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Nigerian Scam Revisited

Nigerian Scam Revisited


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Published by: Don't call me names on Dec 27, 2008
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Hello Dear, How are you today together with your business and your entire family?

I guess that everything is ok with you. I know this mail will not come to you as a suprise since we have not had a previous correspondance, please bear with me. I am more than happy to read your interesting mail again, i hope that you are fine and healthy, I have noticed that you are the kind of man i am looking for, I believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person, that's what makes me to disclose my identity to you. My name is Miss Ester Musa,23 years old from Darfur Region of Sudan and presently I am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the killing of my family by the rebels on last year please don't be discouraged for hearing this.I believe deep down inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway. I am from the family of late Engr Musa Camara. My late father Engr.Musa Camara, was One of the Board of Directors of Sudapet Limited (Sudan National Petroleum Company) Darfur. The brutal killing of my mother and my father, one kid sister and kid brother took place one early morning by the rebels as a result of the civil war that is going on until now in Sudan. I was in my second year in Applied Mathematics department of University of Darfur in Sudan before the death of my loved Parents. I contacted you for a possible help. My step mother was a very wicked woman and she intend to kill me since my father and my real biological mother is died. Then she planned to take away all my late father's property and some other valuable things from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Parents. Meanwhile I wanted to find my way out of my country because I have seen what she is planning to do to me. I thereby plan to go to Europe or other part of the World, but she hide my international passport and other valuable travelling documents. Luckly she did not found where I kept my fathers File which contains important documents. I managed to escape with the documents which covers my late father's deposited money $6.2 MD(Six Million and Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars). which he used my name as the next of kin.

Meanwhile,I am still residing here as a refugee under the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES, i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foriegn personality to help me transfer the money from the bank pending my arrival in your country cause I will like to see you face to face soon. Furthermore,on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me retreive the money from the bank and transfer to your nominated account.Remember is my wish to come over to your country but I don't have travelling documents such as International passport and money for the air ticket at the moment, all this is why I told you to contact the bank first so that this money will be transfered into your bank account,so that from there you can send some money to me to prepare my travellings documents to come and meet you face to face and start a new life with you also continue my studies cause I will like to further my studies as soon as I arrive to your country, please try to help me to achieve this goal as I have a desire to become a famous personality in the nearest future. I will be pleased if you can do this for me. You can reach me through this number (+221 76 854 5660 ) It is a Reverend Fathers phone number, by name Reverend Father John Obiah and email (revfr_john@yahoo.co.uk) he is the person that is incharge of the camp even it's his office computer I'm using to send you an email any time he is less busy in his office because there's no computer at the camp hostel except in his office.If you call, please ask of Ester Musa. When ever you call, try to tell him that you want to speak with Ester Musa, I am staying in the female hostel. I have already inform him, that some one will call me through his phone. He will send for me from the hostel to come and speak with you.So please do not fail to call me, because I need to hear your voice too. Nevertheless on your which to help me out I will like to have your data such as: 1.Your Full name 2.Your country 3.Your occupation. 4.your phone or fax number. Imediately I receive your data I will give you the contact and information of the bank where the money was deposited for you to contact them for confirmation in regards.

Remember I am revealing my secret to you, because I need help and I actually prayed that out of the three mail I sent the one that I received first will be the person to assist me, which is more or less a divine thing. As you know one must certainly trust person notwithstanding the time we have known. For me I trust you and I also enjoin you to trust me. The bank refused to give me this money because of my refugee status here in Senegal as the law of Senegal do not allow a refugee to per take in anything concerning money and I don't have any bank account where this money will be transferred that was why I contacted you because I do not permit to do that also the bank has advise me to nominate any foreign partner I trusted which is why I approach you in this regard. Bye and take a good care of yourself,have a nice day. Yours sincerly, Ester.

Dear Ester, Please do not take offence in what follows. It's nothing personal, either. I know it's a hard life out there and you are definitely entitled to play the ''get yourself a better life'' game the way you think is best. Yet, being a long course traveler and quite knowledgeable in world's politics, let me - politely point out that if you father had had THAT amount of money in Darfour, he

would not only have bought a significant share of ‘’Sudan National Petroleum Company Whatever’’ but at least also one fourth of the ''big dogs'' in Khartoum whilst putting together a significant army of either soldiers of fortune or locals or both and wept any malevolent person or group thereof off the frigging planet. Apart from the -in my humble opinion - very uncorrect background story you decided to adopt, or have been made to - in case you really exist , that is please keep in mind that hundreds are actually killed in Darfour by the week. As to the the rest of your mail, it pretty much uses all the ingredients of the infamous ''Nigerian Scam''. Do I have to say go google that? Guess not. Having said that, and provided that you really exist in this space-time frame, I am very happy to learn that, according to the ''law of reversal truth'', you are not in the sad predicament you explain above. Still, assuming that you do exist, I appreciate your gentle tracts and the very good knowledge of English - which, mind, being an Italian by birth and nationality is a second language to me, too - and would love further dicussing with you while dining at a good fish restaurant , location of your choice. Don't worry, I travel a lot and will soon be a few hours away from wherever, if not right into downtown Wherever. It's no joke. A toast to your blooming beauty, Friendly, Steve Stenolo PS: And what makes you ‘’ guess that everything is ok with you’’ for the Glory of Eris? I’m having a helluvalotta problems. Fnord!

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