Boy with World‘s highest I.

Q Seven years old boy named ‘Akrit’ from Chandigarh, India is the wonder kid who did miracle in the field of medicine. His I.Q levels are very impressive than any other human in this world. He is the young student to join in the university at the age of twelve. On the 19th of November 2000, I n a small village near the mountain tails of Himalayas he performed a successful surgery to an eight years old girl whose fingers got separated after surgery .This surgery was performed only by this boy without any help or supervision from a Surgeon as the patient’s parents are too poor to afford money for the operation. Akrit learned alphabets, words and was able to write and speak at the age of 2 years. His interests are same as other children, he plays cricket, enjoys with family members and the only difference is his concentration, interest and confidence on what he learns. He studied most of the subjects in the field of medicine. He is very passionate on the field of medicine and studied in top Indian university at the age of twelve which was a greatest achievement for his age. Akrit is very interested in pursuing research and to develop a medicine for cancer if government supports him with well equipped lab within two or three years. His I.Q levels are tested by the experts from London and declared him as the boy with world’s highest I.Q levels. His mother says that his present focus was only towards his goals without any secondary targets because focusing on two things simultaneously can disturb his goal. He has three goals in his life to make himself happy: 1. To develop a curable medicine for dangerous diseases like ‘Cancer’ and ‘Aids’ which can make survive millions of patients. 2. To achieve ‘Noble Prize’ at the very young age 3. To serve and cure all human curable diseases. Out of all the Human wonders created by god, Akrit is the top among them

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