Benjamin Franklin: Born Jan.17,1706 - Died April.

17,1790 He was famous for being an inventor of many things, A Printer, A Writer A Sailor, A Representitive for the Colonies in England, And ambassador to France, Helped write The Delclaration of Independance and signed it and signed the United Stated Constitution. Born in Boston, and lived and worked most of his life in Philadelphia. INVENTIONS Age10, Swim Paddles and Fins, Kite Sail. The Franklin Stove for heating, Double Spectacles. Rocking Chair, Stair Chair, A musical instrument called Armonica. CREATED 1730's First Philadelphia's Library, And Fire Company 1740's First Paved Street, A Philosophical Society 1750's First Philadelphia first Hospital, Free Schools for the poor, Insurance f o loss property DISCOVERY Electricity, Using a kite with a key tied on and if it worked he would receive a shock INTERESTING TIDBIT Age 16 wrote secretly as Silence Dogood for his brother James's paper Was known for Genourosity always helping the poor. Age 26 Married Deborah Read worked together printing In 1729 Bought the paper, Pennsylvania Gazette, Wrote Poor Richards Almanac. Started reading at age 5, Always looked for books to read

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