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02 - Pre-mid Term Topics Allolcation to Students

02 - Pre-mid Term Topics Allolcation to Students

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Published by: Rabia Dolphin on May 28, 2012
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1. What are some of the joys and difficulties of university life? 2. Name and describe some status symbols of today's society? 3. Compare your social life to that of your parents twenty or thirty years ago 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous? 5. Give a profile of a famous woman from your country. 6. Tell the class a scary story. 7. Which childhood experiences do you remember most vividly? 8. Talk about something you own that you would find difficult to live without. 9. What are the positive and negative aspects of your father's profession or business? 10. Should the death penalty exist as a punishment for murder or terrorism? 11. Provide a recent case study of corporate crime. 12. Talk about any topic you want to. 13. Talk about a business personality you admire. 14. Talk about the Day of Judgment. 15. Give a profile of a famous bank. 16. Give a profile of a famous drinks company from your country. 17. Does the fashion industry exist mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not really need? 18. Explain why smoking is bad for your health. 19. Who is the most interesting person you ever met? 20. Where in the world would you most like to visit? 21. What has been the most life-changing experience you've ever had? 22. Give a profile of a famous villain / notorious person. 23. Who's had the biggest influence on your life? 24. What thing that you haven't yet done would you most like to do? 25. What historical figure would you most like to meet? What Q’s would you ask them and what criticisms would you give them? (note: you Can’t choose the prophet Muhammad (saw)). 26. What kind of music do you like? 27. Give a profile of a famous educational institution. 28. Give a profile of a famous woman from the West.

31. Talk about a business that you would like to initiate (feasibility).29. . 32. Show how to do something or how something works. 32. 30. Describe various pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of living in Pakistan. Show how you would prepare for a job interview at a multi-national Telecommunications Company in the Marketing Dept. Invent a new Department for Superior university giving reasons why there is a need for such department.

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