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Dear reader.
First of all, I wanna thank you because you chose this magazine out of the hundreds that exist. Second of all, I hope you like the First ever edition of “Couture”. I still can‟t believe that we finally have our own magazine! After months of planning, working and searching we got permission to start. And then we almost did not finish it in time. We were so busy with working on our ideas, writing articles and shooting pictures that we completely forgot our lay-out. But after a few hours we still completed our magazine, so you could have it on time. And there it is, COUTURE! This magazine is searching for the most extreme fashion, perfumes, photo‟s, art and much more. But also “Couture” shows you the new trends and gossip. A perfect match, this combination of casual and HIGH! I hope you enjoy the first edition of “Couture” as much as we did. Xoxo Laurie Bastemeijer.


Lindsay Lohan, one of our favorite blunder girls, did it
again. She got into the water for a few minutes and WHOOPS… Her boobs. Luckily she is not easily embarrassed. what happened? Shave your pits, girl! This photo speaks for itself.



Who is this grandma with terrible skin disease? O wait, it‟s Uma Thurman. Looks like a too much powder case. Ew.

Rumer Willis (The daughter of Bruce and
Demi Moore) and her hair. She looks like a scarecrow. This peroxide top and the yellow sides are the biggest no-go ever. Please never do this again.

At first you see the vintage-looking sunglasses and you think they‟re cute. Then you watch the dress, the bare ankles and the so-notgoing-with-the-dress shoes. WHAT is that dress? Did she used her net as a dress? And what about the shoulder strips? It looks like tape. Let‟s say one word. Wrong.

My o my,

Gwyneth Paltrow.
This is definitely bad. Greasy. Well, everyone learn your lesson: Don‟t be too excessive with skin oil. Watch that legs!

Perhaps Paris Hilton drank too much before putting on her lipstick. Or she was too busy partying. An often made mistake Paris! But watch it! You already made to much bloopers.

Vivica Fox chose the wrong outfit to show off her assets. She should have checked herself in the mirror to make sure that her implants were not in ripple and bumpy mode before going out. GROSS.

This magazine makes new talent famous. And this time, we have in our Couture, an interview with our new favorite, who has a very nice soul and also little indie in her songs, Lissie. The name might not sound familiar, but that is definitely going to change. Lissie is a blond, 29-year old singer with an everlasting grumpy look on her face, and she had an amazing voice. And by that, we adore her grunge style and kick-ass attitude. We don’t really know that much about you – can you introduce yourself to the readers? Well, my name is Lissie…I‟m from Rock Island, Illinois, which is 3 hours west of Chicago on the Mississippi river, it‟s a kinda a small town. I moved to Los Angeles about four years ago to pursue music. I‟m a folk singer, but with a little more rock in there, I played solo for years but now that I‟m playing with other musicians I feel that more of an „edge‟ is coming out, so yeah…I‟m basically a folk singer with some edge! How did you get into music? When I was really young I always liked to sing, and was Annie in the musical „Annie‟, I was always in musicals, I loved to sing but then I grew out of the acting side of it…and in high school I taught myself to play the guitar, and started writing songs, and stuck with it enough that I decided 4 years ago to move to LA and give it a shot. ..and here I am! [laughs] Your first success was in the form of a track with DJ Harry ‘All My Life’ – what was that all about? Well when I moved from Illinois, I went to Fort Collins for college in Colorado for a while, and I met DJ Harry through a mutual friend, and we just decided to collaborate on a song. We wrote it from scratch with me improvising lyrics and melody to this instrumental loop that he had come up with, and we just did it again and again until he was able to pinpoint what the lyrics were, and where the chorus went. So the song got played on some TV shows and movies [including "The OC," "Veronica Mars," "House," and "Wildfire"] and radio. You got involved with Maverick Records – can you tell us a little about that. Yeah [sighs], I was on Maverick – after about a year of living in LA I got signed to Maverick Records but after a year or two and nothing had really come of it, and Maverick was closing. I wasn‟t really aware of that when I was with them, but basically they were letting everyone go, and they let me go too. [laughs] At that point my manager got me over here to London to sing for some people at Sony BMG UK and I ended up getting signed to Columbia UK, so its been a long process but I just know that I love to sing, I love to be around other musicians and I love to sing with other people and I don‟t think that my main goal is the fame or anything, I just wanted to be able to

make a living of [it]..and it‟s been an adventure….I don‟t regret any of the time that I‟ve bounced around because I think it‟s made me a better musician. Who are you main influences in your music? I really like Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Mamas & The Papas, Willy Guthrie. There‟s a certain kind of music that I like to listen to, that‟s simple, that‟s telling a story… but the more I grow the more I feel that my music has more of an edge to it, it‟s become folk rock, so to speak. What’s your biggest inspiration for your song writing? Really just whatever I‟m feeling at the time, I‟m not really good at writing things on purpose. It used to be more about guys [laughs], if some boy made me sad, nowadays it‟s pretty much just where I am emotionally, wherever I‟m at. So where are you with your new album, have you started recording? I‟ve started recording and I‟ve got about six songs which are mostly done, and now I‟m in the process of going backwards and forwards with the label saying they like this or don‟t like this. So we have started, but it won‟t be done for a while [laughs] How do you find the recording process? I enjoy being in the studio, I think as long as I take it moment to moment I enjoy it. If I get too ahead of myself and think about the end result I think I get stressed out. If I‟m just being creative in the moment then I really enjoy it. We‟ll work from like 2pm-2am, Monday thru Friday- the engineer has more work to do when the artist has gone, and they have families to go home to, so I feel sorry for them – they work so hard! I heard you spent some time recording in Elliot Smith’s old room? Oh yeah! Before he died Elliot Smith bought a studio in LA, and after he did die these people bought it. It‟s a space that he recorded in that‟s now called New Monkey Studios, and it‟s a small room, but it sounds good. It‟s affordable, and I know the people that ended up buying it, a lot of the Hotel Café crowd over there. It‟s cool knowing that he was there, and he originally bought the sound board and everything, but apparently couldn‟t get it to work or something [laughs] Then someone else came along and sorted it out, but apparently Rush used to record on it! There are all these cool little connections. You kinda get used to that when you live in Los Angeles, there‟s so many musicians.. It must be amazing being involved in the music scene over there. Yeah but you have amazing legends in London, all the best musicians came from here! You have to say that since you’re signed to a UK label! [laughs] No no! You have like…David Bowie..The Beatles…Rolling Stones, even

Donovan. What’s been your best experience on tour? I guess one of the best experiences was the second night on tour with Lenny Kravitz, and it was just me, solo on my guitar when this portion of the room started chanting my name, and I just started laughing. It was like ” Oh….I like that!” and then pretty soon tones of people were chanting, and it wasn‟t even that they were chanting my name, it was more that they were with me and I was able to joke with them and feel comfortable. I felt part of something, and that was pretty cool. And the travelling‟s been cool, my boyfriend plays piano and he‟s played with me from time to time, and came on the Badly Drawn Boy tour, and just driving around, seeing the Pacific North West, which is beautiful – it‟s so pretty. What do the next six months hold for you? Hopefully I‟ll finish my album, that‟s really my main goal in my life, so that I have something that I can give out, and I can tour and actually have something to leave with people… And finally I have a few random questions that I ask everyone…firstly, what are the 3 things you always take on tour with you? If possible my dog , my guitar – that‟s obvious I guess [laughs] and Neosporin [laughs]. What was the first gig you ever went to as a child? One of the first concerts I ever went to was a Neil Diamond concert, but the best concert I ever went to was a Fish concert back in high school. What’s your most shameful CD that you own? Well I feel bad..I don‟t want to offend anyone! But..ooh..I definitely listened to some Celine Dion in high school [laughs], I do listen to musicals sometimes, but yeah, it‟s probably the Celine Dion CDs I used to rock in high school! Where would you most like to tour and who with? I‟d like to go to warm tropical places! And I‟d like to on tour with…someone like..erm…Madonna? [laughs] What’s your favorite drink? Probably beer. And best hangover cure? Chicken noodle soup [laughs] and Gatorade! And lastly – do you have some words of wisdom for the Crossfire readers? I think that there are few lasting virtues in being cool, so you should serve what is true in yourself, and not try to be different for others people just so they‟ll like you. I think that‟s good.

“You should serve what’s true in yourself”

Daily Chick

Fashion director: Cheryl Sarjoe

ummer just started already got the festival feeling? Time to show some skin. Bare shoulders and legs time to relax in style! This is the season where beach influences are the best. Of course it would look very weird going in a swimsuit to work so ''Daily Chick'' will help to get you a professional and summery look. 2011 is denim year, hotter than ever and worn in different ways and pieces. Floral and desert colors are back too. Don't be scared to pair some vibrant colors, everything is possible. Because the motto this season is '' The brighter the better!'' But keep in mind, seasonal fashion is more a guideline, always wear what you think is comfy and looks the best on you. Better look good than fail in whatever you were trying.

Look 01.
Let's start of very chic. Just perfect for work. To look professional and fabulous at the same time. Minimalistic is the keyword here. Prefer to keep the heels low, or very high to keep the killer leg look. Make-up is very easily done with mascara and peachy blush and lipstick. Grey nails to match the dress. Attire: 

Look 02.
Whenever it is your day off or another day at work. This look will do is both ways. The turquoise and camel match well together and the hat is so summer 2011! Make-up is also kept very little, not only because it make the garment come out more but who wants to wear a thick mask when it's 27 degrees out there?
Attire:  Oversized Top Turned Dress, FOREVER 21  Floppy Hat, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE  Accessories, FOLDED AND HUNG

Look 03.
So now you're combining denim, with a camel blazer. Shorts to make it a summery piece and a little brown back just to match the total. Heels look more professional and really change the posture but if you think different don't hesitate about your shoes. Fashion is to express yourself! Make up is heavier this time, smoky eyes work well with nude lips and sandy nails. Attire:  Shoes, AREZZO  Denim wear, LEVI‟S  -Blazer, BRECHÓ Shorts, RENNER

Look 04.
Blue and camel can‟t nearly go wrong. Leopard prints were back in the game and who in the world wouldn't love heels like that? This flare dress is hold together with a tiny belt so it looks like you have a slimmer waist. Doesn't it sound picture perfect? Attire:  Dress, THE WARDROBE  Shoes, FRIIS & COMPANY

Look 05.
Olive green, high waist (finally pants!!!) and the cutest indie shoes ever made. Big accessories work the best. Simply put together no makeup needed (sunglasses) and you have that swag thing going on in no time. It's fun to have one outspoken thing going one in a look so it isn't match 'nd match but cool (pink nails!) Attire:      Shirt, QUEENS WARDROBE Clutch, H&M Baggy Pants, BLANCO Loafers, UTERQÜE Sunglasses, PERSOL

Look 06.
This look might be more for the colder summer days. The look is very Balmain inspired. Simplicity makes it a perfect outfit for work and gives you incredibly easy a chic look. The red lips are cliché but work actually good, any accessories are not needed. Attire:     Booties, EMPORIO ARMANI Clutch, MOSCHINO Blazer, H&M Leggings, MASSIMO DUTTI

Look 07.
This is more of an evening dress, appropriate for dinners with colleagues or going out with friends clubbing'. The back of the dress gives it a charming look, the drapery work on the front makes it a bit ancient so it could easily be a romantic gown. The look is kept simple, and so is the makeup and hair.   Dress, RICK OWENS Wedges, NINA RICCI

Horoscopes for this month
Starting June 6


Your financial situation is very encouraging. You're determined to find ways to make money or create additional streams of income. You get a chance to do so on Wednesday, especially if you go with that intuitive feeling. You're also eager to gather information for your latest projects and sell your services in the best way possible. Saturn turns direct in your relationship zone at the end of the week, which makes life a lot easier in this respect. Scorpio:

of sustained growth that is going to continue for some time. Mercury in Gemini is excellent for getting the best bargains around. Saturn turns direct in your work and health zone, which will take the pressure off you. You will notice an improvement in both areas over the coming weeks. You will have fewer hassles at work and more chances to make progress - at last! Sagittarius:

Your relationships are about to get even better. This doesn't just apply to romance but also right across the board. You and your lover will bond very closely and may want to tie the knot or make a deeper level of commitment. At work you're able to partner with exciting and inspired people, and together you will prosper. Mercury aspects Saturn on Tuesday, so don't let inner doubts stop you from taking action. Imagine the best possible result and go for it. Taurus:

Your health is a lot more robust and you feel better than ever. If you've had any health complications, you may begin to get answers and treatments that will make a positive difference. At work you feel much happier and eager to explore new challenges that will bring out the best in you. A discussion on Monday may result in a business partnership or exciting new project. Don't purchase bigticket items for the home on Friday, especially on credit. THIS MONTH: Gemini:

You're beginning to enjoy the feeling of confidence that's growing within you. You're entering a phase

A lot of your success comes from listening to your intuition and acting on it. The Sun and Mercury in your sign mean you're very much on top of things. You're at your best gathering information, sharing ideas, and finding ways to get plans and projects off the ground. Venus moves in your sign on Thursday, which makes you a very attractive option. If you go out on a first date on Friday, remember that all that glitters isn't gold.

Cancer: If you ever wanted to write a novel, start a blog, or sell more Virgo: The Sun is in your spiritual zone, making this the best time to slow down and reflect on life. Connect with your soul and your deeper feelings. Work on your dreams and focus on those that hold meaning for you. Your social life is fun and can only get better. Jupiter is bringing you into contact with people who can further your interests in more ways than one. Saturn turns direct at the end of the week - great news for long-term relationships. Leo:

Monday is excellent for getting down to work. You find it easier to reach deadlines and make decisions. Things get done. The focus on your travel and learning zone expands your options. You get to try things you've never done before. Doing so will open up a new world for you. You're forging ahead with your career and meeting up with all the right people. Talking to key professionals about your plans will make it easier to make great progress. Libra:

You're full of confidence about your future. The more effort you put into career issues, the more you're going to succeed. But having friends in all the right places is also going to boost your chances of success. The more networking you do, the better. Seek out those who might be particularly useful to know. Saturn turns direct in your mind zone, which helps dissipate negative thinking and puts you in a more positive frame of mind. Pisces:

Your sex life is hot and getting hotter. You're also going to enjoy a much better relationship with your bank, too. In fact, this week brings good news all around. Saturn, currently in your sign, turns direct this week. That means you will have fewer hassles and frustrations to deal with and more ability to make real progress. You will also notice that your fear level decreases. You may want to explore new ideas and places.

Capricorn: Aquarius:

You seem to have become a real pleasure seeker, and you enjoy using your leisure time to manifest some of your dreams. These might include starting a home business, a family, or a new hobby you're passionate about. Relationships also look exciting, with many fabulous opportunities coming your way. Saturn will turn direct in your career zone later in the week, which brings a chance to make progress after months of feeling stuck and frustrated. Your career can now take off.

Your home is your castle, and with Jupiter in this zone for some time to come, you're going to enjoy where you live and your family life, too. It's also possible that you will want to add an extension or find a bigger house, as your desire to expand your base of operations will be even stronger. Love affairs are a lot of fun. You're enjoying the chance to flirt and be seductive as only you know how.


Fashion director: Cheryl Sarjoe


Some things never leave fashion world.


favorite pair of jeans is a girl's best friend and the it-item of summer 2011. Used in an everyday casual outfit or go extreme with flare, ripped pants or skirt and 70's style hair and shirt. Don't like over denimize? Go with the details. Jewelry, bandana's, shoes, gilets indigo printed. Many celebrity's were spotted in the comeback clothes now it's your turn!

Indie style rules!


oin the tribe style but then with classy, wear bold free-spirited prints and boho inspired accessories. Go wild with zebra, leopard, geometric, floral, tiedye... Anything is game! Climbing the spiritual way, by matching and mixing same deep colors and different prints to make everybody go dizzy. A new thing is cut out prints in clothing, just to make it comfy, sexy and light. Go for bandana's, and wavy hair to make your style complete.

Mixing vibrant colors, don't be scared. ust as infectious as a million dollar smile, dressing in bright colors will get you grinning in no time. Bright colors dominated the catwalks. Not only clothing but Jmake up was in business too. Peachy blush, red hot lips and sandy nails made runways shine and alive. Frightened to get a fashion fail? Grab a BLB ( Bright Little Bag) and no worries.

Nippin' a cocktail at la Rivera?
ody hugging beachwear meets sporty and comfy. Amazone flora and fauna inspires prints all over the place. A easy breezy scent ( see our top 10 perfumes list) , straw hats and leather sandals. Handmade looking turquoise and sandy accessories. Let green, pink, orange, blue and yellow be the inspiration. Go with flowing dresses, flawless and light material and soon you'll be in paradise.


This were the never leaving trends and also the totally hot never-passing wants. We want all of this. We‟re looking forward to the next season, do you

Life in a Letter
I thought that I could write you a letter to tell you how hard my life was and to show other people that your life is not always the worst. I want people to realize that they should not complain all the time. I also wrote this letter to express myself and I hope that writing this letter give me finally the courage to accept myself as who I am. I was 8 years old when my father died, he had a form of cancer. We already had money trouble and after his death my mom did everything to give us what other children had. She tried her best but we never had money to be “normal.” It was a very hard time for me and my brother and especially for my mom. My mom worked all day and most nights to earn enough. We had not much to eat and sometimes we had to sleep hungry but we did not say anything to our mom because we didn't wanted to hurt her. When I was 10 I began doing my best to help my mom with making money. It was very hard to find something to do to earn money with it because I was just a 10year old. Eventually I founded something like a job. I washed the cars of other people and I played guitar with my brother near the supermarket and we earned money to help our mother. She was proud, but since the death of our father she was unhappy and after a while there were days she did not even get out of bed anymore. She started drinking. After a few months my mother started using drugs and quitted her job. She became addicted and couldn't live without it anymore. My brother and I had to work harder to get money but my mother took almost everything we earned. We had a lot of problems because of the drugs and the drinking she became very aggressive, mostly to my brother. We had to quit school to work. When I was 16 my mother died by a drug overdose. We had no family and no one who could pay for us. My brother had even a harder time than I had. He had bad friends, he could not take care of himself and the police caught him a few times. We couldn't live in our house anymore and we had a lot of problems. We were send out of the house and searched for another place. The only thing I could do was sleeping on the street and trying to get money. I wanted care for my brother but it was just too much. The only thing I could do was working as a prostitute. I had to go to bed with old dirty man to earn money. My brother had been a very happy, delightful kid, even if we had though times. But in all those years he got depressed. I should be the strong one I thought. I thought I could keep him on the right way, even though I‟d lost that way a long time ago. After 2 years when I was 18 I founded my brother in the bathroom with his wrists cut. I cried and cried and I couldn't get over it anymore. Now I am 25 and I live on my own. I am married and I try everyday to forget the past to move on...

Troll Hunter At first you might think: Why? It indeed looks very lame, but it actually isn‟t. The originally Scandinavian movie was declared good enough to see America. A group of Norwegian film students start following a mysterious hunter. They see a lot of mysterious „bear killings‟ on their way, and slowly start finding out that the killing is not done by a bear. It is something bigger. What’s good: The hand filming, reminding of REC and the Blair Witch Project gives everything a realistic fearful movie. The strong acting is also a nice point. And that the movie is spoken Norway is very unexpected but makes it even more real. What’s bad: The special effects are not stunning. Genre: Horror. Sneak peak:

The Maine- Black and White. These are the songs you want your boyfriend to sing for you. It‟s alternative- Indie. You need to like the style, but if you like pop-rock, indie, alternative or grunge-pop, you‟ll definitely like this. What’s good: The voices are nice, the easy beat is nice and the songs are sweet. What’s bad: The Maine is still the Maine, and the album is not very surprising. Genre: Alternative Indie-Rock Sneak peak:

The museum of Modern Art, New York German expressionism- The Graphic Impulse This form of art is a very cultural expressive form of drawing, rough, sketching and raw, but some parts are straighter than straight, only lines which form a hole artwork. What’s good: Fantastic to see how something that looks so easy can be so in detail. What’s bad: Not much, but some pieces make you think: This was drawd by a sixyearold. Genre: Modern Art.

Sneak peak:

Radio City Music Hall- Zarkana Cirque de Soleil on its best. Mysterious and magical as always, this time telling a story about a magician who lost his beloved girl. He is trying to find her and his powers in the fantasy world of Zarkana. Here a spectacular show starts. What’s good: The amazing circus. The mystery, the powerful music, the fantastic acrobats. The story is original and full of talent. There probably is no one in the world who won‟t like Cirque de Soleil‟s Zarkana. What’s bad: The story, and mainly the younger audience would find hard to understand the storyline. Genre: Acrobatic show Sneak peak: ature=related

NYCBallet- Polyphonia A modern ballet with wonderful dancers. It‟s simple, classic and that‟s exactly what makes it so fresh. What’s good: It‟s a very expressive form of dancing, with expressive dancers. Even though the ballet was performed by the NCYB a few times before, it is still hot. What’s bad: Some parts are a little hysterical, especially the music. You have to like it, if not it can be quit annoying. Genre: Modern ballet. Sneak peak:

Arthur Japin- In Lucia‟s Eyes 1758, a man is artfully seducing a woman. He is Monsieur le Chevalier de Seingalt, she is a courtesan, well-known in Amsterdam for the fact that she never removes her veil. He sets her a challenge: if she can find a woman who has suffered after falling in love with him, she is entitled to resist his charms; if not, she should play his game. What Seingalt doesn't know is that he has already met the veiled woman many years ago, in another life. What Lucia doesn't know is that Seingalt is better known as the greatest lover in history; Casanova. What’s good: The story was translated in twenty languages. And it‟s worth it. What’s bad: It takes a while until you get interested in the characters. Genre: Literary novel Sneak peak:

Stylish Cookin’
When you wake up you probably put on stylish clothes, get yourself a stylish hair-do and then you probably leave with your pretty make-up on your stylish shoes. So why won‟t you eat stylish food? This time, we make a crème de la crème French desert, Crème Brûlée. It‟s a flamboyant, sweet custard bun with a thin layer of caramelized sugar.

*500ml (18fl oz) double cream *1 fat juicy vanilla pod100g (4oz) *caster sugar (plus extra for the topping) *3 egg yolks *2 whole eggs

Pre-heat the oven to gas Mk1 (140C°/275°F) Pour the cream into a saucepan. Split the vanilla pod lengthways and scrape the seeds into the cream. Chop the empty pod into bits, and add these too. Bring to boiling point, then turn off the heat and put a lid on. Leave to infuse for five to ten minutes. Beat the sugar and all the eggs together in a large heat-proof bowl until pale and creamy. Bring the cream back to boiling point, then pour over the egg mixture, whisking all the time until thickened - this indicates that the eggs have begun to cook slightly (you should have a smooth custard the consistency of double cream - a grainy texture means it's been over-cooked and you'll have to start all over again). Strain through a fine sieve into a large jug, then use this to fill 6 ramekins about two thirds full. Place the ramekins in a large roasting tray and pour in enough hot water to come halfway up their sides. Place on the centre shelf and bake for 40 minutes to one hour, or until the custards are just set and still a bit wobbly in the middle. Remove from the water and allow to cool to room temperature. When you're ready to serve, evenly sprinkle one level teaspoon of caster sugar over the surface of each Crème, then caramelize with a blowtorch. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes, then enjoy one of France's greatest contributions to eating pleasure!


his was our first edition of ''Couture''. And may we say that we are very proud of what we achieved. We worked with a little group of people with major tasks. At first we were even afraid to start with the assignment. Afterwards we found out that this was actually very fun to do. Even though the first edition was a very tiring experience. Now we got some new interesting stuff for next time. Including more runway news, gossip, interviews, fascinating articles and mind blowing columns from our top writers! Can't wait until the next edition. Read ya'll next time in Couture! XOXO. Cheryl Sarjoe

Preview of autumn 2011!
Styling, hair and make-up tips from the Victoria's Secret Make-up artist Cast.

Interview with Emily Didonato, Georgio Armani's muse for Aqua di Gioa

New kind of style, HARAJUKU straight from Japan an already going on hyp e. '' Fashion or just insane?''


elicia's story; '' I never felt that bad in my entire life, I was even ready to jump if I had to.''

Top 10 2011 most booked female and male models. ''When I'm off duty?''
A trend barometer. ''What is happening and what's not, just over the T. O. P. ?''

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