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India is home of half of the world blind population
Issues: - Education
- Inclusion in Mainstream Activities

Visual Impairment Scenario
TOTAL 106.34 Lakhs
(1.03% of Total Population)

Urban Rural


27.61 Lakhs 78.73 Lakhs

Male : 57.32 Lakhs Female : 49.02 Lakhs
Source : Census 2001

60 (0.82 (0.20 (0.82 (1.87%) UP : 18.77%) Bihar : 10.33%) Gujarat : 4.41(0.05%) Maharastra: 5.11%) MP : 6.62 (1.94 (0.06%) In Lakhs Tamilnadu: 9.95%) J&K : 2.52 (1.13 (1.39%) Assam : 2.70%) Haryana : 2.01 (0.05 (1.63 (1.81(0.54%) AP : 5.05%) Source : Census 2001 .97%) Punjab : 1.70 (0.83%) Kerala : 3.21%) Jharkhand: 1.76%) Karnataka: 4.08 (2.36 (1.53 (1.86 (0.05%) Chhat’garh: 1.Visual Impairment Scenario – Statewise Delhi : 1.07%) Orissa : 5.60%) Rajasthan: 7.69%) WB : 8.35 (1.

Visual Impairment Scenario – Statewise In Lakhs Source : Census 2001 .

Visual Impairment Scenario • Prevalence in Rural Areas and among Economically Weaker Section • Spread Far and Wide. Intervention through Small Clusters • Due to financial condition it is often difficult for the families to provide necessary support for development of skills for the VI persons .

Schools to be equipped with vocational training facilities . where necessary .PWD Act 1995 • Employment – 1% reserved for people with blindness / low vision • Education . rehabilitation and manpower development .Training of teachers • Development and research for . learning material .Special education.Non-formal education.Affordable Aids and Appliances .Right to free books.

Scaleable & Interactive System . Writing. Teaching.WML Approach • Information Technology Enabled Braille Education • Indian Languages • Integrated System for Reading. Learning • Modular. Printing.

Computerised Braille Transcription System Input Devices For the Visually Impaired to Write in Braille • QWERTY Keyboard – With Audio Support – Braille Input Using 6 Keys (SDF JKL) – Single User • Braille Keyboard (BKB) – Ergonomic Design For Braille Entry – With Audio Support – Multi-User .


Braille Keyboard & E – Class Room • For Interactive Teaching Session. • Braille Entry by 8 Students simultaneously thru 8 BKBs • Braille-to-Text conversion • Braille Printing and Text Printing .

Computerised Braille Transcription System Output Devices • Indigenously developed Automatic Braille Embosser • Tactile Reader – Refreshable Braille Display • Interface with Imported Braillers of different Speeds / Manufacturers .


Tactile Reader & E – Library • Paperless Reading. . • Multiple Users Reading Different Files from a Computer • Content To Be Available In Electronic Form • Each Reader can Control their Terminal for Navigation at his own speed.

Computerised Braille Transcription System Application Software in 13 Indian Languages • Text to Braille Transcription Software • Braille to Text Transcription Software • E-Reading Software for paperless reading using Refreshable Braille Display • E-Classroom Software using Multiple Braille Keyboards for Interactive Classrooms • Mathematics Transcription Software .

Braille Keyboard BKB-10 Parallel operation Upto 8 nos EasyBraille Normal Qwerty Keyboard Inkjet Printer ASDF GLKJ Braille Print ASDF GLKJ Ink Print . MathBraille ReadBraille WriteBraille DirectBraille Text To Braille INPUT DEVICES Perkins Braille: Operation in Parallel Upto 4 nos.COMPUTERISED BRAILLE TRANSCRIPTION SYSTEM Print Through Interpoint Brailler 12 Indian Languages SOFTWARE 13 Indian Languages Networking OUTPUT DEVICES Tactile Reader Parallel Operation Upto 8 nos.

Blind Schools • Links to Relevant Govt.Connecting the Blind Schools. Websites . NGOs.in .www. Individuals • Electronic Braille Archive in 13 Languages • Magazine • Learn Braille • Information on NGOs.braille-aids.

www..in .braille-aids.

Calculus • Nemeth Braille Standard • Interface with Windows Compatible Embossers .WIMATS Mathematics Transcription Software • User Friendly Interface to Input Mathematics and Scientific Notations •Supports 180Math Symbols Arithmetic. Geometry.Algebra.

Reqmt. – Not Available – Single User – Expensive in India A Unique System For IT Enabled Braille Education in the Country .WML System • Indian Language • Integrated System • Interactive E-Classroom System • E-Reading System Multi User • Affordable Imported Systems – English – Different software catering to diff.

Deployment: 22 States: 13 Languages: 110 Schools .

2000 • Received National Award from DARPG in 2004 • Systems Installed at 110 Schools across 22 states all over the country • 5 Systems exported to Blind Schools at Bangladesh • Mathematics Braille Transcription Software .Achievements • Received National Award from Ministry of Social Justice & Empower.

Development Work Ongoing • • • • • • Text to Speech Software Screen Reader Talking Dictionary Email Application in Braille Optical Character Recognition Scanner .Reader .

Scope • Deployment of Software and Hardware in All Blind Schools • Deployment at all VRCs • Braille Corner Facilities in Libraries. State Archives • DirectBraille Software instead of Assistants in Examination • Audio Supported Braille To Text Software at Office / Bank / Court for Rehabilitation. .

A Visually Impaired Student Typing In Braille .

com.Thank You Webel Mediatronics Limited P-1. Fax: 91-33 2401 4081 E-Mail: webelmedia@gmail.in. Taratala Road. INDIA Phone: 91-33 2401 5602 / 0712. www.webelmediatronics.in . wml@vsnl.braille-aids.com Website: www. Kolkata – 700 088.

Index. Perkins and other imported systems. .Text-to-Braille System • Windows based easy to use Text-to-Braille Software for printing Braille in Indian languages & English. • Interface available for Braille-O. • The software will remove the problem of entering data in Braille as is done now for mass production of Braille materials in Indian languages. • Braille knowledge not required for system operation.

Assamese.Braille-to-Text System : DirectBraille • Typing in Braille with audio support using regular Keyboard by the Visually Impaired. Malayalam and English. Tamil. Gujarati. Kannada.Hindi. • Converts Braille to Indian languages text . Mizo. • Braille as well as text printing by the Visually Impaired. • A Rehabilitation tool. Telugu. Punjabi. Bengali. • Easy to learn. Marathi. Oriya. Nepali. .

• Nemeth Braille standard for transcription. text and mathematical symbols. in Braille in Indian languages & English. question papers etc. . books.Mathematics Braille • To create mathematics & scientific text. • Soft Keyboard for different languages and Math symbols. notes. • Editable in Braille as well as text mode. • Editor to type in English and Indian languages.

This package is quite effective for self – learning of Braille. “… it (EasyBraille) has been used in the Resource Centre (at NIVH. • Supports 12 Indian Languages & English.NIVH. Dehradun .” -.EasyBraille • An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM for Learning Braille in Indian Languages for Sighted Persons. Dehradun) and found useful for teaching Braille to Teacher Trainees / O&M instructor trainees.

Pune and WML .Shruti Dristi ---.Browsing Through Listening • Extractor System – Extracts data and links as well as text from a web page • Vachantar System – links and texts in synthetic speech • Text to Braille – through refreshable Braille Display and hardcopy by Automatic Braille Embosser Developed Jointly by CDAC.

TTS Application • BengaliReader.Reads Bengali text files through synthetic speech. • Visually Impaired Persons can operate independently. • Bengali and Hindi languages. .

Talking Dictionary • Find meaning and parts of speech information of a word typed in Braille. • Special searching facility for rhyming words & wild card. . • Synthetic Speech output available.


Karnataka .Training Centre At Belgaum.

J. Government of India. V.G. Secretary General National Association For The Blind.Comments on the Braille Transcription System of WML “…it is our wish that blind children studying in schools for the blind and integrated education programme gets this vital learning experience. Rajendra T. We highly recommend the implementation of this programme wherever possible. Mumbai Dr.” “ We assure you that these software and devices designed by WML will open up new horizons in the field of Braille Literacy and computer education for the visually challenged person. Vyas Hon.” Mr. “ “…I urge on equipping all Government aided and N. N. M. Mani Secretary General – Asia Pacific Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) . Kavi Principal Secondary School For The Blind Ahmedabad (A Training Centre) Padmashree Dr.O s Working for the Visually Impaired in the Country with this System developed indigenously under the aegis of the Ministry of Information & Technology. G.

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