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MediTour Expo News.

2010(Sept); Vol 1(2):6-9

Global Healthcare and The International Medical Tourist Zone
Latha Rajendra Kumar, MD, PhD and Robin Yurk, MD, MPH e: info@meditourexpo.net

Global Healthcare
It has been presented in the literature as an economic model with tradable healthcare services. Competition has been presented in terms of price, however increased Resources and Awareness is needed regarding healthcare facilities which meet high quality standards. The trend for promoting higher quality facilities is being performed by Joint Commission International with an estimate of 43 countries containing over 300 accredited organizations.2 Wallcott Holdings is an organization which has developed a Global Healthcare business model to promote high quality healthcare facilities integrated with tourism. Satellite organizations such as IntHealthCert and MediTour Expo will work with Wallcott Holdings, LLC in promoting the high quality Standards envisioned by Wallcott Holding's Global Healthcare delivery model. We present an overview of the organizations involved in the development of the International Medical Tourist Zones, also known as International MediTour Zones (IMTZs).

Wallcott Holdings
In 2004 Wallcott Holdings, LLC (WHL), a US based international research group, began strategic planning aimed at creating a new, fully integrated global healthcare system, the International MediTour Zones (IMTZs).“International Medical Tourist Zones are large-scale economic developments integrating state-of-the-art medical facilities, luxury tourist attractions and best-in-class accommodations in areas currently underserved by medical tourism.” Wallcott Holdings, LLC will facilitate diversified real estate investment capital for the IMTZs and their surrounding facilities planned to be developed in North America, Europe, and Asia. The first candidate location for the IMTZ is the Mexico International Medical Tourist Zone IMTZ located in Puerto, Penasco, Mexico.3 Each facility will be Joint Commission International Accredited, facilitated by IntHealthCert and educational and marketing events planned by MediTour Expo. WHL will host an exclusive presentation on global investment in the IMTZs at MediTour Expo conference in Las Vegas 23-24 May 2011. This will be of special interest to investment groups and investment advisors.


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tourism industry professionals.net www.meditourexpo. Some of the educational and professional topics will include international hospital certification. and the role of the primary care physician in medical travel and continuity of care. boasts 3. Additional information about Wallcott Holdings. 2010(Sept). LLC can be found on the website at wallcottholdings. healthcare informatics. MediTour Expo is currently pioneering an annual international conference dedicated to providing valuable assistance to the global healthcare travel industry including international healthcare and wellness. Another well-known hospital in Bangkok. potential risks and how to rise above them.meditourexpo.meditourexpo.net or through email at info@meditourexpo. The target audience will be global investment advisors. travel agents. Conference enquiries for the brochure and agenda can be made through the website at www.MediTour Expo News. Singapore recently hired an international management 3 -consulting firm to help develop a strategy for attracting more international medical tourists. Additionally.net . IntHealthCert (IHC). educational and 4 professional topics and legal issues for international medical tourism . The conference will focus on business and investment opportunities. Thailand. This second international conference in global healthcare will feature investment opportunities in healthcare travel and tourism in Las Vegas. leading healthcare lawyers. and providing strategic support for the development of IMTZs and other global healthcare enterprises that are able to meet IHC standards. and medical facility owners and operators. global healthcare professionals. They advertise as an internationally recognized hospital with 600 physicians on staff – 200 of whom are US certified. many from overseas patients. healthcare insurance administrators. and an overview of investment opportunities for the International Medical tourist zones. health travel agents and medical tourism opportunities. with a strategic alliance with the international non-profit healthcare certification and educational organization. Some of the business & investment 4 topics include investment in medical wellness tourism & assisted living facilities. Vol 1(2):6-9 One large chain of hospitals that serves to highlight the potential of the IMTZs is located in India and continues to upgrade its facilities in a bid to attract the increasing pool of potential overseas consumers. MTE was created for the purposes organizing special events for the global healthcare industry.net Page 7 www. The other avenues presented are ethical and legal issues for the international medical tourist.com MediTourExpo : Pioneering The Future of Global Heathcare MediTourExpo LLC (MTE) is a US based event and educational company specializing in international healthcare travel and tourism. under the trademarked MediTour Expo.500 procedures per day.

www. Consumer advocacy through an International Medical Dispute Resolution System and 3). Promotion of patient safety & reduction of adverse events. Vol 1(2):6-9 More details on the details of the individual sessions will be featuring in November. IntHealthCert will work to develop an organization which will promote the goal of JCI accreditation in its facilities in addition to the development of some additional standards. IHC is a certification. educational and advocacy organization that has a subscriber service within the international medical travel industry and globalized medicine. The International MedTour Zones will provide the leadership infrastructure and mission to build a healthcare facility with high quality standards in areas currently underserved by Medical Tourism.meditourexpo. 2011.net . More information about the organizational development of IntHealthCert can be found on the website: www. medical cities and their affiliate clinics. 2).com Conclusions : The goal of achieving high quality standards is a continuous process with a division of responsibility. and Asia. 23-24 May. The mission is to inform the global traveler about quality accreditation standards through continuous improvement of the International healthcare facilities located in specially designed international medical tourist zones. These facilities are planned for North America. MediTour Expo will provide the avenue for further development of this model of the International Medical Tourists Zones at its Second International Conference in Las Vegas. IntHealthCert (IHC) is a non-profit healthcare organization5 which works closely with MediTourExpo to facilitate its organizational development. MediTour Expo will sponsor educational events which are centered around the mission of IntHealthCert. Europe.meditourexpo.MediTour Expo News. 2010. IntHealthCert's initial scope of operations for the International MediTour Zones will include: 1). Our October article will feature the accreditation process for foreign medical tourism facility operators in Global health Care. MediTour Expo Assists in the Development of IntHealthCert. Education for a specialized Medical Tourism system. 2010(Sept).net Page 8 www. “Pioneering the Future of Global Healthcare”.IntHealthCert.

Medical Tourism in Developing Countries. IntHealthCert. 2). 2010. 2007.meditourexpo. 2010(Sept). NY. Retrieved September 3. Business Plan. International Medical Tourist Zone(IMTZ) Business Plan. Joint Commission International. June 2009. 5). November 2009.net Page 9 www. Vol 1(2):6-9 References : 1). Available at URL : http://ww.net .net www. Palgrave Macmillan: NY. Available at URL:http://www.meditourexpo. Bookman M and Bookman R.org/about-jci/ 3).jointcommissioninternational. 2010. Wallcott Holdings LLC. September 6. NY. 4).MediTour Expo News.meditourexpo. MeditourExpo Conference Brochure. About JCI-Accredited Organizations.

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