophiuchus). 2012. Actually we are looking at the expanded view of the lunar orbit. The precise date will be Dec 13. 2012 will be the first time that people from Earth will be able to see on the visible spectrum the arrival of the first cosmic beam of bluish-white light from the galactic centre area. Nominal orbit of Pluto is disturbed by the huge combined gravitational influence of the passing celestial body and the Sun.The Earth with its companion (inside the crop design there is a dot in Earth’s circle representing the Moon) together with Mars are staying in their orbits but dangerously close to the Sun. Dec 13.

12 . Cosmic snake symbolizing Nexus or Superwave (the carrier of the Designer’s DNA mutation ultimate program .the final integration.only one that is known in our universe) and shows the snake is coming “spreading” along the galactic disc. The Birth of Era of Light. but to awaken many to begin spiritually. continue with your life as before. a measure that is completed. mentally and physically preparing for the challenging period ahead. delete this file and pretend that you never received it. At the end of the Aztec Fifth Sun our star will slowly start to expand until it reaches culmination on 28 March 2013 when outer layer will be released into space and only the core of the star will be left or the time when a New Baby Sun will be born (reborn) – The Birth of the Sixth Sun. and the Ophiuchus star constellation which is in that exact place (close to the moon) in Dec 13 2012. especially if you have lived with different life perspectives inside the “Matrix”. Next symbol is clearly depicting new moon. . Please know this: This information was not indented to frighten.The smaller symbols from right to left are: • • Milky Way with depicted galactic plane. If you feel that the provided information is too much to take or that you are not ready to know the truth I would kindly advise you not to read any further. please understand that this letter contains confronting knowledge of major Earth change events. • • • Before I go on. . Its purpose is to aid the transformation process and to raise consciousness of the most important issues that are well known outside the public arena. Sometimes this kind of information can be harmful. The spiral represented the "life-death-rebirth" cycle of the Sun. Snail in ancient Maya tradition is a symbol of the termination of physical Life and also the closure of a cycle.

at which time the earth will be destroyed by earthquakes and humankind will leave Earth. But what we can do is to work hard on the inner transformation by cleaning and harmonizing our essence and our bio-field. and extensively in the coming presentation. Before I can share with you info in that direction I need to explain to you a little further what crop circle makers are saying about the events that will be happening on the 3D realm very soon. 13 . by creating strong and stable bio-psionic field of energy around our planet capable of receiving the powerful Nexus Energy (Cosmic Snake) without any harm. The present era. the history of the Earth falls into five successive ages or “suns.” each representing the temporary dominance of a different aspect of teotl. we can speak of eventual meditative connection. Like its four predecessors. The detailed analysis that was conducted clearly indicates that high number of pictograms have “Aztec and Mayan symbolism” and “Quetzalcoatl connection”. This can be achieved by reaching oneness with our planet and all the life on it. So the focus is raising consciousness and helping our planet to go through a smoother transformation phase. I will elaborate more on this in the second part of this letter. Only after doing that. the Fifth Sun is destined to cataclysmic destruction. firing up the Earth’s acupuncture energetic grid and eventual impact on the fractal structure of the Matrix. the “Age of the Fifth Sun. According to the Aztec tradition.” is the final one.It is now obvious that we can not avoid the transformation process which as stated before is cosmic in nature. In other words. In other words lifting our own vibrational level and staying at the same level most of the time which will lead to a stronger radiation of psionic particles into the environment.

had shown series of "astronomical rays" emerging from some central source in all three spatial directions x . 14 . in Silbury Hill in 2004 and in Woolstone Hill in 2005. The Long Count Calendar ends on December 23. As we already know. because the intensity of any astronomical wave or ray becomes weaker as it proceeds further from the source by a factor of distance-squared. Both Calendars are clearly depicted in the crop pictograms that appeared in UK. Different from the first calendar. They were showing us the time code. the Mayan SunVenus Calendar ends on 28 March 2013. telling us when the longest ray will reach Earth. like in the pictogram that appeared 2006 in Wayland’s Smithy. What could be the central source of energies shown there? The answer is completely clear – the Ultra Massive Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way known as Sgr A*. 2012 (and not on December 21. This pictogram clearly depicts that at the end of the Sun-Venus Calendar periodically emitted cosmic rays from the galactic core will arrive on Earth. A ring of 12 stars surrounds Sgr A* in space.y or z: Those rays have been drawn as "square" along their lengths. just like a ring of 12 points surrounds the empty centre of that crop picture. are depicting the time measuring according to the “Long Count Calendar” and “Sun-Venus Calendar” exactly the same as ancient Mayas and Aztecs in Central America did long time ago. 2012 as most people believe) which will mark the End of the Fifth Sun that started exactly on 13 August 3114 BC. 1961 and more important it also mark the start of new 5000year cycle of Sixth Sun. Every one of the three longest rays seems to contain a 7 x 8 = 56 grid of mini-circles within an open square end. The preliminary analysis of the pictogram that appeared on Wayland’s Smithy 2006. which marks the end of the current 52-year Venus cycle that began on April 10. The messages were perfectly clear.Conclusion was made that the crop circle makers.

Mayan symbol . between the ending date of Mayan Long Count Calendar and ending date of the current Sun-Venus Calendar – the arrival of some kind of cosmic rays from the Galactic Centre. it is better that we firstly understand that every Sun-Venus conjunction lasts for 292 days. We can see the Mayan symbol for the galactic centre. two years ago. officially is the “End of the Sun-Venus Calendar”. whether inferior (Venus between Earth and Sun) or superior (Sun between Earth and Venus). It will arrive exactly on 28 March 2013. when as we mentioned earlier. they constantly remind us that the countdown to 2013 has continued! Then on August 12.For someone to understand what “they” are trying to tell us. so we will study that one next. when there were still "9 left". Note: NASA had released many documentaries how cosmic rays affect DNA of life causing mutation for better or worse. the Mayan/Olmec number "six" appeared at Stanton St. 2013. 2012. waves emerging from everywhere (12 total). It was intended to tell us that "only 6" Sun-Venus conjunctions remained until Venus transit on June 6. Ever since the pictogram appeared on July 8. The crop pictograms clearly are showing an astronomical event that will happen between late 2012 and early 2013. Yet another pictogram from West Kennett (July 13. 2006. Bernard. 2007. If the right peaces of the puzzle are combined we are starting to see the meaning of what “They” are trying to say. 1996) did seem to describe the same near-future astronomical event in a slightly more precise way. will be the one that will complete the reprogramming of the DNA of the organic life forms in this system. the last and the biggest cosmic ray of all from the “Nexus Event” (the arrival of the energy of the Cosmic Snake). new moon close to the Sun and a passing comet or the arrival of the first of those beams. In our case. or "only 7" until an end to their Sun-Venus calendar on March 28.galactic center It becomes. obvious that those rays from the galactic center will arrive periodically according to their size and strength. and the beginning of the Age of the “Sixth Sun”! 15 .

five half orbital cycles of Venus (small blue numbers) remains until Venus transits the face of our Sun in June 2012. acting as transducer of the Galactic Centre itself. It means as soon as the bluishwhite beam of light touches you.What this means? If we push our sharp logic to the maximum. hence there will be 5 x 8= 4. In other words. the Mayan number “three” appeared. Mayans or Aztecs used long ago in central America. Any half synodic cycle of Venus takes 292 days or 0.6 = 4. Likewise. reactivation of the dormant DNA…or reactivation of what mainstream science refers to as 97% junk DNA material. Any full synodic cycle of Venus takes 584 days or 1. Five days later at Stanton Bridge on July 4. we are looking at the Event that involves the bathing of our planet and the biology upon it in gamma ray energies projected from the Galactic Centre. This is the same 52 or 104 – year calendar that’s the Olmecs. As of June 2008. Amazing…we are so lucky to be here in this time and space. 2012. hence there will be 3x1. three full orbital cycles of Venus (large white numbers) remains until the end of our current Mayan Sun – Venus calendar in 28th of March 2013. passing directly through the Earth. when it is bathed in galactic light emanating from our own Sun. This is to be achieved by the actual transmutation of human genetic material. our DNA. all the assimilated knowledge will be back together with all the powers of your consciousness.6 years.8 years.8 years until March 2013. you will remember who you were in the past. once again to remind us that only three full orbital cycles of Venus until their calendar ends on March 28th 2013.0 years until transit on June 6. 16 . It will be the triumph of compassion and intelligence over violence and ignorance.

ancient symbol of democracy & oneness despite cultural difference. Again there is clear depiction that Sun will expand in mass. since current cycle is coming to its end and that the ones that choose the path of Light and Peace await evolution and upgrade of DNA. but if you see with the eyes of your heart things look completely different. Wiltshire. 17 . St Bernard.2009 Milk Hill Stanton. 27 June 2009 Milk Hill Stanton. their written language and most of them had a circle where third eye should be on the forehead. Also there was arrow pointing out from the extraterrestrial head showing clearly that they are transmitting messages so we will understand and prepare and also that they are observing us all the time. Wiltshire crop design appeared. Wiltshire 27th June 2009 Southfield. Alton B. the consciousness sees that everything in cosmos is part of the same source and is ONE. St Bernard. It also has to open up to the fact that our planet is changing. Wiltshire 30th June 2009 Milk Hill. much more will be covered in my presentation but what I want to point out is that Humanity has to open up to the fact that we are sharing this planet with many other life forms and that there is oneness despite cultural differences.Another important message about the expansion of the outer layer of the Sun appeared on 27. Despite the fact we have different cultures we are ONE. On greater scale. I can not go far into this at this moment.06. When the fourth centre is open. This Truth can be seen only when a being reaches a development of fourth chakra. St Bernard. If you see all this with the eyes of your mind you will see global changes in this 3D reality. During this Event Humanity will realize that only Love is the answer and that everything else is illusionary. humanity will experience this when North becomes South during the next Solar maximum at the end of 2012. Alton Priors. The time for conflict is over and it is time for peace and balance. Wiltshire Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu (Siamese crocodiles) >> UNITY .. there were few other crop designs depicting different extraterrestrial races. The same day and few days after the Milk Hill Stanton.

Besides the biological host that we have. bodies or vehicles. At the moment most of humans are operating on so called double helix functionality which means we are using only 3% of our DNA genetic material and all the rest 97% of the genetic material is inactive or dormant. WHAT ARE WE? We are an Intelligent Life Force in the Universe and our pure essence is the Consciousness. It has its own bio-energetic field that people usually know as auric field. if you will. In fact. every one of those bodies has different abilities. Those “energetic carriers” can provide the Consciousness to be present in different dimensions. Our Consciousness is capable of multidimensional presence. otherwise our pure essence can not be in that dimension inside that particular energetic host or body. along with all the energies and abilities that goes with every one of them. what is our pure essence. we also have so many other energetic hosts. how all that is connected to RNA/DNA and especially how RNA/DNA is going to be influenced by the cosmic energy that will arrive in late 2012.What Are We and DNA structure Before we can understand more clearly what our role is in this entire 2012 scenario. Let’s start with understanding what we are. In other words. 18 . Mainstream science calls it Junk DNA. we need to go through few others aspects of our existence. supposedly its there for nothing and we have no use of it whatsoever…which as so many other things presented by mainstream science is completely incorrect. That 97% of the genetic material is disconnected at this moment but still undamaged and can be reactivated. what is our bio-energetic structure and our subtle bodies. One energetic host or subtle body have a suitable density and speed of vibration of only one dimension or plane of existence. all the rest of the energetic bodies we have can be accessed and controlled if that genetic material becomes active. different type of interwoven energies and capable of different performance.

Separate but still connected in the same time.5% and hydrogen/helium around 3. and despite the fact that. If you zoom in. Universe is alive. Now. Dark Matter ~ 26% and Dark Energy around 70%. Anyway.In order that you can understand this properly I will explain this in this fashion: Scientific community had split the composition of our Universe to Normal Matter ~ 4%. neutrinos 0. intelligent and fully conscious of itself and it’s still fallowing dynamic pulsation of fractal contraction and expansion. That dynamic pulsation of contraction and expansion is orchestrated from above. planets. there are lot more then just seven planes of existence and I will explain this in more detail in the presentation. and at the top you put the last layer “Dark Energy” where energy is strongest and directly influences any further dynamic movement in the creation process of this Universe. In fact. On the bottom the density is high and particles move slower because of that density and how you climb towards the top the particles move extremely fast since its becoming less and less dense. into one single large Cube. stars 0. biological life forms etc…or if you prefer different approach: it consist of heavy elements 0. Above that layer put Dark matter: invisible dimensions even more filled with energy and larger variety of life forms. the Cube has different densities from bottom to top and other way around. Old models of understanding are holding the perspective of 7 huge dimensions in this Universe that have different densities. planets. that terminology is wrong because that energy is definitely not dark…the better term would be Invisible Energy. All those densities are completely different dimensions. stars. stars. On the bottom put the Normal matter as most dense: super-clusters. observe that Cube as mix of all of that. “Dark matter” and “Dark energy”. but personally I do not see any reason why there can not be an infinitive number of dimensions outhere. from the layer mainstream science calls Dark Energy.2 %. clusters of galaxies.03%.3%. clusters of galaxies. 19 . biological life and everything that can be seen from our perspective inside the cosmos. chemical elements. galaxies. Normal matter contains everything we see on the visible part of the Universe including superclusters. picture all those layers: “Normal matter”. It allows streaming and penetration of energetic particles with different speed depending on the density or in the location in the Cube.

The closest dimensions are so called etheric. the astral is less dense than the physical but denser that mental and causal dimensions. understanding. The more you climb up the more you understand yourself and the purpose of your existence in the Universe. If you travel in your astral body you can observe the astral dimension but you can not observe the mental and causal dimension etc. completely unaware that they are in the one of their subtle bodies and completely unaware that they are in the other dimension – astral dimension. The higher you go.To the best of my knowledge. our pure essence has potential to be in most of those dimensions if not in all of them using a suitable vehicle locked in our dormant DNA potential. teaching whoever is interested in those rare arts. I have extensive experience in the subject with more then thousand students worldwide. 20 . the density is different and speed of vibration is different. At the moment we function on double helix functionality which is only sufficient that you can see and read this text and to experience it to a certain level…and let’s say relatively low awareness of the astral plane in the form of the lucid dreaming. astral. The most input is taken from the five senses and that’s all that most of us can reach and experience. the etheric layer is the frontier between mater and antimatter. The more you learn and grow the more you become aware of your responsibility and what your task is or how you can help in the Great Divine Plan. mental and causal dimension. As mentioned before in the rest 97% of the genetic material we have so many other carriers that if activated we can reach deeper into the universe. or the further you go from this dimension…the conditions change. That’s all that those 3% of active genetic material can provide…a low quality of existence. Despite the fact its only 3% of the active DNA. it brings you more extended perception and wisdom if I may say. Controlling your astral body and conscious controlled out of the body experiences will be also covered in my presentation and I believe its good to mention that I will be doing also seminars and workshops for astral projection in Brisbane soon. Every next dimension you are in extends your abilities. To simplify. short out of the body experiences or near death experiences. most of humans are still using the astral body during the sleeping time. the physical dimension is most dense.

reach space. certain natural bio-chemical process begins allowing some further activation of DNA structure. In some cases. and I will explain this in more detail on the presentation. It needs 12 strains DNA functionality or 100% active DNA genetic potential. When that happens. able to fly.It’s not hard to understand that the higher you climb through dimensions you need more and more active DNA. the astral body matches the astral frequency. and which the consciousness can use as vehicles for moving through the higher dimensions of the Universe. another important part: When a human being physically dies When a human being physically dies. the rest of DNA stays intact and departures with the consciousness. that does not mean that the DNA is destroyed. It means that the DNA stays with consciousness because it has many subtle bodies that are attached to it. Now. Apart from tiny DNA physical harmonic that is slowly disintegrating as the physical body starts to fall apart in time. most people see that they are now in some transparent body and that their senses had drastically increased in quality. The problem that exits on Earth. today DNA and the consciousness are interconnected because the subtle bodies are interlocked inside the double helix. the consciousness that had moved away from the physical host. when the consciousness realizes that the time for departure is near. it needs fully activated DNA structure. communicate telepathically etc. 21 . stays with double helix functionality despite it has changed the environment from more dense to a less dense plane of existence. The higher DNA harmonics are still with the consciousness because as I said earlier is capable of multidimensional existence or capable of moving through different dimensions using suitable vehicles. probably around 3% more to be able to provide relative good awareness of the astral dimension and relative good clarity of the astral vision. The only part that fades when the event we call physical death happens is the harmonic that matches the physical vehicle. pass through walls and physical obstacles. Once again. All this is a huge science that I will teach whoever feels its ready on my seminars. In other words. is that in the event when a person physically died. mental body the mental frequency or plane of existence and so on. For the consciousness to be capable to be consciously present very hight in those realities. In the moments very near to the physical death. They are able to neutralize the Earth’s gravity by conscious thought command. few more percentages are added to those 3% active DNA but still it’s only enough for the conscious presence on the astral dimension.

energetic wave known as NEXUS is so powerful that it causes mutation of the DNA structure…once you are touched by the bluish-white light. people do not speak in the news about those things. all your abilities and powers will be regained. all your accumulated knowledge during your incarnations. Finally you will be able to take care of yourself. in my perspective there is nothing important than this. Not to mention the complete dependency on the five senses. but please hear me out. Summarized. In fact. the more DNA is activated the more we can reach towards other planes of existence and fully conscious. The potential is there but dormant. all the memory of who you were in the past. You will be able to see and understand the big picture. in this moment. 22 . let’s say 30. If not stoped they will try to reduce human population to such extreme scale that only one/tenth of the population will remain on the physical dimension. Perhaps all this is far out from your default model of understanding. The only problem that those humans known as “Light Workers” are concern. Unreachable and useless. that provides extremely limited perception of souranding reality.000 km/h but for some reason you are only allowed to go 3 km/h. The arriving cosmic snake. It’s very important that you receive this info. is that the Dark Forces that are also present on this planet are completely aware of the approaching energy and what that energy is capable of doing to the RNA/DNA of life. asleep. It’s like your vehicle can go very fast. you will become functional again and you will be safe. all those 97% dormant genetic material will awake and reactivate. especially now when the time is so short.Even when through the process known as incarnation. when the consciousness returns back in the physical realm of existence and takes another biological host it’s still keeping the same double helix functionality…the same potential.

The plan is that when immediate astral awakening will took place. using technologies like HAARP and similar to achieve reduction of the human population on the physical dimension. not used to the astral plane and definitely not aware of the potential of the astral body…so they are going to be an easy target for the negative extraterrestrial groups that are very familiar with the astral dimension. the consciousness will definitely be not used to that kind of awareness. They have probably less then a minute to do this. and to trap them into energetic containers. they need to act during the first moments of shock and agony. if the negative ETs want to be successful.How the game will be played by the Dark Force The plan is to use natural disasters and artificially made ones. It will be as you were sleeping close to the edge of a swimming pool and someone had suddenly pushed you inside the cold water. it will be a kind of shock for them. After the catastrophes that will take place in the physical dimension. to take advantage of billions confused consciousnesses that have no idea where they are and what is going on. Here is the logic…As soon as most of the humans will loose their biological bodies. they will awake in the astral dimension and since the consciousnesses will still have only double helix functionality. 23 . Imagine the surprise you will have and that it will take a few seconds at least before you realize what is going on. After they are stored into huge energetic containers they will be taken far out of this space region via star ships.

are not successful and this scenario still happens. The beams are not far away so you will not need to travel far and as soon as you see gigantic approaching beam of bluishwhite light. But you have to remember that you have max 30 seconds to become aware of what is going on and move your pure essence in your astral body out of the astral space of Earth before the negative 24 . If the Light Workers and other positive ETs that are around us and watching us. They only way that Dark Force can win over humanity is to move the humanity out from the reach of the coming beams and preventing further mutation of the RNA/DNA human structure.Perhaps. the DNA change will be completed and you will be safe. The Forces of Light are fighting for a mass awakening and mass gathering. Once it will touch you. the second one consist of biological/non-biological species of Darkness and the third side consist of neutral ones which do not want to get involve in Earth’s inhabitants’ karma. you have not much time to become aware that your physical body is gone and scenario that you have read in 2010 took place. Perhaps you will learn astral travel soon and take a look for yourself what is going on in the closest dimension. And with only double helix functionality we are in most unpleasant situation and almost like siting ducks. Stop panicking and concentrate on going fast towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy. but at this moment there is a real war for souls and the UFO activity is greater then ever. At the moment here on Earth there are three sides: one side consist of biological/nonbiological species of Light. Every each of us has a choice to choose side. Take a strong and fast astral flight and push the consciousness to maximum without fear. earthquakes and terror down below that you see from the astral dimension. making tremendous effort that we join in meditative oneness and protect ourselves and our planet by creating an astral shield of energy in the form of Flower of Life. go straight into it. it will come as a shock to many of you. don’t stare into floods. remember this words when the time comes.

-. Of course in reality it will be a hologram…to a Christian. completely unaware of what is going on. start paying attention what crop circles actually means and what we have to do to avoid all this. If we do not wake up from the dream. and to direct yourself towards the galactic center of Milky Way. they will be kept almost in a dream state. coming to Earth and going back to moon again) Trust my words that many of the Extraterrestrial groups have the knowledge and capacity to do it easily. shadows that moves extremely fast (what you are seeing on the above four images is not a craft but living shadow entity that has high rank in the Dark Force hierarchy – at least thousands of them are detected on the moon. villages. -.Atemp of physical alien abduction (Mexico) 25 .entities use advanced technology to trap it. the call them fast-walkers. In case the Dark Force will be successful. land and blue sky and everything else that perception will identified as earth-like environment. energetic feeding and crossbreeding can continue for a very long time. towns. Certain percentage that has more active and dynamic consciousness and those few additional percentages of the DNA structure had been awaken. And they are already doing it since the process had already started. others suitable figures will become visible…After consciousness are taken to different planets they will be put into another genetically double helix compatible host and manipulation for food. will face deliberately created hologram like they are flying through dark tunnel with the light at the end. loved ones. streets. It’s very important that you got this clearly. What some people experience during the so called alien abduction experience is just a game to what some of those negative groups are capable of doing. Dark intelligent life forces lives on our moon. to Moslems. And the bigger problem is that most of the elite politicians are already implanted with micro-devices and completely under control of the groups. buildings. Hindu. humans. and once its crossed they will face familiar environment. mother Marry and Isus will appear. Another Shadow biological/half-etheric creature photographed by Apollo (Moon). Remember max 30 seconds to escape the planet. houses. while the consciousnesses of billions of previously humans will be travelling to other systems.Ancient record of negative ET (Egypt). Buddhist and the rest more or less religious followers. leaving the moon.

It’s obviously that it’s not about the money or control or even not a race for gaining extraterrestrial technology. children and pregnant women. are not chosen by people and election process. and generally used as slave labourers. they have already much of the back-engineered extraterrestrial technology and they already control everything in this matrix at lest what human societies are concern. something that we are going to talk about. As most that are part of high Masonic Lodges they have absolutely no emotions whatsoever about what they are doing to others and absolutely no compassion. they print them and own the banking system.you are safe. Either way. 26 . to stay inside the triangle zone (if they have this information and they do not panic) or take a strong and extremely fast astral flight towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy in order to intercept the bluish-white beams of light). intelligence and potential to resist the so called New World Order. they hope. They do not feel any gilt at all. They just fallow orders not aware what the real controllers in the background are planing to achieve. All populations across the globe will be targeted thus. the DNA will reactivate and its done . The use of nano-particles in a shot for this category has a duel purpose.As my friend David Icke stated. since even if you had lost your physical body your pure essence is save in your astral body. So it’s something much bigger. What then of those who do not fall into the categories in their first wave? These others are particularly feared by the Illuminoids because they have health. once touched by the light of the Creator. This is just a bad joke right? I wish it was. the elite world politicians we see in the news. The most important factors within the vaccines are intended to reduce Earth’s population and that is why they are targeting the long term sick. It is intended to insert the much feared “chip” in people that can then be tracked and controlled. Ruling Elite already have unlimited amount of money. Note: Only the ones that are in the certain planetary zones will not be affected. They have two options. skilled and otherwise. but they are previously chosen by their bloodlines.

One of its functions is to block the penetration of the cosmic rays. In fact the gravity of this celestial body has a major role in the changes of the speed of the Earth’s rotation its magnetic field. cosmic dust. the movement of the heliopause creates a rounded "head" and a narrowing “tail”. 27 . During the last solar maximum it suddenly manifested anomaly. First the heliopause collapsed and recently it was discovered that Earth’s thermosphere collapsed too. The boundary between this heliosphere and the interstellar medium is known as Heliopause. It’s a “protective bubble” that surrounds the Sun and all of the planets as our system travels through space. But before we touch that important subject we need to understand few things about how cosmic rays penetrate into our solar system and to what scale they influence the DNA of life. Cosmic rays penetration into Solar system Like Earth. Another important factor for such behaviour of the magnetic field could easily be the gravitational influence from the passing celestial body close to Pluto. and all sort of interstellar material. it stoped to function as before. called the Heliosphere. there is an even more secret reason for the intention to introduce this vaccine to all groups. surviving the vaccine or not. It’s completely changed dynamic allowed and are still allowing cosmic dust and cosmic rays to enter our system. our entire solar system has its own atmosphere. and that is to do with curtailing the ongoing mutation of Human RNA/DNA.But. Like our Earth's magnetosphere. Not to mention that in 2009 scientists confirmed that Earth’s magnetic poles are moving away from their previous locations at the rate of 37 miles per year. The movement rate will surely increase rapidly as a consequence of the major changes that are taking place inside our Sun and approaching energy. first noticed in all global populations from the mid-1980s onwards.

it is unlikely to stop. This was confirmed when the IRAS and Ulysses spacecrafts showed infrared images of the solar system. In stead of working all together and using the best of technology into constructive ways and how to deal with the upcoming changes the technology is used for dark purposes. Despite the natural weather anomalies. destroyed completely. Who did it? Still unknown but it is a clear example of a mega disaster from artificial origin. Whole cities and regions. People are dying every day in great numbers all around the globe. Anyway. surrounded by wispy clouds of cosmic dust that increased in density just beyond Saturn.Interesting article appeared recently: http://www. Other two images are showing clear view of deck/damage by the laser beam. As 2010 started.com/articles/7017531445 “. These images are just three out of many that are showing solid evidence of what was the cause of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So people will need to make allowances when they pull their compasses out to orient themselves. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is only one example. Around 2000 people lost their lives in the floods in Pakistan and more than 6 million people were left homeless. 28 .. I just wonder what was done to us so that we become so blind and ignorant.A mysterious force is moving the Earth's north magnetic pole and no one is sure what is happening to cause changes to the magnetic core of this planet. All scientists know is that the north magnetic pole is marching toward Siberia at the speed of 37 miles per year. Scientists first found the magnetic north pole in 1831 and it pretty much stayed put until 1904 when it started moving northeastward at about 9 miles per year. The cosmic dust and frozen material of space were kept outside this protective bubble. scientists say.allheadlinenews. earthquakes. Whatever it is. in 1989. scientists confirmed that it was moving at 37 miles per year toward Russia…” Everything is changing rapidly. volcanos. there is solid evidence that high technology is in use to induce even more disasters…Unreal. astronomers believed that our solar system was a region relatively free from cosmic dust. floods. Disaster which consequences are yet to come. The first massive explosion occurred five seconds after the image on the left was shot. it sped up more and in 2009. However. until recently. we are seeing similar scenarios everywhere on the planet. the climate is out of control.

What Sun is doing in 2010 and in the previous two years is far out from anything we seen so far. it was confirmed that something is definitely disrupting the heliopause from the outside. This brief period of magnetic instability allows some cosmic dust to enter the heliopause because the Sun's "shields" are reduced. at least in the time frame of our Sun monitoring. disrupting if I may use that word the “default” behaviour of our Sun. Ribbon: NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) spacecraft recently detected a mysterious ribbon of particles at the edge of the solar system. During the solar maximum of each 11 years cycle. Cosmic dust has been streaming in from the Galactic center direction and astronomers are at a loss to explain why. 29 . the Sun usually quickly blocks the dust. It’s still penetrating. The protective shield around our solar system for some reason became less effective and the galactic dust from outer-space continued to penetrate inside. The most logical place to look for such enormous released energy is at the center of The Milky Way Galaxy. This time (2001) it didn't happen. what would make it suddenly penetrate the heliopause and enter inside the heliosphere? And how would this coincide with the previously unseen long solar minimum in 2008-2009 and almost enormous solar activity that we are seeing from the beginning of 2010? Not long ago. thanks to new surveillance technologies lunched into the space. But once the new polarity is established.North becomes South and visa versa.So if cosmic dust is surrounding the heliopause. The measurements of cosmic dust streaming inside the heliopause have steadily increased to almost three times its original size since the last solar maximum in 2001. The energy of such an impact would be immense. This is the first time something like this has happened. Its penetrating in big time. impacting it and drawing cosmic dust inside with it and energizing the Sun. WHY THIS WAS THE CASE? Something happened during the last solar maximum in 2001. the polarity of the Sun shifts .

Only the discovered “Ribbon” that is found near our solar system and touching the heliosphere is electro-magnetic enough to energetize the Sun. you can see that the ribbon is visible on the surface level of our heliosphere and it is from the direction of Milky Way. The first discovery of this anomaly was discovered by NASA around October 15. If you do additional research. Summarized. 30 . Solar system location towards Ribbon The huge heliosphere opening or “magnetic storm” is between Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 It is becoming obvious that there is some unknown connection between our star and the supper massive black hole of the Milky Way. the Sgr A explosion in the past had caused distribution of hot gas and plasma into local suburbs and one of the hot gas emissions is just at our door. It is also becoming obvious that our solar system is already experiencing the invasive energy from the exploded galactic core as we move closer to 2012. The Ribbon is also called a „Fluff‟ cloud and it was detected that it has strong magnetic properties. The energy is approaching and no one can stop this. with a temperature of 6-7 thousand degrees kelvin. In other words our solar system as it travels through space had encountered a blob of hot gas about ten light-years across. 2009. It’s happening.

suggests that the extreme solar event corresponded to powerful radiation coming from the center of The Milky Way Galaxy and that it was associated with gamma rays and cosmic dust. similar to the one anticipated in the “2012 scenario”.com/watch?v=mTnwjd8CF1c&feature=player_embedded The recent data shows that dramatic and potentially deadly effects can result from solar flares and coronal mass ejections. supported by other research. occurred not so long ago in Earth’s history and was recorded by ancient humans. Substantial data suggests that an event. 31 . Paul LaViolette (PhD). Recent observations have shown a dramatic increase in gamma ray energy in the Galaxy's equator.http://www. The surprising findings of my good friend Dr. This event appears to have lasted for several years in duration and was responsible for the abrupt end of the last ice age as well as a substantial culling of the human population.youtube.

. No. clusters and super-clusters that we can see. genetically manipulated food is to stop the DNA mutation that is happening naturally as a result of new codes that arriving with the cosmic rays. 32 . stars. cosmic ray electrons breaking away from the galactic core. the arrival of cosmic rays will certainly affect us.. so bright. including us. That same energetic wave of unknown composition has the power to change everything that we see around us.it’s a lot more than that. close to the speed of light. It’s our opportunity for freedom and evolution. this is only a 26. produce a bluish bright light. we are facing a Mega Event in just two years time. that it masks the life of galaxy spiral arms and surrounding masses of stars. is clean and positive in nature as much as possible. I will explain this in more detail in my presentation. It is a supreme program from the same COSMIC DESIGNER that created all the planets. Difference in distance detected – those two are moving extremely fast Since our solar system is currently at the location of a joining point between the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy and The Milky Way. That is. for the open minded. If small amount of cosmic rays that are allredy reaching us are capable of DNA mutations its not difficult to comprehend what extreme amounts of cosmic radiation can do. Maybe for some. However.000 years old deadly gamma-ray outburst from the Sgr A*. the genetic mutations are happening because we are consuming genetically manipulated food. galaxies. but to the best of my knowledge it is extremely important that the emotional part of the pure essence that is touched.We are talking about a Superwave of energetic particles (cosmic snake) with unusual properties that are coming our way. Perhaps some of you that are into the genetics would say…yea right. Why Bluish-White beams of light? Scientists have found that the core of an active galaxy can shine brighter than the galaxy itself. something extremely dangerous to be reckoned with. It will be contact with the COSMIC DESIGNER Himself. I guess you must have got the message till now. Cosmic Designer’s bluish-white beams of light will change the DNA composition of everything they come in contact with.

They done it mostly to show others that are in the know. Off the record…they are aware of real situation. these powerful cosmic ray electrons would continuously generate a beam a bluish-white light.the released Jet and the released energy that is spreading along the galactic plane. They are enormously big x-ray filaments and are the first three out of twelve that will be detected and that reach us. Were they detected? Affirmative. The first two so called mysterious “x-ray filaments” were detected in 2009 and then the third x-ray filament that has bluish-white appearance is detected in January this year. During the 26.Since in visible spectrum. That is…officially of course. They provided few video files of the Sgr A* explosion on their official website . The only official statement that NASA gave was that they are moving extremely fast and they have no idea at this point what is the cause of it. perhaps also to a few that will figure out and find the info useful. most of the blue light from the galactic core explosion that came from the cosmic ray electrons emitted from the core should be visible with x-rays scan. 33 . changing our DNA structure and the world as we know it.000 light year journey to us. Simple as that. but definitely not for the majority since the masses does not have the sufficient knowledge to understand what exactly they are looking at and what that actually means for life on Earth. If the explosion took place. it wasn’t possible for scientists to see directly in the galactic core because of its intervening dust clouds. Chandra XRay Observatory is still not releasing new images on which we can easily calculate the speed of their movements. they had to scan with x-rays which allowed them to see right through the dust clouds.

because once activated. Just in Africa there are cases of albino children that are born completely white while their parents have black skin biological host. We are mutating. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that as result of the penetration of those cosmic rays our RNA/DNA is already changing. genetically manipulated food. soon after they become visible to us on Dec 13. are you aware that the famous double-helix DNA discovered by Watson & Crick. When time comes. usage of fluoride. of faintly luminous cobweb-like filaments stretching out from the sky. Today it’s a real mess. as soon as they penetrate inside the heliopause they will cause a network to form.” but is actually a growing third strand. 2012 when our moon will be yang. The genetic programs conducted by different ET groups had become more complex then ever. Our governments are not doing us a favour by denying the evidence that we are not alone. an integrated and fully 34 . vaccines and many other tools are only to slow down the mutation process. even a genius only uses one tenth of his mental capacity. At the moment it’s a kind of mess on our planet since many cultures have different agendas. A being with a fully utilised brain (currently. a raised healing rate. and there is a great awakening process. It is going on for thousands of years back but only in the last two decades we are becoming more and more aware of their presence and activities. To slow down the awakening and the evolution of human race. air space of earth and definitely not the solar system.) A changed endocrine system. Children on the left: Albino children number increasing world wide especially in Africa. Btw. Similar cases are happening everywhere but they are heavily suppresses by the public media and the mothers are usually humiliated and they do not want to attract public attention and people to know about it. are able to astraly project and communicate with ETs. Anyway. Humanity is under surveillance and different kind of genetic programs by many extraterrestrial species. water.As crop circle makers have obviously shown. has a central area thought to be evolutionary “junk. aspartame. Many children that are born everywhere express telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. increasingly communicating with the other two strands? The potential of the light-encoded filaments in these strands to trigger a rapid metamorphosis into a twelve strand RNA/DNA is of great concern to the Illuminati Elites. the Superwave of cosmic rays will start to penetrate the protective magnetic field of our solar system. that we are not controlling the land. The three middle images are showing new born baby that is half-human/half extraterrestrial and it was born in Mexico last year. it will make the human being a totally new type of superhuman being.

to prevent the Galactic signals getting through. is that the vaccine nano-particles will incorporate gene-splicing agents intended to effectively halt the receiving of Galactic (cosmic ray) signals and information packages activating the molecular mutation. Such beings will be sovereign and have no further use for the drones known as Illuminati. That means that more and more of us will soon be in a position to resist the negative alliance when time comes. a severe threat to the NWO power base. to let go of old belief systems. All that we see on shelves of major food stores is in order to prevent evolution of the human DNA and the return of psionic powers of the Consciousness. The desperate hope of the Dark Cabal (The Highest Ranking Cabalistic/Alchemic Body in the Illuminati Ruling Structure). The secondary method being ramped-up.9% of human population have absolutely no idea why we are forced to use genetically manipulated food at all? 35 . store them in large star ships and taken away from the approaching energetic wave. This natural process of super-evolution creates the “Novaman” species. That is why we need to open up. Dark Force workers are in the rush to implement their insane project and NWO before 2012. Their consciousness will be raised to superhuman perceptive levels. it simple responds to the received signals that are directing the DNA molecule to reconfigure itself. Implemented New World Order will allow them One World Government and will provide them a legal power to use weapons to kill billions of people in the name of global peace and illusionary terrorism. Summarized. because such beings will be in natural telepathic communication with their fellows. Since DNA is also antenna. to learn to use those potentials. to change our ways. using sprayed airborn particulates that lower the intensity of the super-violet rays currently bombarding our planet and causing changes in human beings responsive to the energy input. and then trap billions of consciousnesses in the astral dimension inside huge energy-field containers. but growing. currently latent.functional seven-chakra system operating on the aetheric level and morphing into a thirteen chakra-system. At least a quarter of Earth’s Humanity is very responsive to these incoming rays and are mutating.” The fact is that even now human race is changing fast. on world and off. is to change the frequency of the terran atmosphere. The sad part is that 99. at what the NWO consider an “alarming rate. increasing psychic powers. and the more DNA is becoming active and starts to form towards triple DNA structure. by splicing the strand communications at cell level.

It’s not a taboo anymore that human physical body is well designed bio-computer. Some of the species that want to help us are already communicating with people that had activated enough of their RNA/DNA potential or have been born with it and are able to pick up their telepathic transmission and to understand it properly. there are at least around few hundred people around the globe capable of direct communication with ETs including myself. human biological bodies are cloned bio-computers. Apart from illusion and religious belief systems. openly? Why do not eliminate us all right now? Why waiting till the very end? Who can stop them? They can not do this directly because there are others who are present here and are watching and will not allow such act. but helping us indirectly and guiding us through messages through crop designs. If you wish I can help you to reactivate more of your DNA potential and connect with the ETs that are sending us messages via crop circles and the consciousness of mother Earth known as GAIA. 36 . To the best of my knowledge. Date of genetic design and by who … is still unknown. They are still standing aside. In fact most of the life everywhere in this Universe is genetically engineered. fallowing the cosmic rule of not influencing into the evolution of other species. All that in order that you become more in position to help avoiding the worst possible scenario mentioned previously. The RNA/DNA testing clearly showed that biological vessels are artificially manufactured and are not naturally created.Anyway why not do this now.

In order to answer the logical question.Ancient Giants and DNA A genetic research during the last 60 years showed that original functionality of a single biological host was far beyond imaginable. In fact the evidence of the excavated bones worldwide had shown at least five body sizes of humans. how our physical bodies got in that condition of such limited functionality we need to go way back in time when DNA was more functional than today. Trees were far bigger and higher. birds were a lot bigger. 37 . and there were human beings that were a lot bigger that today tallest human being. but for some reason today functionality of the same become limited only to 3-4% of DNA potential usage. sea life was a lot bigger. animals were far bigger. insects were bigger also. If we look back in our past we will see that everything was gigantic.

just less then 13 thousands years ago on the face of Earth there were many giants. Today our atmosphere is a lot smaller. and we see obvious fall in the DNA functionality. if we look in our distant past. then a race with long ears and huge antenna that grown from the top of their head. we see that not so long ago. half humans – half animals. the atmosphere in ancient times was a lot bigger which means there was lot more prana or life force in it. there was even a race with blue skin. creatures that were here on Earth that came from the stars etc. 38 . In those times the humans were a lot different. nothing grows that big anymore. The Sanskrit texts are often speaking of humans with super natural powers building huge temples with using only psychokinetic powers and doing amazing things that are strange and difficult to comprehend even today. Summarized. half humans – half fish. There are scripts and other evidence that are describing telepathic communications between yogis as some form of tuning into meditative oneness in order to influence the matrix or to take group astral travel to distant dimensions. Simplified. life forms that do not exist anymore today. the more prana means the more DNA in abundance. creatures that in our understanding can be classified as angelic or demonic. Creatures with four and more arms or legs.In fact.

Claims include. Texas.Ref: NASA NEWS Sept 1st 2010 > Earth's High Atmospheric Layer Recently Shrunk to Historic Low > The Sun's energy output declined to unusually low levels from 2007 to 2009. during the recent prolonged solar minimum of scarcely a sunspot. It also states that after the Great Fall. all elements of which everything is made were degraded. The results showed the thermosphere cooling in 2008 by 41 kelvin (about 74° Fahrenheit) compared to 1996. Whatever the cause was. At the same time. He stated that the composition of the air we breathe has continued to change. The results also showed the thermosphere's density decreasing by 31 percent. He was after what is called Optimal Genetic Expression – or the best of the RNA/DNA what organism can have. Whatever was the case. and the change in the intensity and characteristics of the light cosmic radiation to which life on Earth was exposed. changes in the strength and orientation of the earth's magnetic field. • an oxygen supply and control mechanism for supplying oxygen to said chamber and maintaining a predetermined oxygen concentration of 22% to 30% of volume therein. including temperature. ten etheric strands of the DNA molecule were disconnected from the endocrine system from our bio-computer. with just 2 K attributable to the carbon dioxide increase. Carl Baugh who had artificially created the same conditions as present in the distant past and managed to induce gigantism. After the Great Fall of RNA/DNA those glands shrink in size and lost most of their functionality. Carl is an archaeologist and also a Director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose. The endocrine system actually is connected with the bio-chemical processes that are activating the pineal gland. we can take as a reference the research of the archaeologist Dr. a decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere. snowfall. This “Hyperbaric Biosphere” patent allows for the ability to vary the mix of gases comprising the atmosphere in the chamber as well as to vary the electromagnetic field intensity. Those glands are directly responsible for many manifestations that can be classified as “higher sensory perception”. rainfall. his research concluded that there was a decrease in atmospheric pressure. humidity. The climate. pituitary and thalamus. Dr. In order to scientifically prove this observation. and the like has also been changing. the concentration of oxygen found within the air has decreased over time. 39 . Earth's thermosphere (55 to 300 miles altitude) shrank more than at any time in the 43-years of space exploration. For example. He invented and patented a 'Hyperbaric Biosphere' chamber to test Biblical claims regarding pre-flood atmosphere and magnetic conditions based on Genesis that states that life on earth was created 'perfect' and designed to live very long or even forever. He proved that the environment in which we live with plants and other animals has changed from the environment thousands of years ago. frequency and duration.

the upper layer of our atmosphere is disappearing that means that we will exposed to cosmic rays even more. Some examples include.3% by volume therein. Baugh's experiments with his special hyperbaric biosphere have produced fascinating results that indicate potential methods to heal and/or rejuvenate people today. but if you pay better attention of the world today you will start to see that DNA is changing again and more and more creatures are experiencing mutations in their species. could have been as much as 29. The more exposure on those cosmic radiations. 40 .4 pounds per square inch. As stated before.from 2" to 16" over a 2. Nothing is gigantic anymore.1% to 0. Baugh's research and discoveries to determine their applicability to the space program. NASA has even requested Dr.5 years period. twice the current sea level pressure (14. • • • oxygen content would have been about 30% instead of the 21% we experience today an open wound could heal overnight under these conditions this atmospheric condition would support human life lasting several hundred years In any case this is taking us to one conclusion. extended life span of drosophila fruit flies up to three generations. Dr.5 Hz to approximately 30 Hz. It has been estimated by researchers at the University of Illinois that the atmospheric pressures thousands of years ago. Today Double Helix DNA functionality is related to current life conditions. accelerated growth of piranha fish . The truth is we are in the middle of a great shift in consciousness – a massive awakening. the more DNA will react on those cosmic impulses and the more DNA change will took place. An apparatus wherein magnetic field coil is connected to a power generator for generating a controlled electromagnetic pulses at energy levels in the range of 1 to 5 Gauss and at a frequency in the range of approximately 0.• • a carbon dioxide supply and control mechanism for supplying carbon dioxide to said chamber and maintaining a carbon dioxide concentration in the range of 0. molecular change of venom in copperhead snakes to a non-toxic state.7 psi at sea level).

It could be double or at least much more than 800 tons. we have to see back in time. let all the figures fall down and than you start to put the figures on the chess table one by one. very tall and massive in size. In other words. the truth is. They are simply so big that we do not know for sure how much they weigh.Sri Lanka For example. we do not posses a crane which is capable of lifting those weights. we need to start scanning into past with new eyes. Then they were lifted in the air. in Lebanon there is a location 44 miles from Beirut with fascinating ruins.Burma Sigiriya rock .But in order to understand how we got in this state. perfectly erected and connected so that you cannot put a paper or riser in-between each stone. but this time not with filtered eyes. Among the first conclusion when you observe the most ancient temples. These stones were somehow cut. shaped. How in the world. no one with 100% certainty can say how much they actually do weigh. is that most of them are made from granite. Reality then was a lot different and stranger than fiction. In any case. full of perspectives and belief systems forced by the ruling elite. 41 . shape and build without advanced technology and knowledge. This place is called Baalbek and it is also mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Kings. Despite the fact that some scientists consider that they weigh around 800 tons. one thing is sure . Borobudur Structure – Java Indonesia Began Temples . at least with today’s modern technology. Forget about the history books. prejudices or belief systems. they managed to do that.today "officially". very complex and very difficult to cut. most of those had proven useless. are officially the most massive stones in the world that have been used for construction purposes. is still unclear. and moved to Baalbek from a location some five miles away. The naked truth is that the granite was so heavily manipulated in those structures that make you spin in your head if you know what it requires that to be accomplished. Not even close. The best method is like you pull over the chess table. but with unfiltered eyes. These stones called Trilithon.

how was this achieved by the builders of Baalbek thousands of years ago? Probably a combination of elephants and logs? Today the strongest elephants can lift up to 500 kg max if they use their body weight. Why? Why the silence? Surely someone. must know what happened. This stands mostly for African elephants since they are stronger then the ones in Indonesia. And herein the problems begin. we need a team of construction engineers. Maronite Christians and Orthodox Christians — do preserve legends about the origins of the Great Platform. There is no wooden log that we know of. even logs out of hardest wood would be very quickly crushed under the weight of a heavy 800 tone Trilithon stone. Nowhere in extant Roman records does it mention anything at all about the architects and engineers involved in the construction of the Great Platform. They say that Baalbek’s first city was 42 . leaning backwards and are able to push a 25 tone block stone on wooden logs. that can hold such weights. not even a needle can be inserted between them. however. No contemporary Roman historian or scholar commentates on how it was constructed. but they do not involve the Romans. nobody knows their names. at least two cranes with a combination of one or two helicopters. for the local inhabitants of the Beqa’a Valley — who consist in the main of Arab Muslims. So who were the supermen behind this breath-taking project? Surely the world is aware of their origins and history. And not to mention that they were transported 5 miles and positioned side by side with such precision that. No? I didn’t think so. and there are no tales that preserve the means by which the Roman builders achieved such marvellous feats of engineering. For the record: the hardest logs will be smashed like butter under the pressure of 200 tone stone block. somewhere. If we today cannot lift those stones.Even to move a block of stone that weights a lot less then one half of what Trilithon stone weights. Who were these people? Unfortunately.

we are not powerful and skilled enough to duplicate the Great Pyramid of Giza with all its inner complexity. Yet. Bones of enormous proportions were excavated all over the area. Shaanaxi Pyramids . there is a huge amount of evidence found all around the world. anything that could serve as evidence of what exactly happened before on Earth. Angkor Wat – Cambodia…list goes on and on.Egypt.Sri Lanka. despite the few unsuccessful attempts. hiding or destroying if necessary. Firstly. Despite our impotence to admit that we are far away from the peak of the Evolution of life that once existed on this planet.built before the Great Flood. Dambulla Temple . Teotihuacan > the pyramid of the Sun . the belief that that how it was done is still accepted by many that are still asleep in the ordinary matrix. Even today. Baalbek .Lebanon. Teotihuacan – the pyramid of the Sun (Mexico) The official stories presented by leading media about how all those ancient monuments were build are ridiculous and absurd. They also say that the first city become ruins as a result of terrible conflict and was much later re-built by a race of giants. 43 .Mexico. there were so called "Men in Black" who were responsible for retrieving. not aware of the major manipulation that is going on.China. Giza Pyramids .

It gives them huge space for easy ruling. Ancient people such as the Hopi. that knowledge gives them a great advantage. Mayans and other. They have destroyed this "Men in Black enigma" (backed up with thousands of testimonials worldwide in the last 60 years) with movies that reflect science fiction comic nonsense. that is why we must not be so ignorant about the knowledge and messages that the ancients have left for us. Today it's probably a group with a different name but with the same purpose.Forgotten Past and Ancient nuclear conflicts on Earth and Moon If you do not know what happened before. People who are not aware of their true history are lost and can be easily manipulated. you do not understand why things are like they are. Egyptians. This cycle is broken down into five sub-cycles of 5125 years each. Every of those sub-cycles 44 . Apache. were aware of this Great Cycle and had Calendars according to it. That is why it's extremely important that we study the ancient knowledge which is speaking about the beginning and an end of cycles that are of crucial importance for life on this planet. to those members from so called "Elite" who are in possession of the real information what exactly happened in ancient times. Anyway. you have no clue what you are or why you have only this double helix functionality. This Cycle is defined by many different occurrences in nature such as sun’s orbit around the Alcion the central star of Pleiades. Every 26000 years our solar system passes through the 12 zodiac signs. Those movies are not even close to the real events. On the other hand. Cherokee.

000 and 4. which suggests to a remarkable degree the Atlantean cataclysm. Australia. the Aztec Calendar or Mesoamerican Sun Stone. Moon and stars poured down in the north-west. air and water and that time Earth will be altered through the final element ETHER and humanity will leave this planet for good. were visited upon the Earth between approximately 11. Russia. a volcano in eruption and the land sinking. the rising and sinking of land. As mentioned before. where the sky became low. and virtually all of them describe a fantastic flood. The geological and biological evidence is overwhelming in its support of the countless stories and traditions which describe such events. the sky falling. Old Chinese texts describe how the pillars supporting the sky crumbled. earth. The above photograph describes a pyramid and temple collapsing. the loss of a great continent. the coming of the ice. The sub-cycle that we are currently in. depicted that each sub-cycle had been destroyed by the five elements. the disappearance of the Sun and Moon and the darkness that followed. It was the time of the Great Flood that every ancient tradition is talking about. seas and oceans rushed to the south-east where the Earth sank and a great conflagration was 45 . Many escaped as symbolized by the figure in the boat. ice and rock. Asia. the Age of the Forth Sun ended. throughout the American continent. a wall of water. which swept across the Earth. All over the world in every native culture you will find stories of a Great Flood that wiped out much of humanity. of how the Sun. of mountains breathing fire. the raining down of blood. Some speak of great heat which boiled the sea. is the AGE OF THE FIFTH SUN (3113BC – 2012AD) as explained in the crop circle section of this file. Scandinavia. There is no doubt that an unimaginable catastrophe. 5123 years ago in the year 3113BC. They come from Europe. or more likely catastrophes. The figure in the water suggests destruction of life by drowning. the Earth flipping over.000 BC. Africa. rivers. New Zealand. The beginning of a continuous bas-relief frieze discovered in Yucatan. Japan and the Middle East. Everywhere.have their own Age. MAYA STORY OF ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIS Some researches are stating that Mayan Time Keepers had left records that Earth has been through fire. China.

Tachylite lava disintegrates in sea water within 15. The continents are said to have disappeared under the sea in the circumstances described above. or the sea must once have been three miles lower than now. Iceland and Greenland. and water covered everything except one narrow ridge of mud”.440 feet. North American and Caribbean. all meet and collide in this region making it very unstable geologically. Other evidence. 46 . Both the Azores and the Canary Islands were subject to widespread volcanic activity in the time period Plato suggested for the end of Atlantis. This line continues for a distance of 40.000 years and yet it is still found on the sea bed around the Azores. confirming geologically-recent upheavals. wrote in National Geographic magazine that: “Either the land must have sunk three miles. Brazilian myth describes how the heavens burst and fragments fell down killing everything and everyone as heaven and Earth changed places. The Greenland Eskimos told early missionaries that long ago the Earth turned over. And the Hopi Indians of North America record that: “the Earth was rent in great chasms. again geologically-recently. The oceanographer. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is one of the foremost areas for earthquakes and volcanoes. above sea level. Peruvian legend says that the Andes were split apart when the sky made war with the Earth. Maurice Ewing. The geological and biological evidence also suggests that the widespread volcanic activity which caused the sinking of the land in the region of the Azores. All of this closely correlates with the legends of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria: two vast continents. which some believe were part of Atlantis.000 miles. Four vast tectonic plates.500-18. reveals that the seabed in this region must have been. leaving only islands like the Azores as remnants of their former scale and glory. To this day this secret network has passed on much knowledge to the chosen few while denying that privilege to the mass of the people. happened at the same time as the break up and sinking of the land mass known as Appalachia which connected what we now call Europe. African. In America. the Pawnee Indians tell the same story of a time when the north and south polar stars changed places and went to visit each other. one in the Atlantic and the other in the Pacific. including beach sand gathered from depths of 10. Atlantis was described by Plato (427347 BC). the Eurasian.quenched by a raging flood. North America. the ancient Greek philosopher and high initiate of the secret society-mystery school network. The Azores. which many people believe were ruled by highly advanced races. North American traditions refer to great clouds appearing and a heat so powerful that the waters boiled. lie on the MidAtlantic Ridge which is connected to a fracture line that encircles the planet.

500 feet. The debate (and often hostility) comes with the questions of when and why.000 BC which destroyed the advanced civilisations of the high-tech Golden Age and that date of 13. speed and angle of orbit or rotation. southern Florida. under the waters of the Bahama Banks and within the ‘triangle’. These upheavals have obviously involved the solar system as a whole because every planet shows evidence of some cataclysmic events which have affected its surface.Even their degree of submergence appears closely related. Around 11. Lake Titicaca on the Peru-Bolivia border is today the highest navigable lake in the world at some 12. There is increasing acceptance that the Earth has suffered some colossal geological upheavals. Recently so in geological terms. Submerged buildings. It is also an area steeped in legends of disappearing ships and aircraft. have been located near Bimini. There was certainly an enormous cataclysm on the Earth around 11.000 years ago. has long been associated with Atlantis.000 years ago. 47 . Similar evidence can be produced to support the view that vast continent of two great ancient cultures “Mu” and “Lemuria” now rests on the bed of the Pacific. too. The so-called Bermuda Triangle between Bermuda. only reached anything like their present height around 11. atmosphere. The Himalayas. So have walls or roads creating intersecting lines. even what appear to be pyramids. roads and stone circles like Stonehenge. much of that region was at sea level! Why are so many fish and other ocean fossils found high up in mountain ranges? Because those mountains were once at sea level. the Alps and the Andes.000 years ago is highly significant and very relevant to the time we are living through now. walls. and a point near the Antilles.

It is interesting to be mentioned that during an exploration of subsoil by the Russians and Chinese in 1927 traces of the ancient nuclear explosions were detected. It is obvious that the previous civilization had the technology for interplanetary travel and beyond. The same or similar structures were detected on the Moon and Mars. Evidence that indeed advanced war took place in the ancient times. Atomically vitrified sedimentary layers – Russia People fused with ground – Mohenjo Daro. The very same phenomenon can be observed today around nuclear test sites. 48 . Clear evidence of nuclear blast and people fused into the stone and soil is found in Lost City of Mohenjo Daro with measured radioactivity. Certain sedimentary layers had been atomically vitrified many thousands of years ago. all have the same proportion as number Phi and all situated on magnetic cross points of the planet. More than 600 pyramids made of stone. These pyramids are almost pointed in the same direction. earth and even iron. India Atomically vitrified sedimentary layers – Desert Gobi It’s become obvious that we are not the first civilisation here on Earth and certainly not the most advanced one. The evidence had shown that the previous civilizations had spread all over the entire planet.

but the oldest and the biggest are in Asia. Many of them are submerged. These two were built in the same time . but only two are publicly known.about 12. One is south of Japan at Okinawa and the other south of Cuba. 49 .000 years ago.The most known three on Earth are found in Egypt.

In other words. Its all there…in front of us and we still do not realize what we are seeing. In fact there are indications that the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was in fact a planet in the past that for some reason was destroyed. with a rim 45 meters high. Many of those are still radioactive. Moon and Mars. Not many people are aware but many craters on earth are surface scars from ancient nuclear blasts.Canadian Shield Merewether three craters Pingualuit Crater 50 . What we are looking at is one of thousands of craters from the ancient nuclear conflict.In China (Shaanxi region) more than 70 pyramids are located in the same region. India Baringer Crater.2 km wide. No trace of meteor parts whatsoever. 170 meters deep. People get sick when they get near them. Lonar. Maharashtra. not miles away and not hundreds of miles away from the center of the crater either. It seems that the meteor that caused the crater of such proportions disappeared in thin air. United States For decades mainstream scientists have wondered how a meteorite powerful enough to have made Arizona's Barringer Meteor Crater (pictured) could have left hardly any melted rock in its wake. Earth’s major Impact Crater Sites Chubb crater . There is plenty of evidence of a terrible Ancient War everywhere on Earth. our civilization is the fifth of the civilizations described previously. Not a single object found ever. Northern Arizona desert. 1. We are nether the first nether the last. EYE OF AFRICA – Sahara Desert (Mauritania) Lonar Crater. Of course… this is only a cover up story for the people. Not inside the crater. from which two are far bigger than the Great Pyramid in Giza.

” A researcher with the name David Davenport spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro. rose in all its splendor…it was an unknown weapon.000 years BC. and the birds turned white…after a few hours all foodstuffs were infected…to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment. their nails disintegrate. Mahabharata is describing an atomic battle in which Arjuna is given a “celestial weapon” which he cannot use against humans “for it might destroy the world”. charged with all the power of the Universe. – The Ramayana. 51 . but he could use it against “any foe who is not human.” “The gods.Hindu epic poems “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana” are offering the best description of ancient atomic warfare one can find: “…(it was) a single projectile. Rama Empire in the east. and iron thunderbolt. turning everything to dust. as bright as the thousand suns. being the descendants of Lemuria Uniform of Rama Empire citizen “…When the god Rama was threatened by a ‘army of monkeys’ he put a ‘magic arrow’ into action. and declared in 1996 that the city was instantly destroyed 2. pottery broke without apparent cause. The hair and nails fell out. in cloud-borne chariots…bright celestial cars in concourse sailed upon the cloudless sky. a gigantic messenger of death.” – The Mahabharata. which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas…the corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. An incandescent column of smoke and flame. This produces a flash of lighting ‘stronger than the heat from a hundred thousand suns’. The hair of survivors falls out.

Then he gathered about him those warriors who remained. both Hindu epic poems contain detailed descriptions of an age thousands of years ago when great god-kings rode about in their Vimanas or flying craft and waged war by launching powerful weapons at their enemies. the characteristics of their destruction and the after-affects—sound disturbingly modern. According to that text “white hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes.. Those who looked upon the lance and the ball of fire were blinded forever afterward. Even the dust of the city was poisoned.the Book of Dzyan: "Separation did not bring peace to these people and finally their anger reached a point where the ruler of the original city took with him a small number of his warriors and they rose into the air in a huge shining metal vessel.Sri Lanka Lions Gate ruins from the nuclear attack From one of the oldest chronicles of India." In other words. they launched a great shining lance that rode on a beam of light. almost to the stars.were burned also. It burst apart in the city of their enemies with a great ball of flame that shot up to the heavens. Nor did they return. Those who entered the city on foot became ill and died. 52 . and it gradually crumbled into dust and was forgotten by men. All those who were in the city were horribly burned and even those who were not in the city . as were the rivers that flowed through it. Sixty yards from the center the bricks were melted on one side indicating a blast…the horrible mysterious event of 4000 years ago was recorded in the Mahabharata. and they entered their vessels and rose one by one into the sky and sailed away.but nearby . fused or melted. Water boiled…horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands…the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…” Sigiriya rock . Men dared not go near it. When the leader saw what he had done to his own people he retired to his palace and refused to see anyone.The city ruins reveal the explosion’s epicenter which measures 50 yards wide. The descriptions given of these weapons in the ancient verses—their force.. and their wives and children. While they were many leagues from the city of their enemies. At that location everything was crystallized.

*Dense arrows of flame like a great shower issued forth upon creation. their heads broken. *The Brahma-danda or Brahma’s rod was even more powerful. *Clouds roared upward showering dust and gravel. red feet and in the shape of turtles. *The Agneya weapon was capable of being resisted by none of the very gods themselves. Yet it consumed everything. the column of rising smoke and fire. *Thousands of war vehicles fell down on either side. *Hair and nails fell out. There are too many details here that are frighteningly similar to an eye-witness account of a nuclear explosion—the brightness of the blast. *The bolt of death measured three cubits by six. *Adwattan let loose the blazing missile of smokeless fire. *The waters of rivers and lakes boiled and the creatures residing therein perished. *The land was afflicted by drought thereafter for ten long years. *Pottery broke without cause. It was the unknown weapon. *Birds croaked madly. encompassing the enemy on all sides. *Fierce winds began to blow. and they died over a vast region. intense heat and shock waves. *To escape the breath of death the warriors leapt into rivers to wash themselves and bury their armor. the fallout. *Birds were born with white feathers. *Elephants burst into flame. the messenger of death. *The earth and all its mountains and seas and forests began to tremble. it smote whole countries and entire races from generation to generation. *As rain poured down it was dried in mid-air by the heat. the appearance of the victims and the effects of radiation poisoning.The texts describe: *The thunderbolt of Indra was endowed with the force of thousand-eyed Indra’s thunder. *The sun appeared to waver in the heavens. *The thunderbolt reduced to ashes the entire race of Vrishnis and Ankhakas. *The wind blew as a fierce storm and the earth glowed. *Corpses were so burnt they were no longer recognizable. *Whole armies collapsed like trees in a forest burnt where they stood as in a raging fire. *The three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas were destroyed together in one instant. running to and fro in frenzy seeking protection. *The missile burst with the power of thunder. the iron thunderbolt of Indra. *The projectile was charged with all the power of the Universe. *No one saw the fire—it was unseen. *Though it struck only once. *Meteors flashed down from the sky. *Animals crumpled to the ground. More than half a century ago these ancient descriptions were 53 . *The gaze of the Kapilla weapon was powerful enough to burn fifty thousand men to ashes. *The sky blazed and the ten points of the horizon filled with smoke. *Unborn children were killed in the womb. *The flying missile ruined whole cities filled with forts. and the very elements seemed disturbed. *An incandescent column of smoke and fire as brilliant as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendor. and beasts shuddered from the destruction. *All foods became poisoned and inedible.

the atmosphere shrink. It is not without karmic significance that today the two modern southern Asian nuclear powers—India and Pakistan—are bitter rivals. Observations made in the nineteenth century indicated that the ruins were not burnt by ordinary fire. Images from left to right: Ancient Rama Empire structure also found on land of Pakistan. and one of the elements of their contention is the disputed region of Kashmir. There are remains that strongly suggest that nuclear wars were indeed waged in the distant past. In many instances they appeared as huge masses fused together with deeply pitted surfaces—described as being like tin struck by a stream of molten steel. According to the Mahabharata. There are indications that the horrific war which brought about the fall of the prehistoric Rama Empire in India was once fought in the region of what is now Kashmir. We are seeing a Rama survivor who has return to Earth surface when the conflict was over and when RNA/DNA was degraded. 54 . That is why if you scan the Vedic and Buddhist Texts you will see they contain the Sacred Knowledge from the survivors of Rama. Today Buddhist monks and Yogis are actually the ones that received the knowledge from the descendants of the Lemurian race that vanished long ago. Just outside of Srinigar are the massive ruins of a temple complex called Parshaspur. suddenly the texts from ancient India take on a whole new meaning. Image on the right: One of the rare depictions or a survivor of ancient nuclear conflict. Precisely in the region. the Great Bharata War in which flying Vimanas and fiery weapons were used. are numerous charred ruins which have yet to be explored or excavated. There are indications that some Rama citizens departure to space in order to escape the nuclear destruction in their vimanas and some of them went deep underground into the Agartha. and everything lost the quality.considered mere fantasy—but with the advent of the Nuclear Age in 1945. Obviously it took many years before Rama survivors returned back to the surface again. After the conflict everything was degrated. involved prehistoric inhabitants along the upper Ganges River of northern India. Agartha is the underground kingdom that exists even today with the capital city Shamballa. Trees didn’t grow that large. Actually a being with long ears is teaching the Sacred Knowledge of Rama Tradition to the beings (short ears) around him. Those beings depicted are actually our current double helix functionality biological bodies. between the Ganges and the mountains of Rajmahal. The configuration of the blocks is suggestive of a tremendous explosion having once destroyed the site. whose multi-ton stone blocks are scattered over a wide area.

In January. but a fivemember scientific team. located ten miles west of Jodhpur. They eventually unearthed the charred remains of buildings thought to be at least eight to twelve millennia old which were once inhabited by perhaps as many as half a million people. It may be more than coincidental that at the time the mysterious city was destroyed in Rajasthan circa twelve thousand years ago. Taylor was quoted as saying: “It’s so mind-boggling to imagine that some civilization had nuclear technology before we did. pointing back to a war antedating that the Mahabharata. and which encompassed a far greater area. 1992 a news report was published concerning the discovery of a three-square mile area of radioactive ash in Rajasthan.Farther to the south among the dense forests of the Deccan are more such ruins which may be of earlier origin. corroded and split by a tremendous heat. headed by project foreman Lee Hundley. The prehistoric city had all the appearance—and the tell-tale radioactive residue—of having been destroyed by a nuclear weapon the scientists estimated was about the same size as that which destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. the surfaces of the rock have been melted and re-crystallized. In this same region as this second group of ruins. Only a strong radiated heat could have done this damage. there was also an increase in traces of copper. found historical wall engravings and texts in a nearby temple which depicted the local people as praying to be spared from the “great light” that was coming to destroy their city. tin and lead in ice cores from around the world— indicative of huge amounts of pollutants suddenly 55 . dispatched to study the mystery found a very different source. The earliest form of Sanskrit found in India Map of Vedic India Vedic India was part of the Rama Empire A nuclear power plant recently built in the region was thought to be the culprit. Archaeologist Francis Taylor. The walls are glazed. the ash and ruins were carefully covered over to barricade against the remaining radiation. The radioactive ash adds credibility to the ancient Indian records that describe atomic warfare. The development of a housing project in this area had to be abandoned because of the high incidents of recurring cancer and birth defects. The inscriptions appeared to have been copied from older sources going back several thousands of years. No natural burning flame or volcanic eruption could have produced a heat intense enough to cause this phenomenon. Russian researcher Alexander Gorbovsky reported in 1966 the discovery of a human skeleton with radiation fifty times above normal levels. That is. in a follow-up to this initial discovery. Within several of the buildings that remain standing even the stone furnishings have been vitrified. and today only a length of thick concrete highway running through the area is all that can be seen.” In order to protect the local population.

more than 35 archaeological sites in North India have been identified as ancient cities described in Mahabharata. In other words. the Vayumahapuranam describes great flooding that destroyed the capital city of Hastinapur forcing its inhabitants to relocate in Kausambi. The satellite image clearly shows two river systems .5 parts per million to over 4 parts per million. The archaeological studies had shown that dry up of the Saraswati River fallowing major tectonic movements or plate shifts in the Earth’s crust. Furthermore.being thrown into the upper atmosphere and circulated around the globe—as well as a dramatic increase in uranium concentrations in coral growths from 1. 56 . The Indus River in on the left outlined in blue and the Saraswati river basin is on the right outlined in green. The evidence is pointing towards that that civilization ended as a result of nuclear conflict. recent independent studies show no evidence of a foreign invasion in the Indo-Saraswati Civilization and that cultural continuity could be traced back at least for a millennia.the Indus River system and the controversial Saraswati dry river system. Paleo-climatologists have never been able to explain these increases as a natural occurrence. The mighty Saraswati river and its mighty civilization are referred to in Rig Veda more the 50 times proving that drying up of Saraswati river was subsequent to the origin of the Rig Veda. All these underwater excavations add further credibility to the validity of the historical statements found in the vedic literatures. The primary cause of this drying up was due to the capture of the Saraswati River’s main tribute areas. uncovering further evidence and supportive statements in the vedic scriptures. Marine Archeology has also been utilized in India of the coast of ancient pork city of Dwarka in Gujarat. All do early studies based on limited archaeological evidence produced contradictory conclusions. An entire submerged city Dwarka – the ancient port city of Krishna was found underwater as it was described in the Mahabharata and other vedic literatures. The black dots are the many archaeological sites or previous settlements along the bangs of now dried Saraswati River. Pushing its date of origin further back into antiquity. A part from Dwarka. extending from Himalaya to the Arabian Sea. which was heavily described in Mahabharata and other ancient texts. archaeology does not support the Arian Invasion theory.

(Images on the right and middle) Oklo Mountain mines in Gabon.000 BCE. Summarized. One example is found in Brazil. Images on the ceiling beams New Kingdom Temple. In Africa there are parts of a city that are vitrified. and the walls of rock are partly melted.The soil of Hastinapur reveal proof of this flooding. The archeological evidence of the new capital Kausambi receintly been found and it has been dated to the time period just after this flood. The clinching evidence is provided by the fate of the Saraswati River. The civilization that dwelled in ancient land of Egypt was also involved in the nuclear conflict and also had flying technology in abundance. The fallowing images are old but valid. (At least 3000 year old) There are many other clues regarding nuclear warfare. at Abydos. we can definitely conclude that the RigVeda describes the geography of North India as it was long before 3. Africa Sodom Dead Sea 57 . It is very important that we understand that the ancient conflict was not only on the land of Vedic India but it was worldwide. located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau. from the Indo-French field study.

Did some form of nuclear bomb exchange took place between the Earth and Moon in ancient times? Obviously it did. There is high probability that Sodom. It looks like the flying craft was taken down from laser fire.5° E. Some are still intact and inhabitant by non-human life forms. Frames from the "Apollo 20 flyover" on a presumed unknown spaceship. the more starts to spin in your head. on the backside of the Moon . The coordinates are 17° S / 117. No matter how impossible it seams the ancient conflict was major. creating the Dead Sea. The craters are so intelligently positioned that no doubt they are product of natural cosmic influence. meteoroids or asteroides. Zoar.footage taken by the LM-15 (Phoenix) 58 . One of the most important things that were found on the dark side of the Moon. There are ruins of artificial structures detected on Moon. Admah and Zeboiim were destroyed. Gomorrah. Something is pointing that everything we been thought in schools is false. The more you dig and research. was a wreckage of a huge vimana.Sodom and Gomorrah can be compared with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have been misled. Peru… Peru monument of non-human being Nazca evidence The list has no end. It was interplanetary! Moon’s surface is full of craters from nuclear blasts.

It took thousands of years so humankind had grown again to a point that we detect that we are under surveillance and that there are different kinds of programs that are conducted on us. cosmic rays are hitting our planet in a rate we haven’t seen before so more and more DNA is becoming active.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS15-P-9630 Moon Tower Evidence 500 meters tall. but only now we have grown enough to detect their presence and to be able to understand the logic behind their actions. As mentioned before. Some of the extraterrestrial races we been able to detect today.lpi. Huge scar of Mars ET base on Mars (still active) The Vedic texts are also describing a war with the “gods” which gives you a clear perspective that those negative ETs that were present in those times never left. When we at Mars from an distance we will immediately notice that this planet had suffered extreme activity on its surface.usra. A giant scar its obvious result of a collision with some other celestial body or something. 59 .edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS15-P-9625 http://www.lpi. Again this information is always filtered and never reaches public awareness to a scale it should. from the Apollo Image Atlas) are the following: http://www. connect to mother Earth and help in the smoother transition. That will able more of us to be able to reach the astral dimension and to observe what is going on that plane of existence. More about the found Moon and Mars bases will be covered the presentation. are the same “gods” that Vedic texts and other ancient writings are describing…along the description that they were in conflict with ancient humans. which is a "research institute that provides support services to NASA and the planetary science community": the links to find the pictures (the AS15-P-9630 and the AS15-P-9625. They were here all along. They are still here on Earth and other places of the solar system.The official NASA photos are available on the website of the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI. At this moment we have not much what we can use as defence so it is logical that we study their ways and to understand the big picture behind their action. unite into meditative oneness like ancients use to do it. Moon Tower zoomed out More Towers and blured structures Mars is also covered with thousands of those mysterious structures. The only difference is that in those times the ancient humans were far more developed technologically and spiritually than we are today and had far more active genetic material that we have today.usra. It will be very helpful if many of us start to use their natural abilities as remote viewing and controlled out of the body experience. in Houston). We can master those arts faster.

(Image 5) This image cames from the french book "Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs" by Jacques Legrand. I’m trying to describe to you as simple as possible so you will have a clear image in your head where we are standing in everything that we see around us. The Saxons besieged and surrounded the French people. The good part is that that all 64 of these waves are going to peak together in 2012. They both were fighting when suddenly a group of discs (flaming shields) appeared hovering over the top of the church.. Incredible! I will cover this in more detail in my presentation. You can find this book in Chantilly Condé's Museum ref 1338 . during the siege on Sigiburg castle. 64 keys of the Tree of Life. It is like throwing stones into a pond and watching the waves collide and create patterns. The universe.Our luck is that now we are approaching the time-sequence when the galactic bath of extreme energy will move through this region of space causing the mutation of all life forms taking us to a far higher quality of existence that what ancient people ever had. In fact this universe is a hologram of 64 waves or time scales and this is why we have the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.. London. Please have in consideration that I’m sharing all this with you wonderful people only because I believe we can make difference. Some people say that the sphere is a balloon but there was no balloon in France in 1338. We are so lucky to live here and now. France. like the whole of the physical world. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 (Image 1 & 2) The above painting is by Carlo Crivelli (1430-1495) and is called "The Annunciation" (1486) and hangs in the National Gallery. 60 . In reality the universe that we see is far more complex. A disk shaped object is shining a pencil beam of light down onto the crown of Mary's head (Image 3 & 4) . is actually a hologram . If we are successful and we still manage to learn our lessons on time. and the 64 codons of the DNA.297 part 15 B 8. In order to show you the evidence that those ETs never left and they stayed here on Earth in their underground bases and their submerged bases I will bring to your attention few centuries old images of depicted so called UFOs.These images of two crusaders date from a 12th century manuscript " Annales Laurissenses" (volumes/books about historical and religion events)and refer to a UFO sighting in the year 776. It appeared to the Saxons that the French were protected by these objects and the Saxons fled. this extremely powerful energy will take us from the lower quality of double helix material existence to the energetic multidimensional existence of enormous power and access to knowledge.beams of light colliding to create the appearance of three-dimensional form.

The Palazzo Vecchio lists the artist as unknown although attributed to the Lippi school. Yugoslavia (Image 4) . Above Mary's right shoulder is a disk shaped object. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 (Image 1 & 2) This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino". It appeared to be made by two disks of different size.000 years B. Two objects with figures inside can be seen in the top left and top right of the fresco.This image is by flemish artist Aert De Gelder and is entitled "The Baptism of Christ" It was painted in 1710 and hangs in the Fitzwilliam Musuem. (Image 2) In the two blow ups you can see they contain faces.1660.Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 (Image 1. (Image 2) Few centuries old Northeast Utah Rock Art. Cambridge. the decoration show a saucer-like shape and a large headed humanoid. A disk shaped object is shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus. Notice the two saucer shaped objects either side of Christ. The source for this account is one of the books entitled :"Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" by Admiral Blaeu. It also shows that they are fallowing the progress of the reptoid forms. Georgia. Image 1 Image 2 (Image 1) A plate from Nepal. The image in the middle is a blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the object (Image 3) . Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 (Image 1) This is a 17th century fresco and is located in the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta. It was painted in the 15th century. The fresco is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo. 2 & 3) The picture on the left shows a fresco entitled "The Crucifixion" and was painted in 1350. 61 . These books were compilations of articles by different authors and consisted of detailed accounts of long engagements at sea. It is estimated that the plate is old around 3. The illustration depicts a sighting by two Dutch ships in the North Sea of an object moving slowly in the sky. Two enlargements of these objects are shown above. cartography information etc.C.

We been told lies and forced to believe otherwise for so long by a small group of rich people on the top of the ruling pyramid…that are not even human. They never left for good. (6000 BC) If you use the Google search engine and you do your own additional research you will find hundreds more. All ancient traditions had left a record of the event in one form or another. I believe you see where I’m going. Not even one president is not elected by the people…but put on that function by the rulling elite because if his/her special bloodline. In the moment of imbalanced gravity the water in the oceans went out of control and flooded everything. Pharoah Akhenaton After the Great Fall their DNA degraded to double helix functionality too and their life force was travelling to the astral dimension and back few times until they arrived on the Earthly plane again in this time. Take for example Barack Obama. Sahara Desert. The ruling pyramid is all about special bloodlines. Tsunamis were at least 4 miles high. In most cases those special bloodlines are mix of human and reptilian genetics. There is more than sufficient evidence that our planet went through Pole Shift and flipped over. In fact everything revolves around secret societies held by these crossbreed individuals and their hidden agendas. He is the reincarnation of Pharaoh Akhenaton of Ancient Egypt.Two images from Tassili. Most of them went into the space and returned after the Earth stabilized. North Africa. 62 .

Blinded by the Great Deception. the Goddess Isis was the personification of Wisdom and worship by many. And now he is back to finish what he has started. People are blinded by the illusionary shine of the evil agenda. In fact. We need to wake up people. When you see they are showing this sign be sure that they salute to other members of the secret society and their secret agenda – that serves the Dark Side of the Force. 63 . Pharaoh Akhenaten changed the worship to himself as he proclaimed himself Amen Ra – “The Son God”. not able to think clear and they have become fully obedient as they are hypnotised. There is a great evil among us and sometimes it seems that people are under some kind of spell. All the rest is a movie for the people that are still with sleeping awareness and easy to manipulate. Pharaoh Akhenaten in ancient Egypt was the source of the evil that had spread above this planet ever since. Majority of people act as they are asleep. The word Amen at the end of the prayer originates from ancient Egypt and the worship of Amen Ra.In ancient Egypt. We need to unite with them and with others that are on the side of the Light. Crop circle makers oppose that great deception and understanding their information is our only chance in this moment. In order to do that we really need to start getting some good and solid info. not understanding what is going on. And I mean clean info not destroyed or manipulated in any way. It’s something similar to when cobra hypnotises her prey. In fact everything revolves around secret societies held by these crossbreed individuals and their hidden agendas.

New Zealand Vanuatu Ancient scull found in Mexico close to Maya temple Even today.Again I’m facing a point where big question appears in my consciousness – should I withheld information from you. Photograph: National Portrait Gallery/PA 64 . Here is one: Published: Sunday. Once when that is done I will explain how to deal with it in order that evil becomes powerless and can not reach people anymore. so the deception will be revealed. Ramayana and other ancient texts are speaking about. showing us that life on this planet was a lot different from we are been told. This is going to be bizarre…but to the best of my knowledge is the truth. most of the creatures that are present today on the Earth plane have to drink human plasma in order to sustain the human appearance and not to undergo a process known as shape-shifting. when most of the people likes to call themselves “civilized” we are forced to believe that we need kings and queen to rule above us because of their supposed royal blood. Proof…where is proof for such extreme claims? Everywhere. You can find remains of dark creatures everywhere in the world. March 7. 2010 Title: Queen Elizabeth I and a Serpent Portrait of Elizabeth I reveals she held serpent where a posy now appears behind the enigmatic smile: National Portrait Gallery to display 16th century work which has given up its secret after 400 years. because that information can harm you or push you out of your comfort zone? And again inner guiding force that is driving me in the creation of this file is pointing is that information has to go out and reach as much as possible more people. Detail from the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I showing the outline of the coiled serpent she originally held. while in reality it has nothing to do with royalty but because those individuals have a dark blood line that stretches from the ancient times. As in the ancient times. Some of those have no human origin at all and are the so called “gods” that Mahabharata.

She was describing horrible events where the skin of the member of the royal family turns green and then it starts to take a snake or alligator appearance until it loses the human look completely. and most of them were connected to “royal” family or had work for them. which has not been on display at the Gallery since 1921. and the Queen was shown holding a small bunch of roses instead. 65 . The eyes and nose of the first face can be seen where paint has been lost from Elizabeth's forehead. This discovery confirms that sixteenth-century panels were sometimes reused and recycled by artists. At the final stage of painting a decision was made not to include this emblem. but the unfinished portrait was very competently painted and appears to be by a different painter. You are seeing that it’s nothing royal about the Queen Elisabeth I bloodline but only darkness.Scientific detective work has revealed a mysterious coiled serpent in the hands of Queen Elizabeth I. the outline of which is now visible on the surface. Concealed and Revealed: The Changing Faces of Elizabeth I. suggesting that there may have been a period of a few years before the panel was re-used for the portrait of Elizabeth I. The unknown woman appears to have been wearing a French hood. in a portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. Many other people had seen things that are too afraid to speak about. And she is not the only one that was claiming such things. fashionable in 1570-1580s. The identity of this original sitter remains a mystery. The portrait of Elizabeth I with the serpent (NPG 200) was painted by an unknown artist in the 1580s or early 1590s. X-ray photography shows a female head facing in the opposite direction and in a higher position than the queen. Degradation over time has revealed that Elizabeth I was originally painted holding the serpent. The British Royal Family is the key in this entire scenario because that bloodline originates from the most ancient bloodline which carriers were member of so called "Brotherhood of the Snake". It has also been revealed that this portrait of the queen. Before she was murdered-sacrificed. from 13 March at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Making Art in Tudor Britain project led by Dr Tarnya Cooper. was painted over an unfinished portrait of an unknown sitter. It has also been revealed that the same portrait was painted over the unfinished portrait of an unknown woman. which was painted out by the artist shortly afterwards. and Elizabeth's fingers were originally clasped around the snake (as seen in the artist's impression). The revelations about this painting and three others of the Tudor queen will form a new display. painted at the same time as the rest of the portrait. (Note: she was killed in the special place and time according to sacred astrology) Princes Diana was speaking that she had seen inside the royal house people doing shape-shifting into reptiles. Paint analysis has shown that the snake was part of the original design.

The structures of today’s institutions in government. It is the unfolding of a plan. every single United States president. they were created by them from the start. A crucial aspect of this has been to create a network of mystery schools and secret societies to covertly introduce their Agenda while. at the same time. military and the media have not been infiltrated by this force. the Agenda of many Millennia. a race within a race in fact. even a few decades or centuries: it can be traced back thousands of years. Does this sound inappropriate when American president kneel before the queen of England in a ceremony that symbolizes the legions? In summary. for the centralised control of the planet. given the importance of ancient Babylon the more accurate term would be “Babylonian Brotherhood”. banking. their upbringing has moulded them into highly imbalanced people. in truth. were centred in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and. They are 66 . The children of these family lines who are chosen to inherit the baton are brought up from birth to understand the Agenda and the methods of manipulating the ‘Great Work’ into reality. mostly sons following fathers. business. over the thousands of years since. piece by piece. By the time their turn comes to join the Brotherhood hierarchy and carry the baton into the next generation. The Brotherhood Agenda is. It is also important to you understand that till this day. On Dec 20th 1993 George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted by the queen of England as a The Most Honourable Order of the Bath for his leadership in the Golf War.That is why I have attached the image of the Queen Elizabeth I so you people can see the evidence behind it. has a direct bloodline relation to British Monarchs. a race of interbreeding bloodlines. with no exception. The bloodline hierarchy at the top of the human pyramid of control and suppression passes the baton across the generations. have expanded their power across the globe. creating institutions like religions to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other. The hierarchy of this tribe of bloodlines is not exclusively male and some of its key positions are held by women like in the case of Hilary Clinton. Going back to Egypt – the land of his previous incarnation Advancing the Agenda becomes their indoctrinated mission from very early in their lives. Even more accurately. But in terms of numbers it is overwhelmingly male and therefore better to be referred as the Brotherhood. The present magnitude of Brotherhood control did not happen in a few years.

bankers and administrators. Any Brotherhood children who threaten to challenge or reject that mould are pushed aside or dealt with in other ways to ensure that only ‘safe’ people make it to the upper levels of the pyramid and the highly secret and advanced knowledge that is held there. The British House of Windsor is one of them.intellectually very sharp. business leaders. Here are the names of those 13 families: 1. Rockefeller 10. This is certainly true of the Brotherhood. But at the very top. the Rockefellers. but with a compassion bypass and an arrogance that they have the right to rule the world and control the ignorant masses who they view as inferior. and the rest of the so-called Eastern Establishment of the United States which produces the American presidents. The Illuminati is a very secretive group of occult practitioners who have been around for thousands and thousands of years and are using the Jewish Dark Cabala as one of their guidelines to oppress the rest of the population. Any group which is so imbalanced as to covet the complete control of the planet will be warring within itself as different factions seek the ultimate control. Rothschild 11. Russell 12. van Duyn 13. Onassis 9. Summarized. 13 Illuminati bloodlines rule this planet from the shadow. DuPont 5. Freeman 6. Bundy 3. so are the Rothschilds. Merovingian (European Royal Families) 67 . Collins 4. Li (Chinese) 8. Some of these bloodlines can be named. the Dark Cabal which controls the human race operates from the shadows outside the public domain. the European royalty and aristocracy. Kennedy 7. Astor 2.

The Secret Societies have been present in the history of man for a very long time. in addition to those four families. Krupp 4. they are not mentioned here. I have to keep on going because Matrix is ready to recognize the cold truth. Those 13 Illuminati bloodlines have more or less shape-shifting ability and some drink human plasma on regular basis and some from time to time. things are getting more and more bizarre. they are considered less powerful and less "pure" by the 13 Elite Bloodlines. Disney 3. They rule above humanity which is still asleep and still comfortable with the current type of social structure.The following families are also interconnected with those above: 1. Now. It all started thousands and thousands of years ago with the "Brotherhood of the Snake". 68 . Although significant. often obeying without any question. Reynolds 2. a secret society that goes back all the way to the time of Garden of Eden and old Sumer. All of those are satanic and worship the Dark Side of the Force. giving all the sovereignty rights. there are hundreds of others that are more remotely connected to the main 13 Illuminati bloodlines. So now you will see for yourself who is driving the bus behind the scene and where. McDonald Also. No exceptions.

com/watch?v=v-ks_BNMhHM or just search the archive data of live news of Fox television and you will be able to trace the videos by yourself. which of course is only cover up for his performance. He has at lest 20% of active genetics that allows him impressive psionic abilities. It looks they are many and that they have infiltrated in many institutions. Unfortunately I have seen clear evidence that he is connected with Dark Cabal and he has also direct contact with the negative ETs. Those half human – half reptile beings seems to be controlled by at least four ET groups. that he uses in black purposes. He is hiding under the profession illusionist. download the file and analyse with some software for video analysis. That bloodline possesses tremendous mental power.youtube. probably implanted and influenced telepathically. 69 . Probably because it is run by the Illuminati bloodline person. The hybrid bloodline that concerns me personally is the type like Chris Angel. since the majority of the video evidence comes from there. For some reason Fox Television is a good place for those. If you want to see more just go to the http://www. The frames of the above video footage of Reptilian Reporter FOX NEWS is just one of so many.I personally don’t have any information how many of those shape-shifting reptile beings are out there.

If you see a flying craft of that shape – run as fast as you can. The next step in the ultimate controlling pyramid. the ET group that uses those types of crafts is not on the top layer of the controlling pyramid. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Anyway.Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 One of the flying crafts that negative ETs use regularly is depicted above (image 1) or (image 3 bellow). 70 . belongs to the creatures in the lower astral plane and then finally is the Ultimate Evil Force that is almost powerful as the Creator Himself.

In one of those bases worked Victor Schauberger – father of Nazi UFOs. That flying object was VIMANA and fit very well into the description in the in ancient texts.9/11 event was a lot more than people realize. due to this discoveries which he took highly seriously. The Twin Towers. was about to open a Pandora box which any of the governments around world does not wish to close afterwards. The flying craft had disk shape and on the surface appeared to be undamaged. After using force against the Tibetan monks he learned about many other secret localities where ancient technology and artefacts are still preserved. Hitler had broken certain taboos in regards occultism and secret societies. Hitler was related to the Iluminati bloodlines. and his visits to Tibet were very frequent. The Allies in parallel. during one expedition in Afghanistan found a berried flying craft thousands of years old. The Nazi secret organization made a contact with survivors of ancient civilizations. among which for archaeological and anthropological research. As mentioned before. they had to create a major sacrifice. The 9/11 was the inside job and Nano-thermite Explosives were used along the heavy back up from UFOs. We have reach a point in time where we need to understand what its going on the face of the planet Earth. In order to succeed in the opening and to open a window directly to hell. In recent times everything began As regards our Era everything in reality started just before WWII. focused on mastering the atom and creating the first nuclear bombs. These secret bases were the centre of all research supervised by the Nazis. 71 . As part of the secret society he helped in the creation of Nazi special organization with code name “Ahnenerbe”. As mentioned before. everything revolves around secret societies and their agenda. He sent expeditions everywhere and he broth back to Germany powerful artefacts from everywhere. People have to understand that Hitler. It was the first of so many that Ahnenerbe succeeded to collect worldwide. I will cover this subject in better detail in my presentation. The special organization was assigned for secret research of many things. he was initiated in secret doctrines. were used as Two Pillars to open a gate to the lower astral plane. and what can be done about it. olders on ancient technologies like previously described Vimanas. One must understand that the study and understanding of the several recovered prototypes were the absolute priority to insure Nazi domination over the sky.

The first challenge was. The development of such technology is at full run today and its ongoing process. the German scientists were the first that had the secret flying machines to visit the moon. The reason was stated that those groups will do genetic check ups on the abducted individuals. People that were working in the sensitive military positions were witnesses that secret societies made direct contacts with at least two extraterrestrial groups. Most of the German rocket scientists that were Nazi were taken to US and all their previous records or past was erased. Once WWII was over. what WWII is concern. Things become difficult very soon. The Treaty was about exchange of technology in return of secret abductions of certain small percentage of human population. The real nightmare began when they find out that many of the abductees are actually implanted with micro devices that transmit and receive electronic signals. because it become obvious that the extraterrestrial groups are not respecting the Agreement and they are doing far more abductions that agreed upon. This is the time when famous M12 group was created. to carry on and even complete the Nazi research in great secrecy. which again all of the members were specially selected because of their bloodline. but when the conflict was officially over that technology was taken mostly by Americans and Russians. The military had come up with more efficient pattern than secrecy. while working under the protection of the United States on the improvement of his own flying sources which as since become American. television and collective paranoia and not to the rial world and scientific study as shouldn’t be the case. all the memory will be erased of such event and the individual will be brought back safely and unharmed. In the same time NASA was created. 72 . He died in 1958 in Texas. belonged to the movies.Schauberger was part of the Vril Society in charge of anti-gravitational research. and Nazi technology was systematically plumbed both by Russians and Americans. Summarized. Discrediting enemies and frightening the population by systematic misinformation proved far more efficient. UFOs and humans with parapsychological powers. Making people that they did not exist was not the right solution and clearly insufficient.

Huge amounts of funds were generated from illegal actions in order the main underground centers to be build. the humans has less clearance to go. they are preparing big time for more then 60 years and we on the surface have absolutely no idea what is going on bellow our feet. 73 . The decision was made that humanity must survive the even and that the best option is to build the unground world. The only reason the underworld was build because of the expansion of the Sun and the gravitational influence from the passing celestial body near our solar system. This has been one of the most hidden secrets but still thousands of workers in the construction phases were testifying about direct contact with non human entities. Around the main bases hundreds of smaller underground bases were build and underground network started to form. In other words. There was an union accomplished on a very high level and that commanding body become known as Shadow Government. the network is almost complete and all the areas on Earth are covered. This is still ongoing process and to the best of my knowledge. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is already gravitationally affected by this passing body and we will start to experience direct hits from the passing asteroids. bases miles deep. So many were describing huge levels underground. and as deeper you go.The situation becomes critical and that was the time when all of the major parties on earth decided that this is a planetary issue. From the contacts with the extraterrestrial groups the Shadow Government learnt about the coming of extreme changes that will culminate in 2012-2013.

I have point out again this is something very real.Analysing the strategy they pull through public media. I have taken this biological host 37 years ago in order to help people in the awakening process. Sometime the awakening requires speaking about things that are bizarre and terrible and hard to believe. but to show the real world. real as it can be and it is coming soon. still in the covert form but clearly indicating that military is preparing for something major in 2012. Today almost there is no one that didn’t hear about the 2012 in one form or another. still in the covert form but clearly indicating that military is preparing for something major in 2012. If we do not see what the problem is…we are lost and we will never solve the problem. Everything that you have read in this file and a lot more will be covered in my presentation and unbreakable proof and video evidence will be shown. analysing the strategy the ruling elite is putting through the public media. Not to frighten or harm. Summarized. Some of the information is gathered from other sources that from my own experience are valid. Afterwards whatever you do with the information. It was mine to pass this information which to the best of my knowledge is the truth and nothing but the truth. 74 . Most feel that all this nothing more then another new age nonsense. it can be detected that info is starting to come out. Today almost there is no one that didn’t hear about the 2012 in one form or another. the date in 2012 will come and go and nothing will happen as usual. mentally and most important spiritually. I can assure you that everything that is put into this file is with the purpose to awaken and help humanity. it can be detected that info is starting to come out. it’s your choice. the real situation on this planet. Most feel that all this nothing more then another new age nonsense. We need to prepare physically. the date in 2012 will come and go and nothing will happen as usual.

The ETs had showed me what is going to be like just before the expansion of our star and the arrival of the energetic pulse. They had showed me the next step. but this was the first one that I recall. His face had shown confusion and seconds afterwards a panic. All sorts of light combination started to move on body and it felt strange. but the glowing white light was a dominant experience in my consciousness. and to see “falling meteors” on the night sky. A flash of bright white light appeared and I felt the time had stoped. everything fades away in second. It was a full moon evening and there was a huge ball of orange-yellow ball of fire approaching from the sky. the sky.Luckily the beings of Light are also here. I recall what they were doing to me. I found myself inside a room where I could see all sorts of strange walls and strange equipment. The view of Vardar. the wind. I was taken many times in later years. I couldn’t see my big brother anywhere. They have also showed me what we need to do as humanity. They watch everything and they are helping as much as they can. but at the 75 . calming me down not to worry. the sound of the River. We use to come there from time to time to enjoy the ambient. The orange-yellow ball of fire was approaching fast and it got very big. As 7 year old boy I immediately asked my older brother how come there are two moons? My brother Miki looked in the direction of the full moon and he spotted the approaching ball of fire. It happened to me and my brother in the year 1980. because they mean no harm. during an evening time. This time something unexpected happen. And how do I know all this? My personal experience with ET Till the present day I had numerous contacts with ETs that I described in my book “Extraordinary Powers in Humans”. I was walking along the River Vardar in Skopje with my older brother. I recall that things started to take an unusual direction after I was taken at seven years of age.

It wasn’t scary and it wasn’t painful either. It was not rare to find myself floating above the roof of my house looking everything from bird perspective. Humanity is heading towards a great change. but in contrary. 76 . As the time will pass by. many spirits will return to the stars and something magnificent is going to happen. Flying above my neighbourhood was my favourite thing to do. A voice in my head appeared. ” Very soon after I was taken. It was nice but powerful in the same time. we will know where you are and we will be able to protect you. The voice was saying: “We are glad we have found you before the others did. it felt protective in some way. I didn’t pay much attention to it since flying and jumping above roofs was much more interesting to me. It wasn’t scary. more you will remember. That will help you to understand better what has to be done when time comes. That lasted for many weeks. Don’t worry we will guide you all the way and help you whenever you really need us. They were doing something to me. Almost always I was able to detect that some strong source of light is somewhere behind me watching on my every move. during the nights (sleeping time) I started to become very conscious of myself. Remember this…You are here to play a major role in the process of awakening.time I didn’t know what to make of it. From now on. We have done something to you in order that you will be able to experience certain things.

and in one moment I strongly felt that something is wrong and image of my bedroom become frozen in my consciousness. I knew that she was serious. Thus. she started to laugh at me. I was still a child. sensing danger if some other kid wanted to hurt me etc. It was winter at the time. Luckily the neighbours come quickly triggered by my mom’s screaming and the problem was solved with one big giant hole in the electrical blanked and my duvet. That happened almost 30 years ago and electrical blankets were not so safe at the time. Anyway. Inspired by my uncle. I remember that she responded to her that she is very tired and that she wants to go to sleep. The event ended ok but to my mom it was a final proof that something weird is going on with me.. People that knew me at the time noticed that I was interested in all the incredible powers that Yoga masters and Tibetan monks had demonstrated and that I was training hard to develop them. The top most secrets of Yoga and Buddhism came so naturally to me that many times I felt that I already knew most of the knowledge in some mysterious way. hearing so clearly conversations of people that are hundreds of meters away from me. she was ready to put me into my bed for sleep when her friend called her and invited her for a coffee. I did not know what to make of it at the time. Most of the times from what I can recall. My mother was pressuring me that she will take me to the doctor to check it out what is going on in my head. I started figuring out the mystery of their way of life. and that mysterious force started to fade inside of me. The moment we come to our house. no one seems to talk about the similar stuff and all those experiences started to fade away. I felt compelled and focused to obtain the knowledge that was once considered the norm in ancient civilizations. there was no snow but it was still very cold and she turned electrical blanket on to warm the bed for me. she was putting electrical blanket and my duvet less was usually enough before she remove it. I started to pull my mother’s hand and screaming at her that there is something wrong with our house and that we have to go back immediately.Sometimes. She became very concern about me. What was happening was way beyond her experience and it became obvious that she has a difficult time dealing with it. but her girl friend was very persistent and convinced my mother to go and visit her for short. but after she saw in my eyes that I’m persistent and she decided to check it out. My mother was not very superstition person. the smoke was coming from my bedroom and the cause of that was that electrical blanked caused a fire. were very active for few days and then all those weird abilities were gone. It was evening time. I end up playing with her son for more than a half an hour. strange manifestations like hearing thoughts of others but especially of my mother. I had no idea that she turned the electrical blanket on since I was playing in the other room. As every mother who encounters situation of her child that she is not able to handle. but for some reason when her friend called her for a coffee she forgot that she turned on the electrical blanket. Things got quite for a while but everything changed up side down when I reached teenage. after one incident took place. she started to threaten me that if I do not go back to normal like every other kid that she will take me to hospital. I started to train in the ancient arts at the age of fourteen. As a result of long years of practicing meditation. I meditated six hours a day and started to discover 77 .

but something completely different.T intelligences. Very soon my abilities increased to such high levels that I was able to stay out of his physical body for many hours fully conscious. During the last 20 years I have passed huge amount of knowledge to thousands of people World Wide. I started to work on finding solutions to the equation called – humanity. brought higher quality of life to many. Pane Andov At the same time. Rapidly. The average level of astral development was so low at the time. 78 . With all of them I had developed unique soul connection.T races and that the truth was hidden from us. since we are very close to the end of the Great cycle which in our way of time measurements falls on 23 December 2012. How many of you will have difficult time coping with some parts of it? Instead of sharing what was going on in the higher dimensions. I began to understand that humanity was under some kind of experiment by a few E. After many years of contact with E. I’m totally aware that there is a little time to utilize what I have seen and recognized as a solution to our current situation. changed people lives and perspectives. I became attracted to all psychic abilities. I have opened thousands of doors. the missing pieces of the mosaic started to fall into the place and I was starting to see what was going on. I had finally understood what was going on and had seen what was coming in the future and how some of what is coming could be neutralized. One by one. I felt great sorrow with the realization that I couldn’t share my observations and conclusions. their understanding.my inner potential. If i touched a subject he could hurt someone and demolish his whole belief system. I’m also the author of the book “Extraordinary Powers in Humans” that deals with development of psionic abilities. control and utilization in constructive ways. but particularly to the extraordinary ability called astral projection. My approach does not suffer from any limitation and I comfortably move from the most advanced ancient knowledge to modern UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial multidimensional presence. The new and mysterious world that was opening in front of me made me realize that reality was not what it seemed to be. Take for example this file.

au/books?id=BHT9N08lGrIC&printsec=fr ontcover&dq=extraordinary+powers+in+humans&hl=en&ei=KFNj TJjpOYSovQPZ26GeCg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnu m=1&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false My trainings usually start with basic of relaxation and meditation. I can teach you so many useful things. 79 .course@gmail.com. I hope you will allow me the chance to help you to become an Astral Walker too.Preview of the book can be found here: http://books. and help you in so many ways.com (put subject presentation or psionic development).google. To be able to be of more help to Mother Earth and to be able to accomplish the things that you feel deep inside that you need to do.he who can enter the astral plane and walk among the stars… There will be Presentations and Psionic Workshops in Brisbane and Gold Coast soon. remote viewing and controlled out of the body experience. Then slowly advances towards more progressive altered states of consciousness as clairvoyance. During the years I earned my nickname “Astral Walker” . If interested. please provide your contact details at psionic. teaching the student to meditate in the right way.

Crabwood Farm. It clearly shows an extraterrestrial being with 3 UFOs in the background. I believe that we have a short time to figure out what we have to accomplish in order that we go through a smooth transition. let’s start with the disk. To translate the code.What do we need to do? A part of everything. A spiral of 8 bit binary encoding in hexadecimal form with English alphabet letters represented by ASCII character sets used by computer programmers since the 1960s. In order that we understand what we need to do as humanity. counter-clockwise. some kind of disk with encrypted message. you have to start at the center and spiral outward. 80 . Despite how funny the previous sentence appears in my personal opinion this message is very important and contains a warning to all humankind. can certainly shine a light in that direction. Hampshire in UK. The one that mysteriously appeared on August 15th. And a serious warning! But is someone listening? First. 2002 . it would help a lot if we decode some of the relevant crop circle messages. Perhaps the ETs thought if humans had reached technological development that enables them to use smart computers and to burn and read data on CDs…lets burn them one.

In other words they are some form of guardians to make sure that the cycle is running properly and according the laws of nature. the President Eisenhower was approached by two different races of extraterrestrials. Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]" The line “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES” stands for the depicted negative extraterrestrial beings that had established direct contact with the representatives of Shadow Government more than five decades ago. 81 . So the good part is that someone is watching over us that we do not hurt ourselves with our toys. fixed the problem and disappeared again. there were many reports of their flying crafts engaging in combat with the ones that belong to Gray Collective. Much PAIN but still time. There are military reports that they have neutralized and deactivated nuclear missiles in flight too. there were many cases with serious nuclear reactor issues inside the Nuclear Power Plants. UFOs appeared from nowhere. orbs and shiny flying crafts seen above crop fields around the globe. We OPpose DECEPTION. even with ones that are in the possession of the Shadow Government. to make sure the Earth is not destroyed before the powerful energetic wave arrives and the reactivation of the RNA/DNA of life takes place. human or non-human origin. it reads: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. One race was referred as Quetzal and the other was simple called a “Gray Collective”. In the last few decades. There is GOOD out there. It is obvious that some of the groups are trying hard to protect the planet from any use of destructive technologies. Even better news is that despite Quetzal race there are other positive oriented extraterrestrial races that are visiting Earth and our solar system. It become clear that some kind of conflict is going on and that there are groups that are not resonating with total destruction of everything. belong to the Quetzal race. During the years. This race is here to help us in these sensitive times we live.Deciphered. Many of the mysterious lights. According to the released top secret M12 documents in 1954. The “Quetzal” extraterrestrial race is actually responsible for the delivery of most of the crop circle messages.

trying hard the information to get through to ones that are able to hear and see. they can not do it for us…it’s simply not the proper way. Most important they stated that we need to learn to live together in peace in goodwill and with the harmony with the planet Earth.Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]" Many other benevolent races are here too. watching with full attention and curios what will be the final outcome for humanity when the Great Cycle is going to close on Dec 23 2012. Indian and other. In other words. they shrink the size of their flying crafts to a just basketball size and fly over the crop very low so they will be not visible to the radar. Many of those races are trying hard this cycle to be a success from the spiritual point of view. Egyptian. perfect in geometrical and mathematical sense. Once they move in the other dimension or they simple go beyond our atmosphere they regain their original size. Olmec. they need to stop being ignorant and to start to work on their own spiritual growth and development. they are here to help us. but we have to walk the road and climb the stairs. The messages that “Quetzal” are delivering are often very complex. They do this in order to protect their selves and to avoid eventual conflict. The moment Shadow Government’s radars and satellites detect them. It is my personal obligation to help in the process and that is why I have arrived on this planet. helping us in so many different ways. I seek no rewards for what I do and I do what I do because I believe is the right thing to do. Mayan. there are helicopters and 82 . Some messages are delivered in a form of binary code systems and some are simple delivered on ancient languages as Aztec. The Quetzal race are conduit closing of the Great Cycle which means they are assisting the light that is incarnated in human biological bodies. They were the ones that have been watching and guiding us for a long time. Usually when they enter our dimension. Quetzal race and few others ET groups had delivered clearly many times that humans need to change their ways.

Good news is that with constant arrival of powerful cosmic rays. 2. This race has overtaken the control of the entire political and military establishment of planet Earth. and have similar altered genetics too. But is it going fast enough? “Quetzal” are very concern about our destiny because the great cycle is almost complete and there are things that needs to be done before time runs out. This race had shown to be very aggressive. At least we can push our intelligence to maximum and try to decode what the messages are actually saying. Much PAIN but still time. What I’m trying to say is that they are risking a lot just to draw beautiful images in crops for us and we really need to start to appreciate their help. there are some reports that in few occasions their flying crafts were taken down by powerful lasers from satellites. To the best of my knowledge there are at least 200 more individuals in different parts of the world capable of direct communication too.fighter jets released to chase the balls of light and to take them down.The other extraterrestrial race that President Eisenhower was approached by in 1954 was named a “Gray Collective” or simple “Grays” because of their dolphin type of skin with dominant gray colour. negative and deceiving. let’s complete the line: Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Unfortunately. Btw. more and more genetic material is mutating. Quetzal is one of the races that established a form of telepathic-astral contact with me. What do we need to do. before time runs out and cycle closes? I will explain this in more detail shortly but before we move to that section. They have implanted the political/military elite and they control human society through them. Using the world media those implanted individuals were forced to create a deception 83 . it becomes more active in human bodies and consciousness starts to experience great awakening. It’s only because my RNA/DNA was altered by them when my physical carrier was at the age of seven.

Grays control the Reptoid forms and not the other way around. Haiti earthquake. Since the bloodlines of the members of the World Ruling Elite (or more precise: 13 Illuminati families all related and all part of the same secret society) are actually half-human/halfreptilian they contains genetics that are easy to manipulate by the Gray Collective. the problem goes deeper since the Earth is constantly visited by so many ET groups and some of the cosmic renegades or cosmic criminals if you will. 84 . Why else would visiting greys wish to abduct humans (thereby collecting tissues. in exchange for the right to abduct humans and harvest livestock? Eisenhower could never have imagined modern advances in genetic engineering. So for those that are in the know I will just say. the Gray Collective are here for thousands of years and they were the same “evil gods” that ancient humans got in conflict with. As presented in the file. sperm or eggs) while harvesting livestock (in a more lethal fashion). Back in 1954. Unfortunately. Will go in more detail about this on my presentation and provide evidence for such claim. Think about 9/11. Quetzal are warning us again about the depicted ET group that is messing with human genetics. Evidence that surfaced in the last 30 years. had also shown that those bloodlines controlled by the Gray Collective are able to shape-shift from human to green colour reptile life form and back. but he is deceived. For the record those Reptoid forms have genetics that allows them to shape-shift. Oil spill in Golf of Mexico etc and you will see that is true. The micro devices inside their bodies are driving those political-military individuals into taking actions that are catastrophic for all humanity and the planet itself. have joined the “Gray Collective”. why would those Greys have offered Eisenhower new military technologies.” Not wishing to give up nuclear weapons. but before that can take place.of unimaginable proportions…a deception that needs to disappear soon. so he would have been at a profound disadvantage when dealing with them. except to collect the materials needed for experiments on hybridization? I believe now these lines are clear: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. abducting humans and livestock and use them in so many different evil ways. They offered to help humanity in the spiritual development so the cycle will successful. otherwise humanity will face a mage-scale catastrophe with consequences far beyond the physical existence. Anyway. all nuclear weapons in all countries to be deactivated and destroyed. “There is GOOD out there. Quetzal race asked in return. Eisenhower decides to ally with the “Gray Collective” for a promise of high-tech military technology. We OPpose DECEPTION. representatives of Quetzal told President Eisenhower to beware of the Grays because they will deceive him and humanity in whole. There is GOOD out there. The evidence had shown that because of their half-human/half-reptilian genetics the members of the World Ruling Elite have no sense of morality or compassion what they are doing to others. We OPpose DECEPTION.

the Shadow Government that represents all of Earth’s countries had made a mistake in 50s selling humanity for exchange of military technology.Summarized. The “Gray Collective” standard appearance 85 . Of course the Gray Collective had never respected the signed Agreement and the Shadow Government realized that a catastrophic mistake has been made. A mistake that we all need to rectifier before time runs out.

http://www.com/watch?v=noSwtCZc-F4&feature=related Other renegade ET groups .with similar appearance. Depicted in movie serial “Taken”.youtube. 86 .

all this will seems like heavily loaded SF story.Image on the midle: Their Flying crafts (If spotted run avoiding any kind of contact is high recommendable) Perhaps some of you will recall this line from the 1977 Vrillon message: The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race. For a consciousness that is still asleep inside the matrix. but for the consciousness that is awakening. but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments! In our world today. we are witnessing many evil agendas resulting in a negative direction. that we are in fact consciousness inside a physical body and that we can influence our environment. that is still able to feel and to 87 . we all have to understand the true nature of our existence. and do not care about us and our planet Earth. They are controlled by the negative ETs and they are forced to follow Gray Collective agenda. That is why. It has become obvious that we cannot trust our governments anymore.

that in order everything to be back in balance it need a total reset of civilization.youtube. Once the energetic wave that was released from the Milky Way’s core reach us. In fact. to reactivate the necessary minimum of the genetic material to we will become compatible for the arrival of the Nexus – The Cosmic Designer’s Energetic Wave! Now let’s deal with the line: Much PAIN but still time! The first logical question is: still time for what? What do we have to do before it’s too late? In 2002 when the message was delivered. It will resonate so deeply inside the spiritual heart because simple it’s the truth. still free and unpolluted inside.com/watch?v=avvhwCxKrNc http://www. but that’s ok. it will be done. to activate healing energies with the intention of heal ourselves and our planet. it will come as most important information ever. Therefore. It will be like waking up from a long dream. nothing that we didn’t expect.com/watch?v=LV52u_XZFbY http://www.think clearly. we will become beings with cosmic awareness again and it will be accomplished. it was much pain and now we are in 2010 there is still pain and even less time. You just have to keep in your head that your inner divine self will protect you from any evil. Its about how we can change the situation that humanity is in. who is causing it and what can be done about it. action generates a change inside the matrix.com/watch?v=6M6vP8-SbU0 There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel and there is HOPE! HOPE is the source of greatest strength of Humanity. power generates action. everything that was shown to you in this document is to serve for better understanding of the situation on this planet. to take the necessary steps and we will finish the cycle successfully.youtube.youtube. and just keep on walking. we just need to regain the inner balance again.e the consciousness of our Planet). the main objectives of this document is to achieve synchronization of the consciousness of humanity with Gaia (i. It’s hard. http://www. But we will get there! 88 . but that is not my perspective. we need to stay focused. Hope generates emotion. emotion generates power. what is the main problem. Most people will say that current situation on Earth is unrepairable and that things went too far for something to be done. And certainly that is not the perspective of the Quetzal race and all other races with spiritual orientation that are around us. We didn’t come here for nothing.

bigger pentagrams dividing into smaller and smaller pentagrams…the same goes into infinity. That this symbol was never seen by mathematicians prior to its appearing in the fields of England. 89 . 8. 1998 Milk Hill. conceptualized the mathematics of the "fractal. Or if you want to observe the fractal movement differently. we will see that in most occasions they are showing us and teaching us about fractal structure of the matrix. and is the egg from where Koch's Fractal would emerge. We are seeing clear depictions of fractality. and that goes to infinity. Basic Mandelbrot Fractal July.If we study the crop circle phenomenon. the flower of life." seen as the outer outline in these drawings. England (Koch Fractal) Midle trianglual egg form where Koch's Fractal emerges Note: In 1905 Helmig Von Koch. in Wiltshire. 1997 the Quetzal race gifted to the people of Earth the symbol in the center. On Aug. a mathematician. Star of David dividing into smaller and smaller stars of David. This symbol is the seed.

Literary everything in this universe obeys those geometrical and matematical laws. People would usually say. its one giant ocean of energy. pulsates. Everything flows with energy. Which brings us to the . Consciosness manifests thoughts and those thoughts release energy into the fractal structure of the matrix. no mater if we are talking about contraction or expansion of matter. All that movement. ok we see that they are refering to fractals but what fractals have to do with us or anything in particilar that is connected to our reality and our current situation? Everything! That’s the main Key! They are showing us that Consciousness can shift fractal structure or in other words Consciousness can change reality. is done in a fractal fasion. If you run a computer program of fractal devision. Everything vibrates. and we are all part of it.Emotions! Emotions are actually the ones that are carriers of the psionic power that can influence the fundamental fractal structure of our matrix. 90 . they are teaching us about the fractal nature of the five elemental matrix and how it can be accessed and even changed. Imagine standing in one point in space and from there on one side everythings is contracting towards the infinite small and on the other side of your standing point everything is expanding to infinitly large. If they are neutral they do more or less change but the bigger changes appears when thougts have emotional charge because the fractal structure is sensitive. but what I want to say is that if you make a change in the parametars somewhere along the fractal movement it will continute to fallow that change to infinity. even our energy field vibrates and pulsates according to our breath and our state of consciousness. The stronger the consciousness is the stronger is the impatct on the souranding matrix and the bigger is the chance for the drastic change.They are showing us the fracal structure of the Matrix! Or should I say better. contracts and expands. it will run forever.

Quetzal has delivered many times that humans need to build a Flower of Life Astral structure inside their aura. The beings that live on Earth are releasing thoughts and energy into the vibrational field of the planet. if not it causes evolution.Especially the emotion we call LOVE! Simplified: Consciousnes + Thoughts/Intent + Pure Emotions + Meditative Oneness = The necessary rise of the vibrational field of our planet! Why all that? It is very important how the planet will vibrate when the powerful energy wave arrives. If the vibration is low the powerful energy can do harm to the planet and its inhabitants. 91 .

Our biological body is a bio-computer and the brain is the processor of that bio-computer. we need to spin the spheres clockwise from the outer obseriving point or counter-clockwise from our standing point inside the central sphere. if you will. Of course we do not need to do anything and everyone has the choice what he/she will do with this information. Like every computer.not done properly. When that also is acomplished we need to creat a spin of the star-tetrahedron inside that structure and move our consciousness from our physical to our light body! But this is imposible without clean and pure emotions.When that is done. clairvoyant and etc. to become more telepathic. the meditation is useless. The point is if . Im just showing you what they are saying and what they feel it is extremely important that we learn and do. I will teach people how to crete the whole structure inside their auras and how to breath properly on my seminars soon and I will also cover this to some degree in my presentation. is that crop circles that are delivered by them contain drivers that will instal special software in our brain. we need the necessary drivers to be installed into our brain. Because of the basic double helix functionality. In other words. I will just say that we can easily compare our brain with computer processor. but in case the right software is installed it will start to operate on a extended level. Those drivers are imbeded in some of their crop designs. our brain operates on limited level. One other important thing that Quetzal passed to me. our brain need software and that software is imbeded in our RNA/DNA. 92 . If done properly – it trigers activation of latent genetic material. but they clearly showed in numerous ocasions that in order to work we need to use software to spin the diagrams depicted in the crop fields. Usually the ones that needs to be spun are delivered near windmils with the hope that humas will figure it out that the design needs to be spined.

let go of fear of unknown they will face extreme progress. Crop Circles contain multidimensional messages and 3D images visible only when they are spun at high speed. The next day we went off to see this crop circle that had been reported that morning and realised that we were standing in the exact field that we had seen the light. I thought possibly we had been influenced by circular designs of the crop circle however this was a square formation. No one thought it was important at first until we discussed it on the way home in the car and we all said that was what we had seen. Take for example this testimony of Valerie Cox which is only one of so many.. off to the side behind a cloud. The visualisations were very clear and pronounced! In general. We discovered that combination of sound frequencies and the digital extraction of their geometric designs spun at high speed. It was the 3D cross formation. more and more human beings are starting to wake from a long dream. Anyway. Whilst in there 3 of us did a short meditation and all of us independently saw swirling patterns whilst we had our eyes closed rather like a spirograph design. Four of us went and on the way there 2 of us felt strangely sick on the walk towards the formation. I mean extreme progress. Quetzal are in position to help us activate our spiritual potential to whole new level. ground breaking software in order that we produce a unique video to capture more than 30 frames per second at high resolution. as we are approaching the ending of the cycle in 2012. influence the consciousness in unbelievable ways. to recognize what is going on and the reason why they are here. Recently she wrote on one of the facebook pages that serve for people to report new crop circles and something unusual. A few minutes later two very bright flashes like low level lightening lit up this field. my perspective is that genuine Crop Circles are gift to all humanity.In fact if people joing into meditative oneness inside the genuine crop designs and they start to meditate with thousands in order to connect with the crop cirlce makers. the humanity will achive the next step. In 2009 I joined forces with a friend of mine that works for NASA and we used a combination of special. We didn’t take any samples. There was also another I visited earlier this year at Cley Hill nr Warminster. At approximately 1am we all saw a very bright light high in the sky almost the size of the moon but brighter. This reduced in size quickly after a few seconds to look like a satellite and flew. Staying with old makeup people will end in some of the 3D scenarios but if people open up. but only if humanity choses to. When I say extreme progress. This is what Valerie wrote: Just to report that on the night this crop circle was made myself and my two sons were camping at the Barge Inn in Honey Street. That was also very strange.. 93 . They start to remember. Simply did a lovely meditation in there.

thoughts. In summary. Another line from the Vrillon 1977 message: “…We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world.My seminars are actually a transformation tools. and release a powerful field of energy that will heal our planet and lift the vibrational frequency.e. A singular. For the closed hearth everything looks like doom and gloom. In my perspective Humanity 94 . ideas and music. but mostly from the respected Dr. able to do astral travel and able to achive contact with higher inteligences. that we are spark’s of infinite manifestation in the Universe. We are awakening from a long and deep sleep and are starting to see the bigger picture i. mine. After all that was present before you previously. particularly those already participating in spiritual groups around the world and who are practicing meditation. we now know and have factual evidence. It will make sense only if the hearth is open. Masaru Emoto. If we can alter the fractal structure of five elements we will be able to do the necessary change and awake 7 billion people from the magical spell of the Dark Side of the Force. while in reality its not the case. we can see that everything is changing at great speed. words. that human vibrational energy. you. We are at the end of a Great Cycle and we need to play our part as humans. It is the same with rest of three earth elements plus ether. They contain huge amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge that anables people to become more telepathic. Humanity has to understand that this is not about me. we as humans have to gather into meditative oneness. yours…its about one for all and all for one. affect the molecular structure of water. I feel that the time for conflict is over and that we have to move towards a new paradigm in our evolution as a race. and the beings on our worlds around you…” I believe their message makes sense. now it becomes clear why they said: Much PAIN but still time! It means that humans have to realize that they are in fact infiniteve consciousness with extreme powers and that if they unite into meditative oneness they can influence the fractal structure of the matrix. thinking of the same outcome. separate from all evil and become ready for the evolution that awaits between Dec 23 2012 and March 28 2013. If we look around us. meditative stream of consciousness carries enough psionic power to influence the basic structure of the Matrix for the benefit of the whole of humanity. this is an attempt to synchronize as many people as possible. It means. Collated from the research of many respected scientists. The naked truth is that we are all ONE but our five sense limitation is blocking our view to see it and to feel it. Our Sun and the entire solar system are changing rapidly on every level. Humanity is changing.

If Dark Side plans are successful. Genesis stands for “LIFE from Lifelessness”. H2O.is worth to save and we need to do our best in order to awake as many as possible. This is the ultimate message that E. Helium etc. And it will take a while until “pure essences” of what was once humans can take biological hosts again and to incarnate on the new Earth. until we are so many that we will be able to do this. Nexus hits. 1. not compatible life forms experience opposite… After the star “dies” and the released outer layer hits Earth.Ts are delivering to us. But with all power and knowledge regain I do not think that many would chose to return to 3D reality which is only a school. oxygen. there is high chance that we will face one of those two scenarios: Life wins in both of them only in a different way. That meditative connection of all life 95 . it distributes the necessary building blocks of life and causes Genesis. This knowledge and information has and is being transmitted by E. Vibrational field of organism we call Earth has not reach the satisfactory level which provides safe accumulation of the energetic wave…result >> format of all life and nature on 3D Level except zones that are shielded. humanity is taken to different parts of cosmos. Everything is formed again. it is a process where bio-molecular structure it’s reorganized at subatomic level into LIFE Generating matter of equal mass. The Light is fighting strongly to prevent such scenario. 2.T’s via “crop circle” formations. Vibrational field of the organism we call Earth has reached the satisfactory level where consciousness had prevailed over vandalism and low material nature…there is strong meditative connection among people. that connection touches the consciousness of all life on the planet including ETs and people from Shamballa. I already explained what that means. The result of that decision will affect us all… Summarized. compatible life forms experience great evolution. far beyond the touch of the NEXUS. Life conditions are formed again…but it’s going to be a process because the star is now small and it will take a while until it starts to grow towards Yellow Dwarf again and to provide the same condition for life. It is up to us to decide whether we will take their messages more seriously or whether we will discredit them.

Life continues on 3D. the planet is compatible for upgrade. it feels GAIA and becomes ONE with it… The flower of life protective astral-energetic field is created around Earth and the planetary Star Tetrahedron is fired up and spinning in beautiful light (Note: auroras are going to change colour and size soon)…the energy passes. ascension and reconfiguration of the RNA/DNA of All Life takes place. oceans remain and are not boiled since the planet magnetosphere had become the flower of life protective shield.becomes so strong that it feels the planet to the atomic level. GAIA through its polar openings streams more energy into the star tetrahedron and whole flower of life structure… 96 .

97 .

More input about Red Giants and Released Energy: 98 .

“Red sun” sign marks the Sgr*A 99 .

100 .

101 .



There was enormous explosion in the center of the galaxy, the energy was released and its not spreading towards the edges…


Its coming fast…

Its going to hit the Sun…


The physical contact of the approaching energy will make the Sun to expand in mass. (To enter its Red Giant Phase) 106 .

If the Flower of Life Force Field is not build and the union among races has failed…recommended dislocation to the triangle zone >> Feb-March 2012.. Perhaps prior. That's when things will become critical. http://www.you will have to keep eye on the climate changes. Combined disasters are already happening...com/watch?v=VJcJVxxAFvY&feature=player_embedded In June 2012 Earth will be exposed on highest gravitational influence from two sides.. 107 .youtube.

108 .

Keep an eye when the crack in Ethiopia will become critical. 109 . When that happens you will know that it will happen soon.

110 .

Where you have injured yourself.Where the wound is. Guess where it’s going to hurt most? 111 . Imagine Earth has a long cut that is still not healed from the last event. Imagine if you cut yourself and someone pulls you hard. Where is going to hurt the most? . Sun from one side is pulling naturally and as the passing celestial body will come closer the Earth will experience gravitational pulling from two sides.Around 2 miles wide and extreme long crack in the Atlantic Ocean is the weakest point on Earth. When the huge celestial body that is approaching our solar system will start to pull strongly it will influence the rotation of our planet.

The crack is going around the whole continent of Africa and now its spreading towards Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.Where the long crack in the Atlantic Ocean is.. 112 .

113 . The Tsunami from the earthquake will be so powerful that it will cause another global flood.When the continent breaks. earthquake will be so powerful that will destroy everything in the area. Tidal waves more then 4 miles in hight will…we all know what that means.

114 .

115 .

116 .

Anyway there is still time to avoid this scenario.New York City will have nuclear blast in 2012. Who will be responsible >> Gray Collective. 117 .mass sacrifice. Reason . That's all that I can tell you. Let's hope so they will be stopped.

com/ 118 .paneandov.http://www.

I would like to share what I think its required for Humanity to do in order to change the default outcome of the events that will happen in near future. There is a extremely powerful wave of energy arriving from the galactic core of the Milky Way and its now very close to us – around 10 Billion miles away from Earth.Update 2010-11-11 FLOWER OF LIFE – KEY TO SURVIVAL OF PLANET EARTH IN 2012-2013 Dear friends. Its everywhere around our Local Interstellar Cloud and its coming towards us. 119 . In the image bellow you can see that powerful wave of energy spreading inside the Milky Way depicted with dark reddish color. If its ok with you.

The Heliosphere of our solar system is already affected by the recently discovered giant Ribbon of magnetics. 120 . Its a energetic wave that was released from the the explosion of the Supper massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way thousands of years ago.

There is no way that it will miss us and the contact is unavoidable. and you can see how big actually the wave is comparing to our small solar system.This “Gigantic Ribbon in our Heliosphere” is about 30 light years wide and contains a wispy mixture of hydrogen and helium atoms at a temperature of 6000°C and it’s highly magnetised. In the next few images you can see the location of the “Gigantic Ribbon in our Heliosphere” regarding the galactic plane of Milky Way. 121 . It matches perfectly.

Its hot and magnetic enough to energize our Sun and cause our star to move from its main sequence to its Red Giant Phase. From what was observed in the Milky Way, where the wave already passed it caused yellow dwarf type of stars to become red giants and then white dwarfs.


Estimate time of physical contact of the galactic pulse with our Sun – 23 Dec 2012 and that’s where Sun will start its Red Giant Phase – a slow expansion of its outer layer that will last from 23 Dec 2012 till 28 March 2013. When it will reach the mentioned date in 2013, the outer layer will be released into space and our star will become very small type of a star – or what is known in astronomy as white dwarf.


Extraterrestrial and domestic (planetary) races are warning us that we need to do something in order 3D life to survive. Otherwise our atmosphere will not survive the powerful magnetic energy and the the water in the oceans, lakes and rivers will be boiled by the rising heat from the expanding sun when it enters its Red Giant phase. In other words, how impossible it may seems, we need to assist other 18 species that also live on Earth with the creation of “Flower of Life” protective shied around our planet.


The data, generated from crop circle messages points that we have been called to join the unity in order to save the 3D life on this planet. Many different types of ETs were shown to us via crop designs. Btw, the image bellow is not extraterrestrial face as it circulates on the internet but human face – they are addressing to us.

In the Chilbolton crop circle we clearly see one of those 18 races that we need to work with in the creation of the protective Flower of Life shield. The number of their population was shown, triple dna structure, and place of living – Earth, Mars and four moons on Jupiter.

The Unity has to be reached; otherwise the Flower of Life Shield will not function. Believe or not…the way we are going to play will affect many others. And they need our help as much as we need their help.


Wiltshire. 127 .In June 2009 a strange crop design appeared in Milk Hill Stanton. St Bernard.

but also there was something else. harmony and love…something that is directly connected to the next solar maximum in 2012. 128 . Someone out there appealed that we need to gather into unity and to do something together in peace.It was another important message about the expansion of the outer layer of the Sun. Someone appealed for UNITY despite cultural difference.

Despite the fact we have different cultures we are ONE. When the fourth centre is open. 129 .Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu (Siamese crocodiles) UNITY – ancient symbol of democracy & oneness despite cultural difference. the consciousness sees that everything in cosmos is part of the same source and is ONE. This Truth can be seen only when a being reaches a development of fourth chakra.

The time for conflict is over and it is time for peace and balance. 130 . Again there is clear depiction that Sun will expand in mass. On greater scale. humanity will experience this when North becomes South during the next Solar maximum at the end of 2012.

131 . St Bernard. Wiltshire crop design appeared.The same day and few days after the Milk Hill Stanton. there were few other crop designs depicting different extraterrestrial races. Also there was arrow pointing out from the extraterrestrial head showing clearly that they are transmitting messages so we will understand and prepare and also that they are observing us all the time. their written language and most of them had a circle where third eye should be on the forehead.

since current cycle is coming to its end on 23 Dec 2012 and that the ones that choose the path of Light and Peace await evolution and upgrade of DNA. a day before the Great Cycle ends. 132 . This shield needs to be build as soon as possible and maintain active but no later than December 22 2012.I want to point out that Humanity has to open up to the fact that we are sharing this planet with many other life forms and that there is oneness despite cultural differences. Humanity also has to open up to the fact that our planet is changing.

Two scenarios…life wins in two of them…only in a different way. 133 . Scenario (2012-2013) Number 1 Vibrational field of organism we call Earth has not reach the satisfactory level which provides safe accumulation of the energetic wave…result >> format of all life and nature on 3D Level except zones that are shielded.

net/shared/1hvnjrfd26 134 .box. http://www.More detail about the safe zone in Australia can be found in the PDF “2012 Equation Solved”.

Nexus-Superwave hits. compatible life forms experience great evolution. not compatible life forms experience opposite… 135 .

136 .

The heat from the expanding sun boils the water in the oceans… after the star “dies” and the released outer layer hits Earth. 137 . it distributes the necessary building blocks of life and causes Genesis.

oxygen.Genesis stands for “LIFE from Lifelessness”. does not radiate the same amount of light and heat so it will take a while until the planet becomes suitable for biological life again. 138 . it is a process where bio-molecular structure it’s reorganized at subatomic level into LIFE Generating matter of equal mass. Helium etc. H2O. Everything is formed again. Life conditions are formed again…but it’s going to be a process because the star is now small.

If Dark Side plans are successful. huge part of humanity will be taken to different parts of cosmos. which as mentioned before is capable of DNA mutation. far beyond the touch of the powerful energy that was released from Sgr*A. 139 . Again extended explanation you can find in the PDF. THE UNITY is not reached.It will take a while until “pure essences” of what was once humans can take biological hosts again and to incarnate on the new Earth. The Forces of Light are fighting strongly to prevent such scenario. But with all power and knowledge regained I do not think that many would chose to return to 3D reality which is only a school.

That meditative connection of all life becomes so strong that it feels the life force of the planet to the atomic level. it feels GAIA and becomes ONE with it… The shield protects from the CMEs and arriving energy… 140 .Scenario (2012-2013) Number 2 Vibrational field of the organism we call Earth has reached the satisfactory level where consciousness had prevailed over vandalism and lower material nature…there is strong meditative connection between human and 18 different species.

Its there just in front of the Seed of Life crop design with the points where Seed of life needs to complete the next two steps in order Flower of Life shield to be generated! 141 .As soon as those two appeared. one of them was erased by “someone”. but when the image is inverted its becoming clear that the erased one is actually the Sun with CMEs moving out from the surface.

142 .

reconfiguration of the RNA/DNA of all life. the planet is compatible for upgrade.The flower of life protective astral-magnetic field is created around Earth and the planetary Star Tetrahedron is fired up and spinning in beautiful light…the energy passes. 143 . and ascension takes place.

144 .

145 .

146 . Starting from the central one.Everything in the Universe runs on energy. It was deliberately put there so we will understand that in order to work we need to spin the spheres.

147 .These astral/energetic/magnetic spheres needs to be rotated clockwise when observed from outside or anticlockwise when observed from inside.

148 .

This needs to be done not only on planetary scale but on the individual level too… 149 .

Energies of your thoughts and emotions needs to be used but in order that you are successful you need to transfer your awareness from your physical body to your light body! Here is a link how to do the Merkaba.It has to be done in 3 steps.com/Merkaba_Meditation_Technique.wolfcreekarts.htm 150 . http://www.

151 .The described meditative technique inside the link is only a basic one and soon more complex and accurate way of doing it will be provided.

You need to reshape your magnetic aura from its default appearance into Flower of Life Auric Structure in 3 steps: 152 .In other words. you need to become aware of your true essence and you need to feel your complex auric field.

Step 1 153 .

Step 2 154 .

Step 3 155 .

using your concentration and creative visualization. Create the spheres one by one.Order of creation of the spheres. 156 .

It starts with the green sphere of Love and ends with purity – top white one.Here are the colour of the spheres relating to chakras. 19 spheres that pulsate with energy and all spun counter-clockwise observing from your standing point. Meditation needs to be done as you stay or as you laying on the… 157 .

158 .

159 .

160 .The same needs to be done on a planetary scale. The order of the creation is completely the same.

161 .

oceans will remain and will not be boiled since the planet’s magnetosphere will become the flower of life protective shield. the Life will continue on 3D. if Scenario 2 takes place. GAIA through its polar openings will stream more energy into the star tetrahedron and the whole flower of life structure… 162 .As mentioned.

Peace and Harmony. 163 . Earth stays…all the dirt is cleaned between 23 Dec 2012 – 28 March 2013 and Earth survives and it’s reborn in the Era of Light.The generated force field is strong enough to shield from the heat and radiation…Star is reborn.

164 .The meditative ONENESS holds and protects the LIFE on the Planet.

what our sun is and what our universe is…we just need to learn to recognize and to tune into that huge ocean of consciousnesses. 165 . Everything starts inside the consciousness…well consciousness is what our planet is.At the moment we are late. and the odds to accomplish this are 1:1000 but forget about odds…keep on going. believe and it will be manifested. keep the focus and it will achieved. Do not fear. fast and strong.

Now you know why Seed and Flower of Life are depicted everywhere on the Ancient Temples…It is Warning to the future generations and the KEY in the same time. There are only handful of people that live on the surface of this planet that have understood this properly… 166 .

The TIME has come for Ancient Secret to be revealed again. The way we use this revelation will affect us all and the ones that are around us… 167 .

The main objectives: The main objectives are to achieve synchronization of the consciousness of humanity with Gaia (i. mostly underground and inside the deepness of the oceans. Most of them are always keeping an eye on what we are doing with our nuclear weapons. so we will not do something foolish and destroy our mutual home – Earth. They all have different cultures but they all understand the importance of doing this Flower of Life Protective Shield. 168 . In this moment. majority of the races are avoiding direct physical contact. due to human foolish behavior and ignorance. Its becoming obvious that some of the races had taken responsibility to help us by delivering to us certain amount of knowledge that will be helpful in understanding what is necessary to be done before the Great Cycle ends on Dec 23rd 2012.e the consciousness of our Planet) and with other 18 positively oriented species that live here in parallel.

you will need to tune into the meditation in the time that matches Saturday 7 am Brisbane time and you will need to be in meditative state emanating energy for a whole hour. In summary. but for those who are ready. and if they are focused enough to effect such a change. For many this will sound like heavily loaded science fiction. they will know that this is true and that this is the key. Let’s say between 7 am and 8 am Brisbane time . So we need to start to practice how to do it! One hour Flower of Life planetary meditation will do for a start. They are helping us to grow both spiritually and intellectually. to activate healing energies with the intention of DNA regeneration of all life and to prepare ourselves and our planet for the arrival of the Nexus 2012 Event. this is an effort to achieve planetary oneness – a single focus of positive energy in order to create the fundamental geometrical astral/magnetic field of cosmic creation. A singular. this being a Superwave that is arriving from the galactic center. Example: If you live in London. meditative stream of consciousness carries enough psionic power to influence the basic structure of the Matrix for the benefit of the whole of humanity.every Saturday and all the rest can refer to that time according to their own time zone. particularly those already participating in spiritual groups around the world and who are practicing meditation. so that we can play our role in the process of the great awakening as planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. 169 . All those races had realized that time has come to achieve a planetary unity in order to defend all planetary life as powerful energetic pulse comes along and makes extreme changes to our Sun. In other words. if they are strong enough. This is because the fractal structure of the Matrix can be modified with the power of our thoughts and only if they are pure enough. this is an attempt to synchronize as many people as possible. Its very important to be done in the same time everywhere on the planet. They will hear and they will resonate.They are warning us about the destiny of our race and our world so that we communicate among each other of the course we have to take in order to avoid the mega disaster which threatens our world and the worlds around us. who started to awake and who are picking up the awakening impulses coming from Sgr*A.

That will take you to present moment. feel the energy. but you keep him/her in the dark so he/she will remain ignorant and easy to be manipulated. things are changing rapidly minute by minute.Once again. Visualize in your consciousness images of crop circles where the flower of life is depicted. here and now and the first thing you will become aware of will be your breathing. grows and gains knowledge. seek contact with open heart and full strength. Observation of Spinning Crop Circles – Way to Connect with Crop Circle makers Fact: Crops circles had given us such knowledge and information that we were able to improve ourselves intellectuality. technologically and most important – spiritually. Put some beautiful meditative music on. to be absolutely clear to everyone… We are talking about a 1 hour-long synchronized Flower of Life planetary meditation from our homes every Saturday at 7 am. Know this… If you want to do a harm to someone. More and more of us are awakening every day. Every participant starts the global meditation according to the Time Zone of their respective location in accordance with the 7 am Saturday Brisbane time. become one with it. Open up…try to establish communication with the cosmic intelligence that is making those crop circles. that makes you feel nice and relaxed…music that brings peace and takes you into the deep. Open up. time is speeding up. So. you never give him/her knowledge to grow intellectually. Music that fulfills you. feel the vibe. Start to feel how your vibrational field becomes one with the vibration that exists inside the crop circles. Close your eyes. its getting harder and harder to manipulate him/her and keep him/her under control. soon we will grow enough both intellectually and spiritually that we will able to co-create Flower of Life Planetary Field. The more a person awakes. technologically and spiritually. If you try to control your breathing you will soon realize that there is a way to use your breathing to remain in that state of no thoughts. do not be afraid of the contact. soon we will need to establish meditative-telepathic contact not just with them. How you will know who is positive and who is not? 170 . Don’t be afraid. and stop the thinking process. but 17 other positively oriented races in order we defend the life on Earth.

Release a intelligent pulse that you want to help in the creation of the protective field. send healing energy and manifest purification process. Send psionic pulses one by one. 171 . You just need to trust your own hearth. Time for conflict is over…its time we wake up that we are sharing this solar system with other races and that only way that is left for us is that we open up towards the stars and cosmic co-existence. feel joy. realize that time for conflict is over and that we need to move towards our evolution. That’s where you are most powerful. Do it for real. and that’s where you truly sense is the outer vibration harmful of not. Feel the best in a human. your DNA antenna start to pick up signals from everywhere. harmony. Joy. Lets go on… Flow with the intent and purpose of the creation and emanate friendly impulses that hold no harm to anyone. Send them out towards all the planet. that’s where your compass and radar are. especially from the GAIA it self. and that you understand the importance of such action. Send it where is needed… Join in meditative oneness. Feel Love. every next pulse stronger then the one before.You will feel in your heart. The GAIA through crop formations will amplify those emotions. Happiness. that express that you are one with everything and that everything is made from the same energy. Friendship and harmony with everything. Feel how more and more. happiness.

We have to unite. In the moment. Make that visualization the best you can and feel it to the atomic structure. The more you send it. The truth is that we are all ONE and that we are all made from the same energy. See how extremely strong bright white light starts to come from your inside. start to emanate light and becoming one with you…feel how the energy flow amplifies your thoughts. We need to let go of the old models and we need to stop the conflict among us. Once you enter that emotional state of consciousness. Release the energies and positive vibe out.Go back in your life and remember of something beautiful that took place long ago…something that means so much to you… Something that you see as sacred. stay in that state. the more you will receive it back like laser bounced of a mirror. who needs competition. If you are doing this with open hearth you will feel this very strong . education – those are all illusions. go back to our source – “our consciousness” and all powers that we are connected to. she will amplify that energy and send it back to us. 172 . if you open your eyes only bright light should be visible. A world where morality is the only direction of existence. Then visualize the world you want to live. If we are ONE and we are all the same. lies or deceptions…the world how it should be… a New world of harmony and peace. We have to move from mine towards ours. See and feel how powerful wave of energy is spreading everywhere along the planet cleaning all the spots of dark fog. making them stronger and stronger. social status. something that puts you into a state of joy and happiness. ego or whatever that keeps our vibration down must disappear from us before we can tune into oneness…before we can all enter group meditation and achieve oneness similar to one that is beautifully depicted in the Avatar movie. Do it until the whole planet is energetically clean and shines with light. We have to open up to those energies. our planet needs those energies like blood infusion. You will feel how the force is getting stronger in you and around you. Feel how the sacred sites and the points where past crop formations where delivered are coming alive. The energy will grow more and more and its your obligation to direct it constructively. We all have been borrowing energy from our mother Earth for so long…its time to give some back. Send that force back to Earth. This is the only way towards future. Release that energy outwards. there is no other way! All competition. Forget about poor or rich. A world without any evil. who needs leaders and hierarchy? We are all good in different things. color of the skin. if we forget about differences and work how to unite our skills and knowledge we will make it. Mother Earth will receive it.

Visualize how our planet heals itself from generated energy. Visualize how GAIA – the “inner sun” in the center of our hollow planet is starting to pulsate. Feel and see within your consciousness a creation of strong force field around Earth. Using the creativity of your consciousness start to form the planetary “Seed of Life” astral structure. 173 . Moving on the surface of the planet distributing peace and balance and refreshing all life. Feel the huge ocean of sharing positive energy moving in and out from Earth. Visualize how magnetosphere starts to pulsate with energy.

Most times the light that is coming from GAIA dominate greenish color.The color of light of the inner sun depends on current state of planetary consciousness and which charge is dominant. That is why the polar auroras are mostly green. but sometimes they turn red and rarely they have beautifully bluish-white color. sometimes having some yellow light too. 174 .

The visualization in you consciousness is set like this: “…The top of the planet matches the North Pole opening. the center matches the inner sun of the planet and the bottom point is the South Pole opening…” 175 .The bluish white light usually comes when the planet breaths with most divine and when millions of Shamballa’s citizens gather in meditation to unite their energy with GAIA. Visualize how the inner sun is starting to glow with beautiful bluish-white light.

176 .

With years the polar openings are contracting and expanding depends on the radio signals that are coming from the Sun. Majority of the planets in our solar system are hollow and there are inner mini suns inside their centers. The old models of understanding are starting to fall apart like towers of cards as new input comes along… See and feel your personal connection with the planetary core. Sun is completely alive and conscious as all the planets are. 177 . GAIA releases energy and the spherical energy field is getting bigger and bigger until it reaches the whole planet. Majority of what we been told is false.

Feel the energetic connection between those two. 178 . Visualize how the core of the planet starts to pulsate stronger and stronger.That’s the first half transparent sphere where Earth fits perfectly. Make projection of that sphere upwards and create the second half transparent sphere. emanating more light and energy into those two spheres. They form what is known “Vesica Piscis”.

The order of creation is already given with numbers. 179 . When you are done with the first seven spheres and you have generated the “Seed of Life” astral structure the next step is to spin them.The third projection is generated between those two. Before every new sphere is projected visualize the core of the planet pulsating more and more and sending energy towards already created ones and every time creates another one. You concentrate on the central sphere and you start to move it counter-clockwise observed from inner observing point or clockwise if Earth is observed from space.

As it is spinning more and more you start to see an electrical current forming inside that central sphere.You start to spin that sphere to maximum. 180 .

Feel the neutrinos from the Sun and from everywhere else moving around you and through you. hurricanes and floods reducing 181 .That powerful electrical current is moving into the second sphere and that one starts to spin also. Feel Oneness with everything. If done properly you will feel that your light body is responding to the created structure. Soon it reaches the same speed and electrical force. Feel ready to for the next step in order that we play our part. everywhere in the cosmos. Visualize earthquakes. You continue to do that until you activate all of the seven spheres of the Seed of Life astral structure. Use the maximal power of your thoughts and push your brain to maximum. When that happens electricity spreads into the third sphere and that starts to spin also.

182 . Again. Again you start to spin that sphere and when electrical current appears pass it to the second sphere and as that is done that sphere starts to spin also. It does this in perfect order and when it reaches the last one. the order of creation is given above. (please see the numbers) Exactly the same as done with the first seven spheres. Start to create the second layer of spheres that consist of six spheres. Now. distributes more energy in all of the spheres. and keep sending your energy towards Earth and towards all life on the planet it in order that we all go smoothly through the transit 2012-2013. the core of the planet pulsates stronger and stronger. When you are done with the creation of the 13 spheres you concentrate again on the central sphere where the Earth is. all other phenomena. but do not shut them off.rapidly. Keep them in static position. always creates another sphere. stop spinning the seven spheres.

Concentrate on the central sphere again and how it pulsates. 13 Spheres are rotating fast and electricity is generated in the central sphere and it moves from one sphere to the next one until it reaches the 13th sphere. 183 . They explain that we need to rotate the central sphere to generate power necessary the seed of life to come alive and to distribute energy into the rest of the spheres.In the crop design you can see the Inner Sun – GAIA. The spheres are still pulsating but the electrical current is off. until you reach the last thirteenth sphere. Feel how powerful electrical field around our planet had become. The pulsating energy moves from sphere to sphere it reaches the thirteenth sphere and creates another one. Stop the spinning again and disconnect the electricity. Then do the same with the the third sphere…and so on.

That sphere is the first of the third and last layer of spheres that will complete the Flower of Life Astral structure. the way and order of creation is given above. you can reach them and feel them with your energy. 184 . concentrate again on the central sphere. you can see them in your consciousness. Again it starts to spin very fast and that rotation produces electricity and magnetism. When all 19 spheres are in place. Again.

The whole force field is becoming self sufficient and its starting to work on its own. As the electrical current moves through the 19 spheres of the Flower of Life structure. 185 . then it moves to the next one and so on until it reaches the last 19th and that one starts to spin also.The electrical current moves into the second sphere it starts to spin too. The generated electrical force is so strong that it affect the surrounding space. The magnetism is increasing as the electrical current moves from one sphere to the next one and everything around us becoming more magnetic. The electrical energy is moving outside from planetary core towards the astral-magnetic structure and back again towards the core of the planet through created petals “vesica piscis” inside the Seed of Life. it start to move back towards the central sphere through the Vesica Piscis that are generated inside the “Seed of Life”.

Charged by the energy of the core itself. the planetary tetrahedrons start to rotate in different direction and they form planetary star tetrahedron. The rotation of the star tetrahedron reaches extreme rate and the whole Flower of Life astral-magnetic structure becomes a protective and strong force field. But we need to do the same and give our best.As the Flower of Life rotates fast and electricity is moving out and in. two planetary tetrahedrons are forming with apexes on the Poles. A force field that will not allow anything harmful to penetrate in. This my brothers and sisters is the key to avoid a great catastrophe on 3D Level. Please have in consideration that most of the species have more functional DNA potential then our current DNA potential and they will lead the creation. This is what the rest 18 races will be doing. 186 . The one with apex at the North Pole opening rotates clockwise and the one with the apex at the South Pole opening rotates counter-clockwise. This Force field will protect Earth from approaching hot magnetic gas from the Ribbon and from the extreme heat form the expanding Sun.

Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]“ If we analyse the line: “Much PAIN but still time” a logical question appears – What do we need to do. Hampshire in UK said: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. weapons…but only with higher consciousness. see things with different eyes. Much PAIN but still time. In 2002 the message that appeared in the crop field in Crabwood Farm. Spirituality is what makes us human. Time is getting short and there is great importance that we do this. We OPpose DECEPTION. One hour Flower of Life planetary meditation between 7 am and 8 am Brisbane time . We can not win this with guns. lasers.every Saturday! Time had shortened but we understand now what they are referring to and what is smart that we all do. We need to open up people.Please spread this information to many as possible. before time runs out and cycle closes? We need to co-create a field of energy around our planet in shape of a Flower of Life with a star tetrahedron in its center. There is GOOD out there. So let’s do it! 187 . Our technology is useless if we die from inside and become like machines.

as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. and the beings on our worlds around you. and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill.Final Word I will leave you with the full message that was delivered back in 1977. and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this. The message is what I resonate with and where my heart is: “…This is the voice of Vrillon. and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. seek only to know yourselves. All your weapons of evil must be removed. but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. speaking to you. Be still now and listen. Have no fear. We are 188 . chaos and untruth. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you . You know now that we are here. and what is confusion.the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return. for your chance may not come again. You are free to accept or reject their teachings. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. Hear now the voice of Vrillon. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. Your inner divine self will protect you from this. your planet Earth. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth. Small groups all over the planet are learning this. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. speaking to you. This is our message to our dear friends.

2010. PANE “ASTRAL WALKER” ANDOV. I really appreciate it. I Love you all! Andov and Sara Andova for putting up with me all this time necessary to write the document. 189 .now leaving the plane of your existence. Thank you for all your guidance I also want to thank everyone else who was helpful in any way. GOLD COAST.09. AUSTRALIA and support. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the Cosmos…” I Love You All Pane “Astral Walker” Andov GRATITUDE I want to express my deepest gratitude to my good friend Mo (Momir Pajic) from Brisbane for all his support. Thank You brother! unconditional love and support as well as her taking care of the home and the family the document would have never been written. If it were not for Svetlana’s I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my beloved wife Svetlana Andova and our two wonderful children Leon Many thanks to all my friends from the stars and to all my friends from the hollow Earth. 16. Without him the creation of this important document was simple impossible.

190 .

191 .

192 .

193 .

194 .

195 .

196 .

197 .





202 .

203 .

Many documentaries of mentioned American television series had shown the expansion of our Sun in great detail. spreading towards the corners of the galaxy. 204 . and astrophysics. The name of the American documentary television series was “The Universe” and has covered the latest scientific research conducted by NASA. solar wind. In order to show the public how that expansion is possible. solar min/max…and so much more just to tell us what the Sun is capable of doing if something alters its inner dynamic. not to mention if Sun expands in size and goes through what is known as Red Giant Phase. NASA scientists had gone through extensive explanation of the most complex dynamics of our star. Just ONE Super Flare. astronomy. And finally.APPENDIX A In 2007. a powerful energetic pulse created by explosion of Sgr A* started to travel away from the galactic centre 26 000 years ago. The show features computergenerated imagery/computer graphics of astronomical objects in the universe and interviews with scientists who study in the fields of cosmology. the History Channel from FOXTEL had released series of documentaries that illustrate something extraordinary: extreme expansion of our Sun and that some of the elite NASA scientists have wild predictions about the next solar maximum in 2012. Of course on the end of each documentary they had to “explain” that there is no need for panic or concern since that is an event that will happen billion years in the future. NASA scientists were persistent to tell the viewers that our star is enormous source of heat and energy and that just one direct hit of 100 Radiation Super Flare is capable of destroying our ozone layer and killing every living organism on the planet. Because of the distance.” The focus was about the connection of the supermassive black hole (Sagittarius A*) with the rest of the galaxy. the evidence that Sgr A* exploded 26 000 years ago and that powerful burst of energy was released. especially with our solar system. In other words. CMEs. it took that long for the pulse to spread so far and to get so close to us because our solar system is on the very edge of the Milky Way some 26000 light years away from the galactic center. sunspots.

We are talking about 380. it’s huge since inside its boundaries you can fit 1000 Earths. Our star is too small to go out in a bang. Each second. It has a surface temperature of 10. In other words. Hydrogen atoms are flanged together by immense pressure to form Helium atoms. It consists mostly from Helium and Hydrogen superheated into plasma that burns at millions of degrees. But from different perspective. six hundred million tonnes of Hydrogen are fused into five hundred ninety five million tonnes of Helium. The Sun is the Super Power of our solar system. in this moment Sun is burning Hydrogen into Helium but when it reaches a phase of maximal burning it will start to burn Helium into Carbon. The Hoover Dam in Nevada generates only 280 megawatts. inside the Sun. our star will start to cool very fast and gradually it will collapse under the force of gravity.000. As the Sun’s hydrogen fuel starts to dissipate. Under the extra heat of the helium the Sun will expand into a monstrous plasma orb called a red giant. In this fusion process. Stars the size of our Sun. It will get so hot again that it will start to burn helium. It is due to happen during the next solar maximum in 2012. In other words the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion. Nothing on Earth is capable of producing such amount of energy. If the distance between the Earth and Sun increases the planet will become too hot and it will no longer be suitable for biological life forms but if the distance decreases the planet will become a frozen world. In other words it’s too small to erupt in Supernova.000 megawatts of power – just in one second. As previously presented. “Yellow” because of the colour of the surface.000.000.000. That five million tonnes of mass lost in the process. The hotter they get the cooler they get from inside. Much of that is based on the ideal distance between our planet and the Sun. the resulting atoms are less massive than the ones that created them.000. The Sun and the Earth have unique relationship between each other. This happens every second inside the Sun. is converted into energy equal to one billion one megaton hydrogen bombs exploding in the same second. do a peculiar thing.APPENDIX B Our Sun is a type of star known as a Yellow Dwarf. the distance of the Sun directly impacts the planet’s climate.000 degrees Fahrenheit and that generates 380 billion billion megawatts of Power. we understand that the Sun had gone through 4 reset points. From the latest data. Energy from this collapse will start heating the core again to hundreds of millions of degrees. It will get so big that it will engulf the entire orbits of Mercury and Venus. Inside the Sun. and Dwarf because it’s small for a star. That’s when 205 . The missing mass is given off as energy.

As it expands. The Expansion Phase: The Hydrogen in the core of the star has all been used. it will still be incredibly hot and capable of evaporating all the oceans on the Earth in when it comes into the closest point. Chi Cygni cools and dims.large enough to engulf and cook our solar system's asteroid belt. Water is essential for life. At its smallest diameter of 300 million miles. The proof of that is everywhere in space. In the process of becoming a Red Giant it will become much cooler but not for us. Despite the fact it will get cooler and the colour will change from Yellow to Red.can happen in few months time. This star behaviour clearly demonstrated Red Giant Phase and gives unbreakable proof that it does not take billion years for a star to grow drastically in size but just a period of months. It will swallow Mercury and Venus. Only some portion of the water will remain in the underground cavities. releasing the outer layer and finally becoming a White Dwarf . it has begun to pulse dramatically in and out. The Sun will start expanding slowly. Chi Cygni has swollen in size to become a red giant and very large…Moreover. When the Sun becomes a Red Giant it will grow at least 30 times its own size. it became mottled with brilliant spots as massive plumes of hot plasma roiled its surface. In reality evidence showed that process of Yellow Dwarf star turning to Red Giant. New close-up photos of the surface of this distant star show its throbbing motions in unprecedented detail. This makes the sun swell up: Its radius becomes about 40% larger and its luminosity twice as bright. Take for example the Chi Cygni . That is the point when Yellow Dwarf starts to expand and it becomes a Red Giant. organic life will disappear. In the case of the Australia’s safe zone – the Triangle Area that I will speak of in my presentation.things are getting hot inside the Sun. The luminosity of the Sun will increase at least 1000 times. the Sun will fluctuate in size before it collapses into a White Dwarf. beating like a giant heart. and the fusion of hydrogen in a shell around the core starts. growing to a diameter of 480 million miles .a star similar to our Sun (but much bigger) that was observed going through Red Giant Phase in 2003. 206 . That’s going to make Earth so hot that the outer crust will start to melt. About 550 light-years from Earth. As the Sun gets closer its heat will boil the water in the oceans. the unground water from the Great Artesian Basin will help sustain life in that area. Mainstream science defines the last of the growing process of a star from the start until it reaches maximum size takes billions of years. The boiling and the evaporating process will be complete in just few minutes. Chi Cygni pulsated once every 408 days. As a Red Giant does. If the Earth loses all its water.

youtube. Chi Cygni is much larger than our Sun which has diameter of only 860.Previous size Size after around 6 months and a half If you like you can check the evidence on this link: http://www..com/watch?v=hhMeu. It will lose mass more rapidly that its losing in this moment. It’s going to be a kind of race between growing Sun (growing heat from the star) and Earth moving little away from that fire that is getting too hot. In other words. the planet will start to move further out into a larger orbit. The culmination as mentioned before will result with releasing the outer layer into space. 207 . As the Sun is swelling it also begins to lose its mass. our precious star does not have the fuel or nuclear energy to manifest such behaviour. The logic is simple – getting less massive means less hold or pull on the Earth.. The Earth will be moved from its nominal orbit. but it will go into a few months expansion phase.000 miles. and that is why it experienced such expansions and contractions. In our case.layer_embedded Summarized.

In fact only few really understood what Mayan Long Count Calendar actually is counting. Oxygen. water seems to be an essential ingredient. the outer layer of the star is ejected into space distributing again all of the essential elements.For life to develop anywhere. 208 . When the Red Giant phase had reached its maximum and the extreme hit and solar storms had formatted almost everything in 3D realm in its near distance. H2O forms again and life that survived the Event can go on. Third Sun. carbon organics have to be present. Second Sun. Carbon. Everything starts from beginning again. Fourth Sun and now according to their Long Count Calendar we are living at the very end of the Fifth Sun. That is why ancient Mayas had era of the First Sun. Phosphorus. including Hydrogen. As mentioned before. it is very important for you to understand that Sun had gone through this same process 4 times. Nitrogen etc.

We also sent. In fact. with it's diameter. the transmission has now travelled nearly 27 light years from Earth (156 trillion + miles) . and we transmitted those as well and you can also see our "Double Helix" DNA Strand. which in 1974 was estimated as 4. in 1971 templates were added to United States spacecraft. we knew the estimated number of nucleotides in our DNA. I believe most of you know what is depicted on the upper images. and has passed the distance of the closest star from our Sun which is 4. It took a tiny fraction of that to receive a reply however.3 light years away. We made contact . The journey of the human template message from Arecibo would take 22.800 light years to reach Messier 13. Arecibo.just under our feet.000 stars and is in the constellation of Hercules. Carbon.with extraterrestrials that is . planet Earth.towards M13. as the human race. The most interesting experiment in 1974 with Arecibo however was it's 3 Terawatt narrowband transmission of a "human template" in the direction of the M13 globular star cluster which consists of 300. in reality it may reach life much earlier. Hoagland. Below these numbers identified the most common atomic numbers in life that we knew at that time. The human template. upgrading the Arecibo station in the US Territory of Puerto Rico was done with the help of Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. 209 . For you that don’t know I will try to simplify in few sentences. and a rough proportional representation of our bodies. Oxygen and Phosphorus. In 1974. At this time.800 Light Years might have been an exaggeration when. For the source of the transmission. It all started in 1974. or 1. but at the beginning of the Arecibo project. I feel the need to show you at least one race that is creating so called crop circles. The Arecibo message included. but the human template transmission in 1974 was sent at the speed of light and in binary form. We transmitted our atomic numbers for Hydrogen.APPENDIX C Before I go on.this is one of their responses.Earth .29 Billion Humans was also transmitted. The blank space in the image represents a binary 0 and the solid blocks represent binary 1's. Expecting the transmission to take 22. the binary equivalent of the numbers 110 showing a "base of 10" identifying our math system and a way to decipher the message. Also with the source was the Arecibo Telescope. our average height. The population of our planet earth. originally sent in 1974 by Arecibo is shown to the left. With the help of Richard C. we sent our solar system identifying the third planet from the Sun . before SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was even formed (1984). Nitrogen. among other things. We didn't stop there and added the molecular formulas for our human DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).23 seconds to reach the moon. It takes only approximately 1 minute to reach Mars travelling at light speed for perspective.

Extraterrestrial Solar System Changes – They live underground and underwater on Earth usually invisible to our perception. Is it not funny to search for other intelligent forms of life in the cosmos while we have them on the Earth and we share the planet with them and others that we start to become aware of? Anyway. From other sources at least one third lives on Earth.213. There are significant changes to the alien body visual representation. This is an indication of intelligence and knowledge of the human periodic table.5 inches.The binary number converted to decimal values 12.The atomic number for Silicon (14) is inserted in it's correct position in the list of atomic numbers for life.78 feet for the human or 5 feet 9. just before Phosphorus (15). Please have in consideration that we are talking about one intelligent race. The transmission was received in the form of 2 crop glyphs next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope run by the British Government in England. and evening of August 18 or 19th. and the head is bigger. Extraterrestrial body is smaller.74 Billion.502 or 12. or 3 Feet 4 inches which is compared to 5.The extraterrestrial body equals 3. mostly on Mars and also on four moons of Jupiter. 2001.750 or est 4. Today we have human population of 7 Billion.29 Billion in human Population of that same year. 210 . The atomic number for Silicon depicted.292.742. Extraterrestrial Molecular DNA Structure – Triple helix DNA functionality – they have more evolved biological hosts that humans have. majority on Mars and the rest on bases on four moons of Jupiter. just for the record in the original Arecibo message that was sent to space in 1974 there was a binary value of 4. We will cover this subject on the presentation in more detail. This is an indication that their skin is more dolphin type and similar colour to dolphins.30 Feet. Extraterrestrial Population in 2001 . Extraterrestrial Atomic Numbers for Life . Extraterrestrial Body Grid Area .853. England on August 13.Response arrived at Chilbolton Telescope.

resulting in clear damage to the plants. we need to see and understand without any prejudice what exactly the phenomena is. Ancient Calendars and a lot more. Such features defeat the hoax argument. the stems are bent six inches from the top of the seed head. Some eighty eyewitnesses as far flung as British Columbia & Australia – have reported crop circles forming in under twenty seconds.APPENDIX D Before we can take for granted the crop messages and how they are related to released energy from the galactic center of the Milky Way. One of the essential characteristics of crop circles is that they appear to have been formed by some form of electromagnetic energy created by intelligent source that is able to control it to a very high degree. these witnesses describe sightings of incandescent or brightly-coloured balls of light which either precede a crop circle or are actively involved in its creation: in some cases shafts of light have descended onto a field and swirled the crop into a geometric shape in less than fifteen seconds. normally about an inch off the ground and near the plant’s first node. since a plank or garden roller is required to flatten the crop to the ground. 211 . In genuine formations the stems are not broken but bent. Such reports are often described by farmers. There has also been many reports of a very distinctive sound that is heard when crop circles are being formed. Red Giant Phase of our Sun in 2012 and upgrade of the DNA molecule. In special cases.

and it is reported by farmers that when they stumble upon a new crop circle they see steam rising from within the design.The plants appear to be subjected to a short and intense burst of heat which softens the stems to drop just above the ground at 90 degrees. where they reharden into their new and very permanent position without damage. With a number of these crops any attempt to bend the stalk will result in it snapping. The pressure applied also causes the water to steam. This process creates surface charring along the stems. canola.real phenomenon White ancient horse monuments Is there a connection? Research and laboratory tests suggest that infrasound (sound below 20 Hz) is capable of producing such and effect: High-pressure infrasound is capable of boiling water inside the stems in one nanosecond.manmade Genuine . Hoax . and it is the singlemost method of identifying the real phenomenon. barley. Crop circles have appeared in wheat. Plant biologists are baffled by this feature. 212 . and then resumes normal functions as soon as it is removed from the immediate vicinity of the crop circle. There are reports of many incidents where all sorts of electrical and mechanical equipment has malfunctioned precisely when taken into a crop circle. expanding the water. and leaving tiny blowholes in the plant’s nodes. rye and linseed as well as many other cultivated crops. The stem of the plants within a crop circle are bent in a manner which cannot be explained by conventional science. The engines of aircraft flying over crop circles have even been known to experience malfunction.

and yet apart from that they remain alive and well. Even more significant is the fact that the DNA is considerably different from the plants that have not been flattened. and with such unerring accuracy that ‘curtains’ of wheat one stalk wide are sometimes all that separate one circle from another.” 213 . Although the plant itself was unharmed. The laboratory analysis also found that the seeds and the germinating process of the affected plants had been changed. and there can also be several layers of densely interwoven stalks resembling interrelated wave patterns. effectively transforming it into steam. but are otherwise undamaged and unharmed. The floor of crop circles consists of plants that have been flattened. It is suggested that this kind of change can only be brought about by tampering with the information patterns in the DNA of the plant. Different species of plant can be left standing amongst an otherwise flattened crop. Generally any attempt to pry the interwoven plants apart will destroy them. Laboratory analysis has revealed the crystalline structure of the flattened plants has actually been changed by some force.However all plants in a crop circle have the stem permanently bent. The flattened plants can be woven into complex spirals and swirls.” From this description it is a abundantly clear that the force that creates these crop circles has to include precision laser beam technology. the central point can be defined down to a single stalk. covering areas of up to 150. “this force is capable of incising pictograms containing over a thousand elements with surgical precision. this force had made substantial changes to the plants natural regenerative processes. As regards the walls of crop circles.C. The perimeter walls resemble the seamless curve of a drum. The selectivity can even extend to plants of the same type and age which are left standing amidst flattened crop.000 square feet. As regards the flattening process itself. Levengood concluded that an energy source “originating in the microwave region had boiled the water inside the plants’ nodes. The flattening process can also exhibit extraordinary selectivity. In other words this force that has flattened the crop had the exact vibrational frequency necessary to modify the information patterns in the DNA. and where inward-curving walls meet inside a design. the laboratory analysis undertaken by the biophysicist W.

course@gmail. who is making those complex pictograms around the world and what most of them mean. I will make special presentation in Brisbane very soon. For all of you who would like to hear more on this research.com 214 . a lot of video material is recorded that made the previous biological research more complete. email: psionic. which is incorrect and clearly not the case.There are opinions that most of the genuine crop circles are made from satellites or HAARP using microwave energy. Summarized. During the years. many of the geometries that are delivered are countdown clocks to 2012 and development of human consciousness… If you have any comments/questions or you would be interested in the detail power point presentation please feel free to contact the author – Pane “AstralWalker” Andov.

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