+866-985-378-178 shebangsthedrumms@hotmail.


11-1, 14th fl., MuXin Rd., Sec. 2 WenShan Dist.,Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


National Cheng Chi University Department of Business Administration NCCU Popular Music and Cultures Curriculum in Media and Marketing

2009/09 – Present 2011/09 – 2012/01


NCCU Foreign Language Department/ Course Assistant 2010/02 – 2010/06  Assisted the professor during class, answered students’ questions, managed course administrative details (attendance, grades, etc.) NCCU Rock ‘n’ Roll Club/Promotion Director 2010/09 – 2011/06  Promoted club and club activities, designed promotional media (posters, flyers, video)  Initiated club promotion and interaction on Facebook with three interaction forums: Fans forum, Member forum, and Officer forum  Increased over-all new member growth by 150%, and intl. student member growth by 300%  Designed and edited 44 sec. promotional video for spring concert, edited 20 hours of performance footage into 3-5 minute videos for member enjoyment and promotion NCCU Rock ‘n’ Roll Club/ Drum Instructor  Taught two 5-10 person classes (beginner and advanced level)  Designed two 16 week lesson plans  Planned and organized year-end instrument student recital 2010/09 – 2011/06

Editor  Editing business letters, advertisements, news articles, college essays and theses.  Edited “Study on Image Feature Extraction and Classification for Human Colorectal Cancer using Optical Coherence Tomography” (Huang et al., 2011) Translator  Translating articles from both Chinese to English and English to Chinese  Translated “激射樂團 + The Tic Tac + The Looking Glass” (Eng. to Chin.) for Gigguide.tw English Tutor  Instructing ESL students (ranging from beginner to advanced) in conversational English  Developed personalized teaching material based on students abilities, goals, and interests Drum Teacher  Teaching beginner and intermediate level drums  Designed personalized lessons plans based on students abilities and musical interests


Software: Microsoft Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver, iMovie, GuitarPro5 Languages: English (Native Speaker), Chinese (Intermediate ), Vietnamese (Beginner)

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