( Objective structured clinical exam



5th year 2005-2006

Q-1   what is the abnormality ? periorbital edema list three differential diagnosis ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

K normal   what is your diagnosis ? hypernatremic dehydration list two complications ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ . Cl high .Q-2  A 9 month child came with history of vomiting and diarrhea for 6 days. his lab results showing : Na high . urea high .

Q-3  this is a head circumference readings of a child presenting with failure of growth : 2 month 38 cm 4 month 42 cm 6 month 48 cm    plot the reading on the chart provided (there is a chart with the papers) list two differential diagnosis give a confirmatory investigation ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

Q-4  A 8 years child came to ER with dyspnea and cyanosis. this is his chest x-ray :    name three abnormalities what is the diagnosis (transposition of great arteries) list two investigations to confirm your diagnosis ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

and this is the microscopic picture of his stool :   what is the diagnosis how does this disease cause his delay ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .Q-5  A child came with growth delay.

pincer grip what are the developmental ages of each one ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .Q-6   what are the names of these signs : palmar grasp .

‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ . this is her CBC results : Hb low MCV low MCH low   name two differential diagnosis name a confirmatory test for each one.Q-7  A patient came with lethargy.

Q-8 name this test ? tuberculin skin test (Mantoux test)  what is dose in IU  what is the route of administration  when to read the test  when to consider it positive  ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

tuberosclerosis.Q-9  this is a pedigree showing inheritance pattern :   what is the inheritance pattern ? autosomal dominant give two examples of diseases inherited by this pattern (spherocytosis. etc…) ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

normal what is the diagnosis ? respiratory acidosis (or respiratory failure type2)  list two causes  ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .19 (low) PO2 low PCO2 high HCO3.Q-10  this is an ABG results : PH 7.

‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

2.Active OSCE stations 1. This is a 7 years child complaining of skin rash ask his father / mother relevant questions Do a lower limb motor neurological examination EXCLUDING sensory examination and talk while examining (there was a child with scissoring limbs and another one with hypotonia ) ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

3. 5. CVA) . ‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ Do complete abdominal examination to this child (without the general GIT examination ) ( the child has spleen enlargement ) examine the precoridum (no general exam!) Anwar is a 8-year old girl complaining of right side weakness ask relevant questions (she is a SCA patient. 4.

‫املرض الرئيسي للنجاح‬ ‫مرض األعذار‬ .

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