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Christ Cares - Summer 2012 Update

Scott's Health Scott has been hospitalized three times this past year for Atrial Fibrillation. He is doing well and now is off the heart medications. Please pray for Scott's heart to stay in rhythm. Due to the fact that he might have to have an Ablation Surgery this summer, we thought it wise to skip this year's "Taste of Reconciliation" Celebration at Livings Springs Community Church, but we DO plan to resume this wonderful program NEXT SUMMER.

Christ Cares' Roseland Shelter Volunteer Team - Scott Reese, Marilyn Moravec, Wendy Kazen, Sheila Hawker, Robyn Eisel, Samantha Hackett, Betty Hackett, Barb Lemonnier, Joe Butler, not pictured: Rev. Cheval Alston, Gail Bibb, Mignon Thompson, Lynsette Hawkins.

Homeless Shelter For several years I have been ministering at Roseland Christian Ministries' Homeless Shelter for Ladies & Children. I usually went alone or with just one volunteer and sometimes there is as many as 85 residents. This past year the Lord has blessed us with over ten volunteers! It has made a tremendous difference - we now are able to have a separate children's program & more individualized care. We are also blessed to have Christine Kitchen pray for each resident who fills out a prayer request card & also write them a weekly encouraging note.

Back at New Life

After being away for 14 years, Scott is back involved helping New Life Baptist Church that he co-founded with Rev. David Gills 30+ years ago. Rev. Roy Patterson, who was pastor for the past 13 years, felt led to go full time with his ministry as station manager of Moody Radio. Rev. Gills (current pastor) asked Scott to return and help in a variety of ways as "Founding Pastor" Besides the wonderful opportunity to minister to the congregation & community again, we are excited about the new ministry opportunities of now having a gymnasium to run Bible, Basketball, & tutoring programs. We need volunteers for this & also to help us outreach to the 60 or so Homeless Ladies & children who are part of the PADS Shelter Program. We are also grateful we now have a nice office & storage room for our urban resources.

Lisa and Katie are doing well finishing up another year of Home School. Katie is also playing on our ministry basketball team.

Lexi-gave birth to our second

grandchild (Alexia & Hannah). Her husband David is now in Japan, serving with the Marines.