Elizabeth 1

A “Worldly Renaissance Woman” who helped England prosper into a great nation.

Her early years
Born in Greenwich palace September 7, 1533. Had two siblings, Mary, and Edward. Both half siblings. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded when she was only 2 years old.

Growing up
Studied Greek and Roman classics Also studied history and theology Studied different languages Father married 6 woman 1st step mother died giving birth to Edward

Bloody Mary
Nickname came from the persecutions of so many protestants Thought Elizabeth was plotting against her Imprisoned Elizabeth in the Tower of London for 5 years Engaged in a war with the French

Elizabeth’s reign
Crowned in 1559 Almost died from smallpox in 1562 Ended the French war Told Sir Francis Drake and other English ships to attack the Spanish The war with the Spanish lasted 16 years Executed her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots because she was stirring up a religious fuss. Died at Richmond Palace in 1603

Said to be the greatest monarch to ever rule England, Elizabeth 1 helped England grow to be a great nation by the time she died.

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