'101 Ways To Make Love To Yourself.

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. To my Dearly Beloved Maestro.'101 Ways To Make Love To Yourself. You are the soft inspiration of dew drops on my soul. I love you forevermore.' © [Shevy Cardoza] [2011]. All rights reserved.

7. 4. moisturizers and soaps. 15. Invest in a personal trainer for a few classes. 19. Use natural oils. 16. 11.Contents. 5. Love your body. Do find the right health plan for your body. Get a professional massage as often as your budget allows. Snack on seeds. 9. Include more vegetarian / vegan meals in your overall meal plan. 3. 12. Participate in an endurance challenge every once in a while (even once a week if you like and if you can). Invest in natural essential oils. Prologue Introduction 25 Ways To Make Love To Your Body 1. 14. 6. Whatever the size of your body adorn it nicely. 13. nuts or low sugar fruits. 18. lotions. 2. Opt for gourmet sweets and desserts. Open and commit to finding people who will be madly in love with you regardless of what your body looks like and who YOU are madly in love with regardless of what their body looks like. 8. Don't hate yourself because of your current weight. . Do Yoga. Give yourself a body scrub and self-massage a couple times a week. 10. Move consciously. Adapt the right exercise routine for your body and personality type and do it at least 3 times a week. Choose freshly made juices over bottled sodas and drinks. 17. Eat lots of vegetables. .

47. 25. Be in the flow. Be careful about what information you offer others. Do what you can to ensure that where you sleep is at the right room temperature. 31. 36. 28. Observe silence. 30. Establish a sleep routine. 45. Engage the mind. 43. Learn something new. Guard against information that hits you subtly. Turn off electronic devices before sleeping. Cast not your pearls before swine. 40. Seek help from a Therapist or Counselor for big stresses you cannot change. 33. Learn the art of Yoga Nidra and do it before sleeping. Document your thoughts. 22. Let the mind rest.20. Have a healthy sense of skepticism. 46. 39. 34. 24. Meditate on affirmations. 21. 49. 32. 37. Take as many air baths as you can. Identify the difference between thoughts and emotions. Meditate on love. 27. 29. 44.Actively meditate. Meditate. 48. Ask questions of yourself. Read as much as you can. Cool down the evening before sleeping. Contemplate. Seek answers. 23. Meditate on music. 41. 35. Avoid simple daily stresses. 42. 25 Ways To Make Love To Your Mind26. Read with discernment. Learn to be an observer of the mind. 38. .

60. Refrain from gossip. 66. 71. Let it go.Practice detachment from others. 67. 58. Be honest with others. Give to others and expect nothing in return. Open your arms and give a good hug. Know that heartache is inevitable. 25 Ways To Make Love To Your Heart 51. 75. Do not judge the current state of your heart. 56.Search your heart to find your passion. Let go of your current definition of love. Remove the barriers of separation from your heart. Encourage and praise others. 72. Connect with others in a meaningful way.50. Set an intention to open the heart. 69. 62. 73. 25 Ways To Make Love To Your Soul 76. 68. 61. Choose to heal. Keep your home beautiful and clean. Be brave. 53. 65. Surrender. Who am I? . 63. Spend time in the nature. 74. Have sex with a present heart. Learn to forgive. 59. Travel. 52. 70. Nurture your heart. Seek healing words. Look at Art. 54. 55. 64. Read Poetry. 57.

77. Be Grateful. Be compassionate to yourself and to others. Transfigure others.Mahatma Gandhi. 78. 91. Spend your energy wisely. 95. 79. 80. Learn Science. Let envy go. Find and live your purpose. Exercise discipline. Have hope. Be the change you want to see in the world . 89. Observe a flower. 86. Let judgment go. 98. Always return to humility. 81. About the Author . Seek to end suffering. Sublime your energy. 101. 83. 87. 84. 88. 99. Have a sense of wonder about life and the Universe. 96. 97. Observe non-human organisms. 82. 94. WRITE A MANIFESTO. Practice non-violence. Release guilt. Repent. Keep yourself pure. Take action. 85. Alas. 90. 100. Look at the stars. Be Patient. 92. 93.

As a result I lost my job. I had a massive nervous breakdown that found me lost and frightened in a Japanese hospital. Little did I know that day would prove to hold a major clue for the emotional anarchy that followed. a poor image of self and constantly feeling worthless was to commit to a journey of learning self-love and making love to myself. It is from this place of experience that I wrote 101 Ways To Make Love To Yourself. Every single way you will find here in this guide are ALL ways I have already incorporated in my life or that I am still working on daily to incorporate into my life. empowered. it turned out to be the greatest blessing of my life because it was the wake up call I needed to change ME!!! It took me three years to fully recover from the breakdown and during the three years.Prologue Once while walking home from my job as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan I remember feeling a heavy curtain of lonely's perfume hanging over my head. A few weeks later. I learned that the only way to overcome a life filled with depression. Free from depression. darkness and void. Three years later I am whole different person. went to therapy. However. I cannot tell you that the journey to deeper self-love is easy. activities and wholesome nutrition in my life. though I would have several smaller breakdowns. sensual and passionate about making love to ME everyday. beautiful. traveled around. free from selfhatred. I read everything I could find. weight issues. My entire being felt vacant and it was as if every step I took was another step into despair. sought advice from the wise. my apartment and my money because my mental sanity became questionable. It does . activities and substances from my life and took up new people. dropped some people.

self-love. I offer this guide. sweet. from my heart to yours. soulful.require commitment. to delicious. . my path and those that choose to support me and walk with me on my path. or continue on your journey. 101 Ways To Make Love To Yourself. as my gift and my silent support as you too begin your journey. discipline and an incredible amount of empathy towards the self. What I can tell you however is I have found that making love to myself has made my life into a light that illuminates me. And so.

making love to yourself is the ultimate self-created luxury you will embrace that will gift your life with abundance. Now. Remember. refreshment. That's right! When the notions of making love to yourself enter your field of thought you KNOW you have started on a journey of the greatest transformation of your life.Introduction. 25 ways to make love to your Mind. Whichever of these expressions you use is fantastic especially when you deeply understand the magnitude your chosen expression has on your life. not to worry because the last way – Way 101 . And it most certainly does NOT mean that you will turn a blind eye to the needs of those around you. It is NOT arrogant. affirming YOUR unique imprint here on this earth and stepping into the knowing that YOU matter and YOU are wanted by all those you knowingly and unknowingly inspire with your firm steps of self-love. invigoration and an epic end to 'THINGS' which never served you or your most loving interest. the following guide will give you a smacking 100 ways of how you can make love to yourself right now. these 100 ways of how you can make love to yourself are divided into four categories. loving yourself.will help you incorporate the ways you need most into your daily life. making love to yourself is your birthright and self-created luxury. how in the world do you make love to yourself??? Well. 25 ways to make love to your Body. making love to yourself. It is your journey of celebrating YOU. 25 ways to make love to your Heart and 25 ways to make love to your Soul. Rather. the marvelous creation that YOU are. But before we get into the sweet and delicious nature of this transformation lets make a few things immediately clear. Stepping unto the path of making love to yourself is NOT selfish. visualize the new you that will blossom while you are making love to yourself and be responsible. So have fun. Self-love. If you are now thinking how in the world will I know where to start from a 100 WAYS. safe and . right here! For your ease. joy.

.committed to it all.

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