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Product Crafts Games Book

Product Crafts Games Book

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Published by: lolagarayala on May 28, 2012
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You will need:

A compasss
A cardboard or a Bristol board
Light brown and dark brown wool
Thick needle
2 black beads or black buttons (for eyes)
1 red button
Hard glue
Light brown felt
A ribbon

How to make it:

1. From the Bristol board prepare 4 rings: 2 with the diameter of 9cm and 2 with
the diameter of 5cm.
2. Using the rings with the 9cm diameter, make two bobbles from the light brown
wool (for the head and body) and one bobble from the dark brown wool (for the

3. Using the rings with the 5cm diameter make 4 bobbles from the dark brown
wool for its feet.
4. Score a little bit the bobble for the head, making its diameter smaller. The
bobble for the muzzle cut to the diameter of 5cm- thanks to which the wool will
be thick, and the bobble will be firmed. The body bobble should be made to an
oval shape.
5. In the felt cut the ears shape and the reindeer’s antlers shape, and sew or stick
them to the head
6. Sew up the head and the muzzle bobble. On the muzzle sew the red button.
Above the muzzle stick the buttons or beads – it will be the eyes. The head sew
up with the body. Around the neck tie ribbon
7. From the light brown wool braid plaits with the lenght of about 18cm. The plaits

sew up with the smallest bobbles and then sew them to the reindeer’s body.

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