Blasted was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London, on 12January 1995.

The cast was as follows:

Cate Soldier

Pip Donaghy Kate Ashfield Dermot Kerrigan

Directed byJames Macdonald Designed by Franziska Wilcken Lighting by Jon Linstrum Sound by Paul Arditti


Cate Soldier

Scene One A very expensive hotel room in Leeds - the kind that is so expensive it could be anywhere in the world. There is a large double bed. A mini-bar and champagne on ice. A telephone. A large bouquet offlowers. Two doors - one is the entrance from the corridor, the other leads off to the bathroom. Two people enter -Ian and Cate.
Ian is 45, Welsh born but lived in Leeds much

the accent.

of his life

and picked up

Cate is 21, a lower-middle-class Southerner with a south London accent and a stutter when under stress. They enter. Cate stops at the door amazed at the classiness of the room. of newspapers on the bed, goes straight to the mini-bar and pours himself a large gin. He looks briefly out of the window at the street, then turns back to the room.
Ian comes in, throws a small pile


I've shat in better places than this. I stink. You want a bath?

He gulps down the gin.


(shakes her heat!)

Iangoes into the bathroom and we hear him run the water. He comes back in with only a towel around his waist and a revolver in his hand. He "Checks it is loaded and puts it under his pillow. Ian Tip that wog when he brings up the sandwiches. He leaves fifty pence and goes into the bathroom. Cate comes into the room. She puts her bag down and bounces on the



bed. She goes around the room, looking in every drawer, touching everything. She smells theflowers and smiles.


Ian comes back in, hair wet, towel around his waist, drying himself off. He stops and looks at Cate a moment, who is sucking her thumb.

He goes back in the bathroom where he dresses. We hear him coughing terribly in the bathroom. He spits in the sink and re-enters.
Cate Ian

You all right? It's nothing.

He pours himself another gin, this time with tonic, ice and lemon, and sips it at a more normal pace. He collects his gun and puts it in his under arm holster. He smiles at Cate. Ian

I'm glad you've come. Didn't think you would. (shakes her heat!) I was worried. This? (He indicates his chest.) Don't matter.
I didn't mean that. You sounded unhappy.

He offers her champagne. Ian
Cate Ian Cate

(pops the champagne. He pours them both a glass) What we celebrating? (doesn't answer. He goes to the window and looks out) Hate this city. Stinks. Wogs and Pakis taking over. You shouldn't call them that. Whynot? It's not very nice. You a nigger-lover? Ian, don't. You like our coloured brethren?


Cate Ian Cate Ian

Scene One Cate Ian Don't mind them. Grow up.


Cate There's Indians at the day centre where my brother goes. They're really polite.

Ian So they should be.
Cate Ian Cate Cate Ian Cate Cate it. Ian Cate Cate Ian You know I love you. (smiles a big smile,jriendly I'm here for the night. Sweating again. Stink. You ever thought of getting married? I would. I couldn't. and non-sexual) He's friends with some of them. Retard, isn't he? No, he's got learning difficulties. No he's not. Glad my son's not aJoey. Don't c- call him that. Like wh- what?

Ian Aye. Spaz.

Ian Your mother I feel sorry for. Two of you like it. Ian looks at her, deciding whether or not to continue. He decides against

Ian Don't want you ever to leave.
Ian drinks. She's made her point.

Cate Who'd marry me? Ian Cate


Ian You don't love me. I don't blame you, I wouldn't.


I couldn't leave mum.



Have to one day. Why? (opens his mouth to answer but can't think of one)


There is a knock at the door. Ian starts, and Cate goes to answer it. Ian

Don't. Why not?
I said.


He takes his gunfrom the holster and goes to the door. He listens. Nothing.

(giggles) Shh.


He listens. Still nothing. Ian Probably the wog with the sarnies. Open it.
Cate opens the door.

There's no one there,Just a trt!Y ofsandwiches on thefloor. She brings them in and examines them.

Ham. Don't believe it. (takes a sandwich and eats it) Champagne? (shakes her head) Got something against ham? Dead meat. Blood. Can't eat an animal. No one would know. No, I can't, I actually can't, I'd puke all over the





Cate Cate I'm hungry. and stands infront Put your mouth on me. Jesus.SceneOne Ian It's only a pig. Ian Have one of these. naked) Cate Ian Cate Ian attempts to dress. and eats. Ian returns. Cate Ian Cate Cate Ian (looks down at her clothes) You look like a lesbos. butfumbles with embarrassment. and giggles over the sandwiches. Then bursts out laughing) No? Fine. that's all. Ian I'll take you out for an Indian. Ian You got ajob yet? Cate No. unloads and reloads it. 7 Ian Don't look very sexy. I CAN'T. Catebeams. Then gets up. what's this? Cheese. Ian Don't like your clothes. She separates the cheese sandwichesfrom Ian watches her. What's that? the ham ones. Oh. Cate eats. (She continues to eat. He picks up his gun.fully dressed. Because I stink? (laughs even more) of her. (looks down at his clothes. . (stares. He gathers his clothes and goes into the bathroom where he dresses. takes them all off.) Don't like your clothes either.

I'm talking. Stop fucking about . I am not.. (laughsgenuinely) No chance. You're never going to get ajob. I am not. Cate Why not? Cate begins to tremble. hysterically. Cate comes round as if waking up in the morning.. Catefaints. St. unnaturally. I am not. 8 Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Blasted Still screwing the taxpayer.confusing me. You're doing it d. He doesn't know what to do. He gets a glass of gin and dabs some on herface. Cate sits bolt upright. See. eyes open but still unconscious. (stops laughing and looks at her) Cate. When are you going to stand on your own feet? I've applied for a job at an advertising agency. Cate bursts out laughing. Ian is laughing.stop it. .Cate collapses again and lies still. Ian Cate? He turns her over and lifts up her eyelids. You're stupid. Mum gives me money. you're just too thick to understand. uncontrollably.deliberately. I am. No. Ian stands by helplessly. . Ian Ian FuckingJesus. Ian stops laughing and stares at her motionless body. After afew moments. Doing what? C.

Does it hurt? I'll grow out ofit the doctor says. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian What now? Did I faint? That was real? Happens all the time. Cate Wouldn't know. She looks at Ian and smiles. Cate Don't know much about it. Ian Cate Ian Ian It's terrible. 9 She closes her eyes and slowly comes back to normal. then I come backjust where I was. Suppose that's what it's like. Cate? She's in danger. I'd stay there. What. I just go. What if you didn't come round? Can't stand it. How do you feel? (smiles) Thought you were dead. fucking scared me.Scene One Ian Cate Ian Cate What the Christ was that? Have to tell her. fits? Since dad came back. Can be away for minutes or months sometimes. Don't do it again. . I didn't go far.

Aye. surgeon brought in this lump of rotting pork. Don't forget my breath. I've seen. He goes to the mini-bar and pours himself another large gin and lights a cigarette. Not being. When? Cate Ian Ian Cate You should. Imagine what your lungs must look like. Won't make any difference. They make your clothes smell. Cate You fall asleep and then you wake up.10 Blasted Cate What? Ian Death. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian He took it out? Other one's the same now. But you'll die. Please stop smoking. stank. Can't they do something? Cate . Cate Whenever I think of you it's with a cigarette and a gin. When I came round. My lung. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Last year. Don't need to imagine. Good. Ian How do you know? Why don't you give up smoking? (laughs) Too late for that. They'll make you ill.

(He inhales deeply on his cigarette and swallows the last qf the gin neat. look after him he'll be all They die young. Sorry.SceneOne Ian 11 No. Cate Ian Cate Ian Kids. The telephone rings loudly. then answers it. They must have some spare. You're making it worse. I'm fucked. Ian He notices Cate's distress and cuddles her. She pulls away and wipes her mouth.) . Cate Ian Cate (shakes) Wonder if the conker understands English. get some more sent up. People die in accidents all the time. It's not like your brother. Hello? Who is it? (covers the mouthpiece) Shh. (He takes a notebookfrom the pile qf newspapers and reads down the phone.) [I'll] Call that coon. Enjoy myself while I'm here. Ian starts. He kisses her. They give them to people with a life. Cate Ian Why? What for? Keep me alive to die of cirrhosis in three months time. right. Ian Cate Ian (Into the mouthpiece.) Got it here. I don't like it. Can't you get a transplant? Don't be stupid. speeding it up. Cate Ian Don't put your tongue in.

copy ends. Then he laughs. (He listens. caps down point new par. . (He listens. No.} That one again.) Exactly. No. Cate Silly. spread her legs.12 ·Blasted A serial killer slaughtered British tourist Samantha Scrace in a sick murder ritual comma. a beautiful redhead with dreams of becoming a model comma. I went to see her. Nice hotel. The Foreign Office warned tourists down under to take extra care point. Scouse tart.) Bring a bottle of gin up. we pray the police will come up with something dash. Tears and lies. police revealed yesterday point new par. Each had been stabbed more than twenty times and placed face down comma. Forget it. Ian Thought you'd like this. was on the trip of a lifetime after finishing her A levels last year point. We came here to be away from them. ashes at the site showed the maniac had stayed to cook a meal. son. anything comma. Cate Why? Ian In case they needed me. The sooner this lunatic is brought to justice the better point end quote new par. Cate How do they know you're here? Ian Told them. (Into the mouthpiece. Samantha's heartbroken mum said yesterday colon quoting. He presses a button on the phone to connect him to room service. Caps up. soon point still quoting. The bubbly nineteen-year-old from Leeds was among seven victims found buried in identical triangular tombs in an isolated New Zealand forest point new par. not worth the space. Samantha comma. hands bound behind their backs point new par. common sense is the best rule point end quote. Ian Tosser. A spokesman said colon quoting.

I don't.) Catepanics. (stops smiling) 13 Ian kisses her. Why not? You're nervous. Ian Yes you do.t.Scene One He puts the phone down.t.can't do this. We don't have to do anything. Cate I t. She pushes him away. She sucks her thumb.told you. He begins to undo her shirt.t. d.don't. She responds.t. Then.want to do this.t. . What? I don't w. You've grown up. (He starts to undo her trousers. With the other hand he undoes his trousers and starts masturbating. Cate We always used to go to yours. He puts his hand inside her shirt and moves it towards her breast. Ian (kissing her) Shhh.t. Ian Cate Ian Cate That was years ago.frightened ofbringing another 'fit' on. I really like you but I c. (smiles) I'm not well any more. She starts to tremble and make inarticulate crying sounds. Cate. that's all. Ian All right. He strokes herface until she has calmed down.c. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Ian. it's all right. He starts to kiss her again.

I f. but don't push your cunt in my face then take it away 'cause I stick my tongue out. It hurts. apparently still in pain. You don't have to fuck me 'cause I'm dying. making a prick of myself.Ian.kissed you. I am. Shit.matter? I k. Cate faa Cate faa eate Is it better? (nods) I'm sorry.1. faa. he masturbates until he comes with some genuine pain.f. What? Leaving me hanging. that's all. Don't worry. Cate. Ifl don't come my cock aches.felt- faa Don't pity me. . He releases Cate's hand and she withdraws it. Like this. (He appears to be in considerable pain.) I'm sorry. takes her hand and grasps it around his penis. Cate faa Cate 1. Can we make love tonight? No. I won't do it again. Ian Can't switch it on and off like that. What's the m. faa Don't give me a hard-on if you're not going to finish me off.14 Blasted faa Cate faa Cate That wasn't very fair. Cate I'm sorry.k. Cate faa Cate I didn't mean it. 1 l-J-Iike you. keeping his own hand over the top.m.

I said leave it.d. It was difficult. no. What was that about then. 15 Cate You were horrible to me. then goes to answer it. Cate. No. Cate Because I haven't got ajob? Cate Because of my brother? Cate That's not fair. Slept with me before. Stopped phoning me. I love you. never said why. pet.dSorry. that's all. I wasn't. not that. wanking me off? I d. You're more mine than his. Cate. No. . Leave it now. pressure. Ian starts.Scene One Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Ian Cate Ian Ian Ian Ian Whynot? I'm not your girlfriend any more. Will you be my girlfriend again? I can't. I'm not.d. There is a knock at the door. Have you slept with him? No. Pressure. Whynot? I told Shaun I'd be his. He reachesJor his gun.

love. Cate laa Cate Ian After a bit of black meat. eh? Won't do it with me but you'll go with a whodat. And keep quiet. then goes to the door. just leave it. You'll die quicker. Cate wipes her mouth. Cate Ian Cate Ian . Ian brings it in and stands. Stopped loving me. There is a bottle ojgin outside on a tray. Stop you getting hurt. Ian opens the door. It'll only be Sooty after something. laa Cate. What do you want to know a conker's name for? I thought he was nice. No. Cate laa Cate Ian Have champagne. unable to decide between gin and champagne. I've told you to leave that.16 Blasted Ian I'm not going to hurt you. Thanks. Cate Ian You hurt me. Don't it scare you? What? Death. Andrew. Whose? Yours. When his back is turned. Now. Cate You're horrible. Cate Ian He kisses her passionatelY. better for you. I'm trying to look after you. I love you. Don't want it better for me.

She'd be unhappy ifI died. He hates me. She wouldn't do that. and I love you. Are you upset? Yes. When I was your age Now. And my You're young. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian I loved Stella till she became a witch and fucked off with a dyke. His mother's a lesbos.Scene One Cate 17 Only for mum. What about Matthew? What about Matthew? Have you told him? I'll send him an invite for the funeral. I expect that's it. brother. He doesn't. Does Stella know? What would I want to tell her for? You were married. . So? She'd want to know. So she can throw a party at the coven. He fucking does. Am I not preferable to that? Perhaps she's a nice person. He'll be upset. Will you have to go to hospital? Nothing they can do. She don't carry a gun. though you've got the potential.

Ian And when was the last time you went to a football match? Cate Ian Cate Saturday.) How can you think that? I don't. It's tribalism. You dress like a lesbos. United beat Liverpool 2-0. Cate Ian Cate I like football. You asked me. Why? It's good. It's not fancy footwork and scoring goals. (utters an inarticulate sountl) You ever had a fuck with a woman? No. . (He vaguelJ indicates his groin. Do you want to? Don't think so. Have you? With a man. I don't dress like a cocksucker.18 Blasted Cate Ian For what? Sucking gash. I asked. He pours champagne and toasts the idea. Didn't you get stabbed? Why should I? Ian That's what football's about. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian You think I'm a cocksucker? You've seen me. What do they dress like? Cate Ian Cate Ian Hitler was wrong about theJews who have they hurt the queers he should have gone for scum them and the wogs and fucking football fans send a bomber over EIland Road finish them off.

Ian Cate Ian What's this job. Cate . Could you shoot me? Cate Ian Ian Cate Would you though? Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Could you shoot me stop asking that could you shoot me you could shoot me. With people I love. If I hurt you. She smiles back. Would you bomb me? What do you want to ask a question like that for? Don't be thick. Shoot me. considering making apass. Cate Ian Cate Ian Don't think you would.friendly. About your level. you're soft. You would. I don't think so.SceneOne Cate Ian 19 I like it. then. Could you do that? Cate. Who to? Don't know. Cate Ian He stares at her. Do you think it's hard to shoot someone? Easy as shitting blood. then? Personal Assistant. But would you? Haven't got a bomber. No. I go to Elland Road sometimes. But if.

I don't hate mum. No and you haven't got kids to bring up neither. Not yet. don't you. Can look after myself. that's all. Idon't mind about that as long as I can go out sometimes. You hate me. I worry. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian You still need her. they grow up. Ian Cate What for? Ian . How much do you get paid. they hate you and you die. No. Who would have children. It didn't say. You have kids. How much? What? Money. Like me. May need it. I haven't got any money. I'm not stupid. You got it easy.a 20 Ian Blasted Who did you write the letter to? Sir or madam. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Mum said it was a lot. You have to know who you're writing to. (drinks) Cate You think I'm stupid. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate You shouldn't have that gun. Don't even think about it. Ian Don't despise money.

Cate Just before I'm wondering what it'll be like. I don't think of nothing else. Cate. It's like that when I touch myself. A dream I get stuck in. It's like that when I have a fit. Ian kisses her and lights a cigarette. Shooting someone. . You wouldn't kill anything. andjust after I'm thinking about the next one. (drinks) Cate Ian Cate Ian Have you ever shot anyone? Your mind. can't do nothing about it. Cate The world don't exist. but just as it happens it's lovely. Have you though? Leave it now. Blocks out everything else.Scene One Cate Ian 21 Can't imagine it. Ian When I'm with you I can't think about anything else. Cate Ian Just you. Once[I'll] Make love to you. Cate Ian She takes the warning. You take me to another place. One timeMake love to me. Looks the same butTime slows down. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian is embarrassed. What? You. not like this.

Cate But you can't. No. You know. Can. Don't need to. That's bad for you though. I don't love you. He sees the bouquet ojlowers and picks them up. I love you. f . Cate Ian Cate No. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Please. Why not? I don't want to. Don't. Ian turns away. That's why I love you. Stop talking now. Cate Ian Cate Ian It " Don't know nothing. want to make love to you. How. I can't.22 Ian Blasted Like the first cigarette of the day. Please. you don't know anything about it. Make me happy. Ian Cate Ian Why did you come here? You sounded unhappy. Why not? Can't.

each cough tearing at his lung. Just at the moment when it seems he cannot survive this.Scene Two Ian 23 These are for you. It looks very much as ifhe is dying. He looks up and sees Cate watching him. .it becomes extreme. The sound ofspring rain. He waits for it topass. Cate is still's going to be a very hot day. It is empty. He stands looking out of the window at the street. Ian goes to the mini-bar. The bouquet offlowers is now ripped apart and scattered around the room. the pain decreases until it has all gone. Very earlY theJollowing morning. and gives in to the pain. He begins to cough. Scene Two The same. Ian clutches his side . He takes theftrst sip and is overcome with pain. glancing through the newspapers.on thefloor. He finds the bottle of gin under the bed and pours half of what is left into a glass. Blackout. puts the glass down carefullY. liver and kidneys are all under attack. Ian is a crumpled heap . His heart. but it doesn't. it begins to ease. and he is making involuntary crying sounds. Bright and sunny . Ian is awake. It gets worse. Ian drops to his knees. lung. Cate wakes and watches Ian. Very slowlY. and experiences intense pain in his chest.

(He tosses the gun onto the bed. Ian No? . She packs her bag. They are silent. When he's sufficiently numbed. he comes and goes between the bedroom and the bathroom. towel around his waist. Ian Don't worry. He lights hisfirst cigarette of the day. undressing and collecting discarded towels. She is staring at him with hate.) Have a pop. Ian waits. Ian Cate I'm having a shower. I'll be dead soon. She picks up his gun and examines it. Want one? Not with you. She rips the arms off at the seams. He stops. Cate stares at the gun. and looks at Cate. smoking and drinking neat gin. gun in hand. She picks up Ian's leather jacket and smells it. picks up the glass and drinks. then chuckles and goes into the bathroom.24 Blasted Cunt. Cigarette? Ian Cate Ian Cate makes a noise of disgust. He looks at the gun. Suit yourself. Cate doesn't move. She gets up very slowly and dresses. He dresses. It's only six o'clock. We hear Ian coughing up in the bathroom. Cate puts the gun down and he comes in. We hear the shower running. Ian stands. Cate Iangets up slowly.

Shefaints. then looks at Cate.dYou don't want an accident. A beat.d. What would they think? I d. -. She laughs and laughs and laughs until she isn't laughing any more. come on. but doesn't stop. she's crying her heart out.d. Think about your mum.d.d.d.d. unloads and reloads the gun and tucks it in his holster. punching and biting.d. He stares at the damage.d- Cate laD. He wrestles he~ the bed. her still kicking. Cate laD. She takes the gunfrom his holster and points it at his groin.d.d. Ian Easy.d.d.d.d. Cate Cate trembles and starts gaspingfor air. and then she goesfor him.pointing the gun at herfrom behind.) We're one. Cate sits bolt upright with a shout. I d. Sarky little tart this morning. aren't we? I Cate Ian He picks up his jacket and begins to put it on.d.d. yes? Cate Ian 25 (sneers) We're one. on her back. Coming down for breakfast? It's paid for.d.d. As he comes.d. unsure what to do. takes the gun and puts it back in the holster. slapping him around the head hard and fast. d.d. He backs off rapidly.d. Ian moves away. laD. that's a loaded gun. goes to her.d. She laughs hysterically. Choke on it. And your brother. lies between her legs.SceneTwo (He chuckles. as before. and simulates sex.d. . She collapses again and lies still.dCatie. He puts the gun to her head.d.d.d. easy.d. He lies her on the bed.

I love you. Ian Cate Ian Cate Cate? Want to go home now.26 Ian Blasted Cate? Catie? Ian puts the gun away. so hejust waits. then opens them. There won't be a train. I don't want to stay. Ian Cate Ian Gate Ian Cate Ian locks the door and pockets the key. After breakfast. Please. Not hungry. Ian doesn't know if this means yes or no. It's raining. Want you to stay here. It's not even seven. Nothing to be scared of. Ian Gate You back? Liar. Cate closes her eyesfor aJew seconds. No. Till after breakfast at least. It's not. I'llwait at the station. You make me feel safe. Cate. He kisses her and she comes round. Don't want to. No. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate . I'llorder breakfast. She stares at him.

(runs her hands down his back) For things I've done.there is an enormous bang. Cate Ian (laughs) It's only a car. You're scared of things when there's nothing to be scared of. (massaging his neck) Tell me. Ian throws himself flat on thefloor. You're fucking thick. Not unless you ran out in front of it. (kissing his neck) Who'd have a gun? Me. Someone like me. You. Cate Ian Cate Ian . I'm scared of dying. There's gin in it.Scene Two Ian (lights a cigarette) 27 Cate Ian How can you smoke on an empty stomach? It's not empty. Cate Ian Outside. (She kisses him. What's thick about not being scared of cars? Ian Cate I'm not scared of cars.) What's scaring you? Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Thought it was a gun. a car backfires . Tapped my phone. (kissing his chest) Why would they shoot at you? Revenge. Cate I'm not. Not from out there. Why can't I go home? (thinks) It's too dangerous. (undoing his shirt) You're in here. A car won't kill you.

Picking people up. talking soft on the phone. Cate (undoes his trousers) Ian Drivingjobs.28 Blasted (kisses the back of his neck) Talk to someone and I know I'm being listened to. shouldn't be telling you this. (pushes him onto his back) Done the jobs they asked. I'm sorry I stopped calling you but (strokes his stomach and kisses between his shoulder blades) Cate Ian Cate • Ian Got angry when you said you loved me. listened to conversations and given the nod. Served my purpose. But . the lot. (licks his back) Ian Signed the Official Secrets Act. In before you know it. Didn't want you in any danger. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate (claws and scratches his back) Don't want to get you into trouble. Cate Ian (begins toperform oral sex on Ian) Said you were dangerous. (bites his back) Think they're trying to kill me. Because I love this land. Cate Ian Cate (kissing his back) Tell me. So I stopped. people listening to that. disposing of bodies. (sucks his nipples) Ian Stood at stations.

Will they come here? I don't know. She goes to the bathroom and we hear her cleaning her teeth. I'll shoot you myself you don't stop. I told you because I love you. (begins topanic) Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Don't start that again.cCate. Ian lies in pain. lan . Ian examines himselj. not to scare you. He hits her and she lets go. trying to get every trace oJhim out oJher mouth. Don't work like that. lan's cry ojpleasure turns into a scream ojpain. As soon as Cate hears the word she bites his penis as hard as she can. Cate returns. Cate spitsfrantically. unable to speak. He is still in onepiece.c.c.c. He tries topull away but Cate holds on with her teeth.SceneTwo Had to call you again Missed This Now Ido The realjob I 29 Am A Killer On the word (killer' he comes. Cate You should resign. I c.

Made enough noise.30 Blasted You don't. Kids like your brother. Cate Ian I'm not. Planting bombs and killing little kiddies. Pointed it at me. You're cruel. No. Stop calling me that. Thought you liked that. Is that what this is all about? You're cruel. Don't be stupid. Loved me last night. No more. Yes. that's wrong. I won't see it destroyed by slag. I wouldn't shoot someone. It was hurting. And you love me. It's still bleeding. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Ian Cate You bit me. didn't hurt her. Don't argue I do. Went down on Stella all the time. Cate Ian Cate Ian You sleep with someone holding hands and kissing you wank me off'then say we can't fuck get into bed but don't want me to touch you what's wrong with youJoey. Wouldn't shoot. I love this country. Ian Cate Ian . Cate It's wrong to kill. it is. It's wrong. That's what they do. I didn't want to do it. Cate Ian It's my job.

SceneTwo Cate Ian 31 No. Then he lights a cigarette. He spits into his handkerchief and waitsfor thepain to subside. Ian How you feeling? I ache. (nods) Everywhere. Doing that. You want a bath? Cate Ian Cate Ian . Cate Ian Cate Ian Can't always be taking it backing down letting them think they've got a right turn the other cheek SHIT some things are worth more than that have to be protected from shite. Ian Sorry. You. She is still shaking so he hugs tightly to stop her. Cate That hurts. What's changed? No. Now you see me. Cate You're a nightmare. That's all. No I won't.. then hugs her. He has a coughingfit. Cate You. Cate Ian Ian I used to love you. I stink of you. When are you going to grow up? I don't believe in killing. You'll learn. She shakes. Ian watches a while. He hugs her less tightly.

Ian goes into the bathroom and turns on one of the bath taps. You coming to Leeds again? Will you come and see me? I'm going to the football. Can't be no worse than what you've done already. He pulls the pillow off andputs the gun to her head. She spits. They both}ump. He finishes the remainder Cate returns. Ian Cate She goes to the bathroom. She puts herfingers down her throat and produces a hair. Ian Two English breakfasts. Cate stares out of the window. She holds it up and looks at Ian in disgust. shut up. . Ian Cate. Cate Twenty-sixth. Cate Ian There is a knock at the door. It'll heal. son. Shoot me if you want. Go on. Cate DON'T ANSWER IT DON'T ANSWER IT DON'T ANSWER IT She dives on the bed and puts her head under the pillow. I can't piss. shoot me. It hurts.- 32 Blasted Cate begins to cough and retch. Ian picks up the phone. Cate Ian Looks like there's a war on. Cate Do it. Ian returns. Cate Ian of the gin. Turning into wogland. then turn it on yourself and do the world a favour. Or shit. It'sjust blood. Drink lots of water.

Ian. Swap your meat for my tomatoes and mushrooms. Ian draws his gun. Ian Cate Ian Cate tries to open the door. Sorry. It is locked. She opens the door. She brings them in. goes to the door and listens. Ian locks the door. It is locked. Cate Ian Sausages. There are two more loud knocks. Bacon. Cate (begins to retch) The smell. Ian Cate Will you stay another day? I'm having a bath and going home. Then two more knocks. Cate stares at thefood. Ian Who's there? Silence. The breakfasts are outside on a tray. She picks up her bag and goes into the bathroom. Forgot. . closing the door. And toast. Ian takes a sausage off the plate and stuffi it in his mouth. Go on. He puts the tray offood under the bed with a towel over it. The door is triedfrom outside. Then two more loud knocks. Ian Who's there? Silence. Ian throws the key at her. We hear the other bath tap being turned on. and keeps a rasher rif bacon in his hand. There are two loud knocks at the outer door.SceneTwo Ian Cate 33 (stares at her) I'm not scared of you. (gets offher) (laughs) Answer the door and suck the cunt's cock.

Silence. Then he knocks twice. Outside is a Soldier with a sniper's rifle. Then he knocks three times. One knockfrom outside. langives him the bacon and he eats it quick!J. Then two more knocksfrom outside. Soldier What's that? Ian looks down and realises he is still holding a rasher of bacon. Eventual!J. Got any more? Got any more? Soldier . Soldier Ian No. Two knocks. Three knocks from outside.34 Blasted Ian looks at the door. Ian puts his gun back in the holster and unlocks the door. Ian tries topush the door shut and draw his revolver. Ian knocks twice. The Soldier wipes his mouth. The two stand. Ian thinks. rind and all. Ian (under his breath) Speak the Queen's English fucking nigger. He opens the door. Silence. Ian Pig. Ian knocks once. The Soldier holds out his hand. both surprised. The Soldier pushes the door open and takes Ian'sgun easi!J. staring at each other.

Soldier Ian Soldier Two. Soldier Soldier The Soldier is searching a chest oj drawers. He straightens up and glances down at thefood. I bet. He sighs with relief and burps. Soldier Ian Soldier Hers? Or yours.) You ajournalist? Ian Ian Ian Who? 1Passport.Scene Two Ian 1No. and takes the trayfrom under the bed. He finds apair ojCate's knickers and holds them up with a smile. He sits on the edge oj the bed and very quickly devours both breakfasts. He nods towards the bathroom. never taking his eyes or rifle off Ian. Soldier Ian Soldier She in there? I can smell the sex. (doesn't answer) . Got any more? (points to the tr'!)' under the bed) 35 Soldier Ian The Soldier bends down carefully. (He begins to search the room. I was hungry. (looks at him) What for? In the jacket.

He tries the door.) The Soldier reaches out to touch Ian's face. occupation journalist. The Soldier looks in Ian'sjacket pockets and takes his krys. No answer. Taking a risk. He forces it and goes in. smelling with pleasure.) What's she like? Ian (doesn't answer) Is she soft? Isshe-? Soldier Ian (doesn't answer) The Soldier puts Cate's knickers in his pocket and goes to the bathroom. He knocks on the door. Cate isn't there. Soldier there. We hear the bath taps being turned off. It is locked. Ian looks in the bathroom. Ian Oi.36 Blasted (He closes his ryes and rubs them gentry over hisface. Gone. Ian Jesus Lord. Lot of bastard soldiers out The Soldier returns. If you've come to shoot me You taking the piss? Me? (He smiles. Ian waits. Soldier (reading the passport) IanJones. monry and passport. in apanic. Ian looks out of the window. Soldier . Soldier Ian Ian They stare at each other. Oi.

He is. rifle still in hand. off. and everything is coveredin dust which is stillfalling. (chuckles) Worse than me. There is a large hole in one of the walls. He instinctivelY runs hisfree hand overhis limbs and body to check that he is still in onepiece. Blackout. Soldier (holds the bottle up and shakes it over his mouth. eyes open. Ian Ian Empty. The Soldier takes the bottle and drinks the last mouthful. Ian Mum? Silence. Ian looks around. There is a bottle of gin lYing next to him with the lid He holds it up to the light. There is a blinding light. The Soldier wakes and tumshis eyes and rifle on Ian with the minimum possible movement.) Ian is disgusted. catching a'!Y remaining drops) Ian (finds his cigarettes in his shirt pocket and lights up) . Soldier The drink. then a huge explosion. (He stands on the bed and urinates over the pillows.Scene Three Our town now. Scene Three The hotel has been blasted by a mortar bomb. He has dropped lan's gun which lies between them. Ian lies very still. The Soldier is unconscious. The sound 37 I of summer rain.

) Come to fight for us? Ian Ian No. Soldier . if you can remember. I'm Welsh. 'Cause I've got a gun and you haven't.. waitingfor a light) (waits) (leans forward. (He trails off. Soldier Soldier No. Don't know what the sides are here. It's real. Looks at lan. coTifused. Which side. and looks at the Soldier. eyes always on Ian. (Picks up the revolver and examines it. Don't know where . considering) (holds out his cigarette) Soldier Soldier of his cigarette against the Ian Ian Of sorts. most of them don't know what a gun is.lNo. English. He smokes.. Soldier Ian Ian Soldier Why? (considers the logic.) Never met an Englishman with a gun before.) Think I might be drunk. course not. Then takes a single cigarette out of the packet and tosses it at the Soldier) (picks up the cigarette and puts it in his mouth. touching the tip lit one. You a soldier? Soldier Ian Ian (looks back.38 Blasted Give us a cig.

) Look at the state of my fucking jacket. The bitch. Soldier Ian Your girlfriend did that. What shall I call you? She's not my girlfriend. then? Haven't been here long have you. (He turns away. Soldier Ian Soldier Ian Soldier Ian. Eventually. Mind your fucking own. The Soldier looks at lanfor a very long time. sqying nothing. Soldier What's fucking Welsh. never heard of it.r Ian Welsh as in Wales? It's attitude. Ian. Learn some manners. Foreigner? I live there. Ian is uncomfortable. Ian Come over from God knows where have their kids and call them English they're not English born in England don't make you English. Ian What? .r Scene Three Soldier Ian III 39 Sound English. Ian Soldier Silence. I'm not an import. So? Don't call me that. Soldier Ian English and Welsh is the same. angry was she? What. British. Soldi-. Nothing. fucking accent.

Don't know. You got a girlfriend? I have. Ian My name's Ian. Soldier Ian Ian Ian (looks at him) (doesn't answer) Cate- Soldier Soldier Soldier Ian Ian Ian Ian (looks at him) Last night. I Soldier Silence. I was pissed.40 Blasted Nothing.? When? I know it was recent. One of the others took . I Am Dying to make love. I think. She'sShe'sShe'sShe'sShe'sShe'sShe'sWhen was the last time you . Good? Three of us. remember.ryagain. Close my eyes and think about her. All gone. Ian is unea. Apart from a small boy hiding in the corner. Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Went to a house just outside town. Fucking beautiful. Probably not. smell it. Ian. Col. Don't tell me.

Closed my eyes and thought ofShot her father in the mouth. Youngest was twelve. No. Made her lick me clean. Soldier Soldier Soldier Ian Ian Soldier Soldier Ian Soldier What about that girl. I've only ever done one. (makes a movefor his gun) Course I haven't. Brothers shouted. Ian (doesn't answer) Soldier Ian Ah. Soldier Ian Soldier Ian . Couldn't sleep with myself. I wouldn't forget.Scene Three 41 ~ ! ' him outside. Hung them from the ceiling by their testicles. Three men and four women. You killed her? Don't I'll have to shoot you. Ian Ian Ian Charming. just lay there. Then I'd be lonely. I'm divorced. Turned her over and Then she cried. Went down. Heard crying in the basement. Never done that? Sure? You would. They held the men while I fucked the women. Didn't cry. You did four in one go. Called the others. locked herselfin the bathroom. Lay him on the ground and shot him through the legs. What about your wife? Didn't you everNo.

Ian Ian Ian I'm sorry. 1- Soldier Soldier Soldier Ian Soldier Ian LikeYou saidA soldier- . they're all like that... Have to be. like that._. Soldier Ian I do. Soldier Ian So. see. a woman. do you? Like what? It's terrible. My job- Soldier Ian Ian Ian Soldier Soldier Soldier He stops. Losing someone.. Fucking bastard soldier.. She's dead. don't seem to like her very much. -. Even me.--42 Blasted Why not. When I go back. I've neverIt's notWhat? Thought you were a soldier. Why? What is? You know. he (doesn't answer) Not like that. She's .. Silence. Not like that. My girlNot going back to her. a woman.

Fucking have. I haven't Can't imagine it. Foreign slag. Would you? How. You think? You never killed anyone. Exactly. Bam. You don't know. Looks sick) (nods) Quickly. That's all. You'd know. (imagines it) Soldier Ian Soldier Ian Soldier Ian (imagines harder) Soldier Ian Ian (imagines harder. Yes. In the line of duty. Wales. Couldn't talk like this. What if you were ordered to? Imagine it. It's enough. Soldier Soldier Ian Soldier t Ian Soldier Ian Soldier Ian Ian Soldier Soldier Ian No. Don't you fucking Know what? Know fucking what? Soldier Ian . For your country.Scene Three Soldier Ian 43 You're a soldier. Back of the head.

You think (He stops and smiles) I broke a woman's neck. Stabbed up between her legs. What. Not like that. Soldier You're close to them. gun to head. tell them what you're going to do to them. Tie them up. make them wait for it. Soldier Ian Ian Ian Soldier Soldier Soldier Ian What for.44 Blasted Stay in the dark. then . Soldier Ian Soldier What? Fucking what? What don't I know? Ian (looks sick) You couldn't do that. what? Ian Shoot them. then? You never fucked a man before you killed him? Or after? Why not? No. You never killed. Course not. You haven't got a clue. on the fifth stab snapped her spine. . Soldier Ian Soldier Ian Soldier Ian I'm not a torturer.. I'm not queer. Not Like That No..

for meCourse you can. I'm here. Try.. You can do something. they buggered her. I can't do anything. from Sheffield. Soldier Ian Why not? (takes one of the newspapers from the bed and reads) 'Kinky car dealer Richard Morris drove two teenage prostitutes into the country. Ever seen anything like that? Not in photos? Some journalist. You should be telling people. Hacked her ears and nose off. aged thirteen. What? Soldier Ian Ian Ian Soldier Soldier Soldier Proving it happened. That's all. Stop. was jailed for three years for unlawful sexual intercourse with one of the girls. stories. Ian 45 Enough. Ian Ian Ian No one's interested. Cut her throat. No.Scene Three Soldier Col. . nailed them to the front door. Morris. tied them naked to fences and whipped them with a belt before having sex. But you. Never.' (He tosses the paper away) Stories. Stories.. This isn't a story anyone wants to hear. Soldier Soldier Soldier Ian I write . that's your job. got no choice.

It has to be . Soft and clean. Fine. See. for Yorkshire. Ian It's not my job.. . Shootings and rapes and kids getting fiddled by queer priests and schoolteachers. Tell them you saw me. Tell them . you saw me. I don't cover foreign affairs. what good is that? At home I'm clean. Not you. then. Soldier Ian No. Now I'm here. Soldier Ian Yes..) Turn over. Your girlfriend. she's a story. I made love with Col. Soldier Ian Foreign affairs. Ian Why? Going to fuck you. Soldier And now you agree with anything I say. Filthy. now I'm here.46 Blasted Soldier Doing to them what they done to us. Rather be shot than fucked and shot. personal. No joy in a story about blacks who gives a shit? Why bring you to light? Soldier You don't know fuck all about me. Bastards killed her. what you doing here? I do other stuff.. (He pushes the rifle in Ian'sface. Like it never happened. like the wogs. I went to school. Soldier Ian Kill you.. Not soldiers screwing each other for a patch ofland. Whose is it? Soldier Ian I'm a home journalist. Ian.

Same cigarettes. Soldier The Soldier grips Ian's head in his hands. . Insides of people's heads came out of their eyes. He pulls down lan's trousers. Soldier Ian Bastard pulled the trigger on Col. Saw thousands of people packing into trucks like pigs trying to leave town. He can't) (withdraws the gun and sits next to Ian) You never fucked by a man before? Soldier Ian (doesn't answer) I Soldier Didn't think so. Gun was born here and won't die. young girl I fucked hand up inside her trying to claw my liquid out.The Soldier is crying his heart out. Saw a child most of his face blown off. Ian Are you going to kill me? Always looking after your own arse. They stare at each other) You smell like her.eyes closed and smelling lan's hair. 47 When the Soldier hasfinished he pulls up his trousers and pushes the revolver up Ian's anus. Don't think your Welsh arse is different to any other arse I fucked. Can't get tragic about your arse. It's nothing.Scene Three (He kisses Ian very tenderly on the lips. Women threw their babies on board hoping someone would look after them. What's it like? (tries to answer. starving man eating his dead wife's leg. Sure you haven't got any more food. Ian'sface registers pain but he is silent. He gets up and turns Ian over with one hand. undoes his own and rapes him . I'm fucking starving. . Crushing each other to death. He holds the revolver to lan's head with the other.

Catie? You here? Everyone in town is crying.48 Blasted He puts his mouth over one of lan's eyes. Soldiers have taken over. Cate? It won't stop. Touch me. The Soldier lies close to Ian. Cate enters through the bathroom door. Soldier He ate her eyes. They can't stop. Poor love. You seen Matthew? Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate No. Poor bastard. They've won? Most people gave up. Scene Four The same. The sound of autumn rain. She steps over the Soldier with a glance. sucks it out. the revolver in his hand. He does the same to the other eye. Cate You're a nightmare. Poor fucking bastard. soaking wet and carrying a baby. He has blown his own brain out. bites it off and eats it. Blackout. Then she sees Ian. .

I'm cold. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Don't know what to do with it. Carie? Punish me or rescue me makes no difference I love you Cate tell him for me do it for me touch ~C~ .Scene Four Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Will you tell him for me? He isn't here. Keeps crying. I'm cold. Shaun know what we did? Nothing. Tell him No. 49 Cate Ian You come for me. Tell him Tell himNo. Better tell him. Will you stay with me. Cate? No. Tell himYou here? A woman gave me her baby. No. Why not? I have to go back soon. Don't know what to tell him. . Tell him I can't.

Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate . Soiled goods. Bleeding. Do you know about babies? No. (goes to him slowlY and touches the top ofhis heacf) Help me. (strokes his hair) Be dead soon. How? Ian Smell it. When he was born.50 Ian Cate Blasted He'll know. not when you can have someone clean. Even if you don't. Ian Cate Ian Cate What about Matthew? He's twenty-four. anyway. I promise. They shit and cry. Don't want it. You can hear me. Hopeless. Won't be for long. Gate. Gate. Will you touch me? No. Cate What's happened to your eyes? I need you to stay. Help me toHelp meFinish It (withdraws her hancf) Gatie? Got to get something for baby to eat. And it hurts. Won't hurt you. Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate So I know you're here.

Cate (She takes the revolverfrom the Soldier andfiddles with it. She sees the revolver in the Soldier's hand and stares at itfor some time) Ian Found it? No. baby in arms. Find my gun? Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate (thinks. She removes them and closes the gun) Ian Cate Ian Thatit? Yes. Fucking bastards ate it all. where are you going to go? Bloody dangerous on your own.. Stay. Nowhere to go. Catie? Don't know how. Then sits down with the baby some distance from Ian) (relaxes when he hears her sit) (rocks the baby) Not as bad as all that. Safer here with me. look at me. Mayas well look. It springs open and she stares in at the bullets. Ian. (considers. Can I have it? .~ Ian Scene Four 51 Won't find anything. am I? (looks at him) Will you help me. Then gets up and searches around. It'll die. Needs its mother's milk.

God wouldn't like it. Cate What? Cate Ian Cate Ian We're all bloody hungry. Don't tell me what to do. You can't give up. No it's not. Why? Doesn't make sense otherwise. There isn't one. How do you know? No God. Catie. . don't shoot myselfI'll starve to death. No fucking nothing. No Namia. Got to be something. It's hungry. trying to make me live. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Don't be fucking stupid. I know you want to punish me. love.I 52 Blasted Cate Ian Ian I don't think so. It's not doing anything. doesn't make sense anyway. I can't see. No fairies. Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Thought you didn't want to die. Come on. Can you keep that baby quiet. No Father Christmas. My brother's got blind friends. No reason for there to be a Godjust because it would be better if there was. I'm not. Whynot? It's weak. Cate Ian It's wrong to kill yourself.

(thinks hard) Please. But if. I know.Scene Four Cate I don't. it's fainting. Cate What if you're wrong? Ian Cate Ian I'm not. What about them? Imagining it. I believe in God. I'm ill. Give me my gun. 53 Ian Course you fucking do. Everything's got a scientific explanation. He takes it out again) Cate What about people who've seen ghosts? Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate What are you going to do? . Cate. There's people I'd love to suffer but they don't. That's not dying. Just speeding it up a bit. People who've died and come back say they've seen tunnels and lights Can't die and come back. I would. They're not somewhere else. they're dead. End it. I won't hurt you. No. they die and that's it. Or making it up or wishing the person was still alive. (gives him the gun) (takes the gun and puts it in his mouth. When you die it's the end. Got to. I've seen dead people. They're dead.

Cate is burying the baby under thejloorboards. Cate Ian It's dead. He pulls the trigger. Lucky bastard. Fate. uncontrollablY. unnaturallY. She collects afew ojthe scatteredjlowers and places them under the cross.54 Blasted Don't stand behind me. Blackout. Ian (Puts the gun back in his mouth. Cate Ian I don't know her name. And again and again and again. The sound of heavy winter rain. No one's going to visit. You're not meant to do it. He takes the gun out of his mouth) Fuck. He shoots again. She rips the lining out of lan's jacket and binds the wood together in a cross which shejams between the boards. She laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs. Don't matter. The gun clicks. God - Cate Ian The cunt. Cate bursts out laughing. hystericallY. Scene Five The same. . She looks around andfinds two pieces oj wood. Cate (Rocks the baby and looks down at it) Ohno. see. Ian What. empty. He throws the gun away in despair.

Scene Five Cate I was supposed to look after her. Cate. she's dead. not now. So? Innocent. it's dangerous. Cate. Can get some off a soldier. What you doing? Praying. No point when you're dead. Can't you forgive me? Don't see bad things or go bad places She's dead. Will you pray for me? No. Cate. There's no food. Amen. She won't. Where you going? I'm hungry. Just in case. When I'm dead. knowIan Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate She starts to leave. Or meet anyone who'll do bad things. Dance on my grave. Don't feel no pain or know nothing you shouldn't Cate? Shh. You're praying for her. Ian Cate Ian Cate . 55 Ian Cate Can bury me next to her soon. She's baby.

But. Light. Gate? Gatie? If you get some food Fuck. Ian Darkness. I'm hungry. Darkness. Cate She goes. Darkness. I'm blind. Light. Light. Ian masturbating. Ian shitting. I'd ratherIt's notPlease. Gate. Why not? That's not you. I'm hungry.56 Blasted Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian Cate Ian How? (doesn't answer) Don't do that. Ian cuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcuntcunt Darkness. Ian laughing hysterically. Light. Ian strangling himself. And then trying to clean it up with newspaper. . I know so am I.

He dies with relief. He eats the baby. then he climbs in after it and lies down. He is hugging the Soldier's bodyfor comfort. weak with hunger. Light. Aye. Ian tears the cross out of the ground. Ian lying very still.Scene Five Darkness. You're sitting under a hole. Ian Shit. Light. Darkness. Cate enters carrying some bread. coming through the roof. Get wet. Stupid bastard. Cate of gin. Cate Ian Cate . Light. Light. It starts to rain on him. Ian crying. 57 He puts the sheet the baby was wrapped in back in the hole. Eventually. A beat. Darkness. Darkness. Ian having a nightmare. rips up the boards and lifts the baby's body out. head poking out of the floor. a large sausage and a bottle There is blood seepingfrom between her legs. Ian I know. huge bloody tears.

58 Blasted She pulls a sheet off the bed and wraps it around her. then washes it down with gin. Shefeeds Ian with the remainingfood. Blackout. Ian listens. She drinks the gin. She eats herfill oj the sausage and bread. huddledfor warmth. She pours gin in Ian's mouth. Silence. Shefinishesfeeding Ian and sits apartfrom him. Ian Thank you. She sucks her thumb. . She sits next to Ian's head. It rains.

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