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Amy Ice Cream

Amy Ice Cream

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Published by Chaitanya Bijur

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Published by: Chaitanya Bijur on May 28, 2012
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Group 2

Amy Ice-Cream
Bhushan Patne (11125013) Chaitanya Bijur(11125014) Harshil Shah(11125067) Mukul Joshi(11125032)

Agenda • Background • Culture at Amy’s Ice Cream • Personality Attributes • Abstract Questioning • Situational Vignette • Role Playing .

Background • Ice Cream Business • Unique Service offered to customer differentiate Amy’s Ice Cream from its competitor • Employees: 80% part time workers • Selection procedure: “The Sack” and Interview • Training : Deliver a consistent product and interpersonal skills • Freedom-oriented approach rather than ruleoriented approach .

no fixed working hours) .Service Organization Culture at Amy’s Ice Cream • Creativity and Entertaining • Employees should enjoy their work • Customer Satisfaction through satisfactory service and ice cream • No real job (no uniform.

PERSONALITY ATTRIBUTES SOUGHT Creative  Entertaining  Outgoing  Willingness to work in team  Flexible  .

ABSTRACT QUESTIONING Provide an example when you went out of the way to delight a customer. managers and customers in your previous job?  .  What was unusual about the demand?  How did you develop relations with your co workers.

How will you handle such a situation?  You have somehow convinced the kid to try another flavor. But it costs more than the money with the kid. What will you do?  .SITUATIONAL VIGNETTE / ROLE PLAYING A kid is demanding chocolate flavor which you don’t have.

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