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Product Crafts Games Book

Product Crafts Games Book

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Categories:Types, Calendars
Published by: lolagarayala on May 28, 2012
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One child is a devil. The rest of the players, among each other, choose a colour which

will be his/her during this game. The devil shouldn’t know what colour particular child

has got. The devil comes to the rest of the group and starts asking:
- knock, knock (Devil)
- Who’s there? (players)
- A devil (Devil)
- What do you want? (players)
- A paint (Devil)
- What colour? (players)
Then the Devil starts saying colours as long as he/she will find the colour which was
chosen by the player. The task of that person is to stand up and run away. The Devil
chases her/him. If the player can sit down on his/her place again, the Devil will be the
same person. If the Devil catches the player, he /she will be the new Devil.

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