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Published by: Weena Castroalicaway on May 28, 2012
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Sheet1 DATE 04/10/12 TIME 08:31:00 AM 10:30:00 AM 10:44:00 AM 11:05:00 AM 11:34:00 AM CID 34386 34467 34100 33391 35122 PURPOSE port for updates follow up on quote

sent ship. Add ship. Add sample pack

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Sheet1 FEEDBACK Follow up on Port. said she received the sample pack and will email me for any quote request and for her free sticker artwork. Caroline will look into it and will send me an email to confirm. Ship add provided Asked to ship to their office if it'll make it by Thursday if not then on her home address. Page 2 . Asked Denis to forward me the Chris artwork same format as Pauls artwork. Talked to Haley.

Page 3 .Sheet1 for her free sticker artwork.

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