Iran's Posl-Election ,Uprising: Hopes &

2.0 fears Revealed

Ediled bv Paymao & Sina


"Ahmadinejad has won with 62% of the vote .ltraconservative incumbant d AhmadrneJad and the moderate ex-Prime Minister Mir Hosse ite optimism there have already been some reports of _vo!e_r_ i More than 85"10 of eligible voters cast their ballots today . 4 candidates.spreadpersepolis.2009 The voter turnout in Iran's presidentiql elections is unprecedented and there is an electrlfymg sense of hope on both sides. the favorites are the u.Friday. June . " www...•.

com . and I vigorously protest the obvious irregulariti. As the ~upreme Leader. the p'eople have spoken . I declare this to be a divine result. I will not bend to these dangerous theatrics.. Moussavi holds a.. demonstrafir:lg peacefully. press conference . The Interior Ministry headed by present In todays elecfion. Moussavisupporters are in a state of shock.resident will continue to lead us for anofher 4 years.our dear p. clashes soon break. www. out between the crowd ana riot police. However. June 13 Early this morning the Interior Ministry declared Ahmadinejad the winner.lejad had called me [est night to tell me that I hcd won ~y a large marg!n. How could they have hand-counted 40 million ballots in 24 hours>> By mid-day thousands of Moussavi suppor-ter-s are in the streets.

spreadpersepolis. and are offered cake . . as they get on the bus. .. faceless masses . ...Sunday June 14 Meanwhile opposition leaders are beil'9 rounded up and locked in prison... Try P'Otesti~..... Ahmadinejad supporters are thanked for their vote .

here Are Our Votes? Tehran is burning. Women are at the forefront of the opposition movement.Monday June 15 I Iranians of all backgrounds heeded the call to demonstrate in Tehran and other major cities. I fought in the war. to pursue my dreams. The economy is too my voice deserves I want the chance weak we want jobs to be heard. www. EMugh repression. Today we will fight for our rights.spreadpersepolis.' .com .

i~s.. Twitter is delaying its weekly maintenance and Google. Word spreads quickly through Twitter . I We support you.. keep feeding us information.t e real info IS on me. www. being beaten. June 16-17 mom. yet we persevere. meet at 5pm! Iranians worldwide express solidarity with their countrymen within Iran..released its Farsi translation service .~rs are ~dl... Tue/Wed.. the .. don't give up. Weare hundreds of thousands in the streets.spreadpersepolis.l. Communication must remain open for us to continue demonstrating. .spreadpersepolis.uldbe changing for the better . .. www. And yet the mood was full of hope and people hod a genuine belief that things wo."Seyed Ali* Pinoshet. Iran won't be Chile" ..Thursday June 18 I Thursday saw the most powerful mass demonstration in Tehran since the Revolwtion.

Maybe Khamenei will declare the elections void and hold a new one. How could he ignore the masses? I just worry what willhappen next if he supports the fraudulent results. please sing a song for my country . but the heart of the regime is now. Hi little bird.. and as she fell asleep: Tweet! Tweet! www. June 19 The people await the Supreme Leader's final judgment on the issue of the elections . He declared"..Friday.. The election stands and protests are illegal! We just wanted our votes to be ..spreadpersepolis.. ------ I hope so.

June 20-21 Dozens of civilians are killed including a YO.Sat/Sun.unggirl named Neda . ..

images were taken from Marjane Satrapi's inspirational novel Persepolis SpreadPersepolis@gmail..the . All . Facebook. This Message Twitter.print Protest. Spread .com www. Forward Email.. suppon Iranians.Don't cry Nedo.spreadpersepolis. Your death will not be in vain.